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At least 20 dead in Manchester Arena explosions

Nineteen people have been confirmed dead and around 50 injured after a terrorist attack inside Manchester Arena at the end of a teen concert tonight. read

Manchester Arena 'terror attack' witnesses reveal horror

Last night terrified witnesses to the Manchester Arena 'terrorist attack' spoke of their horror at the atrocity that unfolded before them at the Ariana Grande concert. read

Celebs pray for victims of Ariana Grande gig terror attack

Celebrities have begun paying tribute to victims of terrifying explosions inside Manchester Arena on Monday night. Several people were killed after explosions were heard inside the venue. read

Parents search for kids after Ariana Grande gig attack

Panicked parents are using social media to try and locate their children after 19 people were killed and 50 injured when explosions went off at Manchester Arena. read

Politicians react to Manchester terror attack

Opposition politicians expressed support to the victims and family of the 19 people who were killed and 50 who were injured in a terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in the Manchester Arena. read

How patients became hooked on prescription pills

Fiona French’s story makes for shocking reading. For 40 years, the social scientist from Edinburgh was given repeat prescriptions for benzodiazepine drugs to treat her epilepsy. read

Theresa May warns Corbyn COULD end up leading Brexit talks

Mrs May made clear to her commitment to the health service amid the social care row by declaring £10billion will be spent on modernising technology and buildings. read

Ofcom probes Ramsay's Hotel Hell show aired at 11am

The show sparked 19 complaints after viewers heard the celebrity chef, pictured, say 'f***' six times. After around 15 minutes of foul language, the episode was pulled off the air by Channel 4. read

Mystery of Middlesbrough's North Korean flag is SOLVED

Dad Chris Whitfield, 40, raised it just to make moving home easier on his children. Their new house in Ingleby Barwick had a flag pole and the kids chose to fly the North Korean flag there. read

SANDRA HOWARD says truth is woman want to be seduced 

Seduction — or, to be more precise, a beautiful woman being seduced by a powerful, brooding man — is, and has always been, an essential element of romantic fiction. read

Oxford student, 24, posed NAKED for university calendar

Lavinia Woodward, who last week admitted stabbing Thomas Fairclough in the leg, posed naked with other students to raise money for the University of Oxford's LGBTQ society. read

UK weather: Spanish Plume to bake Britain this Saturday

Thermometers are tipped to reach the low 30Cs by the weekend as Britain turns hotter the Bahamas. Pictured: The dramatic sunrise in Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear this morning. read

Lawyer fee ruling overturned in international custody case

BBC host Melissa Porter racked up $90,000 in legal fees during the course of a bitter custody dispute with Connecticut financier Peter Rinfret, with whom she has a son. read

Moment busker Paul Pass was frogmarched to his death

Paul Pass and his friend Mark Andrews were kidnapped and terrorised by Abdulmalik Adua, 17, and Rezwan Islam, 19 in a brutal ordeal in Gloucester. read

Facebook lets teenagers see porn and dangerous diet plans

A Daily Mail investigation has found the offensive content shows up in the news feeds of children as young as 13 after they reveal their insecurities online. read

Campaigners demand Facebook does more to protect children

Charities hit out at the ‘alarming’ shortage as leaked manuals showed the social media giant allows users to share self-harm videos, pornography and threats against women. read

Kate Middleton arrives at the Chelsea Flower Show

Presenter Chris Evans offered Kate a cherry tomato from his Radio Two 'taste garden' at Chelsea Flower Show and despite dropping it on the floor, she ate it anyway. read

Leeds primary school headmistress to scrap SATs exams

Jill Wood, headteacher at Little London Primary School in Leeds, said she is scrapping SATs tests for 11-year-olds over concerns about their mental wellbeing and to ease pressure on them. read

Scientists discover how diesel fumes trigger coughing

A team from Imperial College London has discovered diesel fumes trigger a receptor in the airway, starting a chain reaction which causes nerves in the lungs to fire wrongly. read

Russian oligarch's wife flaunts £7million 70-carat rock

Ksenia Tsaritsina is the wife of Russian businessman Aleksey Shapovalov and this week showed off the presents he bought her to celebrate their five years of marriage including a giant ring. read

Essex teen denied meningitis jab DIED a few weeks later

Sharon Sandell, from Essex, is pleading with parents to protect their children from a deadly strain of meningitis following the death of her daughter. read

Man who kicked pregnant Muslim woman in Bletchley jailed

David Gallacher, 37, brutally attacked the woman in the car park of a Co-op store in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, after accusing her of her queue-jumping. read

