5 thoughts on “Sexual Betrayal Is Not Your Fault (But What’s Your Part?)

  1. I read with great interest your commentary on spousal betrayal. I must say, my hear goes out to you and your family. I have been married for almost thirty years; seven children to the only man who I have ever had. During 20 of these years he refused to walk next to me in public, once he spat in my face, he threw me out of the car with my small children when I was pregnant at three in the morning on a dark highway on several occasions he has slapped, punched, kicked me, cheated on me twice,he knocked me out of a chair when I was pregnant and with our last child he refused to drive me to the hospital when I was in labor. During all of these years, I never looked at another man. I always tried to make things work. Recently I befriended a man on my job who I believed was honorable enough to have lunch with. My intention was to experience decent treatment from a decent man. I was so wrong. He invited me to his home for lunch and he tried to force himself on me. I ran from him and told my husband what had happened. He showed no concern and stated that I got what I deserved. He has since stopped talking to me. This occurred a year ago.

    I do recognize that my actions were a form of betrayal and I am responsible for my own poor judgment, but sometimes the way a mate treats the other can cause emotional destruction to the other. Although I do not want a divorce for my childrens sakes, I have nothing to hold on to. I am still young and physically attractive. I am so stuck.

  2. I can’t believe I rcieeved this when i did. This was an answer to prayer. It’s as though he was reading my thoughts!! I’m going to share this with my husband, the offender, tonight in hopes it will bring him out of his denil!! Thank you!!

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