Homeless man sneaks into hospital wearing scrubs to stay overnight, convincing the real staff that he is a doctor

A homeless man was arrested this week after he posed as a doctor at a Kentucky hospital in order to spend the night at the facility.

Police say Patrick Campbell was dressed in scrubs, a lab coat and a surgical mask when he was discovered by security officers early on Monday at the Norton Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

Campbell was caught while he was using a 'highly sensitive computer' at the healthcare facility.

Fake doctor

Fake doctor: Patrick Campbell was dressed in scrubs, a lab coat and a surgical mask and was working on a computer when he was caught by security officers

He had allegedly sneaked into the facility on Sunday and found a bed on the first floor, where he spent the night, according to WAVE-TV.

The man was dressed as a medical worker and another doctor at the hospital had logged into password protection computer security system for Campbell, believing him to be a colleague.

Though it was alarming that Campbell was using the computer, a hospital spokesperson said the man had only been accessing the web.

A police report, in the Courier-Journal, described the computer as having 'highly sensitive personal information on hospital staff and patients.'


Breach: Security officers at the Norton Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky found the man dressed as a doctor

Police believe Campbell spent at least one night in the hospital. 

He told police he didn't have any place to live which was why he sought shelter in the Kentucky medical center.

He has been charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful access to a computer.