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Theresa May makes a defiant address to Tory MPs

Theresa May took the blame for the Tories election disaster tonight as she appeared in front of Conservative MPs for the first time. As she battled to cling to No 10 after her gamble on an early election backfired spectacularly, the PM said: 'I got us into this mess and I'm going to get us out of it.' The Prime Minister repeatedly apologised to her MPs she had served the party since she was 12 and would stay on as their leader 'as long as you want me to'. Mrs May was greeted to the meeting with around 25 seconds of table-banging and a brief cheer as she arrived at the crunch meeting in Parliament. But amid fury from her MPs the reception was far from the hero's welcome she might have enjoyed had she returned from the election with a healthy majority.

Emily Thornberry: Labour would win an election today

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry (inset) vowed to use parliamentary tactics to thwart Theresa May's government as she demanded a fresh general election. Ms Thornberry - who is among Mr Corbyn's most trusted political supporters - urged the party's activists to get ready to start campaigning again because of Mrs May 's precarious position as Prime Minister. Ms Thornberry has repeatedly claimed Labour won last week's election and has accused Theresa May of ‘squatting in No10’.

The Queen's Speech delayed as May tears up her manifesto

Theresa May met her reshuffled Cabinet in Downing Street for the first time since her disastrous election gamble backfired. As the ailing Premier fights to hold on to power, she has delayed next Monday's Queen's Speech amid wrangling with Northern Ireland's DUP party about what exactly will be in the cobbled together plan for new laws. Monday June 19 has been in the Queen's diary for months and moving it could mean either a week long delay or forcing the Monarch to miss a day of the horse racing at Ascot, where she is expected every day between Tuesday and Saturday. Plans to scrap the triple lock on pensions, means-test the winter fuel allowance and repeal the foxhunting ban are set to be ditched. Mrs May's dream of creating a new generation of grammar schools is also set to be shelved. Instead, the Queen's Speech will focus mainly on a narrow agenda of Brexit and combating terrorism and extremism. Ministers also remain committed to cutting immigration to the tens of thousands, No 10 said today. At the meeting were (from left) Justice Secretary Michael Gove, Business Secrertary Greg Clark, Education Secretary Justine Greening, Mrs May, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Trade Secretary Liam Fox, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, Scotland Secretary David Mundell, Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson and Aid Secretary Priti Patel.

Davis swipes at leadership jockeying by Boris's allies

The Brexit Secretary urged Tory MPs to get behind Theresa May instead of calling for her to step aside - saying she is a 'good Prime Minister'. The rebuke came after rumours started swirling that Mr Johnson is preparing to launch a fresh leadership bid in the wake of the election debacle. A close ally of the Foreign Secretary said over the weekend that it was 'go-go-go' for Mr Johnson 's leadership push in the wake of the election disaster. But Mr Johnson has flatly denied agitating for Mrs May's departure and urged Tory MPs to 'calm down' - warning they risk putting Jeremy Corbyn in No10.


An article on 3 November about a predominantly Muslim part of a Yorkshire town said that local Deobandi spokesman Mufti Pandor had said in a BBC radio interview that Muslim men should only go to university to study and pray

The Prime Minister feared constant repetition of the phrase was making her look 'stupid'. But campaign chiefs are said to have insisted she should stick to the mantra.

Mr Davis said Mrs May is '100 per cent' the right person to lead the country and admitted he had been among those who argued strongly for the early general election.

The SNP leader, whose own position is under threat after losing 21 seats, is in London with her MPs today (pictured) and said Mrs May's hard Brexit is 'dead in the water'.

Duchess of Cambridge praises 'remarkable' NHS staff who treated London Bridge attack survivors - and is left shocked by the harrowing details of victims' wounds 

The Duchess of Cambridge, 35, is meeting with staff (right) and victims of the London Bridge terror attack who are recovering at King’s College Hospital in Denmark Hill, south east London, following the atrocity on June 3. The latest London terror attack saw three terrorists – all shot dead by police – crash a car into crowds on London Bridge before making their way towards the busy pubs and restaurants of nearby Borough Market, where they randomly attacked innocent bystanders with knives. Last week the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visited patients at staff the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel in the aftermath of the tragedy. Kate's visit today wasn’t publicised in advance to enable staff to continue to treat those affected by the events of June 3, which left eight people dead and dozens wounded, without a fuss.