Dentist ‘who plotted to poison lawyer wife’ in court  

Majid Mustafa, 47,and his alleged co-conspirator Robert Lipinski, 45, were charged following new evidence in the case of Renata Antczak, Hull Magistrates’ Court heard. read

Police investigate deaths at Linden Centre in Chelmsford

Essex Police are probing up to 20 deaths in 17 years at the Linden Centre in Chelmsford, including Matthew Leahy, pictured with mother Melanie, who hanged himself there in 2012. read

British woman may lose her leg in motorbike crash Thailand

Jenni Evans (pictured), 22, was travelling through Thailand with her boyfriend Joe when she came off a bike on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, suffering 'life threatening' injuries. read

Jennifer Lawrence pole danced on that night in Austria

The Oscar winner, 26, hit strip joint the Beverly Hills Club with a group of pals for a birthday bash and turned pole dancer as she whipped off her top to reveal a bralet underneath read

German students struggle to understand Prince Harry

Prince Harry left tens of thousands of German schoolchildren distraught as they could not understand a single word of his speech in their final school exam. read

Stores to hike petrol prices during the school run

Artificial intelligence computer programs capable of charging drivers extra at busy times has arrived in the UK and will be used by major supermarkets as part of a secret pricing revolution. read

Prince George driven to Pippa's wedding WITHOUT seatbelt

Prince George was spotted standing in a car and without wearing a seatbelt as he was driven towards his Aunt's wedding ceremony. read

Experts react to THAT best man's speech at Pippa's wedding

The verdict from experts is damning, with James Matthews' best man, Justin Johannsen, accused of getting it 'so wrong' by recycling jokes, and using crude sex references. read

Pippa’s Best Man should have asked me for advice

It seems that Best Man Justin Johannsen tumbled off the tightrope in high style at Pippa’s wedding leaving everyone squirming in their seats, writes GYLES BRANDRETH. read

Newlyweds Pippa Middleton and James Matthews seen at LAX

Just over 24 hours after their guests partied till 4am after the society wedding of the year, Pippa Middleton and her new husband were seen looking slightly bleary-eyed in Los Angeles. read

Pippa Middleton’s wedding could have cost up to £1.2m

Pippa Middleton’s wedding costs are estimated to have cost more than £1 million, although thanks to some generous friends her family didn’t have to foot the full bill. read

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Middletons' refusal to grant photos

Peter Phillips, who accepted £500k from Hello! magazine for his marriage in 2008, must wonder how that will be justified after the Middleton's declined to hawk Pippa’s nuptials. read

Meghan Markle waited in suite to join Pippa's wedding

From the moment it emerged that Prince Harry was taking Meghan Markle to Pippa’s wedding, the royal was determined that no-one would catch a glimpse of her by his side. read

Camerawoman calls Prince Harry 'the ginger one'

As camera crews gathered outside St. Mark's Church in Englefield, Berkshire, a female reporter could be heard saying: 'We'll have to keep an eye out for the ginger one.' read

Colin Firth applies for Italian citizenship over Brexit

Colin Firth is seen as the quintessential Englishman but has applied for Italian citizenship due to being 'horrified' by the consequences of Brexit, writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE. read

Parents taking kids out of school over 'no deterrent' fine

A survey by online flight booking site has found soaring numbers of parents are flouting a ban on taking children out of classes for trips and factor the penalty into the overall cost. read

Kate Moss 'fights with fellow guest' at Cannes 2017

According to reports, a source has claimed that the model, 43, got involved in a heated row with another guest, before Mary J. Blige stepped in to calm the situation during Fashion For Relief on Sunday. read

Naked waitress found in Orlando Bloom's bed is an ACTRESS

Viviana Ross, reportedly joined the Pirates of the Caribbean star, 40, in his five-star suite after the end of her shift at the Chiltern Firehouse. She was sacked the next day for the liaison with the star. read

'Sepsis sieve' could save thousands of lives 

The device, pictured, has been created by a British scientist who said it could also save the NHS huge sums by getting patients out of hospital quickly. read

Petty criminals should not be allowed expensive jury trial

In a speech at Pembroke College, Oxford, Lady Justice Hallett said a full trial jury could cost £20,000 for defendants 'accused of minor offences such as stealing sweets from a supermarket'. read

Nurse who challenged Nicola Sturgeon hits out at abuse

Claire Austin said she was 'saddened but not surprised' by the online attacks after she confronted Scotland's First Minister. read

ANDREW PIERCE on the Tories' backtracking over social care

The social care policy - damningly called the Tories’ ‘dementia tax’ - was hurting the Tories, not just with floating voters but with many of their supporters. read

