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Prince William looks shattered after charity polo match

They may be royal and next in line to the throne but Prince Harry and brother William (centre) proved they weren't above getting stuck in this afternoon as they took part in a charity polo match. The duo donned their gear to play for the Jerudong Trophy at Cirencester Park Polo Club in Gloucestershire. Proceeds from the event - billed as an intimidate day by organisers - are going to the brothers' chosen charities. But while the event was all for a good cause, the flame-haired prince showed he was taking it every bit as seriously as a competitive match (right) as he was photographed roaring to a teammate midway through the match (left). His elder sibling however held a more stoic stance for the duration of the game (right). And the activities appeared to tire out his younger brother, who was photographed guzzling on a bottle of water after it finished

Italy may give EU visas to 200,000 migrants and send north

Italian government officials have threatened to allow 200,000 migrants who enter the country to travel across Europe by using a Brussels directive as the country struggles to cope with a huge rise in refugees fleeing north Africa. Pictured here are some of the 935 migrants rescued by Medecins Sans Frontier as they disembarked in the Italian Port of Salerno on Friday. More than 86,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy already this year. Italy has been struggling to deal with the numbers and hundreds of asylum seekers are now packed into overcrowded centres in small villages throughout the country dubbed 'human warehouses' by locals.

Jabed Hussain suffered burns to his lip when he was sprayed with a corrosive liquid through his helmet at traffic lights in east London before robbers snatched his motorbike.

Richard Davies (pictured) had a history of mental health problems and violence and had recently agreed to leave the house he shared with his wife in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

Dr Michio Hirano, the US doctor who wants to save him, has agreed to fly to the UK and examine the baby on Monday - and will then meet his British medics to discuss whether he is brain damaged.

The devices - installed by lenders offering loans to those with poor credit scores - mean customers can be left stranded. But law and finance experts say the firms may be breaking the law.

Abbey Parkes, pictured, 20, of Staffordshire, died of blood clots on her lungs partly caused by the Pill, with experts suggesting it may have contributed to 550 female deaths since 1963.

In a nationwide scam, blue badge holders living on disability benefits were paid by a gang of con artists to purchase £6million of supercars, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Yasha Asley has collected his diploma just a month after his 15th birthday, making him one of the country's youngest ever graduates. And this young Einstein did it in style, achieving 92 per cent.


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Grimsby boy's horrific injuries after drunk driver crash

Kiernan Roberts was left with a broken neck and severe head injuries when Owen Finn, 64, crashed into him on a dark country road near Grimsby on October 7 last year. The 16-year-old (left and top right before the crash) was severely disfigured in the smash. Instead of stopping, Finn, who had been downing wine, spirits and cocktails at a function attended by former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard and Geoffrey Boycott, drove 130 miles to his mother's home in Birmingham with a broken windscreen. Finn (bottom right), from Birmingham, was branded a 'coward' in court.

The married Marxist ladies’ man who pulls Corbyn’s strings

On May 3, 2016, Jeremy Corbyn (inset right) hosted an event in Westminster in support of the somewhat obscure cause of 'democratic reform' in Western Papua New Guinea. So how do we explain Corbyn's sudden interest in South Pacific politics? One possible answer lies in the identity of two key organisers of this gathering. One, who can be seen tapping away on his mobile phone in video footage of proceedings, was Corbyn's all-powerful 59-year-old spin doctor, Seumas Milne (inset left). The other, who was standing directly behind the Labour leader was Mr Wenda's lawyer, a glamorous 36-year-old called Jennifer Robinson (pictured left, and right with Milne). Fast-forward 14 months, and the relationship between Milne and Robinson is suddenly the talk of London's political class.

