Bill Clinton attempted to ridicule a protester at his Florida rally Monday, but in doing so, articulated the case for Donald Trump.

A man towards the front of the crowd began holding up a Trump campaign sign and heckling Clinton.

The protester accused Clinton of taking Donald Trump’s money.

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“I certainly did. I took his money for my foundation, where I used it better than he’s using it now, I’ll guarantee you,” Clinton responded to cheers.

“I remember when he called me to say how terrible the Republicans had been to me and Hillary and how unfair they were and what a brilliant job Hillary did as a senator,” Clinton told the audience.

“Here’s what I recommend: If you want to build a wall on the Rio Grande River, and you want to send the 11 million immigrants home, then you should follow him (Trump) like Moses into the promised land,” Clinton said to laughs.

  • Bs M

    That was a spar? So building a wall and sending eleven million criminals back to the turd they came from, is a bad thing? Hell yes we want a wall, and hell yes we want people that are here illegally, to get the hell out. There is one concession. We will allow two Mexicans to stay for every worthless, lazy, thug gang banger they take.

  • azgolfrat

    cant stand it when bill wags his finger at me….sure sign he is lying.

  • patmurphy1965

    We should, we shall and we will follow Donald Trump. Make America great again.


  • PlanetJuggler

    “If you want to build a wall… Promised Land.”
    Wow – who is Bill campaigning for again? Sounds like when he accidentally campaigned for Obama.

  • Ben Fistener

    Juanita Broaddrick (AR)- rape
    Eileen Wellstone (Oxford) – rape
    Elizabeth Ward Gracen – rape – quid pro quo, post incident intimidation
    Regina Hopper Blakely – “forced himself on her, biting, bruising her”
    Kathleen Willey (WH) – sexual assault, intimidations, threats
    Sandra Allen James (DC) – sexual assault
    22 Year Old 1972 (Yale) – sexual assault
    Kathy Bradshaw (AK) – sexual assault
    Cristy Zercher – unwelcomed sexual advance, intimidations
    Paula Jones (AR) – unwelcomed sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault
    Carolyn Moffet -unwelcomed sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault
    1974 student at University of Arkansas – unwelcomed physical contact
    1978-1980 – seven complaints per Arkansas state troopers
    Monica Lewinsky – quid pro quo, post incident character assault
    Gennifer Flowers – quid pro quo, post incident character assault
    Dolly Kyle Browning – post incident character assault
    Sally Perdue – post incident threats

  • TrumpCrusader

    Mexico did not participate in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

  • Maindrian Pace

    What kind of country do we live in where an evil beast like Hillary can seriously be considered for president? What went so wrong?

    • TrumpCrusader


    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

      You can troll better, Ive seen it from you

      • Maindrian Pace

        Funky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How’s it going, Funky?

      • Taqiyya <-look it up

        Ugh oh, here is the master troll, remember to not feed him.

        • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

          gobble gobble!

  • Mark

    Soon all the Clintons will be mentioned in the past tense.

    • Maindrian Pace

      The ballistics report will be a frameable document.

    • Taqiyya <-look it up

      Not soon enough.

  • RJLigier

    I sense the culturally marxist 2-3%er progressive/libertarian paradigm within the RNC/DNC hostile to the COTUS and the American worker is in deep disarray. There is no logistical problem in deporting millions of illegal aliens. Saudi Arabia is the present day model.

  • JWInGermany

    Democrats! You heard Bill. If you want border security and adherence to America’s immigration laws….

    Vote Donald J. Trump!

    Don’t blame me…I’m only reporting the news.

    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

      you are giving an opinion

      • JWInGermany

        Funk! Long time…no see. I heard they deported you. Did you just get back?

        • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

          hi babycakes!

  • Bull Junk

  • cristo52

    Poor, sick man.