Polls suggest Tories could now lose a seat in Wales

A surge in support after Theresa May called the snap election led to predictions her party could get the most Welsh seats for the first time since the 1850s but polls suggest they may lose a seat. read

Ex IRA killer claims Corbyn's support helped the group

Sean O’Callaghan said the Labour leader and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell should publicly apologise ‘for the murder and torture they encouraged and thereby prolonged’. read

ANN TRAVERS: The IRA murdered my beloved sister

Jeremy Corbyn, right, who aspires to become the next Labour prime minister of Great Britain is a supporter of the vile organisation that murdered my sister Mary, writes ANN TRAVERS. read

Labour's 'unfunded' £7.5bn bribe for students to vote

The party has pledged to 'back-date' its policy of scrapping tuition fees so it benefits those preparing to study this Autumn. read

Brexiteer Kate Hoey slams the 'nasty' Lib Dems

Kate Hoey has accused the Liberal Democrats of trying to ‘demonise’ her after they plastered her constituency with posters showing her face merged with Nigel Farage’s and the slogan ‘Hoey Out!’ read

The best life hacks ever revealed

MailOnline presents 33 life hacks that cover everything from travel and technology, to kitchen shortcuts and DIY. Running lip balm over a paper cut, for example, will seal it instantly. read

75 per cent of children want to be YouTubers and vloggers

The research by travel firm First Choice revealed that 34 per cent of children would like to be a YouTube personality like Zoella, pictured, while one in five wished to start their own channel. read

Customers get bad deal from banks, says TSB boss

In a rare and scathing attack on his rivals, TSB boss Paul Pester said the industry was dominated by a handful of big players, reducing choice and service. read

Church of England staff receive £1million bonuses

The Church of England paid more than £1million in bonuses to its fund managers last year despite the Archbishop of Canterbury criticising banks for their 'excessive pay' to staff. read

Co-op fined over 'avoidable' death of lifelong customer

Retired railway clerk Stanley May (pictured), 74, a lifelong supporter of the supermarket, hit his head on the floor of a Co-op branch in Truro, Cornwall and died in hospital two days later. read

Cannes 2017: Nicole Kidman and Eva Longoria lead glamour

Nicole Kidman, 49, Eva Longoria, 42, Juliette Binoche, 53, and Andie MacDowell, 59, proved that they're still at the top of their game at The Killing Of A Sacred Deer Cannes screening. read

Club chairman suggests scrapping traditional cricket teas

After the suggestion was made, former England captain Mike Gatting jumped to the defence of the cricket tea, calling for matches to start earlier in order to preserve the tradition. read

Cancer may be detected earlier thanks to new £1 test 

The University of Exeter Medical School said that the study has revealed the first new indicator of cancer to have been robustly identified in 30 years. read

The woman determined to have a family DESPITE brain tumour

Katie Smith, from the West Midlands, is eight months pregnant - even though she's already battling a potentially-deadly health condition. read

Stupid sex questions asked by clueless internet users

Dozens of internet users take to online forums every day in search of answers to their most pressing - and embarrassing - questions about their sex lives. read

Ryanair passenger is forced to relieve himself in a bottle

The argument broke out on the Ryanair flight from Bradford to Portugal when a male passenger was accused of 'splashing a cabin crew member's jacket' while relieving himself in a bottle. read

Melania slaps Donald Trump when he tries to hold her hand

Video of President Trump touching down in Tel Aviv on Monday shows the First Lady very clearly slapping at her husband when he tried to hold her hand at Ben Gurion Airport. read

Piers Morgan: Trump’s speech showed he COULD be brilliant

Donald Trump could have taken the easy route with his first foreign trip. He could have flown over to friendly Canada and said how much he loves maple syrup. But nothing he does is easy, for anybody. read

Trump lands in Israel in pursuit of peace deal

The second leg of Trump's diplomacy tour will put a spotlight on his vaunted efforts to bring about peace between Israelis and Palestinians – a prospect that he has called the 'ultimate deal.' read

Trump visits Jerusalem's Western Wall to pray

Donald Trump on Monday became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the holiest site where Jews can pray – and he left a prayer note there in accordance with Jewish custom. read

Essex woman's death blamed on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Elise Fitzpatrick (pictured), 24, was described as happy and healthy when her mother found her dead on the sofa at her home in Rayne, Essex, out of the blue in September. read

Wheelchair user speaks out about ordeal on Virgin Trains

Christopher Stapleton, 59, from Tooting, has spoken out about his humiliating ordeal after he was forced to wet himself on a Virgin train because the disabled toilet was out of order. read

MIT drone camera can move around to get the right angle

MIT researchers have developed a camera-equipped, autonomous drone that can maintain a shot's framing - which figures or faces appear where - as people move and avoid collisions. read

