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Rolf Harris leaves prison ahead of child sex abuse trial

Rolf Harris, 87 - who was pictured this morning stepping out of a car (centre) and walking up steps (left) back at his £5million home (bottom right) in Bray, Berkshire - went on trial on Monday accused of using his fame to molest three schoolgirls. Harris had been appearing via videolink from Stafford Prison (top right), but following his release this morning - which saw him allegedly leave through a back gate to avoid photographers - he will now start attending his trial in person. He has served almost three years in jail after convictions in 2014 but has been granted bail over his current charges. This was relayed to jurors at Southwark Crown Court in London yesterday to explain why the married artist will begin attending the trial part-way through. Harris is accused of a string of sex attacks against three teenage girls aged 13 to 16 at TV shows and a youth music festival during the 1970s and 1980s.

Sweden drops probe against WikiLeaks' Julian Assange 

The dramatic decision to drop the investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was announced by Sweden's Director of Public Prosecution this morning. The 45-year-old Australian has been living inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London (bottom) for almost five years and moments after the decision, he tweeted a picture of himself smiling (top). The focus will now move to the governments of the UK and the US and whether Assange will fly to Ecuador to avoid extradition to America.

Viewers took to social media to make their views plain on the the two-hour ITV programme, which featured the leaders of the Lib Dems, SNP, Ukip, Green Party and Plaid Cymru.

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Cannon, 78, from York, who achieved fame in the 1980s with partner Bobby Ball, admitted that he had been living 'hand-to-mouth' for a decade due to work drying up.

ISIS extremists beheaded some of their prisoners and used bricks to kill children before hacking off their limbs during horrific raids in Hama province in central Syria.

Stars such as Ronan Keating and Denise Van Outen will take part in the charity event that Mike is organising to raise funds for Parkinson's charities 

The 38-year-old rugby star spoke frankly about how difficult his family have found his 71-year-old father Philip's battle and how they've learnt to adapt to his situation.

Chilling moment hooded man creeps up on texting woman then lunges at her as police fear sex predator is prowling London 

In CCTV footage the 36-year-old woman can be seen being grabbed from behind by a man who then went on to hold her to the ground as she walked home at midnight on Scriven Street in Dalston, east London. Fearing she was being robbed the woman thrust her phone in the direction of the man but according to police he 'ignored this and continued to pin her down'. Luckily the predator was disturbed moments later by a passing car and fled on foot allowing the woman to escape the terrifying incident that happened last Wednesday. Police could not find the attacker and just two days later a 35-year-old woman was attacked while walking home after a night out in nearby Kingsland High Road. Detective inspector Paul Ridley, from Hackney CID, said: 'Both attacks are being treated as sexually motivated due to the concerning conduct the suspect has demonstrated.'

Who are those people who want to prolong life by dieting, not drinking, taking exercise and other hardships? I have never understood them. If only life could be frozen in time at, say, 25.

Polish-born Renata Antczak was reported missing after leaving her home in Hull, East Yorkshire, on April 25. Today there was a large police presence has outside the house.

Cruel trend of 'ghosting' when your best friend drops you

Terri Neil, 35, from Billericay, Essex, knew there was something wrong when she read a post on Facebook written by her long-term best friend Louisa - who she had known since school. Terri, pictured right, sent texts and messages to her friend and even left phone messages to see if she had done anything wrong. She said as a result of being ghosted, she has lost her best friend of 30 years - someone she had considered like a sister. Terri revealed: 'It was unusual, but we were such good friends I thought whatever the problem was, she'd be over it in a few days. Yet, as the days passed, I kept texting, sending messages and even called several times, but each message went unanswered and each phone call went to voicemail. It went on for weeks. I texted, saying: "I miss you and I miss our friendship", but I was ignored. I was so worried I'd done something wrong, but I had no idea what.'

Model and reality TV star Marinika Smirnova, 34, is accused of conspiring with Robin Murray, 28, to steal valuables worth £2,000 from tycoon Sergi Windsor's home in Chelsea, London.

Shannon Aspin had stormed off after a row with Dylan Osbaldestone, near his home in Clayton-Le-Moors in Lancashire, when she fell and fractured her skull, leading to fatal brain injuries.

Seven-year-old Aasher Liles, named by his parents with an extra A to reflect his extra chromosome, took the photo using his mother Kerri's phone on a flight home to Houston, Texas.

