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Wendy Holden tours Ronda, Seville and Grenada in Spain

Author Wendy Holden took a tour through the Spanish regions of Ronda, Seville and Grenada, where she stumbled upon many a good restaurant and plenty of sweeping views. Pictured (inset) the Palacio de Generalife in the historic region of Alhambrathe; (main) the hilltop town of Ronda, which boasts a dramatic rock chasm; and (right) a flamenco dancer in Seville.

God Save The Points' Gilbert Ott makes plane ticket offer

Gilbert Ott (left), the 30-year-old New York-based founder of a popular travel blog, says that if you spot him at an airport, he will give up his luxurious seat - it will either be in business or first class - at any point over the next year, with upcoming trips to and from the US, Europe, Asia and beyond (top right). All you have to do is find him and ask. He's even issuing clues on social media in the days before each trip so hopefuls can monitor his movements. Mr Ott takes, on average, 100 flights a year.

SPONSORED. From amazing wildlife such as koalas and kangaroos to sensational restaurants and sport sporting events to dreamy road trips, this is Australia at its most seductive.

Terrifying footage captured the moment a Ryanair plane carrying tourists landed with a thud at Leeds Bradford airport, throwing passengers out of their seats.

Franco Banfi captures sperm whales sleeping vertically

Franco Banfi, 58, caught the magnificent creatures around 65ft underwater as well as his partner, free diver Sabrina, 51, just off the coast of the Caribbean island Dominica. The 40ft long sperm whales, known to be quite social, spend around seven per cent of their time sleeping and nap vertically for six to 25 minutes - in this case it was ten.

That small triangle on your petrol gauge, for example, indicates what side of the car to access your pump from, so you'll never have to get out of a hire car to check again.

MailOnline Travel tested out, a new travel company which sends people on trips with the destination remaining secret until travellers get to the airport. In this case, it was Zurich.

Supermarket shoppers snap eccentric characters

These images, most taken in American supermarkets, showcase the shoppers so out-there, they simply had to be captured on camera. Pictured, clockwise from top left, a somewhat scary looking ensemble; a child being towed by a mobility scooter; a woman with staggeringly high heels; a decidedly eccentric ensemble; two security offers making use of unusual transport; and a man with footwear we simply can't work out.

Fanny Charles and Gay Pirrie-Weir, authors of Deepest Dorset, suggest a trip to Lulworth Cove, a movie at the Purbeck Film Festival and a walk around Steve Etches’s museum at Kimmeridge.

Eden will be a vast and colourful entertainment space on board new cruise ship Celebrity Edge, scheduled to depart Fort Lauderdale in Florida in December 2018 for the Bahamas.

Jenny Eclair enjoys a Flavours painting holiday in Sicily

Comedian Jenny Eclair embarked on a relaxing painting retreat in Sicily (pictured) with Flavours Holidays, staying with 12 others at the stunning Villa Aragonese. She loved the relaxed pace and was pleased with the paintings she took home, one showcased (inset).

The Mail on Sunday's Travel Editor Frank Barrett recommends Flash Pack, a travel company for solo travellers in their 30s and 40s which runs trips to Peru and Finland, among others.

As of last month, we now pay the same as we do in the UK to make calls, send texts and use data when we are in any of the 27 other European Union countries - but it's not without its pitfalls.

Palawan Island in the Philippines voted best in the world

For the third time, Palawan Island in the Philippines has been crowned the 'Best Island in the World' by the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine. The stunning archipelago is known for its two Unesco World Heritage Sites, which include a 5-mile underground river, and unparalleled scuba diving.

The Daily Mail's Inspector called in at the new Lalit London by Tower Bridge, the Lalit Suri group’s first venture outside Asia, and gave it a three out of five-star rating.

Ride-sharing app Wingly connects private pilots with the public, offering flights to and from cities throughout the UK and Europe, and soon the Caribbean.

Michael Buerk stays at the Caresse hotel in Bodrum Turkey

BBC Journalist Michael Buerk (left) returned to Bodrum in Turkey once again, having sailed there for 20 years, and found it delightfully quiet now that tourism has dropped by half. Bodrum's charming harbour is dominated by the Castle of St Peter, built in the 15th century (top right), and Michael stayed at the lavish Caresse Hotel (bottom right).

