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'Embarrassing' footage of Thailand's king wearing a crop top and showing his tattoos while strolling through a shopping centre have prompted authorities to threaten legal action against Facebook. The video of King Maha Vajiralongkorn was widely shared on the social network, but Thai authorities have threatened to press charges if it is still available at 10am tomorrow. The video shows the monarch, who came to power last year following the death of his father, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, with a number of tattoos on his arms, stomach, and back. Under strict Thai laws, people can be jailed for up to 15 years for sharing material which is insulting to the monarchy. An international watchdog said more than 100 people have been arrested under the country's draconian lèse-majesté laws.

British backpacker accidentally hanged herself in Thailand

Abigail 'Abi' Brown (bottom right), 26, of Waterlooville, Hampshire, had been out with her partner James Brum (together, top), 30, in Phuket when she left him to return to their apartment 'in a huff'. Miss Brown, of Waterlooville, Hampshire, described by loved ones as a 'gregarious fun loving girl with a zest for life', hanged herself when she got home. Today her mother Jane Rowland (bottom left, with her husband Rob outside Portsmouth Coroner's Court today) said she believed her daughter meant 'only to frighten him or upset him or make him realise how upset she was in that moment'.

The admission has triggered speculation Labour will slash the threshold for the top 45p rate to £80,000 and re-impose a 50p rate of income tax.

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Former English champion squash player Colin Payne died after clashing with Douglas Herridge, 18, at the family's £300,000 Home Counties home.

As revealed in a new infographic by a US-based hotel group, tucking your underwear inside your bras saves room but also helps the bras keep their shape.

Wendy Kilbride, of Whitehaven, has been jailed after she blackmailed a man into giving her money. Kilbridge sold an Xbox to man before having sex with him.

Police search garage block for body of Danielle Jones

Danielle Jones (left) disappeared in East Tilbury, Essex in June 2001 after leaving home to catch a bus to school. Her uncle, Stuart Campbell (inset), was later convicted of her murder but he never revealed how he killed her or where he had hidden her body. Police in Essex today said they had reopened the case and are searching garages in Stifford Clays, Thurrock, near to where Campbell lived at the time of the killing. Danielle's parents, Linda and Tony Jones (right), visited the search site this afternoon, spending about 15 minutes near to where a police forensic tent has been put up.

Alleged details of the Grease star's battle with sciatica - a spinal and nerve condition that can render some sufferers unable to move - have surfaced in a report by New Idea.

Convicted murderer J.W. Ledford, Jr, has requested a huge last meal after he asked to be put to death by firing squad over lethal injection, which he claims will be 'unconstitutionally painful' for him.

Phone call caught killer as he cooked girlfriend's body

A gigolo who brutally murdered his Indonesian transsexual prostitute girlfriend Mayang Prasetyo (main) was foiled in his attempt dispose of her body by cooking it when the power went out. Marcus Volke (inset) believed to have killed her in their upmarket Brisbane flat in October 2014 in a domestic violence incident, before chopping her into pieces and boiling them on his electric stove. An inquest began on Monday to investigate the circumstances of the murder-suicide.

Police have launched an urgent hunt for an attacker who stabbed a parent outside a primary school today. The incident happened at Devonshire Park Primary School in Wirral, Merseyside.

Mirela Lapanovic and television roommate Milutin Radosavljevic Milija were seen under the covers together in a steamy episode of Couples, filmed in Serbia's capital Belgrade.

Labour's Emily Owen receives sexual harassment online

Emily Owen (pictured), 22, the Labour Party candidate in Aberconwy in Wales, said she has been inundated with 'disgusting' messages since announcing she is standing in the election. One man wrote: 'I'll only vote for her if she's got a decent rack for me. Anyone know her size? I mean she's pretty enough but haven't seen much of her body yet.' Another man asked 'how many votes for a striptease?' Miss Owen, who has posted a string of selfies online, hit back in an angry Facebook post in which she branded the comments 'disgusting' and said she decided to speak up to call the sexist behaviour out.

