This software is available as a freeware, you can download and use it for free.


SharpShot is a multi-platform picture editing software. It is meant for people who think Photoshop or Gimp are too cumbersome for everyday picture editing, while other simpler software like F-Spot or Windows Picture Manager are not powerful enough. SharpShot is meant to be a practical app that lets you edit many shots quickly, while giving you powerful and fast operations to match demanding photographers’ needs.

The design philosophy includes:

  • original files are never modified, all modifications are made on distinct versions stored in separate files. This is very important for most photographers.
  • versioning is simple, only one version of an original file is active, and it will be the one displayed, uploaded, etc.
  • it does not try to scan all your pictures into a library and display them all. It only opens the files / folders you want to work on.
  • it makes available most operations that serious photographers need, and executes them fast on one or more pictures.
  • it offers previews and histograms for all operations.

This application makes use of:

  • Java’s SWING in order to run on every platform.
  • JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) to perform image operation extremely fast, taking full advantage of hardware acceleration.
  • SwingFast and JASIX libraries that make its code much shorter and cleaner.


SharpShot’s main features include:

  • ability to open entire folders with pictures, and edit them as a batch
  • automatic versioning of modified image, always keeping the original file untouched
  • full set of basic image operation including cropping, resizing, rotating
  • full set of image improvement tools including brightness, contrast and colors
  • full set of advanced operations including sharpening, blur, noise reduction
  • extra tools including mosaic creation, red-eye removal, watermarking
  • all image modifications offer preview, histogram, and batch operation
  • fast undo, redo, history of changes
  • effects can be applied on a rectangular or a circular sub-selection of the image
  • picture metadata (EXIF) browser
  • upload to Flickr or Picasa, export to Zipped folder
  • automatic save of preferences and usage settings
  • efficient keyboard shortcuts
  • runs identically on all platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS


  • OS: Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX
  • A recent Java installed (version 1.6.0 update 21 or above is recommended)
  • at least 1GB of RAM (application may take up to 512MB by default)


Please try it out, enjoy the app, and give feedback on what can be improved :-)


Download the appropriate version:


  • place archive file where is preferred (for example, in your downloads folder)
  • extract the archive (right-click “Extract All”)
  • open the extracted folder and double-click SharpShot (type Application), or execute SharpShot.exe in a terminal


Download the appropriate version:


  • place archive file where is preferred (for example, in your downloads folder)
  • extract the archive (right-click “Extract Here”)
  • open the extracted folder and double-click, or execute in a terminal


Download the appropriate version:


  • place archive file where is preferred and extract it (for example, in your downloads folder)
  • extract the archive (double-click the file)
  • open the extracted folder and double-click launchSharpShot.command, or execute launchSharpShot.command in a terminal


General viewing:
General viewing

General editing:
General editing

Editing colors:
Editing colors

Modifying a batch of pictures:
Modifying a batch of pictures

Opening a file:
Opening a file

Application preferences:
Application preferences

Upload to Flickr:
Upload to Flickr

Exif browser:
Exif browser

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