ISIS militants are thrown to their deaths and shot as they lay dying in video allegedly showing Iraqi troops carrying out executions

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The Iraqi government is investigating the video, thought to have been recorded in Mosul, and has promised to bring the perpetrators to justice if it is verified. The horrifying clip shows what appears to be an ISIS fighter being beaten (pictured left), thrown off a cliff (pictured centre) and then shot with a rifle (pictured right). The execution style is similar to the way that ISIS kills people that it declares to be homosexual.

Maha Al Adheem, 42, appeared in a Dublin court charged with killing three-year-old son Omar Omran, Police told the court that after her arrest she told them 'it was my knife, it was my hand.'

Abu Moussa al-Muhajer was shot and killed while patrolling a highway near the town of Tal Afar, 50 miles from Mosul, in Iraq, according to local media which dubbed him the 'sniper of the caliphate'.

Most of the migrants came on boats from Libya, with 24,800 coming in June alone. The majority were from Guinea, Nigeria, Bangladesh and the Ivory Coast.

New Zealand teenager Mark Cropp - who has half of his face covered with a tattoo reading 'DEVAST8' (pictured) - has lamented his struggle to find work. The 19-year-old made a Facebook appeal.

CCTV footage shows tourists carefully perusing a room decorated with dozens of rectangular pillars at renowned artist Simon Birch's exhibit in Los Angeles when suddenly disaster strikes.

Meinard Kopp, 55, was arrested after flying to Orlando, Florida on June 16. Police say he came to the U.S. to have sadomasochistic sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Female politicians slap one another and try to STRANGLE each other as mass brawl breaks out in Taiwanese parliament 

Chiu Yi-ying, 46, and Hsu Shu-hua, 41, were seen fighting in the televised debate as tensions over an infrastructure reform boiled over in Parliament. The two women scuffled and Chiu was even slapped across the face, leaving President of the Legislative Yuan, Su Chia-chyuan, repeatedly calling for calm and order.

Iraqi soldier dubbed 'the Lion of Mosul' infiltrated ISIS

Mohammed Qasim, 25, an Iraqi special forces soldier fighting in Mosul, Iraq, dressed himself as a terrorist (pictured) before going behind ISIS lines in order to identify machine gun and sniper nests. Having spotted the enemy positions, Mohammed shot six militants dead before returning to his commanders, who destroyed the emplacements with mortars before launching an infantry attack. Mohammed's actions, which came in the final days of the battle to retake Mosul, earned him a promotion to lieutenant and the nickname of 'Lion of Mosul'.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The woman, 57, joined hundreds of other tourists at Saint Maarten beach to watch planes land (pictured) at Juliana International Airport.

Donald Trump, 71, was involved in a lengthy grip of hands with Brigitte Macron, 64, after they kissed as the U.S. and French first couples met in Paris for an official visit by the U.S. president.

Shortly after touching down in Paris, Melania, 47, was whisked off to Necker Hospital where she visited the Enfants Malades wing on Thursday where she spoke in French.

The most recent strange 'smoke vortex' was spotted above the M62 near Birkenshaw in Yorkshire. It has also been spotted in California and Kazakhstan.

EU working party Article 29 said employers need 'legal ground' to search out a candidate online. While not legally binding, the recommendations are 'very persuasive' as new data laws planned.

The 'Defend Europe' plan aims to patrol the Mediterranean Sea and return would-be migrants to Libya after picking them up and keeping them safe 'in the meantime'. They raised £67k for the boat.

Did MAFIA start fire that forced 1,000 tourists to flee?

Writer Roberto Saviano said criminal organisations in likelihood started the blaze at the Campanian national park to burn rubbish or prevent construction projects going ahead. Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti has said that anyone guilty of the attack should be jailed for 15 years.

Australian Roger Hussey dies in Thailand when parasailing

Children of Australian man Roger John Hussey who plunged 30 metres (130ft) on a Thai beach (right) promised to never forget their loving father in emotional tributes on social media (inset). 'You are engraved on my memory forever, R.I.P. Daddy,' his daughter, Sonsuda Klongsombut (pictured left with her father and her sister), wrote. But Parasail operators claimed the 70-year-old caused his own death by unbuckling his harness. Roongroj Rakcheep, who took him into the air on his tragic voyage, was charged with recklessly causing death but said it wasn't his fault. 'He told us that Mr Hussey was nervous and panicked, so he accidentally unbuckled the equipment,' police said he told them. Mr Hussey waved to his Thai wife Boosabong Tongsanga, who recorded the horrifying accident on video, as he equipment was checked before the flight. She dismissed claims her husband would have panicked and unhooked his harness, and ruled out suicide. Now shocking new footage has emerged of parasail operators stand barefooted on tatty ropes at more than 80 metres in the air at the same beach.

