Language Packs

FossaMail is an English language client. However, if you prefer the user interface in a different language, then these language packs (specific for FossaMail) will help you!

To install:
  1. Find your language in the list by language code (e.g. ES for Spanish, NL for Dutch).
  2. Download the XPI to your hard disk (Alt+Click or Right-click->Save link as)
  3. Drag and drop the XPI to your FossaMail and allow it to install
  4. Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> tab "General" and click the button [Config editor]
  5. This pops open a configuration editor with preferences. Find: general.useragent.locale
  6. Double-click this value and change it to your language code (same language code as in the file name of the language pack). For example: if you downloaded "es-AR.xpi", you would use "es-AR" here.
  7. Restart FossaMail

Download for latest release

Language Download
Bulgarian bg.xpi
Czech cs.xpi
Welsh cs.xpi
Danish da.xpi
German de.xpi
English (U.K.) en-GB.xpi
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR.xpi
Spanish (Spain) es-ES.xpi
Finnish fi.xpi
French fr.xpi
Western Frisian (Netherlands) fy-NL.xpi
Hungarian hu.xpi
Italian it.xpi
Japanese ja.xpi
Korean ko.xpi
Norwegian (Bokmål) nb-NO.xpi
Dutch (Netherlands) nl.xpi
Polish pl.xpi
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR.xpi
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT.xpi
Romanian/Moldavian ro.xpi
Russian ru.xpi
Swedish sv-SE.xpi
Turkish tr.xpi
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN.xpi

Download for older versions

Important: Always use the language packs that match the version of FossaMail you are using!

Get the language packs for other versions of FossaMail from FTP here:


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