Ann Waddington, 61, slipped and fell in her back garden in Blackburn, Lancashire, in her nightdress late at night - but nobody living on her road who heard noises realised what it was.

The Queen carries a purse with image of Princess Margaret

The Queen, 91, revealed a poignant personalised trinket last night as she left The Ivy restaurant in London after making a rare outing to celebrate a friend's birthday. Her Majesty displayed a bespoke purse decorated with an image of her later sister Margaret, who died in 2002, as a younger woman with her children Lady Sarah Chatto and David Armstrong Jones, Earl of Snowdon.

Nottingham who raped his daughter for 2 decades jailed

NEW A sick father who abused his daughter for 20 years was finally jailed after she secretly filmed him boasting about his crimes on Christmas Day. Raymond Prescott (left), 54, told his daughter: 'The best sex I have ever had in my life is with you.' He first attacked Layla Bell (right), 31, when she was just seven years old, telling her: 'It's our little secret'. Ms Bell (inset aged six), from Nottingham, said her 'Jekyl and Hyde' father would suddenly turn from her 'best friend' to a 'sexual predator'.

There are still many reasons to love classic movie The Graduate, which is half a century old this year, and just about to get a shiny new restoration for cinema release, writes BRIAN VINER.

Pippa Middleton's wedding is going to be Scottish themed

The Mail can exclusively reveal the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews (left), which takes place on Saturday, is going to have a Scottish theme, including haggis canapes and lamb, all washed down with local whiskey. Pippa's links to God's Country are a little unclear - although she did go to Edinburgh University. But James' father, David, a former mechanic who made a fortune through the car trade, owns a castle and 10,000-acre estate 15 miles from Loch Ness in the Highlands. Several workmen were seen arriving at St Mark's Church, Englefield, where the pair are going to get married (top right), today with deliveries, barriers, traffic cones and velvet ropes (bottom right). The couple's glamorous reception is going to be held in a glass marquee (inset).

Ruth Ellis (pictured) was hanged after shooting her cheating boyfriend, would-be racing driver David Blakely, outside the Magdala pub in Hampstead, London in 1955.

Michelle Thompson-Laing is an expert on keeping your suitcase organised and is more than happy to share her trademark 'outfit in a sock' life hack with others. Many agree it's a life saver.

Nicola Fortis, 35, was caught after she went to the visitor centre at Armley jail, Leeds, West Yorkshire, on July 14, last year, intending to visit her partner who was serving time for armed robbery.

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. Angela Keenan, 31, of Burry Port Wales was given a cool cot in a private room for her son Keelan to allow the family to say their goodbyes.

Ian Brady reveals how brother-in-law led to his capture 

The Moors Murderers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley (left), never expected to be caught. Brady (top right) was always spoiling for a fight and carried a knife with him at all times. He loved to walk around with a revolver under his waistcoat and became obsessed with firearms. After cold-heartedly slaughtering four young people in Manchester and burying each of them in peat graves on Saddleworth Moor, they felt omnipotent. However, the terrible fact is that, for a while after the murder of Lesley Ann Downey, their fourth victim, Brady and Hindley became bored with their crimes. The couple began seeing more of Hindley's sister, Maureen, and her husband, a layabout with a police record named David Smith (together bottom right). Brady had long had a hankering to bring them into their activities. One night, after picking Edward Evans (inset) up outside a nightclub, Hindley went to fetch Smith. When Hindley and Smith arrived, Brady let them in. Then he went back to the living room and walked behind the settee that Evans was sitting on and picked up an axe.

Moving trucks at Angelina Jolie's new $25million mansion

There were large moving trucks spotted outside Angelina Jolie's sprawling new mansion in Los Angeles yesterday. No doubt the 41-year-old actress (pictured shopping in Hollywood yesterday) is gearing up for her big move into the gorgeous Hollywood property which she purchased for a reported $25million last month. The move definitely seems to be in full swing as there were to huge storage vehicles (bottom right) seen at the 2.5 acre historic Cecil B. DeMille Estate (top right). Several men were hard at work as they were seen loading in boxes and crates into the mansion.