Hull mother and girlfriend starved and beat her daughter

Deborah Harrison, 37, and Jennifer Harrison, 30, from Bempton, East Yorkshire, beat Alex Hickie for every food wrapper they found her with, and were told they face 'significant' jail terms. read

BBC's Tony Wadsworth 'romped with schoolboys in parkland'

Today one of the alleged victims told a court he was indecently assaulted by Mrs Wadsworth, known on radio as Julie Mayer, in Mancetter Park, near Atherstone, Warwickshire. read

Dorset mother jailed for one year over benefits fraud

Tracey Dare, from Christchurch, Dorset, said her husband, Adrian Vare, had 'women all over the place' and 11 children, which kept him away from their family home and stopped him contributing. read

Australian radio telescope finds rare 'fast radio burst'

Researchers in Australia have likened the telescope to the dark overlord Sauron, the ‘all-seeing eye’ of the Lord of the Rings series, and they say it could soon spot new FRBs every few days. read

Husband and wife jumped into a river in 'suicide pact'

Jennifer, 63, and Graham Slack, 62, drowned in the River Yare near Great Yarmouth last September and left a note claiming Mrs Slack was receiving 'no help' for her mental health problems. read

Brazilian dad's hand was sewn into his STOMACH

EXCLUSIVE: Brazilian Carlos Mariotti feared his hand would have to be amputated after an horrific accident, but has spoken about how he has mastered tasks he once took for granted. read

BBC apologies after Radio Leeds' Ian Brady music quiz

BBC Radio Leeds presenter Nathan Turvey chose the killer for a Sunday morning feature, in which he plays a series of songs and asks listeners to work out who they relate to. read

Chilling photos show Moors murderer Ian Brady as a baby

Newly-published photos show Moors Murderer Ian Brady as a fresh-faced youngster at the time he lived with a foster family in his home city of Glasgow. read

The biggest grandparent fails on social media

Communicating via social media may seem like second nature, but it seems silver surfers who came of age long before the dawn of the web could still do with brushing up on their skills. read

Man proposes with ring hidden inside stomach wound

An unidentified Russian decided to surprise his nurse girlfriend by convincing a surgeon to hide an engagement ring inside his stomach wound before getting her to change the dressing. read

Shocking moment a thug caught battering his terrified dog

During the attack Martin Johnson, 31, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, grabbed poor Sooty by the testicles and said 'you don't like that, do you?', magistrates heard. read

Cats rounded up in Danish village over 'feline AIDS' fears

Authorities are trying to capture all feral cats in Sønder Onsild, southwest of the town of Hobro in Denmark's central Jutland. read

FBI investigating Fyre Festival for mail and wire fraud

The FBI has launched a criminal investigation into G=Fyre Festival and its founders, Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, who they think may have committed security, mail and wires fraud. read

Original Calendar Girl reveals the inspiration of the film

Angela Knowles and a close knit group of friends stripped off for a nude calendar shoot, leading to a brush with royalty, a friendship with Julie Walters - and they've raised almost £5 million. read

Inge de Bruijn swims naked on Adam seeks Eve TV show

Inge de Bruijn, 43, a four-time Olympic gold medallist and world record holder, will appear on Dutch TV show Adam seeks Eve on Thursday night, where contestants date while naked. read

Diamond ring bought for £10 could fetch £350,000

A large, diamond ring is expected to fetch £350,000 at auction 30 years after its owner paid £10 for it at a car boot sale in Isleworth, in west London, thinking it was a costume jewel. read

Our adventurous side grows with age says researchers

A new report suggests Britain's over-55s are rebelling against 'growing old gracefully' by taking up outdoor activities including cycling, hiking and horse riding. read

Wife grieves husband just 48 hours after their wedding

Ray Kershaw, 63, and Tracy Brooks, 45, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, were married on Saturday after Mr Kershaw was told he had just days to live. read

Tattooed hero steps in to save two little girls

'Viper' MacDonald and his son reportedly became suspicious and swooped in when they saws the man loitering around the youngsters in Hallglen Park, Falkirk. read

Secret to gorgeous hair? Use conditioner before shampoo

Maybe you meant to put on sun protection before your make-up but forgot, or, having applied make-up, realise your skin could have done with a face mask. read

Get fit in 15 minutes: This squat with a difference

For an easy all-over body workout, try this squat with a difference, says personal trainer Nadya Fairweather, founder of read

Daughter of hunter crushed by elephant posts tribute photo

Carmen Botha, 21, the daughter of hunter Theunis who was crushed to death by an elephant in Zimbabwe, posted an image of herself and her father online as she paid tribute to him. read

