Election 2010

Our 2010 election section

We will be updating this section with details of parties and candidates for the 2010 general election.

We have a full list of Local Election Candidates on this page

If you know of any candidates we have missed please get in touch with us using our CONTACT FORM

General Election Constituencies

Stoke North
Stoke Central
Stoke South

General Election Candidates

British National Party
Melanie BaddeleyStoke North
Michael ColemanStoke South
Simon DarbyStoke Central

Norsheen BhattiStoke Central
Andrew LargeStoke North
James RushtonStoke South

Mark Breeze – Stoke South
Paul Breeze – Stoke Central
Gary Elsby – Stoke Central
Alby Walker – Stoke Central
Brian Ward – Stoke Central

Tristram Hunt – Stoke Central
Rob Flello MP – Stoke South
Joan Walley MP – Stoke North

Liberal Democrats
Zulfiqar Ali – Stoke South
John Fisher – Stoke North
John Redfern – Stoke Central

Staffordshire Independent Group
Terry Follows – Stoke South

Matthew Wright – Stoke Central

Mark Barlow – Stoke South
Geoff Locke – Stoke North
Carol Lovatt – Stoke Central

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