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Well we are in to the final week of campaigning for the much sought after seat of Springfields and Trent Vale, all the main parties have been up here pounding the streets over the past few days. Everything but the kitchen sink & PCC Candidate Joy Garner has been thrown at S&TV by Labour, even Council Leader ‘part time’ Pervez has been leafletting.

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Eye Spy was particularly impressed with Coucillor Joy Garner last week and her likening everyones favourite security company G4S, to OmniCorp and going on record saying

The RoboCop films are an extreme example of where privatisation can go madly wrong. This just seems to be the first step.

This wasn’t a humorous aside, cracking a joke between a few mates over a glass of wine, no this was at a Q&A session with Ed Miliband last week in London. Michael Deacon in The Telegraph can do far more justice to Joy Garner & OmniCorp than Eye Spy ever could.

Personally Eye Spy will welcome our new OmniCorp robotic masters and can’t wait until we have a load of mindless drones patrolling & controlling our city..


Moving swiftly on. While checking E-mails I spotted this in the 500 words press release from BNP candidate and possible guest of HM Pleasure, Michael Coleman,

Michael Coleman 666

says it all really.

Back to the S&TV By-election, the Conservative PCC candidate Matthew Ellis was spotted on the doorstep with the Conservative candidate Harold Gregory on Saturday. From what Eye Spy has heard, the Conservatives are going down very well in the area but will it be enough to return Harold as a councillor to join the only two tories in the village? I hope so, they could start a Wilson, Keppel & Betty tribute act and liven up the full council meetings.

Eye Spy also noticed that the printing address for the Labour leaflets has changed, now that should make the election expenses interesting reading.

In other news, if you want a blue bin for recycling all the election leaflets, don’t bother asking, the rumour is the recycling scheme could be changing again..

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