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Derby woman, 29, eats her first meal in 2 years

Emma Green (right), 29, from Derby, had an operation to correct her S-shaped spine (bottom inset), which was caused by scoliosis, when she was 15. Despite the procedure proving to be a success, it triggered a range of health issues and caused her to rely on a wheelchair (left with her mother Judy, 57) due to her discomfort. In recent years it left her unable to consume any food as each time she tried to eat her body would reject it, causing her sickness and diarrhoea. As a result, her weight plummeted to just seven-and-a-half stone (top inset) last year. But she has finally enjoyed her first meal since 2015 - a bowl of Kelloggs Rice Krispies - six days after having surgery in Germany last month. The £25,000 operation, which is not available on the NHS, was carried out on April 5 and took seven-and-a-half hours.

NEW A loose lid allows alcohol to evaporate quicker from the saucepan than the water, say researchers from the University of Copenhagen. Experts warn pregnant women not to drink any alcohol.

NEW London-based first aid expert Emma Hammett explains you should check the EpiPen is in date and contains clear liquid. Insert the pen in the upper, outer thigh and hold it there for 10 seconds.

Indian boy, 9, with a trunk-like nose waits for surgery

Ganesh (left), who is named after the Elephant God and lives in a remote part of northeast India, is unable to talk or even eat because of the abnormal growth. It also affects his vision (right). The nine-year-old orphan has frontonasal encephalocele - a condition which has caused part of his brain to bulge out of his skull. Because of this, his brain has developed slower than other children his age and has left Ganesh (inset) with impaired speech and mentally underdeveloped. But local surgeons are hopeful that an operation will fix the defect, and that Ganesh, who is worshiped by locals, will find a loving family after having treatment.

The NHS has long relied on foreign staff to fill gaps in rotas, with a large proportion of these coming from Europe. The statistics should serve as a 'wake-up call' to politicians, experts stress.

Shane Collins, the founder of boxing gym Kobox, has shared a science-backed simple 30-minute workout that is just as effective as an hour-long one - and tones your entire body.

Surgeon Andrew Carr’s warning follows research showing procedures including keyhole knee surgery and gastric balloons may all work largely because people expect them to.

Youngsters are most vulnerable to the effects of breathing in fumes because their bodies are still developing, Professor Sir David King, the former government chief scientific adviser said.

Soldier with aggressive blood cancer needs stem cell donor

Private Myles Brown, 27, from Lincolnshire, has a rare type of leukaemia which progresses fast. It has possibly spread to his brain and his only hope is a stem cell transplant. Without it, he would have two years of chemo which could ravage his health. Mr Brown has survived a tour in Afghanistan and served his country for nearly a decade. He wants to live for his 18-month-old daughter Lilian. His family have not proved a match and mother Vikki cannot help after her own cancer battle.

Experts last night said the results were a ‘huge cause for concern’, warning they spelled dire consequences for the nation’s health as fewer people are eating their required amount of fruit.

Scientists from the University of Birmingham have developed a gadget that can test if a patient is infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria in less than two minutes.

Researchers at the University of Southern California studied 99 young people aged between 17 and 19, asking them to write down their worries – including exam stress and concerns about their looks.

Getting wonky teeth fixed can mean healthier gums, but it also helps cut the risk of heart disease and strokes as well as boosting your memory and slowing down the onset of Alzheimer's.

Good food guru SALLY BEE's diet that saved her life

Sally Bee had three heart attacks in one week and has suffered two more, but believes it is her commitment to healthy eating and nutritionally packed meals that keeps her fighting. She has written her own recipes and has now published her sixth cookbook, packed with recipes to help make simple and quick nutritional meals, like turkey, sweetcorn and avocado griddle mix and a summer strawberry cake. Pictured, Sally Bee, and inset, two of her recipes including mushrooms and homemade pesto on toast and cake.

Scientists believe that a chemical compound found in cheese can prevent or cure deafness caused by exposure to loud noise. A study will now be carried out to find how effective the compound is.

Thousands of patients are not diagnose with whiplash because traditional scanning is missing the craniocervical junction between the skull and the neck, according to a London doctor.

Jes Caruss, from Lansing, Michigan, has been robbed of her memories, including that of her wedding day, after a truck plowed into her vehicle in 2006.

