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Jeremy Meeks reunites with Chloe Green in a hotel pool

He sent shock waves across the internet when pictures emerged of him kissing Chloe Green on a yacht in Turkey last month. And following the news that Jeremy Meeks has filed for legal separation from his wife of eight years Melissa Meeks, he was spotted spotted sneaking into a hotel with British heiress Chloe Green on Friday. The American felon turned model, 33, was seen canoodling with the British Topshop heiress, 26, as they enjoyed a PDA-filled paddle in an LA hotel pool- the same day heart-broken wife Melissa was celebrating her birthday.

Greens senator Scott Ludlam forced to pay back $1.6million

Scott Ludlam (main) may be forced to pay back $1.6million in wages he received during his time as Greens Senator after it was revealed he 'forgot' he held dual New Zealand-Australian citizenship. Mr Ludlam said he could not afford to pay back the money, but was confident it would not get to that point. 'It's going to be millions of dollars and my total assets amount to a fast computer and some nice shoes,' he said. Ludlam's Kiwi citizenship, resulting in his shock resignation, was exposed by Perth barrister Dr John Cameron (inset). It is understood Mr Cameron obtained documents not publicly available from New Zealand authorities.

For the third time, Palawan Island in the Philippines has been crowned the 'Best Island in the World' by the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine.

Pippa Middleton makes third visit to Wimbledon

Pippa, 33, was spotted leaving the Wimbledon match hand-in-hand with her new loved-up husband after watching close-friend Roger Federer triumph. The new Mrs Matthews chose a simple, but elegant white dress for the occasion, while her brother James added a splash of colour in rather loud green trousers as he accompanied their mother Carole, 61. The pair were seen catching up with Mirka Federer ahead of her husband's semi final match.

Australian Ninja Warrior a hit with males

NEW It's the obstacle course reality show that has proved a hit with viewers since its premiere on Sunday. And it seems that Australian Ninja Warrior is just as big a hit with the men as the ladies. The Daily Telegraph reported that the show, which enticed 1.68 million metropolitan viewers on Sunday, 1.6 on Monday and 1.47 on Tuesday had a 50-50 split of male and female viewers.

Randi Zurenko, 34, was jailed on Thursday after pleading guilty to having sexual relations with two female teenage students while teaching at a Pennsylvania Catholic high school.

New Netflix series To the Bone is causing controversy for promoting eating disorders. We spoke to experts and sufferers to find out the impact of seeing anorexia on screen.

AFL employees named scandal forced two execs to resign

Wallabies star Kurtley Beale's (left) long-term partner Maddi Blomberg (second left) has been named as one of the female employees involved in the sex scandal that has rocked the AFL. The other person involved is AFL legal staffer Ali Gronow (inset), who is currently on leave. The 'inappropriate relationships' led to the shock resignations of Simon Lethlean (top right) and Richard Simkiss (bottom right).

A former University of Canberra law lecturer who was jailed for at least two and a half years for rape on Friday has been told in court he abused his position of trust.

The electronics giant has revealed the first installation of 34-foot LED screen designed to replace a cinema screen and ten times brighter than a projector at a cinema in Korea.

Woman donates cancelled wedding reception to homeless

NEW Sarah Cummins was due to marry her fiance Logan Araujo on Saturday at the Ritz Charles reception venue in Carmel, just north of Indianapolis. The 25-year-old cancelled the wedding last week but found she was unable to refund the cost of the reception dinner for their 170 guests. The Purdue University grad student decided to donate the reception to several homeless shelters in Indiana and invited them to dinner at the venue on Saturday night.

Coles have revealed on Friday they are ditching plastic shopping bags, just hours after major competitor Woolworths announced the same ban.

NEW He came extremely close to completing the gruelling Australian Ninja course this week, faltering only on the final obstacle.

Jennifer Lawrence 'not pretty enough' to play Sharon Tate

NEW Quentin Tarantino is reported to be deciding between Jennifer Lawrence, pictured left, and Margot Robbie, pictured right, for the role of murdered actress Sharon Tate, pictured centre, in a movie about the 1969 Manson Family murders. But Sharon's sister Debra Tate, 64, says she's clear in her own mind which of the accomplished actresses should get the gig, and it's not Oscar winner JLaw. 'She's not pretty enough to play Sharon,' Debra told TMZ Thursday. 'My pick would be Margot simply because of her physical beauty and even the way she carries herself is similar to Sharon.'