'Made redundant? She should've been bloody knighted!': Viewers of BBC's Rochdale abuse drama Three Girls explode in anger when they learn hero social worker played by Maxine Peake loses job

Viewers of the BBC's chilling Rochdale abuse drama Three Girls erupted with anger when they learned that the hero sexual health worker lost her job after the case. Fans were left 'disgusted' when they learned in Thursday night's finale that Sara Rowbotham (left) was 'excluded from future initiatives on child grooming' and later fired. Furious Twitter users said Ms Rowbotham, played by Maxine Peake, should have been knighted for her efforts in bringing the sex abuse case to light - not 'forced out of her career'.

JAN MOIR: Thankfully there were no graphic sex scenes, but from the grotty curry house back rooms to the leering men and the broken little girls shuffling home afterwards, we got the message.

The five-year-old son of British YouTube star Sophie Rose, killed in a moped crash in Thailand is in a 'vortex of grief', revealed his heartbroken father who posted his heartbreak on Facebook.

Tory manifesto: Theresa May's blueprint for a clean Brexit

Theresa May has put Brexit at the heart of her party's manifesto, vowing to deliver a clean break from Brussels - pulling out of the single market and promising to walk away from a 'bad' trade deal. Including the pledges in her blueprint for government will make it much harder for rebel Tory MPs, diehard Remainers and unelected peers to block a proper Brexit. In her speech in Halifax, Mrs May said: 'If we fail, the consequences for Britain and for the economic security of ordinary working people will be dire. If we succeed, the opportunities ahead of us are great.' But the Prime Minister said there would be 'give and take' in negotiations and signalled Britain could pay at least a part of the £85 billion bill demanded by the EU.

Theresa May's party - the artist formerly known as the Conservatives - launched its election manifesto at a Halifax wedding-reception space called The Arches, part of an old industrial mill.

Theresa May's manifesto is a stark contrast to the flashy, glossy efforts of recent years and could hardly be more sober, befitting the daughter of a vicar, writes DOMINIC SANDBROOK.

Teenage waitress is crowned Britain's Next Top Model 2017 after battling it out with a steamy NUDE shoot in Cape Verde in the final task 

Olivia Wardell, 18, from Timsbury, Hampshire, broke down in tears in dramatic scenes during tonight's finale as judges announced she had beaten Jennifer Malengele to the top spot. Just hours earlier, the three finalists - Olivia, Jennifer, 18 and Alannah Beirne, 23 - had stripped off for their final task, a steamy nude shoot in Cape Verde (inset), before hitting the catwalk for the final time.

EXCLUSIVE - 'I love you': How Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell warmly chatted to his fans outside sold-out show before committing suicide 'within an hour of coming off stage'

The last words of Soundgarden suicide victim Chris Cornell were revealed as sources disclosed he died within 60 minutes of leaving a concert stage (pictured left). Cornell was said to have behaved 'absolutely normally' spending several minutes with fans and warmly greeting them. The 52-year-old told fans 'I love you' as he was escorted from the front of the Motor City's Fox Theatre from a door near the main box office at 11.25pm on Wednesday. Guards drove the band to their hotel half a mile away. Cornell went to his room and shortly afterwards his wife, Vicky Karayiannis (pictured with him and their two children bottom right) raised the alarm. Cornell was found dead shortly after midnight.

A digital control tower will be installed in 2019 - meaning controllers will be able to direct planes from 80 miles away in Hampshire by watching live footage from high-definition cameras.

Speaking after officials decided not to ban laptops on flights from the EU to US, Jean-Paul Laborde said it was a case of 'when, not if' terrorists smuggle bombs on flights in laptops (stock photo).

Ulrikke Høyer, 20, from Copenhagen, who is a size 34 (UK size 8), travelled to Japan earlier this week in order to take part in the designer's cruise show, but claims she was cut.

Ray Westbrook from Portsmouth, pictured, who lost his left leg when he was 14, helped MailOnline with an experiment to discover what burning questions people have about amputees.

90s nostalgia that EVERYONE will relate to 

These nostalgic images prove how much fun a child in the 90s could have before the beacon of iPads, phones and MacBooks. Clockwise L-R: They may well have only been pocket-size but Polly Pockets provided hours of fun for little girls (even if they didn't physically fit in your pocket); Any child who fancied themselves as a graphic designer could give the career a spin using 1991's version of Kid Pix; It may have provided hours of fun but anyone who attempted to stretch this stuff as far as they could will remember the pungent smell you were left with afterwards; Jonathan Taylor Thomas - the childhood actor who voiced young Simba in Disney's 1994 film The Lion King - was the only man to adorn any young girl's wall in the 90s; the Pin Point Impression Toy Needle Art Frame was a magical creation and Windows' 90s version of virtual reality.