Laura Whitmore and Ore Oduba hold hands after TV BAFTAs

She became close pals with Ore Oduba last year, after the pair competed against each other on the most recent season of Strictly Come Dancing. And Laura Whitmore, 32, proved that their friendship remains as tight as ever, when she was spotted heading back to her London hotel with the 31-year-old after a night of partying up a storm at the TV BAFTA Awards. With the blonde beauty looked a tad worse for wear, the pair held hands as they made their way into the English capital's upscale Mondrian to rest their heads.

The former I'm A Celebrity winner stepped out looking sensational in a star-themed mini-dress that perfectly highlighted her slender frame as she arrived on the red carpet for this year's BAFTAs.

All eyes were on Tess Daly, 48, and Holly Willoughby, 36, for the wrong reasons as they turned up in similar dresses at The Royal Festival Hall, in London on Sunday.

2017 BAFTA TV Awards worst-dressed on the red carpet

It is perhaps the most highly anticipated awards ceremony of the year for British television stars. But some of the 2017 BAFTAs attendees proved that they still have some learning to do when it comes to dressing for the swanky event - as they committed some of the worst fashion crimes in history. The Great British Bake Off's Candice Brown, 32, looked to be having a raucous time as she fell about laughing with her umbrella - but perhaps her uncouth display of delight was to draw attention away from the peculiarly stiff triangles she had fashioned her hair into.

Mother-of-three Sharon Perkins, 51, from Coventry spent her divorce settlement on plastic surgery because she was 'bored' - but now plans to increase her bust to a staggering 32W.

Southwark Crown Court heard the 87-year-old allegedly groped four young girls, aged between 13 and 16, during sex attacks across London while filming for the BBC and ITV.

The 30-year-old woman, who has asked not to be identified, was left confused by the note after parking in the same car park off Belmont Road in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the past five years.

Ben Jackson from Warrington transforms his body in his 40s

Ben Jackson, 45, from Warrington, swapped pies and beers for a low carb, high protein diet and dropped from 86.5kg to 79kg and 20 per cent body fat to just nine per cent. Ben followed a strict nutrition and training plan and even steered clear of alcohol on a lad's skiing trip to the South of France to achieve his results. He worked out in the gym fives times per week and ditched his diet of energy drinks and chocolate bars for six smaller, more nutritious meals a day. Pictured: Ben shows off his progress at different stages throughout the 12 week transformation.

Nursery assistant Lauren Dearsley, 25, from Northampton, was so ashamed of her hefty frame that she refused to get public transport, fearing people would laugh at her.

Police were called to woods near to a car park in Stairfoot Lane, Alwoodley, at 9am yesterday after the body had been found by people out running.

Samantha Giles, who plays Bernice White in Emmerdale and practices a form of witchcraft called Wicca, lured her beloved cat Bob back home after leaving a trail of diluted urine around her property.

Paul Crittenden became possessive of long-term lover Sharon Dowdall and waged a campaign of harassment, which included leaving stickers bearing the image of his son at her home in Kent.

Kim Jong-un tests a new type of 'nuclear capable' missile

Video released by North Korean state television shows the state's newest missile, dubbed Hwasong-12, being launched from a testing site in the Kusong region on Sunday. Kim Jong-un, who personally oversaw the launch, claimed the projectile was capable of carrying a 'heavy nuclear warhead' and could range the mainland United States. While experts admit the missile has the longest range of any weapon tested by Kim's regime to date, they estimate it would still fall short of hitting American soil.

Vladimir Putin said trying to intimidate North Korea is 'unacceptable' after America and South Korea called for more sanctions following Kim Jong-un's most recent missile test on Sunday.

Researchers from the Naval Medical Centre in San Diego found men that regularly watch porn are more likely to become disinterested in sex. Three per cent of men prefer porn to sex, study reveals.

Moors murder Ian Brady is being treated by specialist cancer care nurses at Asworth Hospital on Merseyside. The child killer revealed in December he has been bedridden for two years.

The Russian President made the comment today on a visit to Beijing. Russia did not have an entry in Saturday's competition after the hosts banned singer Yulia Samoylova from entering the country.

