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WGLI creates sustainable communities of women dedicated to addressing women’s economic development, gender and pay inequities. Our members are committed to transforming the landscape to one that provides women with access to education, support and professional networks for career advancement.

Limitations stemming from low-income jobs, single parent households and a lack of support translate into a large population of women without the financial ability to pay for training or career advancement. WGLI provides women-centered organizations with leadership development programs and tools to engage and educate women in their local communities.

Our programs consist of a standardized, replicable system of education that includes delivery strategies and experiential learning that can be tailored to assure for cultural sensitivity. Our tools reflect a transformational approach to educate women on personal and professional competencies, leading to resilient leaders with direction and purpose.

marion 2“WGLI was an enormous help to finally get the ball rolling again and to start thinking about my future and create some concrete goals. The inspiring women from the program showed me that I was not alone, and having a nonjudgmental and supportive environment increased my confidence and self-esteem. I have since entered graduate school and pursuing a masters in Global Development!” – Marion Krieger


Year-round lectures, trainings and inspiring events are a great way to get involved. Learn from other women and expand your network, too.

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Lead a workshop, bring WGLI to your area or mentor a woman in training.

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Unlock your leadership potential today! Make a difference in your workplace and community—and empower other women along the way.

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