Chelsey Harwood, 29, of St Helens, Merseyside, who featured on Channel 5's Botched Up Bodies and online series This Is Liverpool, was found to have falsely claimed £25,000 in benefits.

The attack happened outside the William Ellis School in Highgate around lunchtime today, although the school says those involved were not pupils.

Shocking CCTV footage captured the moment a thug floored a man with a single punch from behind (pictured) as he walked through London's Trafalgar Square.

Homeless hero of Manchester attack back on the streets

The homeless hero who described how he pulled nails from the faces of injured children in the aftermath of the Manchester attack is back on the streets (pictured left). Stephen Jones received worldwide adulation after he ran to help victims at the Manchester Arena after hearing an explosion while sleeping rough nearby. West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan and his son even offered to pay rent on a house for him for the next six months to 'help him get on his feet'. However the 35-year-old (shown right) has been pictured sleeping rough outside a bank in central Manchester, just three weeks after his heroics. Salman Abedi killed 22 people and injured 119 when he detonated a nail bomb at the end of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena (pictured inset). Mr Jones, who had been sleeping nearby, recalled watching in horror as children covered in blood began pouring out of the arena, leaving behind 'lifeless' bodies.

Butt - who along with two others killed eight and wounded dozens - is said to have been a 'normal' teenager growing up in London, who liked going out to nightclubs and playing football.

The words of God Save the Queen will be displayed on screens at Stade de France - similar to when England fans joined in with La Marseillaise in memory of the Paris attack victims.

A male pensioner and his sister, aged in her 50s, were arrested on suspicion of murder this morning after a 'burglar' in his 40s was found 'shot dead' in woodland near Heathrow Airport.

Darren Anderton, 49, collided with Magda Tadaj, 25, while she was cycling in Croydon, south London, and 'dragged her along the road for 45ft' causing her 'catastrophic injuries', a court heard.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Danniella Farrow, 37, labelled herself a 'freak' and said she will be scarred for life by the large facial wound after a row with her friend's neighbour in Hull.

Pensioner's false teeth knocked out by travellers in Essex

Sarah Freeman (inset), 73, said her teeth were knocked out as she fell to the ground when a group of travellers 'forced her out of the way of the gates' to Hilly Fields nature reserve (pictured left and right) in Colchester, Essex. Ms Freeman said she saw the group arrive with seven caravans and decided to psychically block the gates because another group had 'left a huge mess' at the beauty spot last year. Witnesses said police eventually arrived and the travellers left the scene.

The parents of Sam Abel, 14, of Worcester, have spoken of how he endured 'years of torment' from bullies that became 'too much to bear' and caused him to leap to his death from a car park roof.

The maisonette in Maida Vale, north west London, was rented on the Airbnb website and was full of 100 revellers who kept the neighbours up all night by playing reggae and hip-hop music until 7am.

Rebekah Le Gal, 39, denies one count of causing death by dangerous driving after her black VW Transporter hit little Clinton Pringle (pictured) in Jersey.

Nathan Richardson, 19, had taken a cocktail of drink and drugs at a house party before a 'chance encounter' with Wenqing Xu, 67, who was on a morning jog in Preston, Lancashire.

RAF veteran Ivor Gifford, 92, of Abertillery, South Wales, sent explicit messages to two fake profiles, purporting to be a 12-year-old girl called Jodie and an 11-year-old named Jessie.

Talented horserider and Olympic hopeful Kirstie Covele, 18, (pictured) was behind the wheel during 13 of 33 burglaries which were carried out across parts of Kent in just two months last summer.

A small number of Tory MPs have seen a chance to destroy Theresa May's Brexit plans, writes DOMINIC LAWSON. And they are relying on the most formidable person in British politics to support them.

The embattled Prime Minister will be forced to abandon key sections of the Conservative manifesto as she struggles to shore up her position at the head of her fractious party.