  • Machismo

    Obama is driving us in a depression! The flood of illegals, and flood of so called Refuges, immigrants is costing Americans Billions in tax money that could go to AMERICANS who need to be reeducated. Benefits for Veterans, Old Folks, Special needs Americans, Retraining of the LEGAL work force.
    Instead Obama of bringing in CHEAP foreign competition. Obama is Wrecking the country right before our eyes with “Diversity (Anti White) Black lives Matter, ( no other race does) Division with LGBT, lies and deceit. When are people going to wake up? When they are asked to train a replacement for their job who is from India? Syria? China? Mexico? Somalia? Ect………..The dirty rotten scoundrels both DEMS and Repubs. TRUMP 2016

    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified


  • Ms. Necessary Evil

    Hillary will try her best to fool black America.


    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

      how so?

    • zen

      Not at all. Hillary will offer the most money to Blacks.

  • Maindrian Pace

    Funky be smokin’ his Funkenstein™ brand coke-dipped cigarellos!!!!!!!!!

    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified


  • RufusVonDufus

    Bill Clinton is totally the south end of a donkey heading north! He always was and always will be. He is a sex predator and got away with multiple episodes because he was president. It is too bad that some irate father didn’t take care of him. His wife is the scum of the earth just like him. That’s how I feel about the Clintons but I also do not think it is right to heckle someone while they are talking. This must have been one of our many idiot college students.

  • Thomas Nelson

    And from the mouth of a predator, rapist, liar, sex deviate, and possibly a murder……

  • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

    America is great!

  • raker92

    What a crock of bull

  • GizaDog

    Them work together? hahaha

  • SantorumsNose

    He used it better in his foundation, GTFOH. How many hookers did he buy with that money.

    • andu

      i believe the “foundation” only funds the clintons and their enforcers.

  • G Bailey

    Bill Clinton hammered the first nail into America’s coffin with NAFTA. And he doesn’t like Trump saying so…TRUMP 2016

  • wkj1970

    I don’t like Bill Clinton, but I’d never try to go toe to toe with him in public. The man has a way with delivering his words. Like him or not, he has a helluva a way with people.

  • Sniper

    Bill Clinton looks and sounds dead.

  • GizaDog

    The bigger question is “who snuffed out the supreme court judge?”

    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

      old age

  • Trump20162020 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So I guess ole haggard Hitlery ins’t going to be able to screech that Trump is part of the infamous ‘right wing conspiracy’? She will have to come up with something besides an ad hominem smear.

  • techwimp

    Bill using a Bible reference… now THAT’S funny!

  • respectful conservative

    I would never vote for a democrat, but you have to love the way Bill Clinton thinks on his toes. So much better than what we hear from Trump.

    • An_Angry_American

      Hardly. Trump is the most unscripted candidate out there who skewers critics like marshmallows at a weenie roast.
      Bill is just old, worn out, and gross.

      • respectful conservative

        If you equate skewering to yelling, “liar,” rudely talking over other people in debates as well as threatening lawsuits, you would be right. Doesn’t really work for me.

        • JWInGermany

          It is not rude to call out demonstrable liars. If Americans would just look past their own ego and study the evidence, they might just realize that they’ve been duped.

          I am a former long-time Limbaugh and Levin listener who was forced to stop listening literally days ago after being confronted with the undeniable truth. The evidence is there…we just have to be willing to be honest with ourselves. This is not about Trump…he’s “just” the man pulling back the curtain.

          Believe me. I felt pretty foolish being fooled all those years.

          The Conservative Treehouse is an excellent place to start for those who are ready to have an honest look at information that just may change their views about what is actually going on…forever. Just type in, for example, Cruz in their search, and find out why Trump is calling him and others liars.

          I think you may find the evidence hard to deny.

          Btw, you might want to put on a pot of coffee…there’s a lot to discover. The Conservative Treehouse is packed with detailed well-researched logic based information.

          • respectful conservative

            I’ll pass, but thanks. If what they say is true, and given how much the media hates Cruz, it would be in places other than some obscure anti-Cruz website. You are free to believe what you wish, as am I. I know I haven’t been duped. Trump has demonstrated no core values whatsoever. He says things, but yet gave big money to candidates who forced obamacare down our throats. Cruz never did that.

  • Fungus

    Bill sounds like he’s sick.

    • An_Angry_American

      Oh, he’s sick alright. Just ask any of his victims.