Tourists heading for Mallorca and Ibiza may have to pay more cash for the islands' so-called 'ecotax' in 2018 as the Balearic Government strives to stamp out drunken behaviour.

With the price of the average wedding held in Britain now topping £25k, many couples are thinking about heading abroad. Natalie Dent and Giles Barber (pictured) are off to Italy.

Police warn of MORE Majorca airport chaos this weekend 

Following chaos at Majorca's Palma airport earlier in the week, police are warning travellers to expect even more delays at border control this weekend, as Brits vent their rage on Twitter. The situation can be blamed on an intensely concentrated flight schedule, as well as a lack of staff at passport control booths. However, the Spanish Airport Authority (AENA) has just issued a statement outlining immediate actions being put in place to combat the backlog.

Russian man rescues a freezing kitten and adopts it

Most passers-by assumed the dark, stationary object by the side of a Russian road was just a rock. But when one eagle-eyed driver stopped to have a closer look, he found a six-month-old kitten nearly frozen to death. So the man, Slava, wrapped the immobile creature in a towel and rushed her home to warm up. He later decided to adopt the adorable feline, and named her Nika. She had to have her frostbitten tail amputated but otherwise made a full recovery and now has a loving home with Slava.

Also known as Ol Doinyo Lengai, the 7,650ft volcano is located less than 70 miles from where footprints left by our ancestors 3.6 million years ago have been discovered in Tanzania.

The Null Stern hotel in Switzerland on a mountain

Located in the Graubunden mountains of the Swiss Alps, the Null Stern Hotel has no facilities and the nearest public loo is a ten-minute walk away. While reservations can be cancelled at short notice due to bad weather (unsurprisingly) every night available at the hotel is currently booked.

As presented in this new infographic, in Italy the speed limit on motorways in 80mph on a dry day, but it's 68mph in wet weather; while in France, carrying a breathalyser in your car is a legal requirement.

The World Interior of the Year shortlist

From civic spaces to museum galleries, these interiors have been shortlisted for World Interior of the Year 2017. Pictured, clockwise from top left, the Soho 3Q Bund in Shanghai; the Whale Bar at the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli; the Nubo play centre in Sydney; the XTRA store in Singapore; and (inset) the Nimman Spa in Shanghai.

Summer's hit single, Despacito , featuring Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, isn't just shattering music industry records - it's also sending travellers flocking to the island of Puerto Rico.

The Ain Dubai ferris wheel inches towards completion

Dubai's bid to erect the world's largest ferris wheel is officially half complete (pictured). At more than 668-ft tall, the Ain Dubai, will eventually dwarf the London Eye, plus the current record-holder: the 548-ft High Roller in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you’ve not checked this in the small print you could be left short if something goes wrong as exclusive data shown to us reveals that many policies fall short when it comes to valuables.

Writing under the pseudonym Laine White, the 36-year-old American mother-of-two titled her lengthy article: 'Yes, I Judge Parents Who Dump Kids At Hotel 'Kids Clubs' During Family Vacations'.

The strangest and most creative swimwear revealed

In examples from far and wide, all which beg the question 'why?', these beachgoers appear determined to stand out from the crowd - from the woman who crafted her own bikini using just string and CDs (top left), to the new swimsuit printed with the hairy chest of a man (top right) which has been doing the rounds on social media of late, and the full-face masks (centre bottom) worn by some women to protect their complexions from the sun.

Glenborrodale Castle, in Lochaber, Scottish Highlands, boasts 16 bedrooms, walled garden, gate house and an impressive 133 acres of land with panoramic views of the surrounding loch.

Staff at ZSL London Zoo jogged around the premises wearing nothing but their boots on Thursday morning, even tending to penguins in aid of the fund-raising event.