Monarch Airlines' £1.80 fee for water after air con fails

EXCLUSIVE: A passenger threw up in the toilets and lay on the ground for two hours during the London-bound flight - but staff still charged other travellers £1.80 for a bottle of water despite the intense heat. read

Elon Musk defends his Boring Company

Musk has hit back at critics of the plan, publishing an FAQ on the company website outlining how it plans to achieve this vision. read

Interactive graphic shows travel tech in 2050

In 2050, it’s predicted planes will have holograms and panoramic windows and we may be able to travel into space, according to RS Components, headquartered in Corby. read

Leaked images reveals Apple's new 10.5in and 12.9in iPads

Leaked images could give more details about Apple's next generation iPad Pros that are set to be unveiled next month. The photos show the cases for the 10.5in (left) and 12.9in (right) iPad Pros. read

Did last chimp-human ancestor live in the Mediterranean?

Two studies by an international team of researchers led by the University of Toronto outline a new scenario for the beginning of human history. read

Military trainer Scott Evennett reveals how to get fit

Former Australian commando and fitness coach, Scott Evennett, sat down with FEMAIL to talk abs, diets and getting army fit. He said you've got to train your mind as well as your body. read

I loved my parents - so I didn't go to their funerals

When I told people about my decision, each time it elicited as much lack of comprehension as horror, writes HANNAH BETTS, pictured. read

Woman picks up rare infection from cuddling a newborn LAMB

Asher Lloyd, 23 from Rhyl, North Wales, visited a farm in Denbighshire with her boyfriend, The Voice star Joe Woolford, on April 8 to see some newborn lambs. read

Doctors warn against lotus birth trend

Doctors are warning against lotus births, where the umbilical cord is left attached to the placenta until it falls off on its own. Medical experts in the US and UK say it can lead to bacteria and infection. read

Headphones you SLEEP in to help banish snoring

People with sleep apnoea can breathe a sigh of relief - almost literally - after ENT experts in Maryland, USA, devised a new device to banish snoring. read

Anna Reese arrested after drunk rampage in Bangkok club

Anna Reese - who starred in The Tsunami Warrior and Brown Sugar 2 - arrived at a nightclub yesterday at 9.30pm in Bangkok, Thailand, where she 'began throwing things' after an argument. read

Jackie Kennedy was cold and detached new biography reveals

Behind closed doors, First Lady Jackie Kennedy was 'detached' and 'self-indulgent,' it is revealed in The Afterlife of John Fitzgerald Kennedy: A Biography by historian Michael J. Hogan. read

Experts warn VR porn could lead to major ethical issues

Researchers from Newcastle University warn VR porn could lead to unrealistic expectations, or could even have more extreme effects, by allowing some to delve into violent scenarios. read

Mother is caught swindling £29,000 in benefits

Menna Bowden (pictured), 32, claimed she was living alone as a single parent but she was sneaking her secret lover into the property in Swansea, Wales. She swindled £29,000 in payments. read

Magaluf mutes music that's louder than a vacuum cleaner

Officials in Majorca are on a mission to transform the Balearic Islands into a family-friendly destination and limiting the volume of bar music is the latest measure in their efforts to achieve that. read

NZ inventor says emotional robots will be here soon

Dr Mark Sagar, the CEO of Soul Machines, an Auckland-based company that specialises in creating realistic avatars, believes robotic hardware will soon catch up with advances in software. read

Nigerian fraudster wins High Court case against Amber Rudd

Convicted fraudster and former Nigerian state governor James Ibori has won a High Court declaration that he was unlawfully detained by Home Secretary Amber Rudd. read

Failed asylum seeker, 18, tried to rape young woman

Moroccan Housny Bouliaz, 18, pounced on a woman in Canterbury but was stopped from carrying out his vile crime when three friends spotted him dragging the woman into a dark car park. read

Michelle Obama steps out in shoulder-baring top in Tuscany

The former First Lady looked especially glamorous as she stepped out in a flirty shoulder-baring top, paired with a high-waisted kaki-colored pants, while she and her husband visited Siena. read

Indonesian police arrest 141 men over 'gay sauna party'

Police in the Indonesian capital Jakarta raided a gym and sauna called Atlantis in the late hours of Sunday and arrested 141 men, with 10 now facing charges under anti-pornography laws. read

Scottish teenage girl dies after her car ‘lost control’

Grief-stricken friends and family have paid tribute to Asten Jones, who died when her Vauxhall Corsa ploughed into another car on the A815 in Argyll and Bute, in the Scottish Highlands. read