London restaurant Vita Mojo has teamed up with DNAFit to take saliva samples from customers and then create diners' 'ideal' meals using their genetic make-up - a world first.

Why Hugh Jackman's cryotherapy is good for you

Hugh Jackman, 48, was recently seen climbing into a sub-arctic cryotherapy tank, which can manage pain, restore blood vessels and smooth skin. The tank dips below freezing temperatures using cryogenic nitrogen vapor and reaches negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It hinges on the same premise that athletes have used when submerging themselves in baths of ice for recovery. Pictured: Jackman (left) and the actor in a cryotherapy tank (top and bottom right).

Julie Martin is one of the first people to have a revolutionary bionic arm fitted, meaning she can now lift a cup of tea and use cutlery. She had it fitted in a seven hour operation in Sheffield.

Sugar can wreak havoc on the body, causing weight gain, tooth decay and insomnia. However, people may not realize these are the signs of too much sugar. US and UK nutritionists weigh in.

Janice was a middle-aged, middle-class housewife and I was surprised when she walked in at the drug dependency unit where I was working, writes DR MAX PEMBERTON.

Due to a packaging error, one batch of Mibelas 24 Fe mislabeled the pills, ordering users to take the four placebo pills first - meaning some may have taken eight placebo pills in a row.

Men with suspected prostate cancer could be spared a painful biopsy procedure with a new scan instead, currently being studied at Southmead Hospital in north Bristol.

Far from being a pampering treat, decades of medical research has shown that massage has a raft of benefits, from easing pain, improving circulation and preventing injury to improving mood.

Parents share heart-breaking video of their 7-year-old daughter's dying moments in desperate bid to spread awareness about terminal brain tumor that has no treatment, no cure, and barely any funding

Katherine King, from Orange County, California, died at just seven years old in June 2016, after a one-year battle with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontic Glioma. The rare brain tumor, which disproportionately affects children, has no known survivors, and little-to-no funding from the National Cancer Institute. Despite attempts to raise funds for treatment and research, her family was facing an uphill struggle. Despite attempts to find treatments, her family was facing an uphill struggle. The only option is a clinical trial pumping the child with as much chemotherapy as they can handle before it's too much. Every doctor told them to take Katie home to enjoy a few months together before she passed. And so on Tuesday, a year after her death, her parents Jaime and David shared the heart-wrenching video that captures the final moments, minutes before she passed. Speaking to Daily Mail Online, Jaime insists it was a difficult step to take, and one she still feels conflicted about. But ultimately, she says, she would do it again; she would do anything to shake people into understanding the true horror and hopelessness of this disease. Pictured: the video from June 2016 (left) and Katie shortly after being diagnosed in June 2015 (inset).

Dr Isabel Skypala from Imperial College London has found double the number of people suffer an allergy from fresh produce as those affected by adverse reactions to gluten.

Grape seed extract could prevent people losing teeth and strengthen fillings. Tooth-coloured fillings only last 5 to 7 years, but that could change with the discovery by Chicago dentists.

Dr Clare Gerada (pictured) said that patients needed to take more responsibility for themselves and research health and fitness issues on the internet.

Researchers from the University of Florida found 37 percent of those who get drunk before the age of 15 suffer from an alcohol abuse disorder in later life, compared to 11 percent who stayed sober.

Demand has been driven by the 'rise of the metrosexual', it is claimed. A skin expert from Spire Leicester Hospital warns overuse of heavily-fragranced products can cause skin problems.

Researchers examined the brains of people from Mexico City who died in accidents but were otherwise healthy. Damage from particles in diesel emissions starts in early teens, they said.

Pitcher's birth defect causes him to have unhittable balls

Dylan Rosnick, 18, was born with a birth defect called Proteus syndrome, which causes his fingers to be grossly overgrown. The Virginia teen has three fingers on each hand that are abnormally long, with his his left fingers extending six inches and around an inch wide. Dylan's birth defect allows him to grip the baseball in a certain way and leads to an unhittable and truly unique pitch. Pictured: Dylan pitching in high school (left), Dylan in 2013 (top right) and Dylan in 2015 (bottom right).