A question that supposedly originated on a first grade level exam has the Internet puzzled. The problem asks students to fill in blanks based on a 'number pattern' but no clear solution exists.

Researchers at Newcastle University are calling on the digital community to take responsibility for this technology and address this 'not often talked about, 'human-computer' interaction' (stock image).

Tom Utley: For 30 years, since we moved into our Edwardian semi in South London, I've mounted heroic resistance to Mrs U's expansionist plans for the kitchen.

'I wanted to kill them, you to kill me': Driver who ploughed into New York pedestrians in Times Square - killing one and injuring 22 - was high on synthetic marijuana and had planned murder-suicide spree

Drug-crazed driver Richard Rojas plowed through pedestrians in New York City's iconic Times Square at 11.55am on Thursday, killing one woman and injuring 22 others. After smashing his maroon Honda sedan in to a pole (bottom right), Rojas (left) tried to flee the scene. The 26-year-old US Navy veteran was seen running across the road with his arms flailing. He was brought to the ground by a Planet Hollywood bouncer before being arrested by NYPD officers (top right) at the scene. Once in their custody, he told them how he wanted to kill all the pedestrians and then be shot himself by police. Though initial tests show he was not drunk at the time, sources say the man, who is from the Bronx, had been smoking synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as K2, before the crash.

An 18-year-old girl was killed and her 13-year-old sister injured after a driver mounted the curb in Times Square and ploughed through crowds, injuring a further 21 people, NYPD confirmed

The results of a 15-week trial by North Carolina State University revealed the mindfulness group lost an average of 4.2lbs - seven times the other group's average weight loss of 0.6lbs.

Mother-of-two Bethany Eaton, 38, from Kent launched CO YO UK following the birth of her second child after spotting a gap in the market for dairy-free alternatives to yoghurt.

UK researchers took a look into how 'au fait' holidaymakers are with other languages and revealed the majority will head abroad only being able to say a handful of things in the native dialect.

Creepy CCTV footage showing people mysteriously tumble down a set of steps in Malaysia has split opinion amid reports the stairs are haunted by a poltergeist.

Children share mothers' brutal social media takedowns

Your mother is meant to be a sympathetic figure who always a shoulder to cry on, but some feisty individuals have been defying that stereotype with very cutting social media posts. One woman burst her daughter's blissful pampering bubble by asking if she'd found a job yet (left), while another made it clear that she doesn't like to be harassed (right).

Official statistics showed sales up by 2.3 per cent in April, boosted by the late Easter weekend. Viewed over three months sales were also up slightly - reversing big falls seen in the figures last month.



Fashion fans go into meltdown at M&S Manolo-alikes

The British store sent fashion insiders into meltdown when it released snaps of the £35 shoes, left on a model, and, bottom right, that look just like the £745 designer shoes, top right, that Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, inset, made famous in Sex And The City. Even fashion bible Vogue has given the footwear its seal of approval, writing: 'The footwear is particularly desirable: another member of the Vogue team had her eye on the jewel-toned satin stilettos that nod to Manolo Blahnik's cult crystal-buckled pumps but have a modest £35 price tag.'

The Royal Society of Public Health said social media use is fuelling rising rates of anxiety, depression and sleeplessness among teenagers and young adults.

The Swedish town of Overtornea's council argued that if sexual intercourse were subsidized, then so should many other personal activities like cleaning or gardening.

Baroness Marion Lambert, 73, suffered severe injuries after she was knocked over by a double decker as she crossed the road outside Bond Street station. She died in hospital four days later.

Brave youngster Bradley Lowery tonight collected a Child of Courage award from his hero Jermain Defoe in recognition of his battle against a rare childhood cancer.

Nearly a quarter of borrowers believe that getting accepted for a credit card guarantees them the advertised interest rate and 0 per cent promotion.

Footage that appears to show a strange spinning triangle of lights above Exmouth is proof aliens or politicians are conducting anti-gravity flights above England according to conspiracy theorists.

Roger Ailes died from blood that collected on the surface of the brain after he fell and hit his head in the $36million Palm Beach mansion where his wife hoped they could live peacefully in retirement.