The world's newest UNESCO Heritage sites revealed

Its list already boasts icons including the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China. But following their annual meeting in Krakow, Poland, UNESCO officials have added 21 new destinations to their definitive rundown of World Heritage sites. Pictured, clockwise from top left, the Sambor Prei Kuk temple zone, Cambodia; The English Lake District; the Sacred Island of Okinoshima, Japan; Hebron, Palestine; and (inset) the Venetian Works of Defence, spanning Croatia, Italy and Montenegro.

Authorities in the Balearic Islands, home to the party resorts of Ibiza and Magaluf, asked Spain and the European Union to ban alcohol on flights and in airports.

The 10 most expensive hotel suites in the world revealed

Elite Traveler has published its definitive run-down of the world's priciest hotel suites, and their features are eye-watering. Pictured, clockwise from top left; the Penthouse Suite at Grand Hyatt Cannes, Martinez, France, £31,000 per night; the Ty Warner Penthouse at Four Seasons, New York, £38,000 per night; the Terrace Suite at The Mark, New York, £34,000 per night; Suite 5000 at Mandarin Oriental, New York, £27,800 a night; Maharajah Pavilion at Raj Palace, Jaipur, India, £50,000 per night; and the Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, the most expensive at £62,000 per night.

Femail meets women who refuse to use suncream - even on their children. Mother-of-two from Taunton Stephanie Buckley, 36, and London-based Sophie Kirkham, 39, use other methods.

Roger John Hussey smiled for the camera as he prepared for the water sports activity on Kata Beach in Phuket on Wednesday. Just moments later he plunged to his death.

On a wing and a prayer! Passenger films a powerful Nigerian leader as his aide performs a spiritual ritual while boarding a plane to Canada

Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the 42-year-old millionaire 'Ooni of Ife' - one of Nigeria's most powerful spiritual leaders - was travelling with his high chiefs on a flight bound for Ontario, Canada. The footage, captured by an unnamed passenger, shows a member of the Ooni's entourage shake an African rattle in each hand with increasing force.

Meghna Kumar, 30, is accused of hurling foul-mouthed abuse at a stewardess and refusing to put on her seatbelt after boarding the flight late at Heathrow.

The ocean's wrath: Stomach-churning footage captures a 100-FOOT monster wave engulf the bow of a ship during a storm in the North Sea

The footage, filmed in the North Sea from one of the upper decks, captures the monster wave loom high in front of the vessel (left) before breaking over the front (bottom right). And while most passengers would be cowering in fear, the man behind the camera is heard laughing with manic glee.

Sharks swim dangerously close to children off coast of WA

Drone footage has captured hundreds of sharks swimming close to school children and through schools of baitfish (bottom left and right) at Red Bluff on Quobba Station in Western Australia's north. Photographer Sean Scott couldn't believe his eyes when he saw two three-metre Bronze Whalers (top left) stalking the youngsters at the beach. 'I flew [my drone] over and then saw these sharks sort of swimming across thinking, "what's going on here''?' The Bronze Whalers came close to the children as they floated on their bodyboards in the water just metres from shore. 'They were obviously going over to have a little bit of a look and got pretty close and realised that wasn't their food chain and turned around,' Mr Scott said. 'But it was pretty incredible to see these boys just floating on their back.'

Over 1,500 draws were scrutinised across 15 international lotteries including EuroMillions, UK Lotto, US Powerball - with the '16' ball found to have been drawn 191 times over the last year.

Hvar's newly-elected mayor, Rikardo Novak, is enforcing financial penalties of up to £620 for a variety of 'anti-social' activity, which includes eating and drinking in public.

New Zealand's skyline as you've never seen it before

It's known as one of the most picturesque countries in the world. But, in case that wasn't already abundantly clear to globe-trotters, one creative couple have captured the wonder of New Zealand in a series of new, stunning images.  Australians Jake-Scott Gardner and Joanna Scott bill themselves as 'astrophotographers' because they focus their attention on the city of Queenstown's night sky. 

Lonely Planet's Top 10 must-see places in Asia for 2017

It is, of course, the world's largest and most-populous continent.  So deciding which parts of Asia to see can be a difficult quest for today's international traveller. Fortunately, the experts at Lonely Planet have whittled-down the options for us with their 2017 Best in Asia list – an agenda-setting collection of the area’s 10 best destinations to visit in the year ahead.

