Top 25 Nursing Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2016

top 25 nursing blog

There are days wherein your awesome nurse-self would just rather stay at home than go to work. Working around sick people just gets so depressing at times, and you need a little pick-me-up to make your day a little less stressful than it usually is. There are a lot of websites that offer Nursing advice and uplifting stories, but these are the top 25 Nursing blogs, in no particular order,  that you should follow.

Jon Haws

Why follow this site: was created by Jon Haws, a nursing student. If you are a nursing student you need to head over to his blog and download his free resources. He also authors a number of books that helps nursing students make nursing school easier.

Brittney Wilson

The Nerdy Nurse

Why follow this site: The Nerdy Nurse is a great site for a nurse like you, whatever department you are assigned in. It has technologically savvy apps for nurses who want to put their gadgets to use while on the job, and has a range of resources that can help students and RNs alike.

Maureen Osuna

Straight A Nursing Student

Why follow this site: The blog creator, Maureen, is an experienced ICU Nurse who helps Nursing students have a good experience in Nursing school and keep their grades up at the same time!

Keith Carlson

Digital Doorway

Why follow this site: Nurse Keith is a holistic career coach who has a lot of interesting articles and snippets that give sound advice on Nursing careers. It’s a consistent top blog on a lot of various Nursing blog rankings, and is worth your time to explore.

Renee Thompson


Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN has developed a wonderful blog, RTConnections, for nurses. She covers such topics as nurse bullying, professional development, and helping nurses articulate their value. Although she travels to uplift and educate nurses around the country, she still remains a bedside nurse in order to stay connected with the challenges that nurses face today. This is definitely a nursing blog you want to follow.

nurse beth

Nurse Code

Nurse Code is a blog started by Nurse Beth who works in acute care as Staff Development Educator. She is the voice of the "nurse's nurse".  She believes in supporting nurses in order to achieve the best patient outcomes. Her website was created to help new nursing grads compose resumes, cover letters, and hone interviewing skills.   For all things nursing, visit Nurse Beth at

Nacole Riccaboni

Nurse Nacole

Why follow this site: This is an empowering website that hands out Nursing advice and random tips regarding being a Nurse on different departments. Nurse Nacole also has a YouTube Channel that helps Nurses become the best that they can be.

Sarah - Registered Nurse RN


Why follow this site: This blog, managed by Sarah, is very organized and comprehensive when giving out information regarding Nursing. It has everything, ranging from resources for Nursing jobs, Tips for exams and Nursing School, information on the Nursing Board, and even quizzes and videos that can help Student Nurses and Registered Nurses alike.


The Makings of a Nurse

Why follow this site: From policies of the profession to personal blogs and taking care of yourself as a Nurse, Kristine shows a holistic package of information and opportunities that you wouldn’t want to miss, whether you’re a registered Nurse wanting comforting ideas or a student seeking for scholarship options, this site has it all for you.


Making Memories

Why follow this site: Rebecca, the blog owner, has a charming site that has interesting stories and how a Nurse perceives day-to-day life. It also takes into account how Nurses think a certain way in any situation, and doesn’t confine itself to life in the hospital.


New Nurse Blog

Why follow this site: The website, managed by Andria, is concise about the information it dishes out, and gives you serious tips on Nursing topics that range from action done on different diagnoses to NCLEX exam preparation. This site also has emotional support for student Nurses and new graduates alike, and can help alleviate anxieties when starting a new job.


Nurse Eye Roll

Why follow this site: Reading Nurse Eye Roll is a good way to cap of a stressful day. It has articles on preparing nurses for the next level of their career, and also provides information on products that can be used in the daily work life as a nurse.

Why follow this site: This site, managed by Dr. Rachel Danford, is not just for nurses, but for patients who seek information as well. They provide continuing education courses, essential to nurses who want to continue their profession, as well as a blog that focuses on wellness, nutrition, and general information on different new healthcare topics.

Jeff Long

Travel Nursing Blogs

Why follow this site: Focusing on concerns of travel nurses, Jeff Long, lets you peek into how it’s like working as a traveling Nurse, and all the pros and cons of getting into that kind of Nursing job. It also has general health awareness information and trending topics to keep you updated on what’s latest in the health industry.

Joan Spitrey

The Nurse Teacher

Why follow this site: Perfect for student Nurses, Joan shares valuable information regarding topics like patient education, technological advances in the field, and tools for continuing education. It also focuses on general health, which can benefit non-nurse readers as well.


The Balanced Nurse

Why follow this site: Life as a Nurse is fast-paced, challenging and stressful, and Eileen focuses on finding peace and balance in the hectic Nursing world you live in. It is great for Nurses who feel like they are burned out due to the demands of their health care profession.

Julianna Paradisi

JParadisi RN’s Blog

Why follow this site: Julianna, the blog creator, is an onco-nurse who deals with patients who are battling cancer everyday. This website is a compilation of learning and coping strategies that will help patients and nurses alike when dealing with the devastating diagnosis.

Joni Watson


Why follow this site: This blog is an emotional support website for nurses and their struggles in their career. Joni gives tips on how to handle patients, co-workers and also gives advice on how to become a nurse that focuses on the beauty of the job.

Dr. Rose O. Sherman

Emerging RN Leader

Why follow this site: Self-improvement is one of the Nurse goals that lead to fulfillment in the Nursing career, and this website allows you to delve into sources that will make you become a better nurse. This website is managed by Dr. Sherman, Professor of Nursing and Director of the Nursing Leadership Institute in the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.

Beth Boynton

Confident Voices in Healthcare

Why follow this site: This site plans and acts to improve the state of healthcare especially when it comes to safety. It keeps you up to date on the recent events in the world of health care providers and is a great way to see how vision and actions can impact the world of health care.


The Bossy Nurse

Why follow this site: Marsha, the founder of the site, helps Nurses through giving them advice on career paths and adjustment of their lifestyle to help them live freely in their career and prevent them from going through burnouts due to the nature of their work.

Elizabeth Scala

Elizabeth Scala

Why follow this site: If you’re a tired nurse, the site itself is an amazing resource that can uplift your soul, and focuses on making you keep the spirit of helping people and loving the job.

The Days when I’m Not a Nurse

Why follow this site: This blog was created by a nurse named Anna, who shares her life as a Nurse through posts in this site. She has a fun way of inserting nursing jargon into every aspect of life, and you’d know there’s never a day that you’re not a Nurse.


Nurse Advocate

Why follow this site: The site is informative on issues on the Nursing community as a whole, as well as the blogger’s personal encounter during daily nursing life. It also helps people understand the kind of healthcare system that we have today, and has a lot of great articles to read.

Annette Tersigni

Yoga Nurse

Why follow this site: Yoga Nurse, Annette,  is focused on creating a safe environment for Nurses and patients alike through the practice of safe medical yoga, which attempts to relieve symptoms of chronic diseases, as well as emotional burnout.

Caroline Porter Thomas


Why follow this site: Whether you want to pass the NCLEX or just find answering quizzes fun, this is the site for you. They keep your Nursing knowledge up to date by posting quizzes and widening your knowledge through exams, which boosts retention better than simply reading an article.

There really is no better way to keep you up to date than following these great sites and blogs on Nursing. They will help keep you informed, happy, and less stressed with the job that you love. Every nurse deserves to take care of not only her patients, but also herself.


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