Rightmove's most expensive homes for sale

Imagine having an unlimited budget to buy a property anywhere in the world. What house would you pick? These homes revealed in exclusive research by property website Rightmove could be yours if money really was no object, including, clockwise from top left, a six-bed house in Australia, a seven-bed villa in Thailand, a ten-bed villa in Morrocco, a six-bed house in Brazil, and a eleven-bed house in California, USA.

Investors buy the properties with no intention of renting them out. Instead, they keep them empty with the aim of selling them on in pristine condition for a higher price.

Rents in London have increased by 45% on average since 2007, while they have dropped 7% in the North West and 4% in the the North East, according to a new report by Hometrack.

If your home is near a big sporting venue, you're on to a winner. How much you receive varies from property to property: a five-bedroom house with a garden, within a lob of the Wimbledon courts, can fetch £9,000 a week.

With its city centre set within historic castle walls, and the River Ouse running through it, it is no wonder that York is a much sought-after location. We take a quick tour.

Would you pay £9k for coffee on tap? We review the latest high-tech coffee machine - and two cheaper alternatives

Comedian Marcus Brigstocke and actor Alexis Conran check out the £8,995 coffee machine that operates using an App in Dave's new TV series, The Joy of Techs. We take a look at where you can buy such a designer piece of kitchen gear and suggest some cheaper alternatives - including a table top coffee maker from Nespresso.

This Welsh property has been nicknamed 'The Hobbit House' by local estate agents, and comes with a turf roof and uniquely-shaped windows.

Those buying their first home can expect to pay £207,693 on average, claims a report by Halifax. While those in London can expect to pay almost double that amount at £409,975.

Can you guess the prices of these beach huts for sale?

Beach huts have become highly desirable properties with asking prices to match. In fact, one of the beach huts in our quiz below costs £60,000 - although another is a comparative bargain at just £12,000. So, can you spot the hut that costs more than a quarter of the price of the average home?

TV property expert Sarah Beeny has chosen this Property of the Month with its period features and its Hull location - somewhere she describes as 'a brilliant place to buy'.

Top interior design tips revealed in three home makeovers

See how three homes were transformed into luxury pads with designer touches such as over-sized lamps and co-ordinating ornaments added to previously bland interiors. We got top designers at Alexander James Interior Design to give their advice on how to achieve a sophisticated designer look.

Beauty YouTuber Zoe Sugg - known to her millions of fans as Zoella - has revealed where she keeps her hundreds of skincare products - in an apothecary chest costing £573.99.

Scotland's Edinburgh tops the rankings, followed by Croydon in South London, Glasgow in Scotland and Central London, according to the findings from Zoopla.

More than a fifth of sellers would accept an offer that was five per cent lower than the asking price if their buyer was chain free and a mortgage agreed

Britain's most popular homes for sale

All 10 of the most viewed properties for sale can be found on property website Zoopla. Pictured (clockwise from top left) is a five-bed house in Surrey's Kingston-Upon-Thames, an eight-bed house in Surrey's Oxshott, a seven-bed house in South Yorkshire's Barnsley and a four-bed house in London's Belgravia.

Flats with £2.3m Banksy mural to rent for £1,000 a week

The three-storey building on the fashionable Portobello Road in Notting Hill is being fully renovated to include two luxury flats above a restaurant. The exterior of the building shows the Banksy mural known as 'The Painter', which is said to be worth £2.3million.

New homes in the Buckinghamshire town account for over a third of all property sales in the postcode area at 33.2 per cent, according to analysis of Hometrack figures by property website Zoopla.

eMoov lists the least affordable places to buy a house

The findings by estate agent eMoov found that the average house price across the country is 6.05 times the average wage. It leaves some buyers wondering how they will ever buy a property as lenders typically only lend up to 4.5 times your salary. The report suggested that the gap between the current average wage and the wage required for a general mortgage approval of 4.5 times salary is £6,111. However, there are huge regional differences with the majority of the least affordable homes in London. The capital is the worst region in the country, with the average house price being 12.05 times the average wage. The exception is Purbeck in Dorset, which as an average earnings price ratio of 14.12. Other areas listed in the 10 least affordable areas include Oxford at 13.18 times, South Bucks in Buckinghamshire at 13.08 and Hertsmere in Hertfordshire at 12.95. Three Rivers in Hertfordshire, South Hames in Devon, Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, Christchurch in Dorset, Surrey's Epsom & Ewell, and Brighton & Hove in East Sussex also feature in the list.

Zoopla can you guess the price of these houses for sale?

