Open Cambodia 2011

A Mozilla/Aspiration Open Source Conference

A Mozilla/Aspiration Open Source Conference – “OPEN CAMBODIA” – will be at the Sunway Hotel and will be two days, Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17, 2011.

Purpose of the workshop
The event is a specialized, exclusive session for local Open Sourcers – bloggers, coders, and designers who share the Open Source ethic – to attend before Bar Camp. This session is a unique opportunity to learn about the relationship between Open Source and civil society issues, such as: protecting the Open Web from Internet censorship, the benefits of continuing to develop “indigenous” (Khmer) Open Source tools, and using web-based Open Source security tactics to improve data collection for both the public and private sector. This event is a special, exclusive opportunity to spend two days with these American experts leading into late October’s Barcamp meeting.

What are participants going to gain?

Better positioning for jobs. Participants will receive a certificate for participating in the workshop, highlighting their new knowledge in Open Source Development, and awarded by Mozilla/Aspiration. Their new knowledge of these tools, and the very latest development, are useful in a competitive job market.

International networking. Participants will be able to network with key partners from Mozilla/Aspiration from Silicon Valley, as well as from the Technology and Social Change Group (TASCHA) in Seattle – the two most important places in the world for IT professionals. They will also be able to network with each other, and with representatives from the local NGO and business communities.

Knowledge. The Open Web, and the development of Open Source Tools, are changing every day. This will be a “graduate school” for Open Source experts. It is a rare opportunity to have a representative from Mozilla partner Aspiration come to Cambodia to lead a “hackathon” for two days. And participants will learn new skills necessary to get jobs as IT professionals in NGOs and the IT private sector. They will learn details of the next generations of Firefox and Thunderbird, as well as security tools for encryption from Tactical Tech, etc.

Develop civil society. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the local IT landscape’s strengths and needs regarding the Open Web in a global context with international experts such as: social networking (i.e. Facebook,, Angkor One), Transparency, Indigenization of Open Source programs, implementation of Khmer Unicode, community initiative, (Barcamp, Hackerspace, Devcamp), and “NPTech” (non-profit tools). The dialogue aims to cultivate a more vibrant Open Source Community in Cambodia.

Next activities
Those who are selected to be Conference Champions for the workshop will have special access to the organizers, and will be able to participate in post-workshop design sessions on the Open Source Tools brainstormed at the workshop. Those sessions will involve follow-up meetings to work on community based web tools like the new Open Development Cambodia platform, Open Street Map, and others.

Other information
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This workshop has limited attendance.
Confirm your interest to Mr. SAM Sophal, Information System Officer, EWMI via 012 789836 or
He will arrange the invitations to you.

*By Popular Demand, confirmed dates to accommodate more participants are: Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17, 2011.