Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner

On 15 November the people of Staffordshire will vote for someone to take on the new role of Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

The role of Police and Crime Commissioner is not one to be taken lightly, from the Staffordshire Police briefing pack for PCC candidates,

The PCC will replace the Staffordshire Police Authority on 22 November 2012, following local elections on 15 November 2012. The role of a PCC is a large and complex job which will require a significant commitment both in terms of time and energy. You will be accountable to the 1 million plus people who make up the force area of Staffordshire, and will be responsible for many areas of work beyond those currently undertaken by police authorities which you will replace. Importantly, you will be required to engage with the many diverse communities of Staffordshire to ensure you fully understand their views in order that the way you undertake this role reflects those concerns. Whilst you are not responsible for the policing itself (that is the Chief Constable who has operational independence on such matters), he is accountable to you for the delivery of efficient and effective policing, management of resources and expenditure, and ultimately the delivery of policing in your area.

Given the size of the area that you will be responsible for, this job carries a significant workload and all year round time commitment. As an elected individual, you will be accountable to the electorate of the Staffordshire Police force area. You are likely to be invited to attend many events across the force area, which will not always be held at conventional times or venues. You may wish to make yourself visible and accessible around the force and available at various times of the week, including weekends, to ensure that the public has the opportunity to interact with you. Policing is, by its very nature, a 24 hour business, and whilst you will not have operational responsibility for policing, there could be occasions when you could be called upon at short notice, to provide reassurance to the community, or to ensure that the appropriate decisions can be taken.

The Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner will attract a salary of £75,000 with the option to appoint a paid, deputy Police and Crime Commissioner to assist them.

More details of the Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioners role  can be found in the PCC briefing pack from Staffordshire Police.

The Candidates

  • Joy Garner – Confirmed as the Labour candidate
  • Matthew Ellis – Confirmed as the Conservative candidate

Possible Candidates

Liberal Democrats
The Lib Dems are not expected to be fielding a candidate in Staffordshire as far as we are aware.

We have not yet heard of any confirmed independent candidates although there are rumours of at least one coming forward.