Way too much excitement! Puppy's sudden switch from playtime to naptime will make your heart melt 

Gordo the black-and-tan pup, thought to live in the US, switched from writhing with excitement to lying perfectly still in a deep sleep after just 20 seconds of being petted by his owner. In a clip posted to YouTube Gordo is initially excited by his doting owner, who gives the gorgeous pup a generous belly-rub. His head tipped to one side and ears flopping onto the ground beneath him, the lucky bundle of fur looked like he couldn't be happier. But suddenly the excitement overwhelmed Gordo, whose enthusiasm for being tickled bubbled over until the energy he had all but disappeared. The dog's eyes began to droop, his paws relaxed, and within seconds he was deeply asleep.

Radio 4's new Today editor, Sarah Sands (pictured) has lost her deputy, Victoria Wakely. Some say there was a 'falling out' over the way Ms Sands wants the programme to develop.

The 58-year-old man was riding in Ilford, east London, when he was targeted by a crew of seven thugs who fired the extinguisher in his face and sent him tumbling to the ground.

Jeffrey Wiltshire and Rosalin Baker, of east London, concocted a 'devious' plan to get away with the horrific abuse of 16-week-old Imani which culminated in her death in September last year.

A seaweed delicacy found on Welsh shores has been given protected food status so that no one can copy its production. Laverbread, pictured, joins 80 other protected food and drink products in the UK.

Chelsea Manning has posted the first photo of herself since her release from prison on Wednesday after seven years behind bars. 'Okay, so here I am everyone!!' wrote Chelsea.

Avon's Sun+Multi Protection Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 30 was the only product to fail the annual sun protection factor (SPF) test by consumer watchdog Which?.


Researchers examined the physiques of 2,000 men and determined they each fall into one of five 'shapes': the rectangle, the oval, the triangle, the rhomboid or the inverted triangle.

Dangerous driver celebrates birthday with police cake

Just three days after leading police on a chase chase in south Wales, Jack Brennan (pictured left) celebrated his birthday with a specially-made cake (pictured right) - showing a road, crashed vehicles and police cars. The teen even posted the picture on Facebook and said: 'Haha what a day. Would like to say I have the best friends in the world fair play to you lot cake is hilarious I have learnt with my lessons with my mistakes and time to move on past that. Onwards and upwards.' While appearing before magistrates, Brennan admitted dangerously driving a Vauxhall Vectra in Llanelli, south Wales, on February 17. Brennan will appear before Swansea Crown Court on June 16 to be sentenced.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: California-based dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee removes a 400g lipoma from the back of a man's neck with her bare hands in her latest viral video.

A video shows a tick doused in oil crawling out of a woman's skin in just 20 seconds. Yet, an expert from Western Connecticut State University warns against this removal method.

The Duchess of Cambridge left Downe House after just two terms amid rumours of bullying, and moved to Marlborough College where she flourished, writes Sebastian Shakespeare.

The controversial topic was brought up at a Vatican event aimed at raising awareness of Huntington's disease, an incurable genetic disorder.

Former Thames Valley Police Head of Corporate Support Nick Harverson, 58, of Cassington, Oxon, stalked and launched a campaign of revenge against Charlotte Roberts.

Joseph Eke punched and kicked Harry House (pictured) on a number of occasions before murdering him with 'significant, severe and non-accidental' blows in Broadmayne, Dorset.

Stirling safari park challenges to spot 10ft long tigers

A safari park is challenging viewers to spot the 10ft-long, 500lb tigers 'hiding' in a recent snap of their enclosure. Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, says Genghis, 19, and Bella, 14, (inset) are not quite as easy to pick out as their immense size would suggest. The Amur tigers' markings are designed to provide camouflage in situations of light and shade in the wild. Genghis is pretty easy to spot but the safari park has had to help many of its followers on social media pick out Bella.

Having fled both Mosul and Raqqa en masse due to intense military pressure, ISIS terrorists are said to be calling an area it controls within the Euphrates River Valley its de facto capital.

The credibility of the company behind Hebridean Sea Salt - found on the shelves of Waitrose - is in tatters after food standards officials revealed that most of it is 'imported table salt'.

Researchers from the University of St Andrews asked male and female subjects in different areas which men and women they found most attractive from digitally-manipulated face pairs.