Most new mothers received double the amount of painkillers they need for a c-section - 40 pills rather than 20 - according to a nationwide study by Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Research shows that a Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world. British nutritionist May Simpkin reveals the benefits of eating by colour.

EXCLUSIVE: Researchers from Loughborough University found incorporating greens into everyday meals encourages youngsters to give vegetables a try, even if they refuse at first.

Infants not fed milk in their first year had quadruple risk of adverse reaction, a Canadian study reveals. The chances of sensitivity were double for egg or peanuts when introduced later.

EXCLUSIVE: Giving cancer cells an antibiotic followed by vitamin C effectively starves them of their 'fuel', resulting in their death in the lab, according to researchers from the University of Salford.

Researchers from the National Taiwan University found the protein slows the rate of clot formation in mice and does not cause excessive bleeding, unlike existing blood-thinning medications.

Tennessee girl with lamellar ichthyosis sheds like a snake

Hanna Barrott (left and right), from Ooltewah in Tennessee, has lamellar ichthyosis - a genetic skin disorder that makes the skin cells rapidly generate and shed (inset). To prevent cracking, bleeding and getting potentially deadly infections, she has lotion rubbed onto her body twice a day. Her parents monitor her closely to ensure she doesn't overheat because her sweat glands are blocked by skin which can cause her to faint. Hannah can only wear 100 per cent cotton clothing to protect her skin, while her mother Megan and father Tyson, 30, have to vacuum the house each day.

More than four in five combat veterans develop visual problems from extreme blasts. However the damage is not easily detectable early on. Iowa State University has developed a test for it.

North Carolina researchers found black women who have 14 drinks a week increase their risk of breast cancer by 33 percent. Previous studies claimed this was at 20 percent.

Charities claim the latest findings on Orkambi, published by researchers at the University of Toronto, are exciting, as it can do the unthinkable by reversing lasting damage in young patients.

The distressing clip was shown on The Doctors, an award-winning programme broadcast on US channel CBS. Dr Travis Stork, the host of the show, said: 'That's not normal.'

Researchers from Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Australia found boys are at the greatest risk, yet disadvantaged girls are still twice as likely to sexually develop prematurely.

Fathers who struggled with their offspring did not reap the same rewards from social support, researchers at Örebro University in Sweden say in their latest study.

Could this explain why Wayne Rooney scores so many goals?

Premier League footballers such as Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney (left) are able to see much clearer than normal people, major new research Liverpool John Moores University suggests. Players in the English top flight, including Manchester City frontman Sergio Aguero (centre) and Chelsea's Diego Costa (right), have 'substantially better' vision than the general public, the first study of its kind discovered. The findings show they are much faster at changing their gaze between objects that are close and a long way off - known as 'near-far quickness'. They also have sharper vision and can pick up things against a background - such as a crowd - easier, British experts said.

Men dissatisfied with their partners are more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction, Californian researchers have found. Those who prefer masturbation over sex had more difficulty keeping erections.

Nicotine prevents certain cells getting enough energy to heal a wound properly. Nearly 3 million adults in Britain have used e-cigarettes in the last ten years.

Babies learn to see human faces while still in the WOMB

Professor Vincent Reid, a psychologist at Lancaster University who led the research, said the findings provide new insights into how babies’ visual systems develop in the womb. Scientists have discovered that unborn infants react to light when it is projected through the wall of their mother's uterus if it looks like a face, but not if it is another shape. Using high-quality four dimensional ultrasound scans, they saw the fetuses turn their heads to look towards the light (pictured) if it was in the shape of a human face.

People are exposed to small amounts of radiation every time they fly on a plane. The radiation comes from the thinner air. There are fewer molecules to deflect incoming radiation rays.

There is no valid evidence that direct-acting antiviral drugs cure hepatitis C, a Denmark Cochrane Collaboration study found. Experts said there wasn't proof the medicine could prevent deaths.

Endo Pharmaceuticals received an FDA warning on Thursday to remove Opana ER from the market. It is the first time US regulators have asked for a firm to discontinue an opioid painkiller.

Developed by a team of scientists at the University of North Carolina, it works with 96 percent accuracy in six-month-old infants - much more precise than other scans.

