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Drunk driver destroys house renovated on Fixer Upper

A home featured on Fixer Upper was destroyed early Saturday morning when a drunk driver smashed through the front of the home in North Waco, Texas according to police. The car (pictured middle) still has its lights on as it sits in the middle of the house. The room looks a far cry from its post renovation glory (top left). The owners are furious. Ken and Kelly Downs (pictured top and bottom right respectively) say they've been frustrated with crime in their neighborhood since they moved in over a year ago and say they felt deceived Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines' realty company, Magnolia Realty. A car may have plowed into the front of their home (pictured pre-renovation bottom left), but they say there is a bigger issue with the neighborhood in general. 'It's like the Wild West here. There's been a lot of commotion coming from the bars and the store across the street,' Kelly said. 'It's been a problem from the beginning. We've lived here a year and a half and we feel deceived by the city of Waco and Magnolia Realty.'

Don Jr. promised dirt on Hillary before meeting lawyer

President Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., arranged a meeting between his father's campaign aides and a lawyer linked to the Kremlin after he was promised dirt on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, it has been claimed. The meeting, first reported by the New York Times on Saturday, took place just two weeks after Trump won the Republican nomination, on June 9, 2016, and was with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya. In a statement given to the Times Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. said he had met with the Russian attorney at the request of an acquaintance. 'After pleasantries were exchanged the woman stated that she had information that individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Ms. Clinton,' the eldest Trump son said. 'Her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense.'

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The memos written by former FBI chief James Comey in which he recounted conversations with President Donald Trump contain classified information, it was reported on Sunday.

While he laughed it off as a joke, Kazan, 33, said his lewd language affected her while on set. She is one of the growing number of actresses speaking out against sexism in Hollywood.

If you worry it's all heading south, try this barre dance stretch to blast your behind into shape, says personal trainer Nadya Fairweather

Tesla Model 3 photos are finally revealed

Elon Musk finally revealed the first photos of the new Tesla Model 3 (pictured) late on Saturday night. The eco-friendly car is affordable at $35,000 and can go 215 miles on a single charge. Although the vehicle is much more affordable compared to the other models, those looking to buy the car may be waiting months before they can get behind the wheel.

'So he's the only one on the beach, and then he allows himself to be photographed in a lounge chair with his grin on his face,' O'Reilly said on Glenn Beck's radio show Friday morning

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie intentionally sparked 'beachgate' in order to boost the odds of him landing a coveted sports talk radio gig, ex-Fox News host Bill O'Reilly said.

The mayor was absent from the vigil held on Saturday in commemoration of Misostosis Familia, 48, who was shot in the head on while sitting in her marked vehicle in New York City.

Final image of Elise Dallemagne on Thailand 'death island'

A chilling final photo of a tourist who was found hanged and half-eaten by lizards on a Thai holiday island has been captured on CCTV. (centre). The grainy black and white image, taken from camera footage recorded on April 21, shows a woman heading down a pathway on Koh Tao with police believing it to be 30-year-old Belgian backpacker Elise Dallemagne whose body was found by local villagers on April 28. Authorities have determined that she took her own life but Ms Dallemagne's mother rejects the police's version of events and believes her daughter was murdered. Seven foreigners have died on the island in the last three years with only two of the deaths being investigated as murders.

Authorities say a 13-year-old Indiana boy has died after being struck by a falling bullet that was likely fired into the sky by someone in a nearby community.

Authorities say a 24-year-old Michigan man has died after crashing a police vehicle he managed to steal while being arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

Dogs find proof of Amelia Earhart's remains, experts claim

Researchers said they may have found where Amelia Earhart died after her disappearance in 1937, thanks to bone-sniffing dogs. The canines are trained to detect the scent of remains. In June, they found a location on Nikumaroro Island (bottom right) in the Western Pacific Ocean, where experts believe Earhart died before reaching her intended destination - Howland Island. This is the same spot where officials found bones they believed belonged to her in 1940. This new discovery casts doubt over a recently unearthed vintage photograph that some experts claim is proof that Earhart and Noonan survived their crash landing and were captured by the Japanese (centre).