Shoe designer Patrick Cox's Little Venice home up for sale

Situated in the affluent west London area, his entire top floor has been converted into a wardrobe and dressing room, complete with almost 400 pairs of shoes. Along with his pets, Caesar and Brutus, the fashionista is leaving the capital after 34 years, and 15 in his current property. The house itself has a marble theme across the ground floor, and a 'disco loo' featuring an array of mirrors. It has been completely transformed from when he first moved in, with the staircase just about the only remaining feature.

The Countess of Wessex, 52,  enjoyed sampling the local produce at the Devon County Show in Exeter on Thursday. Sophie was elected president of the Devon County Show in January this year.

With brother Prince Harry beside him, the future king told the 20 young recipients of the Legacy Award that Diana, Princess of Wales had achieved so much in her life, from helping to fight the stigma around Aids to supporting the homeless.

President Trump proclaimed that there were no ties between his campaign and Russia on the heels of a Justice Department announcing a special counsel would take over the probe.

Defence analyst Alexander Khrolenko said NATO can 'only dream' of dominating the Baltic. He accused NATO of holding 'aggressive ambitions' in the region, and said Putin was reacting accordingly.

BBC Three's Stacey Dooley visits the Philippines for a harrowing documentary about the women who film their children performing live sex shows for paying paedophiles.

Behold, the most hilarious dog pictures EVER

Owners from across the world have shared snaps of their comical canines. Pictured from top left, a black dog who's very happy to see you; a mutt engaged in a battle with a leaf-blower; a labrador perfectly executing the walrus pose; a corgi with a mind of its own; a serene pooch on a fashion shoot; and a little dog with a manic, barely concealed desire for a bite of pizza.

Cheshire Constabulary confirmed the probe will focus on the deaths of eight babies but will also review seven further deaths, as well as six non-fatal collapses.

Kestutis Overlingas, 49, and Lisa Peck, 45, were caught by a warden in Colchester, Essex, who asked them to 'get a room'. Councillor Mike Lilley (pictured) has spoken of his shock at their actions.

Valentin Degteryov from Nizhny Tagil in Russia claimed the unusual object is some 1,900 feet in length, and a video he posted has attracted hundreds of thousands of hits.

Akshar Ali, 26, of Hyde Park, and Yasmin Ahmed, 27, of Potternewton, are both due before magistrates in Leeds accused of murdering Sinead Wooding.

Councillor Jon Wright made the comments after Catherine Atkinson, from Ilkeston in Derbyshire, described herself as a barrister with a son and a husband who served as a soldier in Afghanistan.

Polish and British scientists have discovered that how someone smells can indicate their general health and whether they are especially fertile according to new research.

Boy, 6, killed in Mississippi after car he in was stolen

A grief-stricken mother collapsed and had to be carried by relatives after learning her six-year-old son had been shot dead (right). Kingston Frazier (left) from Mississippi, who went missing Thursday after thieves stole his mother Ebony Archie's Toyota Camry, was shot at least once in the back seat of the vehicle, which was abandoned in a muddy ditch, said Jackson Police Commander Tyree Jones. Two men, Dwan Wakefield and DeAllen Washington, have been named by law enforcement as persons of interest in the death.

Hamas announced the ban claiming dog owners must not allow their pets to walk in crowded areas such as towns, villages and beaches and must instead be exercised in empty fields in Gaza.

Twitter users worldwide have been met with a message pushing them to share their personal data with advertisers. Now you can see exactly what the site knows about you.

Candles release carbon and metal particles which could raise the risk of heart and lung problems, a study lead by Dr Neil Klepeis, from San Diego State University has said.

Josephine Smith-Mands, 41, from Cam, Gloucestershire said the supermarket workers were like 'angels' throughout her three-year-old son Peter's 40-minute episode.

Mark Zuckerberg shared the video on Facebook on Thursday. In it, he appeared excitedly telling his father flatly that he'd been accepted in to the Harvard Class of 2006.

Can YOU spot the 'angel child'? Self-taught medium claims her 'amazing video' captures the spirit of her 'son from a past life' drift past her TV 

Mandy Baynham, from Wednesfield, claims she has filmed the 'beautiful' presence of her son Danny from a past life, who she claims was the product of a forbidden relationship in 1920s. The mother-of-three said she began to feel a presence around her and after a reading with a medium, found out she had a son in another life, who died after he was hit by a lorry. The self-taught medium believes the boy has come to find her at the right time after a dark period in her life, and has helped her focus on the positive. Mandy is pictured inset, and the ghostly presence shown left and right.

