City Independents take Springfields and Trent Vale from Labour

In a shock result which rendered the previously vociferous Labour Twitterati silent last night, City Independent candidate Jackie Barnes won the Springfields and Trent Vale by-election.

The seat formerly held by Sarah Hill until her resignation from the cabinet & the city council was thought to be a safe Labour seat. Continue reading

Springfields and Trent Vale By-election called

Some late breaking news out of the Civic Centre tonight.

It seems the Springfields and Trent Vale By-election has finally been called just under 2 months after Sarah Hill resigned from her seat there. The date for the By-election will be July 26.

More as I get it..

Sarah Hill Resigns

Sarah Hill councillor for Springfields and Trent Vale has resigned from the city council after being removed from her cabinet position at the Labour AGM last night.

All details for Sarah Hill have been removed from the council website.

Rumour from the Civic Centre is that Sarah’s departure is just the first as the Labour group tightens its hold on members and takes a dim view of anyone who doesn’t toe the party line. Continue reading

No Backlash at the ballot box – at least not yet!

By Pits’n’Pots Reporter.

Hazel Blears

Hazel Blears

Labour have held on to a council seat in Hazel Blears’ constituency despite fearing a backlash over MPs’ expenses.

The major parties had braced themselves for a backlash after MPs’ claims came to light.

But Labour hung onto the place on Salford Council with a reduced majority.

Communities Secretary Ms Blears apologised last week after it emerged she did not pay capital gains tax when she sold her London flat.

The Salford MP paid back £13,000 but Prime Minister Gordon Brown described her actions as “unacceptable”.

At the count she said she was “delighted” with Labour candidate Matt Mold’s 606 votes.

She added: “The people of Salford have firmly and thoroughly rejected the politics of the BNP.”

The party had been expected to make gains after the expenses furore.

They came third in the poll with 276, behind the Liberal Democrats who received 293 votes.

BNP activists tried to present Ms Blears with a chocolate bar at the count – a reference to one of her expenses claims.

The Conservatives were fourth with 189, the Green Party polled 125 and UKIP received 123.

Voter turnout was 17.5%.

Source: Sky News