For China's sleep-deprived workers needed a place to nap, there's now a cheap solution: capsule hotels. For just 10 yuan (or about £1) per half hour, guests can check in for some quick shut-eye.

Featuring the Hollywood actors as mythical travel Gods, the four-minute clip debuted on Tuesday evening and marks the latest in a long line of celebrity campaigns for the carrier.

Suffolk Airbnb delights Game of Thrones fans

The medieval era was hardly known for its home comforts. But, despite this, one savvy hotelier is offering fans of TV series Game of Thrones the chance to experience an insight into the Middle Ages.   A historically-themed bed and breakfast in Southwold, Suffolk, fuses luxury furnishing with an extraordinarily quirky interior. 

Award-winning photographer, Jassen Todorov, from San Francisco has captured hundreds of aerial shots of iconic bridges around the world.

Now that the summer holidays are in full swing, nannies and au pairs who get paid to join the families they work for on exotic  trips have been busily documenting their travels on Instagram.

Michigan couple transform US school bus into a mobile home

Most people want to spend as little time as possible on public transport. But, for one American couple, that couldn't be further from the truth - as they proved by transforming a dilapidated old school bus into a stunning, new mobile home. Envy-inducing pictures show husband and wife team, Ben and Mande Tucker, from Holland, Michigan, ripping out the seats of their 1992 International bus and overhauling it. 

A woman daredevil has embraced tradition by flashing her breasts and jumping backwards into a crowd of revellers during Spain's annual running of the bulls festival in Pamplona.

Sri Lanka has long been referred to as Paradise on Earth. From safaris to clifftop surfing resorts, The Mail on Sunday's Jessica Davies finds out why this description is so apt.

Pablo Escobar's former Mexican hideaway now holiday resort

For a truly unique hotel stay, look no further than Tulum, Mexico. Known for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear water, the Caribbean destination was also a favourite hideout for Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. And now sun-seekers, or fans of hit TV show Narcos, can stay in the King of Cocaine's former personal estate, which has since been converted into a 35-room luxury hotel.

Fancy an 18-bed Italian villa or a mansion on Australia's Great Barrier Reef? These homes can be yours if you're willing to fork out for the most expensive homes for sale in the world.

With Christopher Nolan's wartime blockbuster, Dunkirk, hitting cinemas later this month, The Mail on Sunday's Hilary Macaskill heads to the French fishing village to take a trip through history.

Inside Lionel Messi's luxury honeymoon in Antigua

They recently enjoyed a lavish wedding in Argentina. But, now the five-star festivities are complete, football ace Lionel Messi and his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, are living it up on the Caribbean island of Antigua. The glamorous newlyweds are currently enjoying a luxurious honeymoon in a super-private villa on Harbour Beach, Jumby Bay, where they're joined by their children, Mateo and Thiago, plus fellow footballer Luis Suarez and his family.

The moneyed elite of the Middle Eastern nation have taken things to a new level when it comes to flaunting their wealth, from racing supercars in the desert to booking out planes for their pet birds.

Designer Eric Hawkins from Wimborne, Dorset, has created a lightweight fold-away solar panel that fits over a beach umbrella and lets you charge two devices using the sun's rays.

World Architecture Festival reveals world's best buildings

The World Architecture Festival celebrates its tenth edition in Berlin in November and has released highlights from the 924 entries it has received so far for its awards programme. Some of the eye-catching designs picked out by the judges include a futuristic pharmacy in Japan, a space-aged illuminous footbridge in Berlin and the British Airways i360 observation deck in Brighton. Other structures that have been commended include The Smile landmark project in London, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and the Zhuhal Opera House in China. Architects from the UK are most widely represented on the shortlist, closely followed by colleagues in the USA, Australia and Turkey, with entries from Asia up by a third year-on-year.

Hope Island in Maine is currently on the market with an asking price of $7.95million. The island is owned by developer John Cacoulidis, who bought the island for $1.3million in 1993.

The sea-side town of San Pedro del Pinatar, on Spain's Murcia coast, plans to introduce hefty fines for nudism, riding bikes and even playing ball games on the sand, it is reported.