Allegations against Karri Twist in New Cross, south London, were posted on the website channel23news.com, where users can submit fake news to 'prank' their friends.

Researchers from the University of Florida looked at surveys of 116 leaders across a broad range of fields and found that acting abusively can harm bullying bosses' psychological welfare (stock).

According to a travel report by U.S-based Pinterest, these are some of this year's holiday essentials, according to content analysis of more than three billion travel 'Pins'.

Hero's welcome in Pyongyang for North's missile developers

Thousands of men lined the streets of Pyongyang to give scientists and workers behind North Korea's latest missile test a hero's welcome. Pictures from the despotic state showed hundreds of developers wearing military garb and saluting giant statues of late leaders Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il that dominate the centre of the capital. Others showed residents waving red flags and artificial flowers as they turned out to greet a convoy of buses carrying the workers. On Sunday, North Korea test-fired what analysts say was its longest-range rocket yet as it accelerates efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the continental United States.

Floral frocks and summer whites were the order of the day as dozens of racegoers turned out to make the most of the sunshine at York Racecourse after a washout yesterday.

Sion Jair, 67, (pictured) has suffered from Alzheimer's disease for the last seven years and has been up and down the Old Man of Coniston in the Lake District at least 5,000 times.

Student Ceres Borazan, a Kurd from Turkey, claims she was man handled by Erdogan's security detail who were filmed attacking protesters on the street outside the Turkish ambassador's residence in Washington.

Kim Jong-un's newspaper has described the US as a 'den of evils that should be wiped off the face of the earth' as it continues to keep a close eye on North Korea.

J3C4MY Dorelia in a Black Dress by Gwen John (1903 4)


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Sheikh, rattle and roll! Moment Saudi trio topple from the back of a truck as it suddenly speeds off

Five passengers wearing traditional Saudi Arabian dress, above, were standing on the back of a white pickup truck on a dusty road, thought to be in Yemen, before being taken by surprise at the vehicle's acceleration. When the vehicle jolted into life and began to speed up the road, a toppling trio were sent flying off their precarious perch and onto the road. In the short clip, posted to Twitter, the three men are seen falling from the truck with their arms flailing. One man's kaffiyeh even comes loose from the jolt of the vehicle, and whimsically floats through the air to follow him on his path off the end of the platform.

Making a splash! Driver takes his revenge on two men who hit his car and refused to move out of the road

A video has emerged of a driver seemingly getting revenge on two people who refused to move out of the middle of a road by driving over a massive puddle to drench them in rain water. The footage from an unknown location in the UK starts with a hooded man ambling in the road while his friend, dressed in a tracksuit, slowly criss-crosses the road's middle white line on a bicycle. the driver of the car seeing he is unable to get passed the pair beeps is horn and exclaims: 'Move, man!'

Retired bus driver creates miniature bus in Bournemouth

Keith Burbidge from Bournemouth built a replica bus - similar to the one he drove for many years using a second-hand mobility scooter he picked up for £40. Mr Burbridge drives his wife Carol around in the 5mph vehicle, which is six feet long and about four feet tall. He added: 'Carol loves it, she drives it too... It's just a bit of fun really.'

This is the hilarious moment an unruly ostrich put two Jack Russells in their place by stealing their dinner. The giant bird turned up at the kitchen door of a home believed to be in the United States.

A total of 773 gang members have been moved from a prison in Tamara, near the Honduran capital city of Tegucigalpa, to the new El Pozo 2 jail in La Tova in Western Honduras.

MAC ON...Pippa Middleton's wedding

'Pippa, darling. I hope this won't spoil your big day, but they're taking away our winder fuel allowance.'

Hurricane plane used in Second World War photographed

Photographer John Dibbs has spent travelling across the globe to photograph the final remaining Hurricane fighter planes used to defeat the Germans in the Second World War. The Hawker Hurricane was seen as the poor relation to the Spitfire in the Second World War but these stunning photographs reveal just how majestic it was in full flight. A total of 14,583 Hurricanes were made during the Second World War but, because of the high casualty toll and the fact most were scrapped, only 13 airworthy ones exist today. The amazing images include shots of a Hurricane painted in the colours of No 303 'Polish' Sqn (inset) and a Hurricane AE 977 patrolling the White Cliffs of Dover (right).



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