The 30 seconds that sentenced dinosaurs to their doom: New BBC documentary reveals the moment an asteroid NINE MILES long hit earth and wiped out an entire species

Scientists have studied the site where the asteroid hit approximately 66 million years ago in the Gulf of Mexico. This chance encounter between an asteroid and a patch of sulfur-rich rock plunged the earth into a global winter as the vaporised sulfur cloud reflected sunlight away from the earth causing dramatic cooling, dwindling food sources and ultimately leading to the death of dinosaurs. The asteroid's impact was so huge that the blast led to the extermination of three quarters of all life on Earth, including most of the dinosaurs. But this chance event allowed smaller mammals - and ultimately humans - the chance to thrive.

If you're out of breath after climbing the stairs or can't keep up a brisk walking pace, your cardio fitness could do with a bit of a boost. And you can do this without even leaving the house.

I yearn to be sun-kissed and I'm reliably assured by a just-back-from-Capri-coloured friend that the new generation of fake tans are subtle and idiot-proof. Could 2017 be the year I finally get to glow?

Joshua Paul was being looked after by childminder Viktoria Tautz, 34, at his home in Haringey, north London, on August 29, 2014, when he fell unconscious and died two days later.

Mexican police find a 45ft-long Shawshank Redemption-style tunnel from prison with a hidden stash of drugs, weapons, tequila and a 'torture table'

The authorities started a search operation after noticing an unusual earth movement in the prison of Reynosa, located in the north-eastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas and with the help of new technologies, they found the unfinished tunnel in a wooden house near the jail. The tunnel entrance was covered with wooden boards and bricks to avoid being discovered. Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca, the Governor of the state of Tamaulipas, said on his Twitter profile that it is believed that prisoners would have escaped from prison using this tunnel, which is 16 feet deep, 45 feet long and 4 feet wide. The Public Security Secretariat said that after the tunnel was discovered, there was a special police operation to regain control of the situation. They transferred four prisoners who were found to have dug the tunnel, reports said.

Hilarious social media pictures of kitchen fails

Budding chefs have shared hilarious pictures of their cooking on social media. Clockwise from left: a cheese sauce looks suspiciously gloopy and has a disgusting skin; a beer can chicken has been practically cremated; one chef even managed to ruin the cooking of a pizza; another's pie looked so messy that it looked as if it had been dropped; a dish of scrambled eggs turned green; and one chef managed to make molten black tar while cooking.

Following years of estrangement, they famously reconciled two years ago. And on Sunday, Elton John, 70, wished mom Sheila Dwight a 'Happy Mother's Day.'

David Davies groped the nurse's breast while showing her where her liver was and touched her again when he tried to grab a pen from her at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral in Merseyside

EXCLUSIVE: The former Take That singer - who already has a pool, gym and cinema room at his west London home - unveiled the plans for the huge shed on stilts earlier this year.

Daughter Christine Vaughan, 72, and granddaughter Adele Mansell, 49, of South Wales stole the money over seven years from Beatrice Cooper's (pictured) bank account.

Black Tape Project is sending Instagram into frenzy

Women have been taking to clubs and bars wearing nothing but a few strips of duct tape strategically placed over their nipples and intimate areas, left. The ladies effectively style outfits using the tape, sticking it on their skin in quirky and daring patterns to resemble underwear. The daring new fashion trend was spearheaded by Joel Alvarez, right with the women, a designer from Miami, who launched an 'artistic' venture called the Black Tape Project. Joel describes his brainchild as an 'exclusive fashion experiment' - and it's certainly catching on. The Black Tape Project has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and women are descending on clubs and bars wearing nothing but tape.

The Good Housekeeping Institute experts have revealed the worst ways to clean a stain, including using salt on red wine spillages and using bleach on some delicate fabrics.

EXCLUSIVE: Cheshire-based food scientist Richard Conroy says dismissing so-called 'traveller's diarrhoea' symptoms as just a 'dicky' tummy and not seeking help is dangerous.

'The fatcats keep the money and us lot get nothing!' Voter berates Theresa May over cuts to disabled benefits during election walkabout

The Prime Minister was confronted by Cathy, who has learning difficulties, during her visit to Abingdon. The furious voter told Mrs May that the 'fatcats keep the money and us lot get nothing' . But Mrs May insisted the government was trying to focus the limited money available on those 'in the most need'.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (pictured), who is the MP for Islington North, earns £137,000 a year and said: 'I'm not wealthy because of where I put the money, but I'm not going into that.'

The Prime Minister will pledge 'the greatest expansion of workers' rights by any Tory government in history' as she sets out a raft of new entitlements to woo Labour voters.

