500 words from Gary Elsby Independent candidate for Springfields & Trent Vale

I have lived and worked the whole of my life in Stoke-on-Trent and hopefully, this gives me some knowledge and understanding of what is either right or wrong with the City. It is here, I choose to live, work, raise a family, run a business, serve 20 years as a school governor and pay my taxes.

Like every candidate in any election, I hope to win and serve to the best of my ability. What is certain is that I am a man of my word and when I say I will speak out, nothing will stop me.

My general concern for the City is the lack of consideration for the tax-payer by the political parties, whether they act alone or join in collaboration when cornered.

We have all witnessed the needs of an Elected Mayor to shove through his singular policy of vital service closure without any consideration of the facts; namely, Dimensions.

When analysed, the case disintegrates as they do so today. There is not a just economic or social cause to close a care home in this City.

To force through more service closure, Labour handed power to rival political parties with the promise of promotion for support.

Labour, Conservatives, City Independents (closet Tories) and Liberals all shared in the spoils of guilt and closure.

Today, Labour unashamedly closes care homes, day centres, parks, libraries; swimming pools etc. and not a peep of complaint comes out of its 34 Labour Councillors, with this year’s candidate offering a false promise to do so. She will remain quiet, fall into line or face the sack.

They have a plan of £100m worth of cuts, above and beyond accountancy mismanagement or austerity measures and politely call it, ‘mandate for change’.

The Party I once belonged to had principles of vital service delivery and it was an honour to be a part of it. Today the message from Glebe Street is that we: “Don’t have to deliver those services”.

It’s what Labour’s traditional defeated enemies have always said.

That is the difference between Labour then and Labour now. They don’t know how to change without unnecessary cuts and public high interest loans.

Two years into their current term, we now have conclusive proof that Labour doesn’t represent the working classes of Stoke-on-Trent anymore. Gone is one hundred years hard earned trust and this is why everyone in the City wants a vote in this election.

This Labour Council has no backbone and little experience of proper leadership in social debates. They think it is normal to offload caring vital services into an inferior private sector, with brand Labour winning an election as proof of cause. It’s not it is an abuse of the privilege of power in a natural Labour territory.

So who will speak out convincingly after this election; Labour, its collaborators of closure or Gary Elsby with an ‘independence of mind with a strong social conscience’?

If the electorate of Springfields and Trent Vale want to correct the score on behalf of everyone in Stoke, then send me into Glebe Street.

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