Widow claims doctor is to blame for husband's death

An Australian widow of a man, 32, who died after suffering a heart attack blames her late husband's doctor for his death. Krystal Parnell believes her lover's symptoms were wrongly diagnosed as an asthma attack rather than those of heart failure which took his life on October 13 2014. She claims that in a conversation she had with her partner, Anthony Parnell, his doctor offered a special inhaler for smokers just 24 hours before he died.

NEW Two nursery workers in southern Brazil have been charged with suspected child abuse after shocking CCTV footage emerged of the pair assaulting toddlers at a daycare centre (pictured).

Cosmo DiNardo told police he killed and tried to born the corpses of four missing Pennsylvania with the help of his cousin Sean Kratz. DiNardo met the victims to sell marijuana.

Brigitte Macron takes on Melania Trump in the style stakes

Since the Trumps' arrival yesterday, the French president's wife, 64, has sported a number of very youthful looks with daring hemlines while Melania, 47, has been the epitome of conservative chic. Left to right: Melania in a floral midi dress and Brigitte in a short navy shift at the Bastille Day parade; the First Lady gives a nod to Jackie Kennedy in Dior, while Mrs Macron opts for nurse-inspired chic and the French first lady stuns in a midi dress for diner at the Eiffel tower while her US counterpart channels the French flag.

It is the scandal which has electrified Washington, New York, and Russia, and painted his eldest son as at very least a fool and at worst a knave. So who revealed he had met a Russian lawyer?

Woman finally has a baby aged 60 and is then dumped

Serif Nokic (pictured far right) decided to leave Atifa Ljajic (pictured left) on the day the her newborn baby arrived. The couple, from Serbia, had been trying to conceive for over 20 years - but Serif changed his mind when he heard the baby screaming from the maternity ward, and said he was 'too old to put up with the crying'.

NEW Jessica Edens was involved in a custody dispute over one of the children with her husband in Greenville, South Carolina and complained that he'd had an affair for the past year.

Racy selfies daughters accidentally sent to their parents

The screenshots, posted on an online gallery, show women from around the world who were left red-faced after they accidentally sent their racy snaps to the wrong person. Some shared their intimate pictures with strangers, while otherwise were mortified to discover their mother or father had received the images. Meanwhile racy mothers shared X-rated and lingerie-clad snaps meant for their husbands to their children.

Two offenders went on a rampage across east London targeting deliver drivers from firms including Deliveroo and UberEats with police arresting teenagers aged 15 and 16 today.

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has accused One Nation leader Pauline Hanson of calling him a 'c***'. 'It was a word directed at me by a particular, redheaded Australian senator.'

Bubble trouble: Passengers aghast as flight attendant is spotted pouring champagne back into the bottle in Emirates business class 

It has been shared tens of thousands of times by outraged commenters - but insiders claim there could be an innocent explanation. On a Reddit thread of the video, some suggested reusing the champagne would be 'disgusting'. But others suggested it was likely to be a convenient way of disposing of unused liquid.

Andy Murray won praise after correcting a journalist who said Sam Querrey was 'the first US player to reach a major semi-final since 2009' - with Serena Williams saying all female athletes should back him.

Zoe Crocker, 31, from Plymouth, said her son Dilan-James asked to have his nails done. She said she got a mostly positive response online, but some suggested it was a 'girl thing'.

YouTube's Household Hacker share top summer kitchen hacks

New Youtube video by Household Hacker shares the top hacks to try during the summer months, including peeling a pineapple in just seconds by cutting off the top and using a corer.

Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrates her 40th birthday

Princess Victoria of Sweden, who celebrates her 40th birthday today, was overshadowed by her playful niece Princess Leonore as the royal family gathered to kick off the festivities in Stockholm. Three-year-old Leonore, the daughter of Victoria's sister Princess Madeleine, was photographed scampering around the courtyard outside the Royal Palace (right and inset). Victoria's own children, Estelle, five, and Oscar, one, were on their best behaviour as they posed for pictures with their parents (left).

Marleen Wardalazarr, a 26-year-old from Toronto, Canada, claims losing 100 pounds cured her of her multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Playbuzz quiz tests knowledge on flags and their countries

Do you consider yourself well-travelled? Or just good at geography? This test challenges players to identify the countries of ten different flags, from one side of the globe to another, and while some might be glaringly obvious, others might just leave you stumped.