The new group of 23% of voters, found by pollsters YouGov, breaks the myth that almost half the country want the Brexit vote blocked. The group backed the EU but now want Brexit delivered.

James Heappey (pictured), who is a candidate for the seat in Wells, Somerset, made the outburst to the sixth form student at Millfied School.

Dehenna Davison, 23, who works in a computer game shop and is engaged to a 57-year-old man, is targeting victory in Sedgefield in County Durham, held by Labour since 1935.

Ryan Giggs' friends forced to step in as trouble flares

Ryan Giggs nearly got into an altercation with other patrons at a seaside bar while he enjoyed drinks with a mystery woman on a lads' holiday in Majorca, Spain (pictured). A couple of local men tried to pick an argument with the 43-year-old, but the former footballer's friends were quick to step in before trouble flared. Giggs was seen holding one of his pals back as he squared up to one of the rival men, before the two groups went their separate ways. The football coach is currently enjoying a weekend away with mates and was spotted drinking at a bar with a brunette (inset). Back home in the UK, Giggs has been embroiled in an acrimonious split from his estranged wife Stacey, 38. The pair have taken their bitter divorce to the High Court as they battle for a share of his £40million fortune.

Jaroslav Slepcik and his wife Svetlana Plachetkova (pictured), both 38, recruited women from Lunik IX - a slum in Kosice, Slovakia, where many Roma gypsies live - to Gravesend, Kent.

The Eritrean attacker stabbed his 18-year-old fellow refugee victim with two knives in his throat before cutting off both of his eyelids and stabbing him with a ballpoint pen in both eyeballs.

Kamil Didi, 23, is believed to be living in Adam Johnson's £1.7million mansion in North Yorkshire after moving in with the paedophile footballer's sister Faye, 24.

Baby orphaned when mother and father killed in house fire

Blaise Alvares, 33, and Sharon Soares, 30, both died in hospital from injuries suffered in the blaze that ripped through their home in Swindon, Wiltshire. Their baby daughter Brooke survived the incident last November, as did three other adults who were also living in the three-bedroom mid-terrace house. Wiltshire and Swindon Coroner's Court heard the house, which was shared by two separate families, did not have any working smoke alarms. Although the property on Manchester Road had central heating, neither family used it as it was too expensive to run and instead they relied on portable heaters. Mr Alvares and his wife were rescued by firefighters wearing breathing apparatus. Mrs Soares, a Bahrain-born college administrator, died in hospital three days after the incident from carbon monoxide poisoning. Her Indian-born husband, an engineer, died two days before Christmas from complications caused by his serious burns.

Torrential downpours and gale force winds will hit parts of the UK today as choppy conditions sweep in from the Atlantic. The North West is in the firing line but the South East will avoid the worst of the rain.



Shocking moment thug knocks a woman shopper unconscious before running away in a random attack outside Sainsbury's 

The 20-year-old shopper was walking near Sainsbury's on Piccadilly when a man barged into her and knocked her to the ground. The man then fled the scene without even checking to see if the woman was okay. The attack, which was caught on CCTV, appeared to be completely unprovoked and shocked passers-by ran to the woman to help her. Police have now appealed for information about the incident, which happened at about 8.15pm on April 11, in a bid to track the man down.

Experts from UCL and the Vesuvius Observatory in Naples have been studying the patterns of unrest since Campi Flegrei's last eruption 500 years ago.

EXCLUSIVE: Retired nurse June Gill, 78, from Castleford, West Yorkshire, has been fundraising for more than 30 years by taking part in extreme sports like white water rafting.

Powers Boothe died in his sleep on Sunday morning in his home in LA. Boothe first got his shot at acting by playing cult leader Jim Jones in 'Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones' in 1980.

Travellers who are willing to build a stopover into their flight itinerary can save more than half on their air fare, exclusive data by Cheapflights for This is Money and Mail Online has revealed.

Terry McCormick and Pat Maguire, suspected of killing Captain Robert Nairac, pictured, have both lived free lives in the US since receiving 'get-out-of-jail-free cards' from Blair's government in 1999.

Warwick councillor Nick Harrington allegedly compared athlete Ohuruogu to a scarecrow in a Facebook post that emerged days after he tweeted 'f****** gypsies' during Eurovision.

