Bombed in Iraq. Shot at in Afghanistan. And now ex-soldier Geraint Jones has turned his harrowing experiences into a blood-soaked page-turner about Roman legionaries at war.

The most famous charity rock concerts tend to be colossal one-offs whose impact is hard to pin down. The Teenage Cancer Trust gigs at the Albert Hall are just the opposite.

Just how important is the countryside to the British? It's a matter of life and death, according to Frank Newbould's iconic Second World War propaganda poster from 1942.

Daniel Hope is not only one of the most talented musicians of our time, but also one of the most imaginative, seemingly incapable of making a dull or predictable album. This is no exception.

From the raging, abusive Jason in Mike Leigh's All Or Nothing to Sergeant Danny Waldron in Line Of Duty, Danny Mays plays men on the edge, yet in person he couldn't be more easy-going.

Adele adores Alison Krauss, to an almost alarming degree. Every night on her current world tour, she rhapsodised about the 'sublime' country singer.

Going In Style, a New York crime caper, packs edge, emotional punch and sheer likability. A cast doesn't come much classier, stylish or more venerable than this trio of Oscar winners.

The Depression era-set 42nd Street, from 1980, is based on the 1933 film of the same name, choreographed by Busby Berkeley.

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The name sounds more like a Japanese war cry than a modern Italian restaurant (It means 'Have you had dinner?'), but it's the only bum note of the entire lunch.

Even though Pinot Noir has disappointed me far more times than it's enthralled me, I can't stop buying the stuff. Why?

A friend of mine who was dropped off at boarding school aged eight vividly recalls running after his parents' car, yelling at them not to go.

The King's Road may have lost its charm, but Chelsea is a markedly better place to eat. Especially with the arrival of Phil Howard, formerly of The Square, in his new gaff, Elystan Street.

It might just as easily have been called Enid Blyton's Favourite Word Is Woof, or Agatha Christie's Favourite Word Is Inquest, or Joseph Conrad's Favourite Word Is Poop.

Their life in Corfu was portrayed as idyllic in ITV's drama. But as the series returns, a new book about the Durrells tells the real story: breakdowns, booze, a secret abortion... and nudity galore.