Delta employee's son indignant during mid-flight rampage

A man who attacked two flight attendants and several passengers when he tried to open an exit door mid-flight yelled, 'Don't you know who I am?', according to the FBI. Joseph Daniel Hudek IV, the son of a Delta airlines employee, was flying first class on a 'dependent pass' from Seattle to Beijing on Thursday when his sudden rampage caused the plane to divert back to Washington about an hour after takeoff. Hudek, who punched a flight attendant and an intervening passenger, had two wine bottles smashed over his head before he was eventually restrained, according to a probable cause document. He now faces a felony charge of interfering with a flight crew, which carries a possible sentence of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

An employee at the center in North Hyde Park in New York saw the large blue painting of Jesus Christ on the cross, hanging on the fence at the center, on Friday.

Jordan Chandler, now 37, won a $20million settlement from Jackson after his father Evan Chandler launched accusations that the King of Pop sexually abused him at the age of 13.

Trump walks back his US-Russia cyber security unit

President Donald Trump backtracked late Sunday on his widely panned proposal to team up with Russia's Vladimir Putin in forming a cyber security unit that would combat hacking. In a tweet (top inset) that he posted just before 6pm Eastern time, Trump acknowledged that the idea of a joint US-Russia cyber security team was far-fetched, though he did tout a ceasefire in Syria that he says resulted from his meeting with Putin in Hamburg on Friday. Trump and Putin are seen above. Republican Senator Marco Rubio also tweeted (bottom inset) to criticize the proposal.

Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., balked at President Trump's proposal to form an 'impenetrable Cyber Security unit' with the Russians to deter future election hacking.

Nikki Haley has seemingly contradicted her boss, Donald Trump, when it comes to Moscow's role in meddling in last year's election, by saying 'everybody knows' Russia hacked the process.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was reportedly 'stunned' at President Donald Trump's brazen way of asking Vladimir Putin about Russian interference in the US election on Friday.

Sen. John McCain predicted Sunday that the prospects of passing a health care bill looked grim, as lawmakers return to Washington from the Fourth of July recess this week.

Social media reacts to journalist Chris Uhlmann on Trump

Americans have flocked to social media to express their support for an Australian journalist and his brutal take-down of US President Donald Trump at the G20 summit. Political editor Chris Uhlmann (left) delivered a scathing analysis of Mr Trump (right) and his behaviour at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany when he appeared on the Insiders program on Sunday. Since his scathing rant went to air, thousands took to Twitter to support him. 'Sadly, your assessment of Trump is dead-on. We Americans and the world deserve better than this incompetent, incoherent ignoramus,' another said (inset). While the majority heaped praise on Uhlmann, he was not without his critics, with one man claiming 'his opinion is worth no more than dirt'.

Kim Jong-un has warned Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war after the US and South Korea conducted a life-fire exercise on the peninsula.

With North Korea's test an intercontinental ballistic missile last week, Anchorage, Alaska, may be the country's only shot of reaching America. But many Alaskans are not concerned by the 'threat.'

Donald Trump is potentially still pocketing millions of dollars in 'initiation fees' paid directly to him by members of his high-priced clubs, a new report claims.

The father of Kate Steinle says that he doesn't want his daughter's name to be at the center of political controversy following the passage of a bill that targets undocumented immigrants.

Ashley Wagner naked for ESPN's The Body Issue

Beautiful Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner is featured in the ESPN's The Body Issue along with her fellow winter sports competitors. She opened up to the magazine about her debilitating concussion nightmare. 'I have suffered about five concussions. Back in 2009 I received a concussion from a really bad fall in which I fell onto my back and my neck snapped and my head hit the ice' Wagner, 26 said to 'ESPN The Magazine.' 

The 76-year-old arrived in his native Australia after being spotted at an ice cream shop during a stopover in Singapore over the weekend.

