Neutered? In VP Debate, Tim Kaine Promises To Be Hillary’s ‘Right-Hand Person’

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By Heat Street Staff | 9:23 pm, October 4, 2016

Gender has emerged as a key question in the 2016 presidential race, as Tim Kaine eschewed gendered language tonight to promise that he will be Hillary Clinton’s “right-hand person,” as opposed to right-hand man.

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Twitter pundits took note of the “woke” declaration…

Were Kaine in college today, presumably he(?) would pick a similarly woke preferred pronoun. Question of the night: Would it be “they” or “ze”? Presumably he(?) would not pick “His Majesty.”


UPDATE, 10/5/16: Kaine has really taken a punch in the — well, let’s say gut, for his promise to be the first gender-neutral vice president.

And, of course, Donald Trump couldn’t resist making his own dig at Kaine’s manhood, retweeting the following.