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     This (incomplete) listing of the reference papers for the NGC/IC objects is based on Wolfgang Steinicke's list of such papers (indicated by S and a number if from his list), supplemented by a (very) few additional papers not in his list. When complete, it will include links to online versions of all the papers, mostly located on other websites, but if no longer available anywhere else, backed up on this site (though hopefully, their presence on this page will eventually cause them to be backed up on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine).

What To Do If A Link Below Is Broken
     Sometimes websites or pages disappear or are moved, and the links for the individual papers no longer work. If any of the links below fail to work, contact me and I'll try to fix the problem.

Modern Sites Devoted to Historical Study of the NGC/IC Objects
Corwin, Harold, "Historically-aware NGC/IC Positions and Notes"
Gottlieb, Steve, "Steve Gottlieb's NGC Notes"
Steinicke, Wolfgang, "Astronomy"

Reference Papers for the NGC/IC Objects
---- Abbott, Francis, 1868, "On the variability of Eta Argus and Surrounding Nebula", pp. 200 - 202
---- Abbott, Francis, 1871, "Some Further Observations of Eta Argus", pp. 226 - 235 (including comments and letters by various individuals including John Herschel and Royal Astronomer Airy)
"S1" Aitken, Robert, 1900, A New Planetary Nebula" (same article as Steinicke, different journal)
---- d'Arrest, Heinrich, 1852, "From Letters of Professor d'Arrest to the Editor", pp. 130 - 131 (see yellow comment)
---- d'Arrest, Heinrich, 1855, "Verzeichniss von funfzig Messier'schen und Herschel'schen Nebelflecken aus Beobachtungen auf der Leipziger Sternwarte hergeleitet", pp. 193 - 200
S127. d'Arrest, Heinrich, 1857, "Resulate aus Beobachtungen der Nebelflecke und Sternhaufen"
S128. d'Arrest, Heinrich, 1865, "Instrumentum magnum aequatoreum in Specula Universitatis Havniensis super erectum", p. 177
S129. d'Arrest, Heinrich, "Über einige am Kopenhagener Refractor beobachtete Objecte aus Lord Rosse's "List of nebulae not found" "
S130. d'Arrest, Heinrich, 1867, "Siderum Nebulosorum Observationes Havnienses"
S131. d'Arrest, Heinrich, 1868, "Struve's Beobachtung eines neuen Nebelflecks nahe bei Hind's variablem Nebel im Taurus", p. 143
---- Dreyer, John, several major works to be posted here ASAP
---- Holden, Edward, 1878, "Astronomical and Meteorological Observations made during the Year 1875 at the United States Naval Observatory", p. 285 (1/11/1875 "nova")
S189. Holden, Edward, 1882, "List of New Nebulae and Cluster Discovered in the Zone Observations at the Washburn Observatory", pp. 73 - 76
S190. Holden, Edward, 1884, "Two New Nebulae", p. 101
---- Holden, Edward, 1888, "Observations of Nebulae at the Lick Observatory", pp. 388 - 392
S233. Parsons, Lawrence, 1880, "Observations of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars 1848-1878", pp. 1 - 178 (plus appendices and plates)
S279. Schultz, Herman, 1874, "Micrometrical Observations of 500 Nebulae"
S280. Schultz, Herman, 1865, "Beobachtung von Nebelflecken", pp. 297 - 300
S281. Schultz, Herman, 1875, "Preliminary Catalogue of Nebulae observed at Upsala", pp. 135 - 152
S283. Angelo Secchi, 1866, "Schreiben an den Herausgeber", p. 161
S284. Angelo Secchi, 1853, "Entdeckung eines neuen Nebelflecks", p. 243 (read yellow comment note)