Inside Tiger Lodge in Kent

The UK’s first-ever Tiger Lodge has now opened - where guests can catch 40 winks just inches from a tiger’s enclosure, with just a sheet of glass separating their boudoir from the big cats. The unique lodge, at Port Lympne in Kent, opened last month and allows families the extraordinary opportunity to live and sleep within the reserve’s tiger enclosure.

The Daily Mail's Inspector stayed at London hottest new hotel — the Nobu in Shoreditch. It's just as stylish as he's imagined, down to the pink lighting and squiggles on the concrete walls.

From Austria to Cornwall, there is no shortage of unfortunately named destinations throughout Europe. But most of these unfairly christened places are far more beautiful than their names suggest.

See the winners of the 'Dronestagram' photography contest

In partnership with National Geographic, see the winning entries of this year's drone photography competition hosted by social network Dronestagram. Among the photos that earned top honours was an image of the lavender harvest in Provence (main), a bird's eye view of the Dubai cityscape (top right), water lilies in Vietnam (bottom left) and a mesmerising road in Romania (top left).

MailOnline tours the incredible Boeing factory in Seattle

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But, when it comes to creating an aircraft, it clearly takes a town - or, rather, a factory the size of a town.  Specifically, it requires something like the Boeing production facility in Seattle's Everett, which happens to be America's largest source of commercial jets and the world's biggest building. Stretching out over nearly 100 acres - the equivalent of 50 football pitches - its vastness is hard to comprehend until you roll through the main entrance gates, where it appears before you like a real estate juggernaut, writes Peter Lloyd. The space is so vast staff use tricycles (inset) and rikshaw bikes to traverse it.

Fashion house Gucci has already featured new, improved versions of the design in recent collections and 'tourist aesthetic' dominated the Spring/Summer 2018 runways across Europe.

Nerdiest furniture around the world revealed

Some people have an inner nerd – but some are quite happy to display it for all the world to see. Or at least, for their friends and families to observe in their homes. Photographs have been emerging on U.S site Imgur of the nerdiest furniture around, from Tetris-style windows to coffee tables that look like giant floppy disks.

At Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey, England, a zookeeper has developed a 20-foot selfie-stick - dubbed the 'self-ari stick' - to raise awareness for the Rothschild's giraffe.

For a true bird's eye view, look no further than these astonishing aerial entries for a video contest. More than 700 clips, from the U.S to China, have been received by aerial photo community SkyPixel.

Saddle up! New 'vertical bike' allows people to scale buildings by PEDALLING their way to the top

Anyone who works in a skyscraper knows the importance of lifts and escalators. Since their game-changing invention, they've transformed the scope for architecture and how we scale big buildings. But now there's a new innovation option on the block - which, bizarrely, allows people to cycle vertically up and down a high-rise. Designed by Elena Larriba, from London's Royal College of Arts, the Vycle resembles the front half of a bike fixed to a rail. She believes it's a practical alternative to lifts and stairs.

The hilarious #youdidnotsleepthere Instagram account

Instagram is full of holiday snaps that make us feel, well, like failures. One type of photograph that does this is the extreme camping shot - taken by intrepid travellers keen to let us know that they've spent the night in a dangerous location. Some have even used Photoshop to do the job, it would seem. But one disgruntled user has decided to call them out - by questioning whether they really did sleep somewhere dangerous, or whether, actually, they took a quick set-up shot and spent the night somewhere more relaxing. It's called #YouDidNotSleepThere and it has attracted more than 40,000 followers. Run by a 28-year-old Canadian called Luisa, it has one message for those who post pictures of tents and hammocks in precarious places - you're just being cliched. Here are a few examples of just what drives her mad.

The world-famous Merseyside city risks an embarrassing loss if heritage officials aren't convinced there's sufficient safeguarding. Pictured is the development causing all the controversy.

Wildlife fans hoping to catch a sneak preview of a BBC wildlife film, which goes on general release in UK and US cinemas this autumn, can see some of the highlights in a world epic trailer.

