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The AABP Jobs database is provided free to AABP members who are looking for help, or looking for a new job. This section is divided into different sections, as listed below.

Job Openings:

The Job Openings database is provided to members who wish to advertise job openings in the veterinary field. All a member needs in order to create and/or manage a listing is a current AABP member number. Use this member number to edit or delete the listing. Each job listing must include an expiration date which determines how long the listing is displayed on the AABP web site.

Please be as thorough as possible when creating a job listing. Be sure to include email addresses and phone numbers so that prospective employees can get in touch with you for follow up info on the job.

If you fill a vacancy, you can delete the job listing by using the same member number as a password.


The internship section is available for current AABP members to list any available Internships that are available to current veterinary students. Please be sure to include contact information for students to request further information. Your internship entry can be managed or deleted using your AABP member number that is required when entering the record.


The Resume Database is a free service provided to AABP members or students who are looking for work. Be sure to include contact information so that prospective employers can contact you. You can manage or delete your entry by using your AABP member number that is required to create the entry.

Mentor / Mentee:

The Mentor/Mentee sections are provide in cooperation with the Academy of Rural Vets. This database is designed to unite prospective large animal veterinary mentors with students desiring additional mentoring and tutoring in the dairy or beef industry. Members who wish to mentor students should sign up as a mentor, while students that are looking for a mentor should subscribe to the Mentees database.

To find a prospective Mentor/Mentee you can search either database to find a compatible match.

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