'Proper man' Mike Tindall cuts down (a tad) on his boozing

The sixth anniversary of the marriage of Mike and Zara Tindall, who are pictured left, occurs at the end of this month and the couple have known each other for 14 years. It's fair to say that reaching such a landmark has, at times, appeared unlikely. Indeed, their union has survived tests that would surely have put paid to other relationships, or at least placed them under considerable strain. How many other internationally successful macho men would gracefully submit to a marriage where their wife clearly out-earned them by a significant margin? How many high-profile couples could tolerate a triple blow of tragedy such as the Tindalls have been dealt, with Mike's father sinking into the grip of Parkinson's disease, Zara's beloved horse Toytown being put down last month after over two decades of service and - of course - their much longed-for second pregnancy ending in miscarriage in December? Add all this to Mike's discomfort with some aspects of how the royals raise their children (he said in a recent interview he would never permit daughter, Mia, three, pictured inset and right, to go to boarding school). Not to mention the very public humiliation of him being pictured with his face nestled in a gorgeous blonde's breasts in the early days of his marriage to Zara, and the raucous drinking habits of both husband and wife, and you can see why some worried the union would never last. But instead of fracturing under such pressures, as so many of the Royals have before them, the Tindalls' marriage is thriving. This has been helped by Mike, 38, utterly winning over his in-laws. Not only is his wife completely enamoured of him, but so, too, are the Queen, Prince Philip, Zara's mother Princess Anne, and Princes William and Harry.

How nearly dying inspired wife to create Call The Midwife

Actor Stephen McGann has revealed how his wife Heidi Thomas' (bottom right) near-death experience after childbirth led to her creating BBC powerhouse drama Call The Midwife (top right). The couple, who married in 1990, had son Dominic in 1996 (left), but months after the birth Heidi was taken ill with a gangrenous small intestine and needed emergency surgery, with the ordeal described as a 'waking nightmare' by Stephen. After pulling through, her experiences led the screenwriter to create the popular BBC drama.

Loyalist Linfield take on the Irish Nationalists of Celtic

With riot police watching on (left and top right), Celtic emerged victorious over the Northern Ireland club after the match in Belfast. Police made one arrest, a 25-year-old man on suspicion of disorderly behaviour, during the match day operation. The fixture was moved from July 11/12 to avoid a clash with Orange Order commemorations at the height of the marching season. Projectiles including a bottle of Buckfast (bottom right) were thrown at Celtic corner takers Leigh Griffiths and Jonny Hayes from a Linfield section of Windsor Park and, at the final whistle, a number of fans of the home team tried to invade the pitch when Griffiths tied a scarf to the goal posts.

Dog gives birth to a GREEN puppy

Three-year-old Rio gave birth to a litter of nine puppies - but when one came out mint green Louise Sutherland, of Golspie, Scotland, was speechless. The pup has been named Forest. The substance can stain the puppy's coat when it mixes with the mother's amniotic fluid - the liquid that protects and nourishes the pup. Mrs Sutherland said: 'The first pup was stuck, so myself and my daughter Claire managed to free him and pull him out safely. It was all hands on deck but then as the puppies started to arrive, we noticed that one of the puppies had green fur! We couldn't believe it.'

Archive of RAF hero shipwrecked in Arctic up for sale

Sir Kenneth Cross was serving as part of an air Squadron put in charge of protecting HMS Glorious when the battle cruiser was attacked by the German Navy, in the North Sea. Miraculously he survived the shipwreck and freezing conditions and was picked up in a lifeboat by a Norwegian fishing vessel, 70 hours later. Reflecting on the harrowing ordeal, he wrote in his diary: 'Men would slide into the well, we would pick them up and push them over the side. Again and again. Most of the deaths took place in the first few hours.' Sir Kenneth went on to fight the Nazis in Scandinavia, North Africa and western Europe and was awarded a haul of medals for his dedicated service. His wartime archive is now being sold by his family and is expected to fetch £10,000 at auction. Left, after the war with his wife Barbara, top right, addressing his men before HMS Glorious was bombed, bottom right, his medal haul and right, his war-time diary.

Emmeline Pankhurst and suffragettes in colourised photos

A striking photograph of Emmeline Pankhurst being dragged away by policeman during suffragette protests (left) has been revamped in honour of her birthday tomorrow. Royston Leonard, an electrician from Cardiff, decided to colour the image along with several others in memory of Mrs Pankhurst (inset), who died in 1928 after spending her life campaigning for women to have the right to vote. The stunning collection of photographs feature women parading down the streets of London holding placards (right) as well as the Suffrage Hike of 1912 from Manhattan to Albany in New York.

British captain who killed a German at Dunkirk

It is late May 1940 and the British Expeditionary Force is in retreat, pinned against the Channel coast. They had sailed for France almost nine months before, anticipating Hitler's Blitzkrieg that finally came on May 10 when Germany invaded Belgium and Holland. Now, Lord Gort, head of the BEF, has decided to evacuate his troops (bottom right) - and Churchill's generals are praying for a miracle. As an epic new film (top right), Dunkirk, opens in cinemas, author JONATHAN MAYO reveals in electrifying detail how the heroic mass evacuation unfolded. One officer, Captain Jack Churchill (left), brought a bow and arrow with him to France. Jack spotted a German unit sheltering behind a building and let fly an arrow.

