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Pretty sure the media started the legitimacy war decades ago. Recently: #Gamergate. Games were perfect! An escapist paradise. Anyone could ignore the struggles of life and enjoy endless beautiful virtual vistas. Gamers were pacified, perfect for keeping the masses slothful and noncommittal so the powers that be could run amok. A small segment was politicized, but we didn't care about politics mostly. Fuck the world, Gamers just want to play video games. But the greedy cultural Marxist propagandists just couldn't leave the one last uncontrolled part of the industry alone.

Trump is what happens when you fuck with video gamers. A similar thing happened in France -- if only they had left the theaters alone, there would have been no revolution. The largest media demographic (games are more profitable than movies) with the largest voting age demographic, 18-35, and they go and piss them off politically, on purpose. That's game over, man.

Trump constantly says "this is a movement, there are so many young voters". Trump is riding the wave we had already started. The progressives lost the youths. Fuck the Media, COLLEGE is seen as ILLEGITIMATE. The establishment uses the Media to delegitimize outsiders and control the masses, but they lost the legitimacy war already when Trump was voted in. They were calling Trump a clown as a last ditch effort. We're seeing death struggles now.

It wasn't Trump that fired the first volley, but the media is going to eat shit and die. They could have survived Trump. They could have kept politics and TV and even taken comic books. But they fucked with our video games. Now the Internet / Gamer generation will call the shots.

You could Impeach Trump tomorrow and put Hillary in office for 8 years. That would only make us more determined. Gamers enjoy a good grind. We were born underdogs. Life has been grind. We grind for fun. These idiots fucked with the wrong people. We won't give up even if they kill us a thousand times. The Final Boss will go down. It's only a matter of time now.

Trump didn't wage any kind of legitimacy war, really. He just said the same shit /pol/ and gamergate were saying for years and years, over a decade and a half if you count slashdot. Trump is OUR cannon fodder. OUR sacrificial tip of the spear. The whole game is going to change, we started changing it years ago.

It sounds silly, but that is the truth.

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Damn - I read this through and it is so fucking spot on. Scrolled back up to upvote and then noticed who posted it. "Figures it would be him". Cheers dude. Submitted to v/bestof:

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You sire deserve an upvoat!!! I wish I could give you 1000. I stopped playing games because of the political correctness crap. Now my attention is on bringing down whoever facked my games. Hell, I got all the time in world to fack the neo-lyberal-soros-owned-imbeciles.