Bride Emilyrose Fitzpatrick spends just £1000 on wedding

Emilyrose Fitzpatrick, 29, from Glasgow, (pictured left and right on her wedding day with husband Rory and guests) looked every inch the beautiful bride as she tied the knot with husband Rory in a romantic ceremony, followed by a big reception at a local pub. Incredibly, she managed to keep to a tiny budget, spending just £60 on her dress, £50 on flowers and £200 on a photographer. The reception at a local pub was the biggest expenditure, costing £590 - but this included hiring the venue, entertainment and food a drink.

The 33-year-old was airlifted to hospital on Wednesday and his ventilator was turned off a day later surrounded by his friends and family - including his stuntwoman girlfriend Jennifer Cocker.

A major new Channel 4 documentary charting the rise and epic falling out of two of hip-hop's biggest stars in Kanye West and Jay-Z offers a glimpse into the Chicago rapper's early life.

Conor McGregor sparks racism row after appearing to call black people 'monkeys' as Floyd Mayweather labels his comments 'totally disrespectful' 

After their press conference on Wednesday McGregor was asked who would win between him and Rocky III. 'That's the one where he had that celebrity gym isn't it? With the dancing monkeys in the gym and all,' McGregor said. His comments led some people to suggest the MMA star was referring to a scene in the film when Rocky Balboa walks into a gym full of black fighters. Mayweather said McGregor has 'crossed the line' with his remarks. The undefeated boxer suggested his 29-year-old opponent lacked maturity but that he would focus only on the fight at hand.

NEW Researchers from Curtin University and the Planetary Science Institute conducted computer simulations to analyze the movement of rock grains and mud in planet-forming asteroids.

Cristiano Ronaldo's yacht boarded by officers in Ibiza

Authorities in Spain said the routine inspection was carried out on the footballer's yacht, named the aYa London, and witnesses said Ronaldo remained calm as it was being carried out. He was with family members, including girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez after leaving a restaurant on the island of Formentera.

Sons And Daughters was one of the best-loved Australian soap operas of the 1980s. Premiering on the Seven Network on 18 January 1982, the series ran for an incredible 972 half-hour episodes.

At the top of the list is a rump steak burger from The Quartermasters in Hobart. Miguel's second favourite, the Melbourne Madness, features double fried beer battered dim sum and potato cakes.

Tearful pervert falls to his knees and begs for mercy from paedophile hunters after they catch him trying to meet a 12-year-old girl for sex

Praju Prasad, 24, from North Shields, thought he had been talking to the schoolgirl on social media, but in fact he was messaging members of vigilante group, Guardians of the North. Prasad was confronted by the group with a camera, after arranging to meet the girl at North Shields Metro Station. A clip shows the pervert begging for the men to 'leave him alone' as he breaks down onto his knees.

DEVAST8 tattooed man is offered jobs

A teenage father who claimed he couldn't get a job because he was inked with a huge 'DEVAST8' facial tattoo in prison has now been inundated with offers of work. Mark Cropp, from Auckland, New Zealand (pictured right and inset with his partner before the tattoo) was desperate to find a job when he was released from prison but said the amateur tattoo, which covers his cheeks, mouth and chin, (left) put off potential employers. But since the unemployed 19-year-old, who said his tattoo is so shocking it has nearly caused car crashes in the past, posted about his plight he has been offered jobs in scaffolding and construction despite his criminal convictions. 'I just wanted to get out of prison and work hard and do right by my family so I am really pleased about the job offers I've had,' Cropp said. Mark has also been offered laser therapy to remove the tattoo and will have his first session on Tuesday.

Woman says Qantas froze pet bird to death on London flight

Danielle Di Fiore's (pictured, left) big move from the Gold Coast, Australia, to London took a tragic turn when her pet parrot Kakota died shortly after arrival in the UK. The 21-year-old paid Qantas over $2,500 to transport her two birds, Elvis and Kakota, but Kakota (pictured, right), a two-year-old Indian ringneck parrot, was 'barely alive' when the plane landed at Heathrow, and died a short time later. An arrival report suggested that the parrot may have suffered hypothermia, and noted several problems with its container (pictured top right). The furious owner is now raising money for legal action against Qantas.