Nurses from Down Under desperate to work for the NHS

On the night of the Grenfell Tower fire, nurse Georgia van Zantvoort watched the tragedy unfold from the window of her nearby flat. The 24-year-old used to work at New Zealand's busiest hospital casualty department and says: 'I know how to save lives. I was minutes from the tower block. I wanted to be there helping. But because I'm not a registered NHS nurse, there was nothing I could do.' Georgia is one of many qualified nurses from Australia and New Zealand living in the UK who are desperate for an NHS post but find that strict entrance tests and red tape bar their way. In this picture are 11 who came to Britain hoping to join the NHS, yet none has been able to do so. (Pictured: 1. Courtney Brown 2. Claire Brady 3. Georgia Van Zantvoort 4. Miriam Petterson 5. Mel Reed 6. Ingrid Matthews 7. Sophie Newcombe 8. Sarah Hindmarsh 9. Taylah Brackin 10. Chloe Horton 11. Charlotte Rosenberg)

Scottish isle of Ulva which inspired writers up for £4.25m

This Scottish isle of Ulva in the Inner Hebrides inspired the great Sir Walter Scott to pen his famous poem Lord Of The Isles. Now it is it up for sale for the first time in 70 years and comes with a manor house (inset left), a church, restaurant, tearooms (inset right) and sporting lodge plus eight further properties. Set in 4,583 acres, the island is only accessible by ferry or boat. And there is no fear of overcrowding as the current population of the island is 16.

Elsa and Bounce are just two dogs who have been rescued from nine meat farms shut down in South Korea by an extraordinary group of campaigners. Jane Fryer finds out the story of how they did it.

Benjamin Stimson, 41, who went to the conflict zone in the Donbass region, is the only UK citizen to have been prosecuted for assisting the anti-government militia in Ukraine.

Almost £1.6billion of tax credits have been overpaid in a year due to a rise in benefit fraud and errors by HM Revenue & Customs, new figures revealed.

In a moving open letter Katie Piper, from Hampshire, talked about the years it has taken her to get used to her face and the hundreds of operations she has needed since the attack.

Calvin Robinson, from north London, who played a major role in the Dof E's 'I Chose to Teach campaign, said that pupils were being 'indoctrinated to a left wing mentality'.

The elderly victim from Manchester, who has not been named, received a debit card reader in the post followed by a call from someone pretending to be from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Thanks to her time on Strictly, on which she forged an 'inseparable' bond with 28-year-old model Daisy, Louise, 42, is said to have rediscovered her youth and star power.

Detective Constable Elaine McIver was one of 22 people to lose their lives in the devastating blast just over six weeks ago. Now today she has finally been laid to rest at Chester Cathedral.

Police investigating the macabre death of a Liverpool man whose trussed-up corpse was washed up on a beach in Alicante three years ago have arrested four people for money laundering.

EXCLUSIVE: In November last year Trucker Dean Littleford (pictured) was filmed passing a cyclist in his HGV in Dudley. He later found the footage online and decided to fight his fine in court.

David Harris, 68, insisted he was researching a book when he asked the men to kill Hazel Allinson, 68, for her money. He promised the men money from the sale of their home in Arundel, West Sussex.

Aimee Purchase, 36, and husband Rikki, 38, defrauded MI Engineering Ltd in Stourbridge, West Midlands, which is owned by Mrs Purchase's mother and father, Ian and Yvonne Skidmore.

Britain has experienced a year of repeated atrocities, starting with Westminster Bridge, before the Manchester suicide bombing, the London Bridge attacks and the van ramming in Finsbury Park.

Ian McCann, 59, was suspended from his job at Rosewood Primary School in Burnley, Lancashire after going on a charity bike ride in memory of his late father.

Kevin Dunn, 27, bragged that he had already done two years of his sentence at HMP Dovegate, in Staffordshire, and only had three years left on Facebook after being jailed for grievous bodily harm.

EasyJet has announced it will be setting up a European headquarters in Austria as well as a new airline to continue flying across the Continent after Brexit.