      • Fungus

        Hilda wont let him have surgery until next year.

  • Fungus

    Bill needs a new heart. Cocaine destroyed his body.

    • Leslie

      Bill must be on his third rebuilt nose by now.

  • An_Angry_American

    Thanks, Bad Grampa! I’ll take your advice!
    TRUMP 2016

  • If I believe Obama saved us from depression …..I’d be a stupid stooge that believes anything. Crisis of 2008 Part II is already beginning folks. Why do you think Larry Sommers wants us to ban the 100 dollar bill?

    It aint cause of drug lords because their cronies in the banks and government will make sure they can still transfer their money. If you are honest they want to put a slaves collar around your neck.

  • Patriot101

    From what I hear that is on the news, Clinton is nothing but a dog! She actually can bark pretty well. Best thing she has ever accomplished.

  • Michael Sanders

    Our society has devolved to the point we are cheering choices for a leader between a proven liar and reckless guardian of the country’s most sensitive secrets (God knows what else) and a foul mouthed, emotional billionaire.
    One thing is for sure if the past two big elections are any guide a huge economic and financial meltdown is coming. All the same conditions that were present then in the economy are now in place again. The FED is raising interest rates during a really poor economy (regardless what Obama and all the talking heads say), the press is all confident and happy with the economy, and a bubble exists that is ripe for bursting. The first time in 2000 it was the dot com bubble, then in 2008 it was the housing bubble. This time the bubble of all bubbles is looming. The financial derivatives market is valued at over $500 trillion. That’s essentially what the CDOs were that caused the housing bubble but those CDOs valued at somewhere near $1 trillion. Both recessions caused a loss of around $6 trillion in financial asset values. The derivatives are valued at 500 times the last bubble which the government covered by printing fiat money as fas as they could. Of course the U.S. caused ripple effects throughout the world and some countries such as Greece are still in deep trouble from that catastrophe. Did you know those banks that were too big to fail are now bigger than they were in 2008? The precious Dodd-Frank did nothing but destroy smaller banks. The exposure of those banks the time is far, far beyond heat it was in 2008. The government can do nothing this time. So the when this bubble bursts it won’t take long for anarchy to break out across the world. Any savings, checking or other money will be worthless.
    Sadly the same experts that predicted the 2008 disaster say this one likely will happen this year. Hillary or anyone else that tells you democrats saved our bacon are simply lying to you. Nothing has been done. Those predatory banks are now bigger than they were and not one executive went to jail. Obama’s promise is again empty rhetoric.

  • sparky5253

    What a dirty old man!

    I would rather follow Trump to the promised land than criminal Hillary into jail!

  • TheTruthCommission

    Bill, you need to retire. Your old style politicking of pandering etc is over.

    Put on your white shoes and go take a nap.

    Nobody is listening anymore except your establishment friends who all work for you.

  • TheTruthCommission

    Did Bill just say that he used Trump’s money better than Trump himself is using it now?…

    That simply is not true.

    Trump is a moron yes, but he’s spent the least in the GOP race and is doing by far the best.

    For example, in NH Trump spent only $3 million and Jeb Bush spent $44 million, and Trump crushed him and the whole GOP pack.

    It simply isn’t true.

    • Joe Griffin

      Trump is a moron, which is why he’s a billionaire and you are sitting here posting. You should bang your head up against a wall until you are the equivalent of “Trump the Moron.” Maybe then you’d be better off.

  • lambwood

    Bill Clinton had the perfect opportunity to end the Sideshow Donald show once and for all , and he blew it. The Clinton’s have photographic and eye witness proof ,that Donald Trump is a closeted Philatelic and has been engaging in this abomination for many years. It is said that he has engaged in this activity with his own children. When this gets out to the press, Trump will fold up his campaign in shame.

    • The_Toxic_Avenger

      Nothing more un American than collecting stamps??

  • William Card

    Wait until they find out Hillary is aka actor Shirley Jones. No joke..

  • Harmless Immigrant

    The unofficial Trump campaign song….. IT ROCKS


    Breaking news: Scalia is still dead.

  • EbolaJenkins

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz looks like Jar-Jar Binks…