Rachael Butler, 59, from Chipping Campden in Gloucester, once slammed neighbour Dorries as a 'marriage wrecker' after her husband left her for the mid-Bedfordshire MP.

British model Kate Moss is the latest celebrity to take up the unconventional fashion fad of wearing mismatched earrings, claiming they are 'cooler' than wearing a conventional pair.

Six privately-owned apartments in Hamburg were handed over to a city trustee at the weekend who will now renovate and rent them to tenants of their choosing, against the will of the owner.

How Britain's fattest woman lost 18st - but still blames everyone but herself for her obesity which has cost taxpayers a fortune

Sharon Hill, 36, must have been off the scale when she piled on so much weight that she was dubbed Britain's Fattest Woman. At her heaviest, in 2014, she weighed an astonishing 48st 2lb (left). She has now lost 18 stone (right) and wears size 26/28 clothes and bemoans that she's 'stuck around the 30st mark'. In Britain, over the past decade, we have seen a tenfold spike in hospital admissions linked to obesity. Just last week, it was reported that ambulance services have had to invest in specialist 'bariatric' vehicles to carry the largest patients. Obesity is said to cost the NHS more than what we spend on the police and fire services, the law courts and prisons combined - £16 billion compared to £13.6 billion.

Robert Weston, 61, was abandoned as a baby in Birmingham's Odeon cinema in 1956 and after decades of searching for his family, finally tracked down his half brother and sister living in Scotland.

The photographs show Private Robert Stewart, 20, from Newcastle, pointing an AK-47 at a man who is kneeling on the floor with a balaclava covering his face in Hohenfels, Germany.

A man has died after broadcasting the moment he set himself on fire outside a Memphis bar on Facebook Live and then ran inside and attempted to attack his ex-girlfriend.

Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez has revealed to Dr Phil her doubts about the former Patriots star taking his own life and raised concerns about the possibility his suicide note could be fake.

The Japanese government says it sees a larger proportion of investment being dedicated to robotics by mid-sized firms, including the Hen na Hotel in Tokyo.

Researchers from Vanderbilt University analysed Russian astronauts and found that, despite drinking less water, they still produced similar urine amounts, suggesting they burnt fat.

US cops are accused of handcuffing boy, 15, and watching him die after they shot him when he 'rammed an officer with a stolen car during chase'

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Police are facing mounting anger in Connecticut after they shot dead an accused teen car thief and allegedly left him handcuffed and dying on the street. A video that appears to show 15-year-old Jayson Negron moving after he was shot by a police officer in Bridgeport has been released and family - and they say it proves cops lied about the incident. Officers also left the teen's body uncovered in the street for hours after he allegedly rammed a cop with his 'stolen' car after a chase and then was shot. ridgeport Officer James Boulay shot Negron after cops say the teen hit the officer with a stolen car on May 9. Police pronounced Negron dead at the scene. His friend and passenger Julian Fyffe, 21, was also shot but survived.

Electric, self-driving car shares will bring an end to more than 100 years of individual vehicle ownership by 2030, according to RethinkX, a Californian research group (stock image).

Researchers from Northwestern University found that all men who are at a high risk of heart disease report sexual dysfunction, versus just 15% at a low risk of heart complications.

Researchers from the University of Sydney found that pneumonia or bronchitis pose the biggest heart attack risk, but even a common cold raises your susceptibility by up to 13.5 times.

Putin has blamed the US for the 'ransomware' cyber attack that has created chaos in 150 countries and could wreak even greater havoc as more malicious variations appear.

New York-based security blogger Lawrence Abrams recommends making safe and secure backups, updating your system and, if hit by the WannaCry worm, not to 'wait and see'.

Single mother with cancer stops chemo for vegan juicing

Mother-of-three Marion, 42, of Merseyside was given a year to live after her breast cancer spread, but rejected chemo (inset, during treatment) in favour of vitamins, juices and unprocessed vegan food (left). She said she feels healthier than ever and is confident she'll see Bailey, 10, Ava, eight, and Max, 11, (right) grow up, but her oncologist warned her against 'quackery'.

A 25-year-old man died after his quad bike came off the road in Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester. Just hours later, a man, 25, and boy, 14, were left fighting for their lives after a crash with a car.