Tribal women in Andhra Pradesh, southern India, have performed this ritual for generations during the annual festival of Ekadashi, during the month of July. Many claim it has worked for dozens of women.

The Rich Kids of Dubai Instagram account, which has amassed 158,000 followers, sees some of the richest young people in the United Arab Emirates flaunt their wealth.

This is the hilarious moment Josh Batson, who desperately wanted a son, goes off the deep end and walks into a pool after finding out his wife is pregnant their fifth daughter.

Contractor trapped INSIDE an ATM freed after note for help

The man, who has not been named, was fixing a lock inside the ATM room at the Bank of America in Mesquite Street, Corpus Christi in Texas on Wednesday, when he accidentally locked himself in. Realizing he was stuck, and had left his cell phone in his truck, the contractor resorted to posting notes begging customers using the drive-through ATM for help. There was one problem. While the machine had a steady stream of customers that afternoon, the situation was so bizarre, most wrote the note off as a practical joke.

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) bought the entire 62-acre hamlet of Johnsonville, Connecticut in a swift transaction that closed on Friday, promising to bring new life to the abandoned town.

Ruby Coleman's dementia has worsened over the past few years and although she does not remember much, she has never forgotten her soul mate Harold, who she married in 1952.

In the cutest video you'll see this week, a young baby hippo reunites with her dad outdoors with mum joining in. Fiona, a hippo just 6-months-old, is test out the waters at Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio.

Thousands of runners took part in the 875 metre run this morning, the seventh in this year's San Fermin festival, which dates back centuries.

A file photo shows people celebrating the approval of a civil unions bill in the Maltese capital on April 14, 2014

Maltese lawmakers voted 66-1 to pass the bill despite opposition from the Catholic church. The vote was the first under new Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who said 'pledged delivered'.

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was found guilty in connection with a huge probe into a kickback and embezzlement scheme involving state-owned oil group Petrobas.

Abbey Conner's family demand answers over her drowning

A family's luxury vacation ended in tragedy when two adult children in their early 20's drank by the pool and were found floating face down and unconscious at a five-star Mexican resort. The daughter mysteriously died. Her brother is speaking out for the first time. Ginny and John McGowan took Ginny's two children, Abbey (far left) 20, and Austin Conner (right with Abbey) 22, to Paraiso del Mar a five star resort just north of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The family from Pewaukee, Wisconsin were at the resort for only a couple of hours before both children were found face down in the pool. Abbey would be declared brain dead and was eventually taken off life support. 'I've been in college for five years and had my fair share of drinks before,' Austin said. 'No way in hell I'm putting my face down in a pool and going to sleep.'

'Bathing in a port? You're stupid!' Screaming police order British tourists swimming in Ibiza port to get out... as a boat comes in to dock 

A group of British, American and Australian tourists have been caught on film swimming in Ibiza's busy dock early in the morning as passersby and police demand they get out of the water. The group reluctantly comply once they realise officers are present, but not before pausing on the way out for a quick photograph. At the end of the footage the reason for officers' concern becomes abundantly clear as a large boat pulls into the dock.

Boris Nemtsov was gunned down by Zaur Dadayev just yards from the Kremlin in February 2015 in the most high-profile political killing since the Russian president came to power.

Swedish police have been handed increased powers to raid workplaces for illegal migrants and handed an extra $95m in funding as the country cracks down following the Stockholm truck attack.

Motu Tiano, deep in the South Pacific, is being put on sale by Jim Simpson and his wife for a minimum price of £4.6m. It includes a dock, boat house, modern amenities and enough beds for 15.

Beer 'created by woman for women' sparks furious backlash

Aurosa (pictured left and right), brewed in Rychvald, Czech Republic, was 'designed for the ladies'. Creator Martina Smirova wanted a beer to show women can succeed without 'sacrificing tenderness and femininity'. But after going on sale in West Hampstead in London the beer has attracted angry responses - including one woman (pictured inset) writing: 'Beer is for everyone, we don't need a pretty pink one. I'll just have a pint thanks'.

Rajabbi Khurshed, 18, killed herself just 40 days after marrying Zafar Pirov, 24, in Tajikistan. Her parents say she 'couldn't take it any longer' after Pirov kept questioning her virginity.

The young boy died from his injuries in the village of Lora in northern Pakistan. Landlord Mohammed Miskin is accused of tying the boy up as punishment for trespassing on his land.

Chisako Kakehi, 70, has become notorious over accusations she dispatched a number of elderly men she was involved with

One-time millionairess Chisako Kakehi, 70, has become notorious over accusations she dispatched a number of elderly men she was involved with.