Nuclear winter is coming? Hilarious South Korean election coverage portrays candidates as Game Of Thrones characters (so at least someone isn't worried about Kim's nuke tests) 

South Korean broadcaster SBS turned to Game of Thrones for inspiration with their coverage of the presidential election results last night. As exit polls suggested liberal candidate Moon Jae-in (top left) had triumphed, they made the election look like a race for the Iron Throne by featuring headshots of Moon Jae-in placed on the body of a knight similar to one in the popular medieval fantasy epic. Other candidates - including centrist Ahn Cheol-soo (bottom left) and conservative Hong Jun-pyo (bottom right) - also made appearances, flipping Braavosi coins into the harbour, jousting at the Tourney of the Hand and sitting in the Three-Eyed Raven's perch. Moon said as president he plans to employ both pressure and dialogue to persuade the North to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

North Korea has released two satellite images it claims show the US THAAD missile defence system on a golf course in the South Korean county of Seongju.

Pyongyang's UK ambassador said Kim Jong-un would chose the timing of the test and warned North Korea could reduce US assets 'to ashes' should America attempt military action.

Song Byeok, a North Korean defector who escaped in 2002 and now lives in South Korea, said he fears conflict but believes there is no other way Kim Jong-un will surrender power.

Brazilian players make return to Chapecoense crash site

Chapecoense players Jackson Follmann, Helio Zampier Neto (main, right) and Alan Ruschel (main left) were among six who survived the crash, on a hillside near Medellin international airport in Colombia, in November 2016. Last night they returned to the still-scarred hillside (main) where a Brazilian flag, flowers and a makeshift shrine have been left in memory of the 77 passengers and crew who were killed. An oxygen mask from the stricken plane has also been left at the crash site. Goalkeeper Follmann (top left), who lost part of his leg in the accident, had to be helped by rescuers as he made his way to the shrine (top right).

Police are investigating the deaths of the girl and boy, both aged 17, who were leaving a block of luxury flats in the Salamanca district of Madrid. It is believed the lift somehow gave way.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The factory worker, identified only as Yang, from Jinhua City, China, said she was bending down to pick something up when rollers caught her hair.

The female employee splashed the glass of scalding hot water on the young boy's neck in front of horrified customers at the chain in Istanbul's upscale Nisantasi area.

Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday afternoon - but Comey first learned of his termination after seeing it on TV in Los Angeles while speaking to FBI employees.

Researchers found that far-right Swedish groups are encouraging the country's increasing lack of tolerance when it comes to migration.

Mandy Farrell, 48, fell to the ground as she was drinking coffee in the bar at Hotel Marina in Benidorm on Saturday, April 29 - the same day Kirsty Maxwell plunged to her death from a tenth

Man behind Blue Whale 'game' says he's 'cleansing society'

Philipp Budeikin(left) is being held on charges of inciting at least 16 schoolgirls to kill themselves by taking part in his social media craze called Blue Whale - which police fear is spreading to Britain. The Russian 21-year-old - who has now confessed to the crimes - says he thinks of his victims as 'biological waste' and told police that they were 'happy to die' and he was 'cleansing society'. In December, Vilena Piven (top centre), 15, jumped from the 13th floor in Mariupol, Ukraine and died on the spot. Diana Kuznetsova (bottom centre), 16, died after jumping from a nine storey building in Ryazan. Angelina Davydova (top right), 12, fell to her death from the 14th floor of a block in central Russia on Christmas Day 2015. Anna K (bottom right), from Karsun, was found hanged to death in March after becoming obsessed with the sinister Blue Whale game.

DJ Robert Miles dies aged 47 after 9-month cancer battle

The Swiss-born Italian DJ Robert Miles, whose real name is Roberto Concina, died in Ibiza, Spain, after a 'courageous battle' with the disease. Miles topped the charts in at least 12 countries with his 1995 dance track Children, which sold more than five million copies by the end of 1997 and earned the artist a Brit Award. It was said to have been produced at a cost of only £150. Veteran DJ Pete Tong and singer Boy George have led tributes to the hit-maker. Friends said Miles had been 'strong, determined, incredibly brave' as he battled cancer over the last nine months. He is pictured, left, in 1997 accepting a Brit Award from pop star Louise for Best International Male Newcomer as Gary Barlow watches on.

Demonstrators have started hurling feces - both animal and human - at police, alongside rocks, petrol bombs and tear gas during violent street clashes in Caracas.