The plane is believed to have crashed yesterday evening at around 6pm at Brimslade Farm, near Marlborough. The pilot and a passenger died in the crash.

An emotional inquest into the death of seven-year-old schoolgirl Sophia McDonald, who died when she was run over by a skip lorry in Coventry, West Midlands, took place yesterday.

Prudential discovered that a fifth of people who are working past the state pension age are hoping to start a new business from a hobby.

Food safety bosses fave issued a recall notice over Doritos Chilli Heatwave crisps. The snack could cause allergic reactions due to unlabelled milk and cheese ingredients.

The proportion of revenue coming from a 'small number of taxpayers' is leaving the state's finances 'particularly vulnerable to shocks' that hit the financial sector or stock markets.

Cumbria Police said the 24-year-old, from Wigton, had been held on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice and appearing to contaminate goods at Cumbria Infirmary.

Footage has emerged showing a gang of Hells Angels angrily confronting police during a tense stand-off as a biker was arrested. The incident happened in Blackpool, Lancashire, last week.

Steven Griffiths, from Somerset, drowned in water in the Kampot district, southern Cambodia. His family said they were 'broken beyond words' over his tragic death.

A Stagecoach bus driver (pictured) has been caught giving the V-sign to a champion para-cyclist after allegedly cutting him up and almost knocking him over in Exeter, Devon,

EXCLUSIVE: The bill, caused by last-ditch appeals, was the highest for four years - and has risen by a third over the past two years.

Rio Ferdinand's sister Sian St Fort lead tributes to their mother Janice who died yesterday in Guy's Hospital, London after a battle with breast cancer. Pictured is Sian as a toddler with her mother.

Thi Luong Phan, 15, and Tram Le, 14, were last seen getting into a taxi near York Minster, North Yorkshire at 12.30pm on Sunday. A man has now been arrested charged with modern slavery.

Detective Constable Elaine McIver was one of 22 people to lose their lives in the devastating blast just over six weeks ago. Now today she has finally been laid to rest at Chester Cathedral.

The footage, which was shot on a British motorist's dashcam earlier this month, shows as she drives along a residential street.

Johnson compared the far-left who back Corbyn to the Militant group which almost tore Labour apart in the 1980s.

Fair-haired Hannah Hughes (pictured), 18, was on a week-long holiday in Newcastle Emlyn, west Wales, with friends celebrating the end of her AS levels.

Shopkeeper George William Robertson, from Bristol, received a medal for fighting in the Battle of the Somme, where Macron's ancestors originated from. Pictured in Emmanuel Macron.

Praju Prasad, 24, from North Shields, thought he had been talking to the schoolgirl on social media, but in fact he was messaging members of vigilante group, Guardians of the North.

Two Grenfell victims laid to rest in London on same day

London Mayor Sadiq Khan joined family and friends in paying respects to Isaac Paulos (left), five, one of the tragedy's youngest victims, at St Philip's Church, in Battersea, west London. Later in the day mourners gathered at the Hussaini Islamic Mission, in Isleworth (right), for the funeral of 82-year-old grandfather Ali Jafari (inset). Both victims were killed, along with at least 80 others, when a blaze erupted at their block of flats in North Kensington last month.

Shareholder Michael Brave has filed a lawsuit in New York accusing Arconic Inc of defrauding investors by a failure to properly disclose its use of 'highly flammable' panels.

The west London fire led to testing of cladding on high-rise buildings around the country, with the alarming results that around 200 have combustible materials attached to them.

Andreia and Marcio Gomes lived on the 21st floor of the west London tower block which was devastated by the fire, which killed at least 80 people.

The real star of Wimbledon: The Duchess of Kent

The Duchess of Kent made a rare public appearance at Wimbledon on Thursday (pictured left and top right), after largely withdrawing from public life. The ever-elegant Duchess has been a staple at Wimbledon since 1969. She famously comforted Czech Wimbledon finalist Jana Novotna after her 1993 loss (pictured bottom right).

Just two days of the Grand Slam event remain, with the women's singles final between Venus Williams and Garbine Muguruza on Saturday and Roger Federer the hot favourite to win a record eighth title.

Andy Murray won praise after correcting a journalist who said Sam Querrey was 'the first US player to reach a major semi-final since 2009' - with Serena Williams saying all female athletes should back him.