Mother's son killed in accident because of wrong car seat

California mom Christine Miller's son Kyle died in a car accident in May 2005. Kyle was three years old and was in a booster car seat. Miller said she didn't know he should have been in a 5-point harness and now wants to inform parents of car seat safety. The Journal of Pediatrics released a report in May that stated 43 percent of children killed in accidents weren't properly restrained at the time. Pictured: Kyle in a booster seat before the 2005 accident, Miller and Kyle (left) and Kyle playing with his toys (inset).

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota believe childhood abuse may make women more likely to experience pain or bleeding, which then prompts surgeons to remove healthy ovaries,

Researchers from Washington University found the sugar, known as trehalose, activates a protein that causes immune cells to remove dangerous fatty plaque from arteries.

Khloe Kardashian learned she may have trouble getting pregnant. The 32-year-old was told she had a lower follicle count. Follicle counts predict the amount of eggs a woman has left.

The CDC reported two cases of Powassan virus, or deer tick virus in Maine. Powassan virus can cause long-term brain damage and memory loss in humans.

Russian girl, 3, with no lips or chin is cruelly disowned

Darina Shpengler (inset), who lives in Siberia, has no lips or chin and her face is covered in blood due to the unknown medical condition. The prejudice against the toddler has been so severe that her parents were forced to move to avoid family and so-called friends. Parents Elena and Yury (pictured together main), from the Krasnoyarsk region, refuse to hide their daughter away while surgeons attempt to rebuild her face. Relatives have even informed police that the loving couple had purposely damaged Darina's mouth themselves, forcing the pair to explain themselves.

Dr Tracey Wade from the Flinders University School of Psychology in Australia, warned followers of the controversial diet are risking depression as excessive time in bed reduces socialising.

Gemma Froude, 35, gave birth to her son Henry at 33 weeks at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. She was previously forced to deliver stillborn Noah at 21 weeks and premature son Finnley at 28 weeks.

Women felt better about their bodies after seeing plus-size models over thinner models, according to Florida State University. Their study shows women are more likely to pay attention to larger models.

Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark believe this may be due to the return of any progressive condition that the patient suffered from pre-surgery or operation effectiveness waning.

Boy, 9, who suffers from Hirschsprung's disease may die

Shah Gul Mazar, from Pakistan (pictured left and right), has life-threatening Hirschsprung's disease, which causes a build-up of faeces inside his bowel, making his belly swell. He has suffered with the condition since birth but his family cannot afford surgery. The lack of treatment is causing a severe infection of his large bowel. Without the operation soon, Shah has an 80% chance of dying from the disease. 'We are worried about his life as his belly is not stopping growing', he says. Hopes are raised after a good samaritan has offered to pay for the surgery

Study author Abdulmonem Murayyan, a PhD student based at the University of Guelph, said: 'We found onions are excellent at killing cancer cells.'

Researchers from Nagoya University in Japan believe their findings could particularly benefit older people, who frequently eat alone. They added that food is linked to quality of life and depression.

Over half of girls who had periods before 14 had sex before the age of 16. This compares to just 4% of those who menstruated at 16 or over, a study by New York researchers has revealed.

Due to the popularity of the drinks across the world, experts at the Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherlands say they have the potential to prevent liver disease.

Kansas woman sick of being the 'fat friend' lost 3 stone

Software analyst Katie Gallagher, 25, from Lenexa, Kansas, started to feel insecure about her body after she piled on the pounds at university, and would buy baggy clothes to hide her 12st 12lbs frame, left. After hitting a low point after a break-up, Katie decided to turn her life around and has swapped fast food for high protein meals and daily gym sessions. She now spends six or seven days a week honing her toned 9st 12lbs figure (right) at the gym (inset).

IBM, the US computer firm, has revealed that its computer can examine medical images, comparing them to thousands of past cases and medical journals to come to a conclusion.

Emma Hammett, an experienced London-based first aider and author of a book designed to prevent childhood accidents, explains how you should prepare babysitters.

Taking up the Buddhist mindset, which has existed for centuries, improves someone's pain threshold, a small trial at Leeds Beckett University showed.

Accepting that someone created and now rules the universe encourages sufferers of the deadly condition to adopt a healthier diet, Florida State University researchers claim.

The cheat’s guide to younger legs!