The child, who is crossing a road in Southampton with a woman and two other children, attempts to wheel his way to the other side but crashes into the side of the Audi estate (pictured).

Despite the growing disbelief in a higher being, Robert Nelson, a Professor of Public Policy at the University of Maryland explores how his belief in God is rooted in logic and science.

Researchers from the Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, France found treating penis cancer with radiotherapy may be a viable alternative to having parts of the genitals removed.

Their extended post-presidential holiday might be over, but Barack and Michelle Obama have still found time for a mini-vacay in-between public appearances - and they're doing it in style.

Essex crow swoops down to kill rabbit before flying off

Wildlife lover Jacqueline Suttling, 55, was at the RSPB nature reserve Old Hall Marshes in Tollesbury, Essex, when she saw the rabbit squealing as it was attacked and killed by a murder of crows. She said her family could not watch as the 'distressing' scene unfolded but she was determined to capture the harsh reality of nature as it played out in front of her.

The suspect walked into the Thriftway Harvest Market store in Estacada Oregon, at around 2.15pm on Sunday afternoon and stabbed the employee, who had to be airlifted for treatment.

Mother-of-three Natalie Collins, 39, said she was 'angry, upset and humiliated' when she was told to wait for a female stylist at Broadway Barbers in Pitsea, Essex.

An $8.8million necklace that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor is at the center of a lawsuit after the Hollywood icon's estate accused Christie's Auction House of botching the sale.

A study by the University of Missouri suggests there is very little difference between our 'sober' and 'drunk' personalities - even though we might think we're completely different (stock image).

Dame Mary Perkins is a vision of carefully coiffed silver hair, sensible shoes, neat little legs and a half-price electric blue shift dress - 'Oh, I do love a Hobbs sale. I've got one in purple, too!

Talulah Riley, 31, who shot to fame in the St Trinian's films, has attacked political activist Emma Watson, 27, pictured, over her gender equality campaigning.

Egypt, India and Europe shown in Victorian-era images

Jane Stewart. originally from Scotland, developed a love of travel during her time in India in the early 1860s and documented her trips in an album which has now emerged for auction. Her travels took her across India to Egypt and the following decade closer to home in Europe with stop-offs in Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Norway. The albums have remained in her family since her death in 1898 and have been in an attic at a house in Hampshire for the past 30 years. Her images have now emerged for auction and are tipped to sell for £2,400. They include pictures of a Turkish woman (left), the Shwedagon Pagoda in Burma (inset), Indian villagers tending to their camels (top right) and architecture in Lahore (bottom right).

Retired lorry driver Mick Brooks, 74, had been trying to get his red Fiat Doblo going near his home by repeatedly pushing down on the bonnet when the vehicle picked up speed.

Kirsty Hogarth (pictured), 30, from Edinburgh, was told to prepare to give birth, when she suffered a rare health problem and began losing a lot of blood.

Ibrahim Taguri, 38, was caught with nearly three litres of GBL - known as liquid ecstasy - and a class B stimulant in a room at the exclusive hotel in Piccadilly, on 20 January.

Struggling aspiring gym bunnies finally have a simple translation for confusing muscle and fitness terms (think 'obliques' and 'traps') to help fit in around the locker room.

Researchers from the University of Toronto, Scarborough created an animation where the planets play a piano note every time they pass in front of their host star.

Ever wished you could jet off on a Caribbean holiday twice a year like that flashy couple from the golf club? Or longed for as many designer dresses as your well-off friend? You're not alone.

America's 1930s Old West shown in colorized photos

Striking colorized images have captured the dying embers of America's Old West in the 1930s and early 1940s, decades after the era had supposedly drawn to a close. Stunning pictures, taken by acclaimed photographer Russell Lee, show cattle drives taking place in preparation for a rodeo (bottom right), a homestead shooting hawks out of the sky that had been stealing his chickens (top right), the town of Butte in Montana (bottom left) and a car getting pulled from the mud by a horse and cart (top left).

Shoppers in Bristol, Lancashire and Manchester are furious after supermarket chain Asda appears to have stopped selling loose fruit and vegetables in favour of bagged produce.