Britain's UFO mystery may be solved with sightings dossier

The National Archives, based in Richmond, will release a dossier of 18 MoD papers that are believed to contain details of sightings of UFOs in Britain over a period of almost five decades. read

King and Queen of London's club-land locked in divorce

Terry Neil and Soraya Henderson (pictured) ran an £18 million turnover security empire together, with contracts at exclusive London clubs, until they divorced in 2015. read

Women in Paris are being threatened by 'migrant men'

The troubled district of Chapelle-Pajol, in the east of the French capital, is said to have become more dangerous for women as young African and Arab men flood the area (file photo of central Paris). read

Bangkok hospital explosion that injured 24 was deliberate

At least 24 people were injured when a bomb exploded in a hospital in Bangkok reception room for retired civil servants. Police found traces of a battery and electric wiring used to make the bomb. read

People reveal to parents how they lost their virginity

A new clip from shows individuals talking to their parents about sex, and revealing how and when they lost their virginity and the conversations are equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. read

Experiment could use human MIND to prove Einstein's theory

Dr Lucien Hardy, a quantum physics research at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada hopes to prove if the spooky action at distance is real using the human mind. read

Microsoft reveals holographic display in eye glasses

Microsoft has revealed a holographic display that looks like thick-framed eye glasses. The 'crude prototype' uses a near-eye holographic displays to overlay reality with digital holograms. read

Rolf Harris arrives at trial after his release from prison

The Australia-born former television star, who was released from HMP Stafford on Friday morning, is on trial accused of indecent assault at London's Southwark Crown Court. read

Woman 'raised by dogs' kicked out of Russia police academy

Lyudmila Fursova (pictured), 21, was sent to a grim Russian orphanage after her negligent, alcoholic parents allowed her to live in a kennel aged just three. read

Adding protein powder to your smoothie can make you FAT 

At roughly 500 calories per drink, experts at Sheffield Hallam University doubt the need for trendy protein shakes. read

Downton Abbey's Lady Mary may cause pig breed EXTINCTION

Lady Mary, pictured, took up pig breeding during the final series of the hit ITV drama in 2015. Since she bred the Oxford Sandy and Black, the number of breeding Gloucestershire Old Spot sows has halved. read

Victorian naval fort undergoes a £20m transformation

Grade II listed Fort Gilkicker at Stokes Bay in Gosport, Hampshire, will be transformed into 22 townhouses and four luxury flats, which will boast panoramic views over the Solent. read

James Cameron sued for 'stealing man's story for Titanic'

Court documents show the complainant is arguing the director got the idea from a conversation he overheard back in 1988 about events that took place in Brevard County, Florida. read

Asiana staff tell a disabled man he must move seats

Tim Seward, 31, from California, US was flying from Beijing to Seoul with Asiana Airlines when he was approached by a cabin crew member who said:  'I cannot prove if your leg is functional.' read

Call girl, 32, ‘murdered her 71-year-old lover with an axe

Deanha Neely (pictured), 32, beat Derek Taylor with a hammer and an axe as part of plan to get her hands on his £45,000, it was alleged. The pair were living in his motorhome in Blackburn, Lancashire. read

Meghan Markle played a party girl in Random Encounters

Actress Meghan Markle is seen slipping into silky lingerie and seducing a male co-star in a late-night clinch in scenes from 2013 film Random Encounters. read

Van driver shames motorist for leaving banana skin in road

The van driver was driving in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, when he claims he noticed a man in a blue Mazda in front of him throw litter on to the road. read

Thai 'monk' filmed watching PORN on a bus in Loei province

The young man in orange robes and sunglasses is seen resting his phone against the chair in front of him while he watches a couple who appear to be having sex in the northern Loei province. read

Black mambas battle on a South African golf course 

Golfer Cara Treherne and three pals were playing a round at Leopard Creek golf course near Kruger National Park's Malelane Gate in South Africa when they encountered this lethal hazard. read

Rape charge in Germany for Ghanaian who faced deportation

Erik X. is accused of forcing his way into the tent of a couple camping in Siegaue nature reserve where the River Sieg flows into the Rhine, near Bonn in western Germany. read

Photographer shares her parents' battle against cancer

Nancy Borowick, of New York, photographed parents Laurel and Howie Borowick for the last four years of their lives as the couple supported one another through their battle against cancer. read

What they NEVER tell you about hip operations!