The moment a baby with albinism sees his mother for the first time with the help of glasses... and cracks a HUGE smile

This is the moment a baby with a rare disorder sees his mother for the first time with the help of glasses. The three-month-old named Everett, was diagnosed with oculocutaneous albinism, after his parents noticed he was not making eye contact or tracking movements. In an adorable video, his mother can be seen fitting tiny glasses over his face, before he starts smiling and giggling.

From one person who deliberately put eggshells in omelettes, to another who sucked Doritos without actually eating any, Reddit users were quick to complain about their roommates' quirks.

Blac Chyna with lawyer amid feud with ex Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna was snapped meeting with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, at her Los Angeles home Sunday. The meeting came two days after it was revealed the 29-year-old salon owner will be filing for a restraining order against her ex Rob Kardashian, claiming the reality star had put his hands on and cyber-bullied her in their time together. Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White, wore her blonde locks down and had on a black pantsuit in her meeting with the legal eagle, who boasts other celebrity clients such as Mischa Barton and Kathy Griffin.

Wildfires continue to ravage California, western US states and British Columbia, with nearly 8,000 people forced to flee their homes in California on Sunday.

A 19-year-old summer camp counselor was bitten twice in the head by a black bear around 4.15am Sunday at Glacier View Ranch in Ward, Colorado. He has been released from the hospital.

'What kind of parent are you?' The moment a cop berates a mother who left two children in a hot car for 20 minutes

A police officer yelled at a mother for leaving her daughter, six, and son, three, in a hot car for 20 minutes in Vancouver on Monday. She had left them so she could go grocery shopping. The officer was seen passionately scolding the mother, who stood looking defiant with her arms crossed, in a clip that was posted to Facebook on Thursday. He added to her: 'You don't seem to understand the danger you put your children in. The windows were up - it's hot out. Your children could have died.'

Josh Duggar, formerly of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, has filed a lawsuit against the officials who released a report to news outlets that he molested his sisters when they were children.

More than 50 monkeys descend on Brian Pritchard's backyard every morning to help themselves to the food from his deer feeder near Silver Springs State Park in Ocala, Florida.

Ireland Baldwin roasts father Alec during One Night Only

Alec Baldwin (left with former President Bill Clinton) was roasted by family (top right, his daughter Ireland Baldwin) and friends Sunday during a One Night Only special.  The two-hour tribute on Spike opened with his 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan, 48, (bottom right) taking the stage at the Apollo Theater in New York City. 'The last time I was on the show, I paid tribute to Don Rickles, a legendary stand-up whose career spanned six decades. Before that, it was Eddie Murphy, a comedian superstar and one of my heroes whose movies grossed more than $4 billion at the box office. And tonight I pay tribute to Alec Baldwin, host of Match Games,' Morgan quipped.

Marcela Florez Torruco, an alleged drug trafficker dubbed 'The Iron Lady' for her links to El Chapo, has been arrested in Colombia, according to several reports.

A dean of a university in Nashville has been arrested after he was was caught on a GoPro camera clipping a bicyclist knocking him to the ground and driving off in Tennessee.

Shocking moment fleeing suspect flips his car going 95mph then emerges to fight cops while still holding his two-year-old daughter

Bryan Martin, 22, (left and right) was filmed wrestling with a police officer while holding his two-year-old daughter on live TV in Richland County, South Carolina, on Saturday. Martin had flipped his car after a high-speed police chase reached up to 95mph. The unnamed two-year-old girl was unharmed and is in the care of a relative. The segment was shown on A&E;'s show Live PD and the host commented it was 'emotionally draining'.

Justin Kanew (right) is running for a US Congress seat in Tennessee, he said in early July. The writer and producer appeared on The Amazing Race game show in 2009 and 2011.

A house guest from hell - wohse faux pas include using the wrong towel, bringing bad gifts and leaving crumbs - confesses to her abominable etiquette crimes, and shares a 'do not do' list.