MailOnline Travel has rounded up a collection of dismal transport scenarios, from the man who has resorted to popping bubble wrap in a traffic jam, to weary airport travellers everywhere.

Edouard Philippe, 46, who is also the mayor of the northern French port of Le Havre, will now become President Emmanuel Macron's chief lieutenant.

The 21-year-old was found in a confused state by a motorway fly-over near the city of Palermo on the Italian island of Sicily after a night out.

Nintendo, based in Kyoto, Japan, is hoping to replicate the successes of Super Mario Run with a new mobile gaming app from the classic franchise The Legend of Zelda.

South Korean presidential bodyguard Choi Young-jae (pictured) has captured the internet's heart, thanks to his rugged good looks. Sadly, the 36-year-old special forces officer is already married.

18th century octagonal water tower in Plymouth up for sale

An 18th century water tower (inset), which was constructed by French prisoners from the Seven Years War, has gone on the market. It is located in the secure gated community at the Millfields in Plymouth, Devon. The large property is set over two floors and features three bedrooms (top left and bottom right), a kitchen/dining room (bottom left), a sitting room (top right), which has a vaulted ceiling, and a roof garden with two terraces, patio area and a hot tub. The property was renovated and converted into a house seven years ago. Towers of this type were a familiar sight in the mid to late 18th Century to meet the demands of supplying water to the country's ever growing cities. Around the world, many early water towers have been designated as historically significant and included in various heritage listings.

Despite the mountainous location being 9,628km from the fashion giant's Paris headquarters, famous faces were more than happy to make the 24-hour journey to the Shigaraki mountains.

A mass of rotting flesh which washed up in Indonesia last week was once a baleen whale, experts said, pointing to distinctive bones poking out of the carcass as evidence.

The Munich-based Fraunhofer Institute has officially terminated its licensing programme for certain MP3-related patents in a move dubbed the 'official death warrant' of the format (stock image)

Some nights I dream of riding my beautiful chestnut horse. I dream I am that free spirit again. But then I wake up. Three-and-a-half years ago I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Shocking video shows the moment a dog falls out of a moving car and gets DRAGGED by its leash along a motorway 

The unsuspecting canine can be seen leaning out of the window, clearly enjoying the wind in his ears and sniffing the air. The dog leans a little further out but he has not anticipated the upcoming bend in the road. As the car rounds the corner the poor pooch looses his balance - and tips right out of the car. But the dogs leash is clearly secured within the moving vehicle. For a few horrifying moments he is dragged by the neck, coming perilously close to the car's crushing wheels. The driver then realises what has happened and quickly pulls over to save the dragging dog. The dashcam footage was captured on a motorway in London in 2015.

Ellie Mackenzie, 12, from Essex has been brutally bullied since starting secondary school, but made a moving video in the hope of encouraging other young people who are suffering.

The man who would be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - Jeremy Corbyn - has found it necessary to insist that he is 'not a pacifist'.

The wife of Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez Jr (pictured) claims her husband was robbed of his $40K watch by women they met in Las Vegas after he lost his fight against Canelo Alvarez.

Researchers at Boston University tracked the eating habits of nearly 1,400 adults for 10 years and found that one common takeaway ingredient improved scores in memory tests.

The kitchen gadgets Victorians used before electricity

Doll's house miniatures maker Barry Harris, of Lincs, has collected 25 pieces of kitchenalia that are more than 100 years old over 40 years. He will now sell them at auction on Wednesday. The strange devices include (clockwise from top left) :a meat mincer; a 19th century food processor; an ice cream device; a cake baker; a bread and bacon slicer; and a coffee grinder.

Steve Cairney, 48, was working at Hibs' end-of-season awards bash when he made a hand gesture as he posed for a picture with Neil Lennon. The jibe refers to Hearts' 2012 Scottish Cup win.

Dozens of young Aboriginal children are in danger of lead poisoning after breaking in to airports in remote NT communities to sniff aviation fuel, with 10 hospitalised in two months

Waste firm Biffa, which is based in High Wycombe, released the video clips to show how impatient drivers are going onto the side of the road and missing binmen by inches as they try to get past.

Two-year-old Jay Goodman, of Norfolk, struggled to even make a sound when he cried due to issues caused by the two-inch growth that had pushed against sections of his brain.

