City Independents take Springfields and Trent Vale from Labour

In a shock result which rendered the previously vociferous Labour Twitterati silent last night, City Independent candidate Jackie Barnes won the Springfields and Trent Vale by-election.

The seat formerly held by Sarah Hill until her resignation from the cabinet & the city council was thought to be a safe Labour seat.

The turn out was a disappointing 21.6%, rumour within the Civic Centre was that Labour had called the election to coincide with the start of the summer holiday period hoping that a reduced turn out would increase their share of the vote with support from the party faithful.

Lib Dem candidate Les Porch came third and Conservative candidate Harold Gregory came in a disappointing fourth. Michael Coleman of the BNP trailed in to 7 place behind Independent Gary Elsby.

Jackie Barnes increased her vote from 277 in 2011 to 370 while Labour lost over 50% of their vote with it dropping from 537 in 2011 to 245 last night.

The final count was:

  • Barnes (City Ind) 370 votes
  • Aumir (Lab) 245
  • Porch (Lib Dem) 152
  • Gregory (Cons) 109
  • Bednarski (UKIP) 105
  • Elsby (Ind) 36
  • Coleman (BNP) 27
  • Wright (TUSAC) 14
  • Leat (Dem Nat) 2

The council chamber is still a Labour majority with 33 seats, City Independents now have 8 seats, Conservatives 2 and 1 unaffiliated.

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