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Top choreographer 'raped drunk girl at New York hotel'

Bijan Williams, 34, (pictured left and right) was arrested at the luxury Maritime Hotel (inset) in New York City on Sunday morning after the teen claimed he sexually assaulted in the hotel room while she dipped in and out of consciousness. The pair had met in a bar and conversed for a while, police said.  She then said she passed out and found herself in Williams's room, police said. The girl claims in her moments of consciousness she saw him having sex with her. She informed the police who found him out of his room but still on hotel grounds at about 5:30 am on Sunday.

For months, the parents of desperately ill Charlie Gard have been at his hospital bedside hoping beyond hope for a miracle. Now radical Revered Patrick Mahoney has joined them.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is sticking to his longstanding refusal to allow deputies to carry opiod overdose antidote Narcan. His county has a record number of drug deaths in recent years.

Adorable video shows dog owner carrying his puppy up an escalator - because he was too scared to stand on it

The caring pet owner ( also pictured bottom right) hoisted the golden retriever from Toronto, Canada after noticing it was hesitant to climb the intimidating escalator at a downtown complex called Brookfield place. But Jasper is not new to special treatment. His owner has created an Instagram page for him - its username is Jasper the Golden boy - with a biography that simply reads: 'Just a young pup living the dream in the big city.'

Cheney Mason claimed this week that his famous former client 'shut out' her daughter's grisly death and went into 'Casey world' during her sensational murder trial in Orlando, Florida.

Clean eating aficonados are turning to 'good' snacks like dark chocolate and nut butters to top up energy between meals - but we could be consuming far more calories than we think.

Randy Schell, a world-renowned voiceover artist known for his work on the Walking Dead has fallen to his death during a skydive after his parachute became tangled near Houston.

Andres Magana Ortiz, 43, left his wife and three children in Hawaii to return to Mexico on Friday. The government denied his requests to stay after he had been living in the country for 28 years.

Pregnant woman shot dead at Ohio gender reveal party

The party was underway at a house in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Saturday night for a woman named only as Cheyanne (pictured left with her mother and another man from the party) who lost her unborn son after being shot in the leg. Her mother was shot in the hand. Another woman, named by friends as her cousin, died and others were injured. It is not clear if the attack was random or targeted. The two suspects fled afterwards and have not been caught. Cheyanne had just celebrated learning the sex of her baby when the shooting unfolded.

People who felt their lives had meaning were 63 per cent less likely to experience sleep apnoea, a breathing problem that leads to repeated night waking, according to the US study.

Kim Broderick, 59, is an entrepreneur and former marketing executive. She lives in North Yorkshire and recommends having Botox and drinking almond milk to stay looking young.

ISIS terrorists have been pounded with an airstrike which has hit their last remaining stronghold in the Iraqi city of Mosul which the jihadist group have ruled the city for the past three years.

Ex-claims 'Manhattan lifestyle' corrupted her husband

Kirsten Larson, who married Wesley Smith in 2006 in a wedding that was featured on the Style Network show, says that they spent eight happy years together on Staten Island. Surrounded her friends and family, with Smith caring for her and her numerous medical issues including pulmonary hypertension - a chronic lung condition - the marriage was perfect. But she says that everything changed after he landed a job at internet startup Button in Manhattan, in 2014, she claimed in a Staten Island Supreme Court lawsuit filed against Smith.

Two elementary age brothers in Fulshear, Texas, called their police station 25 times. When their mom found out, she made them write apology letters that they hand delivered at the station.

US Senator Charles Schumer of New York is calling on the FDA to regulate Coco Loko, a 'snortable chocolate' which he says is being marketed as a drug and could prove harmful.

Leaked photos from the upcoming Star Wars flick about Han Solo show the titular character with Chewbacca, as well as the new addition played by Woody Harrelson.

Steve-O was in the hospital for surgery on Sunday. The 42-year-old Jackass star had suffered major burns after pouring rocket fuel on his body for a stunt in his new comedy special on Wednesday.

The 'Jaws-dropping' moment a thrill seeker tries to grab a shark by the tail and immediately gets bitten

The unsurprising moment a shark bites a man (circled left) after he tried to grab it by the tail was caught on camera. The footage was filmed near Johnnie Mercer's pier in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina on June 29. Blood can be seen gushing into the ocean when the shark bites him (right).