Well-camouflaged animals around the world

These fascinating creatures have evolved over millions of years to become the masters of disguise. Some blend in to avoid predators while others use their cover to advance on their victims without being seen. Pictured, clockwise from top left: A horned lizard in Arizona; a leaf insect in Indonesia; a tuva toad-head agama lizard in Mongolia's Gobi desert; and a pair of pygmy seahorses, seen here in Indonesia.

Managing director Stuart Jones was walking across his site when the piles of dust suddenly whipped up several feet into the air in front of him. He filmed the dust swirling around the yard like a mini tornado.

Professor Catharina Svanborg, from Lund University in Sweden, made the chance discovery that the substance kills tumour cells when working on antibiotics.

Terry, from Australia, went one step further than most boyfriends when he proposed with a ring he had managed to get his girlfriend, Anna, to unwittingly wear for an entire 18 months.


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    Kick it in cropped jeans by Amo like Heidi Klum

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  • Emma

    Don a color block frock like Emma Roberts

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  • Katy

    Make your mark in a not-so-mellow yellow mini like Katy

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  • Jenna

    Treat your feet to these crystal Zanottis like Jenna

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Dance with me baby! Watch hilarious moment a little girl waits for the beat to drop as she grooves in her car seat

The tiny toddler picks out the beat to Uptown Funk with the poise and confidence of a concert-seasoned music aficionado.The adorable little American girl first picks out the more subtle beats to the hit song. And then she waits. She looks at the camera and smiles in anticipation. And when the beat drops for the catchy chorus she drops some serious moves. The tiny toddler feels every beat in the tune that has the catchy rhythm of a 1980s funk track. The gorgeous little girl throws her hands in the air and punches them in time to the beat. She then grooves in her seat and nods and shakes her head to the music.

Suman Bansal, 21, from Gillingham, Kent, was snapped by her father every single day of her life since being born on 16 May 1996 and carried on the tradition by taking selfies at university.

Now that's a view! Slackliners defy gravity - and common sense - to smash world record with 750 metre tightrope trek across Italian lake

Samuel Volery from Switzerland, Tijmen Van Dieren from Holland and Lukas Irmler from Germany all broke the astonishing record - as they elegantly balanced above the water with ease. They even juggled as they balanced in the middle of the narrow slackline. The three men all took turns to walk the line - surrounded by the breathtaking views of Kalterer See Lake in South Tyrol, Italy. Encircled by mountain peaks and the glistening sun - the slackliners can be seen walking a whopping 750 metres without falling. It took Timjen one hour, Samuel 45 minutes, and Lukas 25 minutes to smash a very challenging world record. The impressive slackliners look relaxed yet are psychically on edge as they look down at their bare feet high above the luminous turquoise water.


Showbiz extra

Lake Geneva mansion by Eiffel Tower designer  up for sale

Stephen Sauvestre was commissioned to build Chateau de Promenthoux in the late 1890s by Jean-Philippe Worth, the son of British fashion designer Charles-Frederick Worth. The 14,000 sq/ft home on the north shore of Lake Geneva has four ballroom-sized reception rooms, eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, multiple kitchens, a library, a study and separate staff accommodation. There are a number of balconies that provide panoramic views onto the lake and the property also has its own harbour, which is reputedly the largest private harbour on Lake Geneva.

World War Two veteran Verdun Hayes, pictured, jumped out an aircraft along with three generations of his family in Honiton, Devon to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

Dashcam footage shows a stand-off between a truck and a car on a country lane. The man in the car steps out to confront driver but forgets to put handbrake on, causing the car to roll backwards.

Valerie Johnson mistakenly drove for eight hours rather than ten minutes and ended up in Scotland, when roadworks diverted her as she travelled from her home near Worcester.

The world's largest super yacht support vessel, Game Changer, arrived in London earlier today, passing under Tower Bridge into the Pool of London having completed its sea trials.

100-year-old pensioners go on blind date to Sainsbury's

Arthur Moult and Florence Philips were brought together (centre) after home support staff realised they shared a milestone birthday and set them up on a date at a the cafe, in Leek, Staffordshire. The blind date went so well, it ended with Arthur (left, in his 40s) serenading Florence (right, in her 20s) - and just three weeks later, she's even met his family.



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