Dog gives birth to a GREEN puppy

Three-year-old Rio gave birth to a litter of nine puppies - but when one came out mint green Louise Sutherland, of Golspie, Scotland, was speechless. The pup has been named Forest. The substance can stain the puppy's coat when it mixes with the mother's amniotic fluid - the liquid that protects and nourishes the pup. Mrs Sutherland said: 'The first pup was stuck, so myself and my daughter Claire managed to free him and pull him out safely. It was all hands on deck but then as the puppies started to arrive, we noticed that one of the puppies had green fur! We couldn't believe it.'

A once highly-regarded teacher who made indecent recordings of students was depressed, unconsciously wanted to be caught and claimed his offending was a 'power trip'.

Bizarre moment a biker pushes his moped into a car before leaping onto the windscreen 'in a cash for crash attempt' 

The footage, which was shot on a British motorist's dashcam earlier this month, shows as she drives along a residential street. But a man with a moped appears in the road and pushes his scooter back into the front of her car as she approaches. The man then dramatically throws himself on the bonnet as the driver shouts: 'What the hell? You idiot!'


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Pictured, people in laser focus of multiple murder hunt

The Wagner family lives in Kenai, Alaska, 4,000 miles away from the eight murders police believe say they are the 'laser focus' of in Piketon, Ohio (right). DailyMail.com spotted the Wagners including George 'Billy' Wagner (left) and son Edward 'Jake' Wagner (right) going about their lives in the rural Alaskan town. Police believe the Wagners hold the key to who slaughtered Christopher Roden Jr, 16 (right), Clarence 'Frankie' Rhoden, 20, Hannah Hazel Gilley, 20, Hanna May Rhoden, 19, Christopher Rhoden Sr, 40, Dana Rhoden (left), 37, Gary Rhoden, 38, and Kenneth Rhoden (center), 44 in April last year.

A second Australian Border Force boss, Capability Division Assistant Commissioner Peter Docwra, has allegedly quit his job after becoming embroiled in a relationship scandal. 

Elaine Diaz (pictured) of Fresno, California asked her nephew Tommy Rios, 20, to look after her three-year-old Pomeranian called Pepper earlier this month because she had to travel.

The Secret World of Posh Pets sees dogs go on luxury trip

The Secret World of Posh Pets on Channel 5 explores the lives of the most spoiled pups in the world such as Cockapoo Darcy (pictured far left and bottom right). Her London owner sent her to a luxury retreat in a Norfolk mansion (pictured top right) The House of Mutt to lose the weight she gained from eating too many treats at her doggy birthday party. The hotel has been described as the Eton for dogs.

Charnwut Seuksongkram, 29, was arrested by police in Chiang Mai, Thailand, after they were tipped off that he was attempting to smuggle condoms filled with meth pellets inside two chickens.

Snapper Giedrius Stakauskas got up close to the creature in his back garden in London. The fox strolled right up to his camera and stared down the lense, before sticking out its tongue.

Palestinian attacker plays dead before getting up to carry on attack against Israeli police which left two officers and three gunmen dead at Temple Mount

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Palestinian gunmen opened fire on Israeli police on Friday in Jerusalem, as video captured the moment one man was shot dead at Temple Mount. Footage shows the man laying on the floor and surrounded by police before getting up and attempting to run - but he is quickly cut down in a hail of bullets. Police said the attack started at Lion's Gate, one of the entrances into the walled Old City, before the men fled to the holy site, known in Judaism as Temple Mount and in Islam as Noble Sanctuary. The attack happened despite heightened security on Friday for prayers.

Former professional soccer player Jeromy Harris appeared barefoot in a Brisbane court on Friday after being charged with offences related to the alleged torture of a woman, 21.

Two rottweilers who mauled Avah Gibbs, three, at a NSW home last week were seized by the Blue Mountains City Council rangers and put down on Friday.

That box of cereal on your kitchen benchtop might not be the best option, according to Australian dietitian, Ali Patterson. She said that despite their wholesome image, many are packed with sugar.

Chrissy Sparks transforms women for racy boudoir shoot

Chrissy Sparks, 34, from Birmingham, offers her clients the chance to feel sexy and glamorous in editorial-style boudoir shoots. These incredible before and afters show how make-up, hairstyling, clever lighting and editing can turn any woman into an alluring temptress. Left to right: Louise, Melissa, Lucy and Rose.

