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How to Oil Your Own Clock



clock oil

Clock Oil used by professionals!

clock oil kit

Each Clock Oil Kit includes instructions on exactly where and where not to oil your clock!

Clock oil kit lets you save money and expensive clock repair bills
by applying clock oil to your own clock like a pro!

It's EZ and fun to do when you use our professional horology Clock Oil kit.

The Clock Oil Kit includes everything you need to oil your
Grandfather, Cuckoo, Mantel, Wall Clock or 400 day Anniversary Clock.

Each Clock Oil Kit Includes:

Large Pen Oiler filled with specially formulated clock oil ideal for use on all makes of
antique or modern clocks including Howard Miller, Sligh, and Ridgeway grandfather clocks.

Clock oil extension designed for those hard to reach areas of a
grandfather clock movement...

How to Oil Your Own Clock the Right Way!
Instructions written by a Certified Clockmaker... tells you exactly
where to apply clock oil and where you should never apply clock oil!

The guide also reveals the old clockmaker's secret of how to easily turn your clock oil
into clock grease and exactly where it must be applied in order to
give the chimes and strike of your clock movement added protection from wear!


Clock Oil Kit

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