Writer Bel Mooney has revealed the shocking - and unpalatable truth - about having common hip surgery. read

Ten facts not to be sniffed at about coughs and sneezes 

Think you've got hayfever? Think again - chances are it's a common cold. Here, we reveal some fascinating facts behind your symptoms . . . read

Michael Barrymore launches £2.5m damages bid from police

A judge is to decide the amount of compensation to be paid to entertainer Michael Barrymore (pictured at the High Court in London) by Essex Police over his wrongful arrest 10 years ago. read

Hottest lavas errupted 2.5 billion years ago, study finds

Researchers at Virginia Tech discovered a record on lava temperatures in the past 2.5 billion years after analyzing rocks that crystallized at a temperature nearing 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit. read

China says no mining planned in Antarctica

China sought to dispel concerns about its ambitions in mineral-rich Antarctica on Monday, with an official saying Beijing has no plans to start mining in the vast continent. read

A glass of red wine is NOT good for the heart

Researchers from the University of Victoria, Canada, found that healthy people are more inclined to drink, giving the false illusion that alcohol in moderation boosts our wellbeing. read

Nissan car slams into woman during crash-avoidance demo

A demonstration of a feature of the brand new Nissan Rogue did not go to plan when the vehicle slammed into a model on May 20. She was demonstrating new brake technology. read

Man 'raped by French police with baton' is still in agony

Eleanor said brother Theo (pictured together) cannot defecate properly after police officers allegedly violated him with a baton, beat him and drenched him with tear gas during a stop-and-search in Paris. read

Sunderland manager became masked raider after coma

Kyle Burrell's life 'unravelled' after almost dying of pneumonia 18 months ago. Burrell, pictured, from Sunderland, burst into a Domino's pizza shop asking for money and brandishing a BB gun. read

Father opens up about daughter's anorexia battle

Nick Pollard, from Southampton, has revealed he felt 'powerless' when his 14-year-old daughter got diagnosed with an eating disorder - and wishes there had been support. read

TOWIE star Ferne McCann's ex-boyfriend will face trial

Arthur Collins, 25, is alleged to have been involved in the attack at Mangle in east London, after acid was thrown across a dancefloor as revellers celebrated the Easter weekend. read

Photos show brutal acts carried out by soldiers

Horrifying pictures include Chinese prisoners being murdered, families being rounded up and slaughtered in Vietnam and German victims of rape during the Second World War. read

Jailed Cardiff paedophile wrote about sex attacks on boys

Sick Aaron Hughes, 35, penned his part memoir and part 'extreme sexual fantasy' as part of a project for the scheme at Parc prison in Bridgend, Wales,where he was serving an indefinite term. read

Stranded pony hauled up 80ft cliff in Wales by RSPCA

The dramatic rescue took a team of 13 RSPCA officers to winch the brown and white pony from a shingle beach Gwbert, near Cardigan, West Wales, up the cliff-face to safety. read

Mother's horror after X-ray reveals baby chokked on penny

Corinne Beattie, from Keighley in West Yorkshire was left distraught after being shown an x-ray revealing how the penny was lodged in little Emelia's throat. read

Drone video reveals how far along Apple's new HQ is

It is a stunning scene – the sun setting over what Steve Jobs had called ‘the best office building in the world’. The latest flyover video of Apple Park shows how massive the spaceship has become. read

Denver moms meeting their babies for the first time

Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason of the Denver, Colorado-based organization Birth Becomes Her put the video together using footage from around the world. read

Child bride forced to wed in Melbourne mosque

A man and an Imam have been charged by police after video was found on a groom's phone showing his alleged illegal marriage to a 14-year-old girl at the back of a Melbourne mosque. read

Moment crash for cash fraudster staged a collision on M4

Mohamed Rahman, 27, from South Wales, cut into a line of queuing traffic on the busy M4 Severn Bridge (pictured) and then blamed the other driver in a bid to get compensation. read

Samsung might reveal world's first 'stretchable' display

Samsung will reveal a flexible OLED screen at the Society for Information Display 2017 event in the LA Convention Centre tomorrow, reports suggest. read

Sleep apnea increases risk of pregnancy complications

A study by Brown University of more than 1.5 million pregnancies in the US found the disorder was directly linked to longer hospital stays and even admission to the ICU. read

Easier language tests for foreign nurses may be introduced

The Nursing and Midwifery Council, which regulates the profession in the UK, will discuss the evidence of lowering language entry requirements at a board meeting next week. read

First-line antibiotics now fail in 1 in 4 pneumonia cases

More than 22% of patients did not respond to a first dose of antibiotics, a Californian study found. Meanwhile, G20 health ministers agree to tackle antibiotics resistance. read

Strike has left Ibiza Airport a ‘public health hazard’

A disgusted visitor said via Twitter: 'Ibiza Airport get your act together. Place is filthy as cleaners on strike! Toilet paper / soap empty in every toilet! Place is disgusting.' read