A Melbourne man accused of murdering three squatters by setting fire to an old Melbourne factory is expected to deny the charges and point the finger at two others when he faces court.

China reportedly conducted a series of combat exercises on its aircraft carrier Lianing near the Taiwan Strait on July 13. The drills aimed to help soldiers sharpen skills, said reports.

The pair were seen making their way through Heathrow Airport on Thursday, with Marc pushing Charlotte through the crowds on a luggage cart while Chelsea held Aidan in a Baby Bjorn.

In the latest warning,  Bank of America Merrill Lynch lowered its estimates for Apple's iPhone shipments by 11 million for the year, and suggest it could be delayed by a month.

Indonesian women & men beaten for violating Sharia Law

At least two people were beaten after transgressing sharia law in the Indonesian province of Aceh on Thursday, as crowds including children gathered to watch the punishment handed out. It is not known exactly what these people did to earn the punishment, though whipping is typically used for behavioural crimes, such as drinking alcohol or sex outside marriage. Aceh is the only province in the world's most populous Muslim nation to practice sharia law, and carries out hundreds of such beatings per year, with 339 handed out in 2016, according to human rights watch.

Nearly three quarters of sufferers are sexually aroused by amputation, finds Amsterdam study. They are 'significantly more often men, religious, and of a homosexual identity'.

Bored Panda show ways bars & restaurants draw customers in

Photos show off the hilarious signs and quirky decorations that leave a big impression on customers when they visit, including a warning not to tap on the glass because it might scare the bagels (bottom right). Others include (clockwise from top left): a passive-aggressive note not to smoke on a bar's balcony; a hilarious sign joking that Americans need to be accompanied by adults; a bar in Barcelona which has slyly placed a photo of Donald Trump over a mouth-shaped urinal; an enticing offer from a bar that turns out not to be a deal at all; and a restaurant which turned an act of vandalism into a shrine dedicated to the vandal's 'tiny penis'.

An Ohio State University trial on mice showed those fed a daily diet of tomato powder for 35 weeks, available in a range of supermarkets, had their tumours shrink.

Police believe they have found human remains during an evidence dig on a property linked to the murder of a Pennsylvania police chief, Greg Adams, who was reportedly killed by Donald Webb in 1980.

Rare quintuplet white lion cubs play in their enclosure

Adorable photos show ten-week-old cubs playing in their enclosure at a private zoo in Dvorec in the Czech Republic under the watchful eye of their parents. The animals, four females and a male, were born on May 4 earlier this year. Quintuplets of white lions are extremely rare in one litter because usually there are no more than four cubs. Pictured left: Parents Tia and Aga spend some quality time with one of their cubs. Top right: Two cubs relax in their enclosure. Bottom right: Tia nuzzles up to her five cubs while Aga keeps a lookout.

Also known as Ol Doinyo Lengai, the 7,650ft volcano is located less than 70 miles from where footprints left by our ancestors 3.6 million years ago have been discovered in Tanzania.

Chiu Yi-ying, 46, and Hsu Shu-hua, 41, were seen fighting in the televised debate as tensions over an infrastructure reform boiled over in Parliament.

Swiping left on Facebook's camera will present UK and US users with the option to create their own Gif. The feature is only available to a small number of trial US and UK users for now.

Madonna wrote a letter to actor John Enos in the early 1990s bemoaning what she saw as a lack of success while slamming the 'horribly mediocre' careers of Sharon Stone and Whitney Houston. 

Horrifying video shows a snake's decapitated head writhing around AFTER a Texas family cut if off with tree loppers

A gory video has emerged of a venomous water snake flashing its fangs and turning on the floor after its head had been cut off. The clip shows the deadly black moccasin, also known as a cottonmouth snake, looking as though it is still alive. After a few moments the nerve endings die out and the snake stops moving. It's then prodded by one the viewers checking for signs of life.Jill-Scott Mollett from Sunnyvale, Texas posted the video on her Facebook account earlier this week and said her two young daughters had come across the deadly serpent in a garden flowerbed.

Fascinating new graphics reveal how quickly we can reach our RDIs of fat, sugar and salt if we're not careful. You only need to eat a McDonald's Big Tasty meal to reach your RDI of fat (70g).

An Australian man whose thumb was severed in a cattle herding accident has had a big toe surgically removed and transplanted onto his hand to replace the lost digit.

