The girl 'hit in the face with a bottle' by Gerrard's fiancee


Last updated at 14:06 13 August 2006

This is the first picture of the teenager who claims she was violently assaulted with a bottle by Alex Curran, fiancee of England star Steven Gerrard, during a brawl in a karaoke bar.

Carmel Wilson, 18, spoke out to dispel claims that Ms Curran may have 'accidentally caught her in the face with her big handbag'.

Ms Curran, one of the famous England WAGs - wives and girlfriends - during the national team's failed World Cup campaign in Germany, is currently on police bail after being arrested on suspicion of assault.

It is alleged the incident happened during a 3am row in the karaoke bar of Liverpool's popular Shangri-La Chinese restaurant.

Ms Curran, 23, and Liverpool captain Gerrard had been out for the evening with friends to celebrate his promotion to England vice-captain.

Gerrard went home at 10pm to prepare for today's Community Shield match against Chelsea.

But his fiancee continued partying, arriving at the restaurant at 2.30am.

A brawl is said to have broken out among a group of men and women and Ms Wilson was allegedly hit with an alcopops bottle as she tried to intervene.

She was taken to the Royal Liverpool Hospital and treated for severe bruising and swelling.

Last night, while on a family holiday in the Lake District, Ms Wilson said: "I want to set the record straight because there have been a lot of rumours. I was struck in the face with a glass bottle and certainly not a designer handbag.

"I have severe bruising. Anyone looking at me would know a handbag could not cause these sorts of injuries. What happened that night has left me completely traumatised.

"I didn't deserve any of this. I am not a troublemaker and I was simply on a night out with my friends.

"I could have been blinded by the attack and the memory of it has left me with nightmares. The truth will come out and I am determined to take this to the courts because justice should be done."

Last night Gerrard said in a newspaper interview that he and Ms Curran had set a date for their wedding next summer.

Commenting on the assault allegation, he said: "I'm standing by Alex. Obviously with a police investigation it would be wrong to discuss the incident."

Gerrard and Ms Curran have two daughters, Lilly-Ella, two, and three-month-old Lexie. Ms Curran was released on bail until November pending further police inquiries.

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