Coastguard abseils to rescue jet skier East Sussex

An injured jet-skier has been rescued from a cliff ledge after hitting a submerged object and falling into the sea. The man scrambled on to a ledge about 10ft up the cliff face (right) after falling into the water off the coast of Seaford, near Eastbourne, East Sussex, which left him with a badly injured leg yesterday morning. He then got himself to safety away from an incoming tide, jagged rocks and choppy seas. An RNLI lifeboat was unable to reach him, so a coastguard rescue team member was lowered down the 180ft cliff to winch him up (left). The man was then attended to by paramedics waiting on the cliff top (centre). A UK Coastguard spokesman praised the jet-skier for wearing a life-jacket and suitable wetsuit, as well as the actions of his companion who phoned 999. Temperatures in Seaford reached a high of 64F (17.7C) yesterday while winds were gusting at about 10mph.

More than a quarter of primary school children think cheese originates from plants while one in 10 teenagers say fruit pastels are healthy. Now experts warn children need to learn more about nutrition.

Soft cheese should be wrapped in waxed or greaseproof paper and be kept in the salad drawer of the fridge, the Good Housekeeping Institute, while hard cheese can skip the fridge altogether.

Richard Hammond, 47, explained his injuries and thanked former Top Gear presenter James May for 'sneaking gin in' to the hospital in a lighthearted video from his Swiss hospital bed on Sunday.

The High Street chain recalled pairs of the £18 'Younger Girls' stud sandals after realising small rivets attached to the straps could come loose and be swallowed by youngsters.

Experts last night said the results were a ‘huge cause for concern’, warning they spelled dire consequences for the nation’s health as fewer people are eating their required amount of fruit.

Britons spent £3.6billion on car loans in March alone - up 13 per cent on last year. There are worries loans could lead to the next financial crisis if the market collapses based on used car prices.

Give me a brake! Cyclist 'bumped off' his bike by driver gets his revenge by slyly applying the caravan's handbrake…then filming him struggle to drive off 

Ken Lofts, 48, said he played a prank on a driver after the caravan collided with him at a set of traffic lights in Scarborough town centre last Monday. After the driver allegedly failed to even notice the shunt, furious Ken pulled up the handbrake on the trailer and looked on in amusement as the lights changed FIVE TIMES before the car eventually got up and running again. Hilarious footage shows a group trying to push the caravan to get it moving as the Vauxhall Vectra's wheels spin hopelessly - all failing to realise the handbrake was on.

Surgeon Andrew Carr’s warning follows research showing procedures including keyhole knee surgery and gastric balloons may all work largely because people expect them to.

Scientists from the University of Birmingham have developed a gadget that can test if a patient is infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria in less than two minutes.

The Sky Sports presenter was struck down with the deadly disease in August, but originally believed she was suffering from dehydration after doing a gruelling 3,000-mile charity bike ride.

A report from Visa found household expenditure fell 0.8 per cent in May, compared with 12 months earlier, as UK consumers tightened the purse strings and reined in impulse purchases.

Research has found the price of some 113 salmon products across all the major stores are up by an average of 12 per cent compared to a year ago due to infestations of lice

Across Britain, retirees account for 8 per cent of tenants, compared with around one in 20 (5.2 per cent) in 2007, Countrywide found. More than half of renting pensioners live alone.

Hermès Birkin becomes most expensive bag sold in Europe

The record for the most handbag ever sold in Europe was shattered at an auction in London today when a cool £125,000 was forked out for a Hermès Birkin (top left). Other designer buys were estimated to fetch thousands, including (clockwise from top centre) a Chanel evening bag; a mini Hermès Kelly; a blue crocodile Birkin; a rare Hermès Constance and a micro mini Kelly,

Judy Murray (pictured) says she believes sending her elder son Jamie to boarding school in Cambridge aged 12 damaged his tennis career as it left him with 'shattered' confidence.

She's gaining something of a reputation for being the cutest member of the Royal Family - but at the Gloucester Festival of Polo Mia Tindall appeared to be left in tears after bickering with her cousin.

