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Written on Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:58 pm.
DNAS,DNS, Wiki and more....
Quite a lot has happened on the scene recently. The first and probably most important if that the user no23 has been able to create a custom DNAS server that passes games that were able to be tested. A full list can be found here: Luckily and sadly, DNAS has reportedly shut down for good according to multiple users on the site. That means that we aren't able to capture any more games that could work with this server but we are lucky in that we were able to save the ones that we could.

With DNAS being taken care of for a good number of games, I plan on working on listing all the games that can be played online along with a uniform DNS that can work for as many games as possible. If anyone knows of specific domains to forward please let me know as I will be working on this one game at a time.

Another major announcement is that I created a wiki to the site which you can get to here: I have it setup so you can sign in with your user and password from the forum. Any user can create and edit pages. If you run into issues please let me know. The plan is to have connection guides, gameplay guides, and dns/server setup tutorials posted on there so we don't clutter the forum with multiple stickies. I will try to copy over all the guides we have onto the wiki when I get the chance but please feel free to add any pages you want to. The aim for this to have a large collection of information related to online play and the console in general in a central location that is easy to access and update.

With the closure of DNAS, we have finally entered a new era of PS2 online gaming. I am astonished at how long official servers for games have lasted for this system and to think that DNAS was still hosted by Sony 16 years past the consoles initial launch date is incredible. With a large number of LAN games and unofficial servers available, the need for a central place to connect and get information and schedule is as important as ever. It will be interesting to see how the community changes in the coming years but nevertheless, I plan to keep this site up as long as I can if not for the community, then for the information that is available here. Thanks to all the users who posted and lurked on this lame site over the years. You guys are what keeps the site going.

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