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One-Click-Installers for openSUSE
One click to install patented / restricted / proprietary software on openSUSE.

Multimedia Codecs like MP3, DVD, DivX, MP4
This will install patented software needed by the default multimedia players. In the process it will add the Packman repository, allowing you to easily install even more multimedia software such as VLC, MPlayer or ffmpeg.

When these warnings in KDE or in GNOME appear, choose the red marked options and confirm (i.e. allow vendor change for the packages).

ymp ymp

Supported versions:
If things don't work after installing the codecs, make sure all your multimedia packages are coming from Packman. Go to YaST Software Managment, click "View", click "Repositories", select the Packman Repository, click on "Switch system packages".

If things still don't work after, try deleting the content of /home/username/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/ e.g. by running this command in konsole: rm ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/*

NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver

One click for Geforce 400 series and later

One click for Geforce 8 series and later

One click for GeForce 6 and GeForce 7

Supported versions:

AMD Graphics Card Driver (Catalyst / fglrx)

One click to install the proprietary driver for HD 5000 and later.

ymp for 64bit systems

ymp for 32bit systems

Supported versions: