Six pounds is the cost of the cheapest Proms tickets this year. Prices go up to around £70 for the more popular programmes at the Royal Albert Hall.

Somewhat amazingly, Spider-Man: Homecoming is the sixth Spider-Man film to be released in just 15 years. The old Marvel Comics character has now been rebooted three times.

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra sounds magnificent in Wotan's Farewell and the Magic Fire Music. The sound from the pit is truly excellent.

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English's of Brighton has been flogging seafood from the same site since 1945. Which means they must be doing something right.

So rather than do Pinot Grigio down, I reckon Gavi should be the surprise hit of this summer - mysteriously underrated for under a tenner on plenty of supermarket shelves.

The Watts Gallery, near Guildford, is an enchanting place - the house and studio of the Victorian painter George Watts.

It's hard not to feel sorry for A-level history students 100 years from now, when they are told that they will have to study for exams on Charles and Diana.

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