Chunky calves, broken veins, cellulite, wrinkly knees. Sometimes it feels like there are a thousand reasons to avoid going bare-legged in the summer months. Here, five women reveal their summer leg hang-ups to LUCY HOLDEN, while celebrity make-up artist OONAGH CONNOR gives her tips.

Some 80 per cent of one and two-year-olds in England did not visit an NHS dentist last year, national statistics show - and the figure was 60 per cent for children aged one to four.

In a startling new admission, Sarah Ferguson - who has had a long history of weight problems - says she wishes she had bulimia like her late sister-in-law, Princess Diana.

With HPV-related cancers on the increase in the UK, campaigners argue denying 400,000 boys each year the jab is 'risking lives' when 'prevention could be so cheap and easy'.

Australian nutritionist Jessica Sepel recently revealed the most helpful diet tips for the perfect night's sleep and the biggest mistakes people are making throughout the day.

The study of the lives of more than 5,000 teenagers produced the first resounding evidence that cannabis is a gateway to cocaine, amphetamines, hallucinogens and heroin.

Safety testing pilots at the festival Kendall Calling last summer reduced the amount of potentially harmful substances circulating on site, with almost one in five disposing of their drugs.

Deaths from liver cancer have DOUBLED since the mid-1980s

Deaths from liver cancer have doubled since the mid-1980s, new figures reveal. The disease is now the fifth-leading cause of cancer death in men, and eighth among women. This is far higher than a generation ago - and experts at the American Cancer Society warn the rate is set to continue escalating until at least 2030. Despite improvements in liver cancer survival in recent decades, only one in five patients survives five years after diagnosis. One of the biggest drivers behind the rocketing rates is the high rate of hepatitis C infection among baby boomers - those born from 1945 to 1962. The report comes just over a week after the death of rock legend Gregg Allman to liver cancer at the age of just 69 years old, 10 years after he was diagnosed with hepatitis C. 

Drinking heavily at least once a month raised the chances of having higher blood sugar levels by middle age – a major risk factor for diabetes.

Grilling meat causes chemicals to form on meat's surfaces, which could possibly alter DNA and lead to cancer. US experts are cautioning people to be more careful in the way they eat meat.

New US research points to a clue on why black men are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer than white men. The study found they were more worried about the cost and side effects.

Ermont Inc, a Quincy, Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary, created a weed-infused pizza. The high comes from the tomato sauce, which is infused with 125 mg of THC distillate.

High levels of a protein in the bloodstream may show that a person is suffering from underlying inflammation in the body, researchers at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough say.

Khloe Kardashian's nutritionist reveals the star's diet

Khloe Kardashian, 32, is known for her outgoing personality and amazing body. Her nutritionist, Dr Philip Goglia, reveals the celebrity has seven meals a day and drinks plenty of water to keep in shape. He also reveals that he advises her to stay away from juice because it penetrates the blood stream, causing an almost immediate rise in blood glucose and an insulin spike. Khloe's body transformation happened when she was dealing with a difficult divorce from her then-husband Lamar Odom. Intensive workouts with celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson helped her to craft a body she was proud of.

Researchers from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto found that drinking one cup of cow's milk a day makes children 0,2cm taller than average, while non-cow's milk makes them 0.4cm shorter.

'Fat-shaming' – insulting or bullying children because of their weight is causing obese children to be treated a social outcasts, the University of South California researchers claimed.

Speaking at Cheltenham Science Festival, dance scientist Dr Emma Redding said dancing can also improve older people's self-esteem, ease symptoms of dementia and combat loneliness.

Horsham woman undergoes grueling form of chemotherapy

Sally Barnes (left and right), from Horsham, West Sussex, chose to undergo a treatment called Isolated Limb Perfusion at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London to overcome her skin cancer battle. The extraordinary treatment involves treating just the leg with a cocktail of anti-cancer drugs at doses the rest of the body would be unable to withstand. After having the treatment in 2011, Sally was in intensive care for a day and hospital for a week. For Sally, the treatment has had a massive impact on her life. In the six years since she had the treatment, she has had just one or two small melanomas removed. Before the treatment, they were being removed every few months.

Friendships play an increasingly greater role over family to our health and happiness as we age, a Michigan scholar has found. The findings were based on two surveys involving 280,000 people.

