Don't look now Mitch: Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse will remarry, his mum claims

They have been through reported addictions to crack cocaine and heroin, break-ups, make-ups and - as far as the public were concerned - they were now divorced and split up for good.

But according to his mother Georgette, Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse are set to remarry when he gets out of rehab.

Despite being granted a quickie divorce just five months ago after the former admitted to cheating on the troubled singer, she claims a second wedding is very much on the cards for the couple.

Amy Winehouse and ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil

Back together? Georgette Fielder-Civil claims wedding number two is on the cards for her son Blake and Amy Winehouse

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, she said: 'Their love is so powerful nothing will stop them from being together whatever anyone else thinks. They've battled their demons and are absolutely off drugs.

Georgette Fielder-Civil

Clean: Georgette says her son is now drug-free

'As soon as Blake finishes his term in rehab he'll be straight back with Amy in London. They'll lock the doors and won't answer the phones. But I know it won't be long before I get a call from Blake saying, "Mum, I'm at the airport and we're flying off to get married".'

'Blake and Amy were on the phone one day and they said for a giggle, "Oh, let's get married again". But then Amy said, "I'm putting the ring back on" and it became serious.'

Fielder-Civil, 31, and 26-year-old Winehouse married in 2007 in Miami. The pair's relationship - heavily documented by the media - saw them appearing in public bloodied and bruised after fights.

It is also alleged former music video producer Fielder-Civil introduced the Back to Black star to heroin and crack cocaine.

And if they didn't have enough demons to deal with, it was reported in April that the former had got another woman pregnant while in rehab in Sheffield.

However, Georgette claims all of these issues are now water under the bridge.

Blake Fielder-Civil and singer Amy Winehouse

Demons: Amy and Blake looking painfully thin outside their home in 2007

She said: 'They talk about how they felt lost until they found each other again. They aren't jealous about what they got up to during the split and they don't go over the past.

'Blake told me, "Mum you know she's the love of my life and we're back together". I knew deep down they'd been back in touch so it wasn't a huge surprise.

She added: 'Blake told me they both felt pressured into the divorce and that it was just a piece of paper. It meant nothing else. They have both told me they felt like the other side of the coin to each other.'

Amy Winehouse sits with her father Mitch

Amy's father Mitch has denounced Blake for introducing his daughter to drugs

This news is sure to devastate Amy's father Mitch, who has previously spoken out about how his daughter stayed away from drugs prior to meeting her ex-husband.

In an interview with Closer magazine last year he said: "He's not entirely responsible, she's got to take a portion of the responsibility, but it's clear, it really kicked off when they got together."

She said: 'I understand that Mitch wants to protect his daughter but he has to let her make her own decisions.'

Despite this, she admitted she had her own concerns: 'Yes, I'm worried in case they get involved in drugs again but I have faith in them and that they won't go back to that life.

Blake Fielder-Civil and singer Amy Winehouse

Troubled: Amy and Blake were seen covered in scratches after an alleged fight in 2007 in central London

'I believe in the spirit world and an ouija board told me they would be together forever. I firmly believe that.'

Although a return to each other is on the cards, living life in the limelight is not, Georgette claimed.

She said: 'They could move to St Lucia and that's a decision I'd support as it would take them away from the temptations of the music industry in London.

'What's amazing is that they've both had time to take a long, hard look at themselves and decide that they want to be together.

Meanwhile, Georgette's marriage with her son's stepfather Giles has disintegrated as his, it seems, is on the mend.

Explaining the reason for she and her husband's separation, she said: 'He (Giles) feels I am consumed with Blake...and Blake's problems. When Amy and Blake got back together again it was the final straw for Giles. He saw it as a nightmare that would never end.'