If you've ever lamented life in a cramped apartment, spare a thought for the dwellers of Hong Kong's coffin homes, which have been condemned by The United Nations as 'an insult to human dignity.'

A picture on social media prompts speculation that China is building a new military drone. The aircraft is said to be able to attack large waterborne targets from a low altitude by dropping aerial torpedoes.

Photos show US-backed troops fighting Communists in Angola

Photographs show how the Cold War spilled into the African bush as rival forces battled for control of oil-rich Angola in south-western Africa. In one picture, troops from the Western-backed National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) cross a river (left) while another image shows rival soldiers from the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), which was supported by Fidel Castrol's Cuba (bottom right). Images also show South African Olifant tanks moving into position ahead of a battle near the Cuito River in the late 1980s (top right). Castro sent tens of thousands of troops when Angola became embroiled in a proxy war between the US and Russia who were vying for Cold War supremacy. South Africa sent its own troops in to support UNITA rebels, who were backed by America. UNITA general Demostenes Chilungutila is pictured, inset.

Footage of a mystery man visiting Cassie Sainsbury's Colombian hotel could be a critical clue into proving the accused cocaine smuggler's innocence.

Jamel Shabazz has compiled four decades' worth of photographs of New York City's streets and neighborhoods. A Coney Island 'salsa king' and two dapper best friends in Harlem are two.

New Zealand man Robert Stickland, 78, died 'from a broken heart' on Friday after learning that his wife of 54 years, Yvonne, had succumbed to aggressive cancer.

One man was arrested after the pair started fighting on board the Oakland-bound Southwest Airlines jet during a stopover in Burbank after arriving from Dallas, Texas, on Sunday.

NATO has asked the UK to consider sending more personnel in order to help shore up the government.

Joseph Graham, who has denied any involvement in newly wed Kirsty Maxwell's death, insisted he did not see her fall. But friends in the apartment allegedly told police he did see he jump.

Incredible moment teenage girl is rescued after being BURIED ALIVE for two hours in India over a family property dispute with a local businessman 

Khushboo Khatun, 19, was on her way home from a market in India when three men pounced on her and threw her into a 3ft deep pit before they filled it with earth and left her to die. Local businessman Amit Shah had wanted to use land owned by Khushboo's father for construction. Police said the attack was a warning from Shah. They are now searching for him and two accomplices.

Pizza Hut apologises for 'mocking Palestinian prisoner'

The company's Israeli franchise was branded 'inhuman' for reportedly sharing an image that appears to show prisoner Marwan Barghouti (right) secretly breaking his fast in his jail cell in Israel by eating a candy bar (top left). A pizza box was photoshopped onto the floor, as well as a slice of pizza in the sink (bottom left), in the advert posted on Facebook. 'Barghouti, if you are going to break your strike, isn't pizza the better choice?' the caption read above the screenshot. Barghouti, a senior member of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah party, is serving five life sentences over his role in the second Palestinian uprising. He is one of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who are currently on hunger strike over their conditions.

At least three liver-less white shark carcasses have washed up near the popular tourist town Gansaabi, South Africa, so far in an unprecedented set of killings.

Onlookers heard a loud explosion as a huge flash of light emerged during the training exercise in Sri Lanka as the woman crashed directly in to the high-voltage cables. She miraculously survived.

Alison Gray, 33, hoped to spend her week-long trip in Marmaris, Turkey, swimming, diving and relaxing with new husband Brian, 39 but was 'wiped out' at the bottom of the slide.

Two bears managed to pass through the gate, but they were soon spotted by the keeper who put them back to the enclosure, a video shows. The footage was filmed at a panda centre in Sichuan, China.

The two-metre-long (6.5ft) blue marlin, caught in Lopez Jaena in the Philippines on Friday, caught the eye of beach goers because of the coat of arms and complex leaf designs on its skin.

Police say 40 people were injured, one seriously, in the two blasts which went off in quick succession. Muslim separatists are thought to be behind the bombing.

Indonesian men face 80 strokes of the cane for gay sex

The pair (pictured left, in court), who are both in their early 20s, were found in bed together by a group of thugs who raided a boarding house in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh in late March. Police later arrested the distressed couple, who said they were in a relationship and had had sex three times. They are believed to be the two men, one of whom was completely naked, who were slapped by vigilantes who broke into their home and arrested them, in a shocking video filmed in March.