The average price of a home in Britain has now reached £219,649, according to the latest figures from Halifax. But that single number masks incredible extremes, with a similar-seeming property variation in price by several multiples depending on where it is in the country. We've come up with a selection of properties from across the UK, including a semi-detached Grade II listed house in Barnsbury, north London, (top left), a five-bedroom house in Bath, Somerset, (top, centre), a three-bedroom property in Crediton, Devon (top right), a five-bedroom house in Sudbury, Suffolk, (bottom left), a four-bedroom detached house in Sandbanks, Poole, which has a swimming pool and sea views (bottom, centre), a seven-bedroom house in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, (bottom right) and a four-bed flat in London's Nine Elms. So can you tell which one is the most costly?

The toy bricks can be incorporated into homes, from a small key ring holder or kitchen splashback to an entire staircase created out of almost 20,000 pieces.

The leasehold 'studio' in East London's Bethnal Green measures just 16.4 square metres and comes with a separate shower room and a separate toilet. We met the neighbours.

The launch of the first sub-one per cent mortgage deals has helped push the average rate of popular two-year fixed-rate deals to just 1.26 per cent in April, official figures have revealed.

A 32-year-old Londoner has won a competition to live in the capital rent-free for the next year, but tells the MailOnline that he may still struggle to afford to buy a home with his wife next year.

Luxury Mayfair student accommodation costing £67,000 each

The spotless student flats are available to rent in in the prestigious London neighbourhood of Mayfair (pictured top left), one of the most expensive places to live in the country. The spacious flats, which look out over the city's skyline (pictured bottom left), cost the equivalent of £67,600 - more than twice the average annual salary in the UK. The bedrooms (pictured bottom right) have an ensuite marble bathroom and a high-tech control panel that allows you to alter lighting and underfloor heating at a touch of a button. And don't expect to have to worry about cleaning the spotless student pad (pictured top right). The pads include a weekday daily housekeeping service in the price. A recent Savills report revealed strong growth in the student homes section of the property market - although not everyone will be able to afford rooms in some of the capital's most prestigious areas (pictured inset).

The prospect of a £91,000 Bulgarian bolthole tops a list that feels like a throwback to the days when daytime TV was awash with programmes featuring far-flung holiday homes.

A quarter of homes in England and Wales are detached, according to research for MailOnline by Savills, and if you want to buy one now, it would cost an average of £383,000.

Zoopla's top property bargains with discounts of up to 50%

A search on property website Zoopla reveals the extend to which homes are being reduced in price - by as much as 50 per cent in some cases. It suggests that a total of 31 per cent of homes for sale on its site have seen their asking prices cut since the beginning of the year.

The biggest gap was in London's Haringey, where the average home rose in value by £91,000 more over two years than the median earner living there took home after tax.

A child typically expects their parents to fork out £17,013 to help them with a deposit, according to the findings by insurer Aviva - but half of parents expect to give less than £10,000.

Follow our eight point plan if you're the owner of a leasehold property and need to take action against a property management company offering a poor service.

Grand Designs eco home for sale in Cambridgeshire

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud described the Hexagon House in the Cambridgeshire Fens as a success 'despite all its quirks' - which included an 800-year-tree trunk as a central staircase. It was built by carpenter Kelly Neville and his wife Masoko for £300,000, including the cost of the land.

It's not only the love matches and the maitre d's Fred Sirieix that have made TV's First Dates such a success. The restaurant's interior has won hearts too. We reveal where to buy similar lights.

The luxury home cinema includes Meyer sound, the same type used in Hollywood's finest screening rooms - but can you recreate your own version with a more modest budget of £10k?

St Moritz is a favourite among celebrities from Pippa Middleton to Claudia Schiffer, but it's notoriously hard to buy property for non-Swiss. One firm's found a - slightly convoluted - solution.

Property prices of mobile homes reach £500k

Mobile homes were once considered unslightly blots on the landscape. But it seems they're undergoing something of a renaissance if some of the current asking prices are anything to go by. We have found a handful of such properties around the country with price tags higher than the average home in Britain - and in some cases significantly more. Pictured: A three bedroom property in Sandhurst, Berkshire has an asking price of £499,950. A home is in St Neots, Cambridgeshire is on the market for £250,000. One home in Bracknell has an asking price of £299,950 and a two bedroom mobile home in Denham, Buckinghamshire costs £275,000.

Vancouver Trump Tower two bedroom flat on market for £1.3m

The £1,316,906 apartment has doubled in price since being bought 'off-plan' by an investor in 2014, and it has not been lived in since it was bought. It is part of the latest development to be built under the Trump brand and was completed in Canada's city of Vancouver at the end of last year.




What would you find most attractive in a potential home?

What would you find most attractive in a potential home?

  • Spacious rooms 616 votes
  • Open-plan living 256 votes
  • Expensive kitchen 155 votes
  • Luxury bathroom 97 votes
  • Large garden 267 votes
  • Chance to extend 128 votes
  • Period features 255 votes

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