Last month, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall said a burka ban would help women boost their vitamin D levels from sunlight. Yet an expert from the University of Aberdeen said diet and supplements are enough.

The drugs, discussed at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference, are beneficial in some cases for more than a year, much longer than the few months many new drugs provide.

The research, by Monash University in Australia said that 'with increasing intensity and duration of exercise there was a proportional increased risk of gut damage and impaired gut function.'

First grader shares photos after she beat stage 4 cancer 

Sophi Eber, seven, shared an inspiring picture of her first and last day of first grade. The Missouri little girl had beaten her stage 4 neuroblastoma and fully recovered in the time span. The little girl from Missouri was diagnosed with cancer in February 2016, was cancer-free by July 2016 and started school in August 2016. Despite being in recovery, she insisted on going to school. Pictured: Sophi holding up her photo in June 2017 (left) Sophi receiving treatment in New York in March 2016 (top right) and Sophi with her hair growing back in December 2016 (bottom right).

Addiction to prescription and over-the-counter drugs has risen 22% in 2 years and will soon overtake alcohol and harder drugs admissions, according to rehab provider UKAT.

Women, known to be the more anxious gender, tend to show greater signs of worry about ISIS' barbaric slaughters of nonbelievers of Islam, Israelian scientists say.

Researchers at the University of Rochester in New York believe yoga lowers the stress hormone cortisol which makes patients more relaxed and better able to cope with side effects.

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University are the first to successfully test such a vaccine in monkeys. The effect is strongest in the first four weeks, but lasts for more than eight months.

Hamilton mother who thought she was run down had SEPSIS

Jacqueline Lomoljo, 46, from South Lanarkshire, thought she was run down or had a 48-hour bug – but she had blood poisoning which was causing her organs to fail. The bank worker's family even called a priest, ready to give her the last rites. Jacqueline now has mobility problems and her hair has fallen out. Fern Britton revealed she was seriously ill with sepsis after a routine hysterectomy. The Daily Mail's End the Sepsis Scandal campaign aims to raise awareness of symptoms.

Those who have a spouse to care for them in sickness and in health are less likely to die from three very common health conditions than those who are single, a study found.

Babies fed a daily egg between the ages of 6-9 months also had higher levels of important nutrients such as vitamin B12 in their blood, compared to those not regularly eating eggs.

The procedure has shown particular promise for leukaemia and blood cancers which collectively affect 30,000 new patients in the UK each year.

Consistently drinking between 14 and 21 units a week results in brain shrinkage and cognitive decline in old age, a University of Oxford and University College London study found.

How to SURVIVE a fall to the death

Falls are the second leading cause of death by injury after car accidents. In the US, falls cause 32,000 fatalities a year - more than four times the number caused by drowning or fires together. Spectacular falls from great heights outdoors are extremely rare. The most dangerous spots for falls are not rooftops or cliffs, but the low-level, interior settings of everyday life: shower stalls, supermarket aisles and stairways. If you are falling, first protect your head. Fight trainers and parachute jump coaches encourage people to try not to fall straight forward or backward. The key is to roll, and try to let the fleshy side parts of your body absorb the impact.

Dr David Graham, of the Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina, and fellow of the American Society for Clinical Oncology, said there was 'great promise' for improvements.

Experts at the National Institutes of Health say expectant mothers drink water instead of sweet drinks because the beverage could cause obesity in their child by the age of seven.

A major analysis of more than 1.3million pregnancies around the world found that 47 per cent of women gained excessive weight over the nine months of their pregnancy.

In 2016, 5,920 cases of syphilis were diagnosed in England, compared to 3,001 in 2012, new data reveals. Diagnoses are mostly made in sexually active gay men, the data adds.

Postpartum depression guide for women and men

Virginia blogger and mother-of-four Jamie Fuller, endured postpartum anxiety twice and felt ashamed of her condition. She launched a series on the mental illness and created a guide to spot signs of postpartum depression and anxiety. Jamie even enlisted the help of her husband Jonathan to help partners understand what the mother is going through and how to support them. Pictured: Jamie Fuller (left), Jamie and her husband Jonathan (top right), Jamie and her husband with their four children (bottom right).


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