The CBI/Pearson survey of 344 firms found that 32 per cent were dissatisfied with graduates' 'attitudes and behaviours of self-management and resilience'.

A gunman on a boat in Washington state who had stripped naked hours after firing shots at the shoreline was shot dead by police officers. The incident happened on Bainbridge Island.

Heather Winfree, from Knoxville, Tennessee, gave her husband, Steve, the surprise of a lifetime when she custom-made a baseball card to reveal to him that she was donating her kidney to him.

Nicole Malliotakis, the GOP mayoral candidate for New York City, allegedly had an anonymous letter sent to her home making of fun of her looks and calling her 'ugly' on Wednesday.

Most unfortunate names revealed including Jed I. Knight

We have gathered together a list of the most unfortunate names, from the USA and Canada to Singapore and South Africa. Some make you wonder how their parents could be so gullible. For example, unless you are a real superhero,  the moniker Batman Bin Suparman is likely to lead to some serious teasing. And if you are a politician standing for election, having the surname 'Loser' does not stand you in particularly good stead.

La'Diamond Meyer's ex-boyfriend, Willie Wilborn, allegedly used blunt force to the head and stabbed the expecting mother in her abdomen of her Detroit, Michigan home.

Novak Djokovic pictured with chef Lauren Von Der Pool

Photos of Novak Djokovic with his arm around Serena and Venus Williams' beautiful chef have emerged amid claims the tennis champion is having marital problems with wife Jelena (inset bottom with her husband). Celebrity chef Lauren Von Der Pool (right) first met the former Wimbledon champion when she gave him dieting tips in 2012. The 33-year-old graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Los Angeles and Paris Culinary School often posts saucy snaps of herself on her Instagram page - including three pictures with Djokovic, 30 (left, and top inset).

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Creative crawly! Spike 'the Picasso of the bug world' creates incredible artwork with a pen clenched between his pincers - as bids on his first masterpiece reach $300 and counting

Spike the stag beetle has won the hearts of the tens of thousands of people on Twitter with his extraordinary skill. His owner Mandy, 27, an English teacher who lives in Japan, says she discovered his artistic skill by accident. She had been experimenting with things Spike could grasp when she gave him a marker. He immediately began wandering around the page, 'drawing'. Mandy, who has not revealed her surname, was so impressed by the artwork, she posted it on Twitter.

Ghanaian-born Major Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah (pictured), an Afghanistan war veteran, is thought to be preparing to take over the role from Wing Commander Sam Fletcher later this year.

The writer Vassi Chamberlain, an ex Tatler journalist who now writes for fashion glossy Porter, says she watched Allegra go from 'carefree little girl to heartbroken adolescent' as she battled cancer.

Now they ARE some wild horses: Amazing pictures show men wrestling with stallions before they are rounded up and groomed in centuries-old Spanish tradition 

Held in Sebucedo, in the north-western region of Galicia, the 400-year-old Rapa das Bestos or 'shearing of the beasts' brings together horses living in the mountains and mostly men who measure their strength by trimming the animals' manes and tails. The horses must first be herded down from the mountains by Aloitadores, or fighters, who work in teams of three to overpower them. Pictured left: A reveller tries to hold on to a wild horse during the festival and, right, a man rides bareback on one of the horses.


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Shocking moment bullfighter is gored at Spanish festival

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT Photos show the banderillero assistant bullfighter being tossed into the air and gored by a raging bull (left) on the third day of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. The wounded man had to be carried out of the ring after the attack, although the extent of his injuries is not known. A picador fighter was also knocked off his horse after plunging a spear into a bull during the event (top and bottom right). Tonight's bullfight followed the third running of the bulls in which four people suffered minor injuries.

Turkish mom uses food to create dresses for her daughter

Alya Chaglar, 31, from Antalya, Turkey, has gained around 30,000 followers for using various food stuffs and forced perspective to style her little girl Stefani. The mom uses everything from lettuce to chilies and even slices of watermelon to create looks that wouldn't be out of place on the Met Gala red carpet.