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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome…

Aloha!  Salamat Pagi!  Greetings of love and light from Maui,HI. I have been going to Bali for close to 30 yrs for business, Balinese culture and for pleasure. Since 2008, I have co-created Spiritual retreats to Bali with other teachers. This year, I am hosting 2 different journeys:

Journey of the Heart — April 6-19, 2017 — Find out more [HERE]

Photographing the Heart — April 25- May 3, 2017

Short Form Registration.  Please fill it out and send in an email to  Blessings  Aloha  Solomon  



Please check the expiration date of your passport as it MUST be valid for 6 months PAST the date you are planning on leaving Bali.  In this case, your expiration date must be at least October 30, 2017.  IF your passport expires before this time then you need to renew it before leaving for Bali.

Please click [here] to go to our full information page