Strike the Prisons

Strike the Prisons

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On July 8th, CA prisoners went on strike.

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Live Updates from the National Prisoner Strike →

Live updates here

Holman SHUTDOWN | Support Prisoner Resistance →

“12:01 Sept 9th, all inmates at Holman Prison refused to report to their prison jobs without incident. With the rising of the sun came an eerie silence as the men at Holman laid on their racks reading or sleeping. Officers are performing all tasks.”

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SEPT 9, 2016 | Support Prisoner Resistance →

SEPT 9, 2016 Prisoners across the US have called for a nationally coordinated work stoppage and protest starting on Sept 9th, the 45th anniversary of Attica. The safety of these prisoners and the effectiveness of the protest depend greatly on outside support. There is a robust and expanding outside support network that you or your organization could join to participate in this, the first prisoner protest of its kind. We’re hoping Sept 9th will fundamentally change not only the mass incarceration reform dialog, but the very landscape of prison in America.

Spreading the Strike: Solidarity Actions Across North America for September 9th - IT'S GOING DOWN →

#PrisonStrike — September 2016 →

Announcement of Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Workstoppage for Sept 9, 2016 | Support Prisoner Resistance →

“To achieve this goal, we need support from people on the outside. A prison is an easy-lockdown environment, a place of control and confinement where repression is built into every stone wall and chain link, every gesture and routine. When we stand up to these authorities, they come down on us, and the only protection we have is solidarity from the outside. Mass incarceration, whether in private or state-run facilities is a scheme where slave catchers patrol our neighborhoods and monitor our lives. It requires mass criminalization. Our tribulations on the inside are a tool used to control our families and communities on the outside. Certain Americans live every day under not only the threat of extra-judicial execution—as protests surrounding the deaths of Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and so many others have drawn long overdue attention to—but also under the threat of capture, of being thrown into these plantations, shackled and forced to work.”

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Georgia Prisoners go on Hunger Strike  →

“On February 9, 2014, prisoners of the special management unit (SMU) of the Georgia Diagnostic Correctional Prison began another hunger strike to protest conditions.

The hunger strike is in response to abusive conditions, bugs being served in food repeatedly, sexual harassment, sexual assaults, beatings by officers, being tortured by being thrown in strip cells without being fed by staff, getting very poor calories on daily trays, refusing prisoners access to law library, staff trying to poison prisoners, prisoners being threatened by staff, refusing prisoners proper medical treatment and denial of the equal protection of the laws as guaranteed, and due process by the law of the 5th and 14th amendments of the U.S. constitution.”

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Message from Pelican Bay prisoner representatives to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez →

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Statement Suspending the Third Hunger Strike →

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Federal judge grants California permission to force-feed inmates on hunger strike →