A year on, and how Theresa May can turn it around

The past two months have been the worst of Theresa May's political career. Having been the most popular politician in Britain, she is now wounded and her authority is weakened. However, unlike many Westminster watchers, PETER OBORNE do not believe that the Prime Minister is finished.

What a telling contrast we saw between the wives of two world leaders in Paris this week. While Melania Trump looked the very pictured of chic, Brigitte Macron looked out-of-place (both pictured).

In his demands that Britain should stay in the single market and the customs union, Adonis shows contempt not only for the democratic decision of the British people but also for his party's policy.

This week, Theresa May ordered an independent inquiry into the 'horrifying' online intimidation of MPs. The Prime Minister pledges to stamp out the abuse and 'shocking' threats

Home Office broke rules on pay for child sex abuse inquiry

EXCLUSIVE: The Home Office has been fined more than £366,000 by the Treasury after the chair and panel for the probe were handed six-figure packages without authorisation. Theresa May set up the inquiry in 2014 in response to allegations of child sex abuse at institutions ranging from the BBC to children's homes, but it has been beset by trouble from the start. Mrs May was responsible for breaking the rules when as Home Secretary she set the daily rates for panel members at a generous £565 a day. And Mrs Rudd breached them again in August last year when she appointed Professor Alexis Jay on a £220,000 package.

The Chancellor (pictured) made the remark in front of the whole Cabinet earlier this week. It led to a withering slap-down from the Prime Minister and infuriated female colleagues.

Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has called for a second referendum on leaving the EU and said the votes of the UK's under-30s should be 'counted twice because it is their future'.

Labour peer Lord Adonis yesterday refused to apologise for claiming the country's decision to leave the EU could be as bad as Britain's foreign policy in the 1930s - sparking a furious backlash.

Egypt knife attack: 2 killed, 4 injured at Red Sea resort

Six women were rushed to hospital after being stabbed at a Red Sea resort in the town of Hurghada, Egypt, on Friday where two German women died. The attacker reportedly shouted: 'Stay away, I don't want Egyptians.' One woman on a stretcher (inset) and another bloodied victim were pictured in what appeared to be a hotel lobby. The alleged assailant (left), who swam to the resort from a neighbouring beach before launching his attack, was pictured being held down in a luggage cart by hotel staff (right). Security and medical sources had earlier reported the two women killed were Ukrainians, but Major General Mohamed El-Hamzawi, security manager of Red Sea province, said victims have been identified as Germans.

Stampeding British tourists flee in panic as explosion hits shopping centre in Costa Del Sol holiday resort sparking fears of a terror attack 

A loud bang was heard inside the Miramar shopping centre, in the popular Spanish resort of Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. Shoppers - including British tourists and expats - screamed and ran for their lives fearing the centre was under attack. Firefighters later revealed the panic had spread after a fryer had caught fire in a pizza restaurant.

ISIS’s modified cars wrapped in bulletproof metal sheets

Dozens of cars modified by ISIS to carry out deadly suicide bombings have been put on exhibition in Mosul after they were confiscated by Iraqi police.  Most of the vehicles are standard SUV cars that you would find on driveways up and down the country only with the outer shell replaced with bulletproof iron sheets making them look like something from Robot Wars. After police liberated the neighbourhood of Hamam al-Qalil from the terror group, chiefs decide to parade their findings in Northern Iraq. As well as replacing the outer casing of the car, Islamic State fighters changed the passenger seats to compartments fit to be packed with explosives. Once the clunky customisation was complete, the terror group would sit its martyrs in the driving seat and send them to the target with their protective casing meaning they could reach their destination even if they came under heavy fire.

During the clip messages emerge on screen saying: '4,400 operators conducts sensitive operations with high strategic value on the ground in the sea and in the air.'

Elisa Tomellini made her way up the Monte Rosa, which straddles Italy and Switzerland, while her grand piano was carried to the top by a helicopter, before being reunited with her instrument.

The farmer, who wounded one and killed another, found the animals eating his cattle. South African Park officials decided to put down the injured animal as well as the third lion (file picture).

The man, from Makoni, in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, had severely bruised genitals when passersby found him on the side of the road following an alleged two-day abduction and gang rape.

Iberia, which formed an alliance with British Airways in 2010, said the test 'was only done to guarantee that they (women) did not face any risks', an argument that drew scorn online.

Hidden somewhere in the picture, taken in Kenya's Masai Mara, is a camouflaged leopard, heading towards its dinner.