France's Marine Le Pen will abandon her bid for 'Frexit'

Marine Le Pen, beaten to the presidency this month by pro-European Emmanuel Macron, will also drop her pitch to restore the French franc, according to her party's chief economic strategist. read

Job centre 'ignored woman's heart attack in assessment'

Chip shop worker Salena Hannah started getting chest pains during the assessment at Salisbury Job Centre in Wiltshire this month. read

Man ordered iPad but given bottle of fabric conditioner

Minh Ngo ordered an iPad to Tesco in Bow, east London, and was furious when he found a bottle of fabric conditioner inside and was told he would not be getting a refund or replacement. read

Rare photos of the Hindenburg's lounge and dining quarters

The Hindenburg - a vast 800ft-long German airship which crashed in 1937 after only a year in service - was once the very height in luxury for wealthy transatlantic travellers. read

Horrifying video shows men firing a rat into the air

The video, taken in an unknown location, has been released by the RSPCA as part of an appeal to identify the men involved. read

Super-fast hand dryers 'as loud as pneumatic drills'

Now commonplace in public toilets, modern 'jet air' hand dryers also produce significantly more noise than older models.a British hearing aid charity has warned. read

Brain's internal compass is revealed in flies

Researchers from the Rockefeller University in New York have identified the neurons that help animals to stay orientated. These neurons, called P-ENs, may also aid navigation in humans. read

Statins provide 'no benefit' for pensioners

Adults over the age of 65 who were prescribed the pills were more likely to die than those who were helped into changing their diet, New York University School of Medicine researchers found. read

Hilarious entries for first Comedy Pet Photography Awards

The first ever Comedy Pet Photography Awards has received entries from more than 66 countries and there's still time to submit a hilarious snap of your ball of fur before the end of the month. read

Kim Jong-un threatens to MASS-PRODUCE missiles

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un watched on as his Pukguksong-2 missile flew 310 miles and reached a height of 350 miles before plunging into the Pacific Ocean on Sunday. read

The Japanese Island that's reserved exclusively for men

Okinoshima, in Fukuoka, is only open to a handful of men. The gender restriction stems from folk stories that claimed women were turned to stone if they neared a shrine there. read

Birmingham care home patient 'strapped to bed overnight' 

The 82-year-old victim is said to have been discovered by a day shift worker at Lickey Hills Care Home in Birmingham last Friday. read

Gloucester boy shocked as customer service hangs up on him

Little Jasper Duckett, of Gloucester, was unhappy that the water pistol he had bought with his pocket money was faulty. read

Katy Perry's dancer 'Backpack Kid' steals the show on SNL

Russell Horning's unique moves - which he calls 'The Russell' - his bulky backpack and cold dead stare to Perry's new single 'Swish Swish' appears to have won him thousands of new fans on Twitter. read

Protesters set 'thief' ablaze in Venezuela demonstrations

An alleged 'thief' was set on fire and a demonstrator shot dead as violent protests against the deeply unpopular government in Venezuela continued. read

Tractor leads procession for Sedgefield farmer’s funeral

Thomas Brown, 27, suffered fatal injuries while riding at Hardwick Motocross track in Sedgefield, County Durham, last month. read

Tigers get into a cat-fight over a watering hole in India

Aditya Singh, 50, photographed these two tiger mothers fighting over a watering hole in Ranthambhore National Park, in northern India, while their cubs ran away to hide. read

13-week-old baby says 'I love you' in Glasgow

Video footage shows Claire Reid, 28, from Scotland, cradling her then 13-week-old baby daughter Ellie and telling her 'I love you' - and she's left stunned when Ellie appears to say it back. read

Five-year-old tears up banknotes worth £5,500 in China

A five-year-old in China ripped up 50,000 yuan (£5,500) in notes after he was left at home alone by his parents on May 20. The father took the notes to the bank but they wouldn't replace them . read

The transformative power of make up on Sarah Laidlaw

A Sydney-based make up artist has once again shown the transformative power make up can have on women. read

Driver unable walk after buzzard flew into windscreen

Michelle Munt, now 34, was on the A414 near St Albans when the bird hit the HGV travelling behind her and smashed its windscreen, causing the driver to crash into her Smart car. read

Bear cub 'helps' plant potatoes in Russia 

The little furry helper burrows away in the dirt as a woman plants potatoes in an adjoining plot in Russia. read

Rider and his golden eagle bring sport to Dartmoor

Martin Whitley, 49, gallops after Artemis on his retired racehorse Tommy as the bird of prey scans the terrain of Dartmoor National Park, in North Bovey, Devon. read