Renowned physio and former international polo player Peter Crawford has one of the biggest and most eclectic private collections of champagne in Britain, most kept in his west London home.

The stress of urban life is having a dramatic effect on birds. Scientists have found that they have developed their own 'urban music', while falcons (pictured) can now hunt at night.

The Victorians are to blame for most of the annoyances of modern life, from hipster beards to the advertising industry, Photoshop and the consumerism of Christmas.

Dr Colin Sanders, interviewed for Channel 4's Supershoppers TV series, urged beauty companies not to promote their products based on 'in vitro' testing. He said they are 'jumping the gun'.

Russian opposition leader Navalny is arrested near protest

Russian police on Monday detained as many as 750 protesters in Moscow, where people were demonstrating against official corruption. Opposition leader Alexei Navalny was arrested earlier in the day as he tried to leave his home ahead of the planned anti-Kremlin protest, his wife said, but she called for the demonstration to go ahead all the same. There were anti-Putin rallies in more than 180 towns and cities including Russia's Pacific capital Vladivostok where 22 were detained. In Putin's home city of St Petersburg, there were around 300 arrests by 3pm local time on Russia Day, which marks the country's emergency from the USSR a quarter of a century ago.

Photographer claims North Korea is worth visiting

Photographer Reuben Teo, 31, from Sarawak, Malaysia, took the photos of the everyday life of people in North Korea during a trip to the country last month. Mr Teo was only told not to photograph military, checkpoints and construction while in the country, and believes his pictures show a different side to North Korea than how it is usually portrayed in the media. Mr Teo said that he had visions of ‘military, war and propaganda’ in his head when he went to visit the country earlier this month. He said that he realized that North Korea was ‘stuck in time’, and it was as though he had been taken back to the 1980s when he arrived in the country

Austrian mother who raised the wrong child for 27 years

An Austrian hospital has been ordered to pay €90,000 for handing a mother the wrong baby who she raised as her own for 27 years. Doris Gruenwald (left), who was born in 1990, only found out a few years ago she was not biologically related to the couple she thought were her parents after she took a DNA test.  It turns out the hospital dropped a clanger nearly 30 years ago and mixed her and another child up, meaning one of them remains unidentified after Evelin Greunwald (right) spent nearly three decades thinking she was nurturing her biological child.

The isolated nation of North Korea has been building up to a position of being able to launch weapons of mass destruction over the Atlantic and has routinely fired test rockets this year.

The country aims to ban face-covering Muslim veils in kindergartens, schools and universities to becomte the latest European nation to propose restrictions on wearing burkas.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and others accused Qatar of supporting extremist groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda, an assertion since backed by US President Donald Trump.

The revered former manager of Barcelona's football club told the gathered crowd he would be voting for independence on October 1 'even if the Spanish state doesn't want it'.

Following a call by the 'Mouch Bessif' (Arabic for 'Not against our will') group, protesters in central Tunis, Tunisia, protested to the right to eat during Ramadan on Sunday.

The parachute mine was discovered at a depth of 17 metres (56 feet) in the bay of Sevastopol where it had been dropped in 1941 by Nazi forces trying to block its entrance to disrupt the flow of ships.

It is the first time anybody has been handed the death penalty in Pakistan for blaspheming on social media and follows a high-profile crackdown by the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The adult orangutan and her son were saved from a plantation in the Langkat district, in North Sumatra, Indonesia, on Thursday by the The Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit (HOCRU).

Balinese men use woven shields and the thorny pandanus to do battle while crowds of spectators watch on as part of the Usabha Sambah - a ceremony to show respect to the Hindu god of war.

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: The giant aftershocks of the EU referendum continue to run through British politics, shaking pillars that once seemed wholly firm, demolishing safe walls.

Milly voted in Kensington, where we live, in what used to be the truest, bluest, richest Tory constituency in the country. Now the red flag flies over this seat of parks and palaces and princes.

The laughable failure of Mrs Theresa May’s empty, tremulous UK election campaign was in fact predictable. I suspected it would happen. But I mostly kept quiet about it here for the past few weeks.