The crowd held its breath as the planes (pictured) flew towards each other at the show at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire today, positioning themselves so precisely that they sped past each other unscathed.

Inventor David Martyn, 58, of Wallingford, Oxfordshire, said the building's partitions and storage space allow it to be used as a home, classrooms, business spaces, operating theatres and shelters for refugees.

Acid attack survivor Katie Piper describes 'life sentence'

In a moving open letter (inset) Ms Piper, from Hampshire, talked about the nine years it has taken her to get used to her scares and the hundreds of operations she has needed to live a normal life. Her letter comes after a gang of moped thieves sprayed acid in the faces of up to five takeaway delivery men during a 72 minute crime spree across east London last night. In March 2008, when she was 24 years old, Danny Lynch, a man she had been dating, arranged for an accomplice to throw sulphuric acid in her face.This attack left Ms Piper partially blinded, with severe and permanent scarring to her face, chest, neck, arm and hands. The pregnant campaigner is now arguing for longer prison sentences for people who use acid in attacks. Ms Piper is pictured right today and right in 2009, a year after the attack.

A stunning new infrared image from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has revealed the worm-like fissures blanketing the floor of a mysterious crater on Mars. It shows the bizarre 'ejecta blanket.'

The Drone Racing League (DRL),  set the record using the specially designed battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter at a Queens park.

Arend Hintze of Michigan State University, a leading AI expert says he would 'appeal to the compassion and empathy that the superintelligence has to keep me alive.'

Little Alf was saved by animal lover Hannah Russell, who lives with her parents in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, where he faced being put down because of his unusually tiny size.


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Worcestershire size 22 woman ate takeaways 5 nights a week

At her heaviest, mother-of-two Natalie Moxey, 31, from Evesham, Worcestershire, weighed more than 18 stone and spent a staggering £80-£100 a week on the convenient dinners (left and inset). But receiving a Christmas card from her local Indian takeaway in December 2015 gave her the 'nudge' she needed to drop 6 stone and slim down to a svelte size 12 (right).

Expert Karen Gately (pictured) reveals how to pluck up the courage to ask for a pay rise from the bosses - as she shares the seven simple steps you need to take to get the salary you deserve.

Australia's top engineers are warning the country's property developers could be 'cutting corners' when it comes to safety with risk of Grenfell tower style fires in order to save money.

Marta San Jose, 21, claims her husband Dale Leary, 50, brainwashed her in to helping him sexually molest her sister. Her lawyers made these claims in a Miami court on Thursday.

Kim Anami uses vagina to lift objects into the air

Intimacy coach Kim Anami, who splits her time between Bali and Los Angeles, has taught herself how to use only the muscles in her vagina to hoist a remarkable array of objects, from lutes (top left) to bags (top right) and dishes (bottom left) to bottles (bottom right). She attaches each object to a jade egg, which she inserts into her vagina and holds in place using her pelvic muscles. Ms Anami tarted practicing what she calls 'Vaginal Kung Fu' 20 years ago and now demonstrates the practice on Instragram. Also pictured, with a replica Academy Award in LA (top centre) and an incense holder in Marrakesh (bottom centre).



Dena Everman found squatters living in her Georgia house

A woman in the middle of selling off her house was barred from closing the deal after a family of strangers turned up saying it was their rightful home. Dena Everman (bottom left inset) returned to the house in Marietta, Georgia, (main) on June 25, for what she thought would be the last time before she was due to close the sale the next day. But Everman found Tamera Pritchett (top left inset), her fiance, and two children had moved in after they responded to a fake Craigslist ad from someone claiming to be the owner. The predicament lasted for nearly three weeks before Everman contacted the district attorney, who deemed it criminal trespassing.

Why settle for one Hamptons holiday home when you can have five - and a golf course? That's what one seller is offering anyone with $150m and a desire to outdo billionaire neighbors.

Around 1,000 tourists were evacuated by boat from wildfires in Sicily yesterday, as swathes of southern Italy burned after months with little rainfall in a fire which has been blamed on the mafia.

Otterly adorable! Fluffy sea animal twirls around in the water but REFUSES to get his paws wet 

The fluffy animal was seen swimming in circles off the coast of California. But as it floated through the water it did its absolute utmost to ensure that it kept its paws above water (pictured left and right). Photographer William Drumm, who spotted the adorable animal, said he could imagine it saying 'don't get your hands wet, don't get your hands wet'.