Swansea's Rhossili Bay named Europe's best beach

A tiny British beach has beaten the Costa del Sol and the Greek Isles to be voted the best beach in Europe - and one of the most beautiful in the world, according to Suitcase Magazine. Among the other top picks are tropical paradises in Panama, Hawaii, Brazil, the Philippines and Miami's iconic South Beach. The stunning shoreline at Rhossili sits within the first designated 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' to be given in the UK.

Fierce crosswinds resulted in a dramatic day at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol recently, with remarkable footage capturing plane after plane being severely buffeted.

'Moving hotel' bus service Cabin launches in California

Bus travel will never be the same again thanks to Cabin's new overnight sleeper service. Starting later this month, the 'moving hotel' will take passengers between between San Francisco and LA departing both cities at 11pm and arriving at the destination at 7am. With a price-tag of $115 each way, the cost is not insignificant, but it is surprisingly luxurious.

The adorable moment a group of otters frantically gives chase to a butterfly (which manages to escape despite the team effort)

Otters tend to look cute no matter what they’re doing. But when a group of them chase a butterfly it’s hard to imagine anything more adorable, as this clip shows. Footage has emerged of a clan of the creatures in hot pursuit of a butterfly at Memphis Zoo in Tennessee.

Researchers from University College London found that shifting the direction of gaze a few degrees away from a sound source can have a profound effect on brain activity.

Jack Young, 21, was disgusted by the combination of grated cheese and chocolate spread on toast and sent photos of the bizarre combination to Police Scotland on Twitter.

Oswego family spent $30k transforming school bus into home

Public transport vehicles are rarely considered luxurious. But, for one Illinois family, that's certainly not true - as they proved by pimping-up an old American school bus and transforming it into a stylish mobile home. Luke Davis, from Oswego, spent $30,000 and 18 months creating his vision, which he now inhabits full-time with wife, Rachel, and daughter Charlotte.

It's a city rammed with eye-candy temples and shrines, but the world has caught on. However, book a stay through the Homestay site and you'll meet a local who can steer you past the crowds, writes Ted Thornhill.

The 180ft naked chalk hill figure in Dorset was armed with a tennis racket instead of his normal club and also depicted throwing a ball - thanks to the stunt by bookmakers Paddy Power.

Close-up photos capture the world's most fearsome animals

For most of human history, getting this close to a deadly animal would be the last thing you'd ever see. But thanks to today's advances in photography, we have the privilege of witnessing these fearsome beasts in incredible detail from the safety of our screens. Pictured clockwise from top left: The wandering spider, bullet ant, inland taipan, tiger, saltwater crocodile and great white shark.

The work of photographer Robert King, from Sydney, has gone viral after a travelog of his 100,000-mile around-the-world trip featured his feet in every picture of the globe's wonders.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History says researchers used a CT scan to discover the apparent tunnel about 30 feet (10 meters) below the surface of the plaza in front of the pyramid.

The capybara is the friendliest animal in the world

The capybara, native to South America, is the largest rodent in the world and a highly social creature which has been observed bonding with everything from cats, monkeys and tortoises, to bunnies, ducks and even a caiman. These adorable semi-aquatic animals grow to around four feet in length and weigh up to 145lbs, and live in groups as large as 100.

The Bogancloch Treehouse, in Rhynie, Scotland, is a three-person 1960s touring caravan which guests can stay in for just £17, with no electricity, no internet and no bathroom facilities.

Captured in an unknown location by an underwater camera rigged to a boat, this footage shows the magnificent orca chasing the vessel at a speed of around 25mph.

Video footage shows people fleeing from marauding portable toilet cubicles in central Moscow. The blue oblong structures appear to be skidding rapidly over a waterlogged road.

Physiotherapist Masayuki Ozaki takes a bath with his silicone sex doll Mayu, who sleeps with him in the home he shares with his wife and teenage daughter in Tokyo.

Around 2,000 of the life-like dolls - which cost from $6,000 and come with adjustable fingers, removable head and genitals - are sold each year in Japan, according to industry insiders.

All four residents are part of the town's government, with the mayor Don Collins claiming there 'is a lot to do to keep it on the straight and narrow'.

Starting this month, Troika, a self-driving robot made by LG Electronics, will help travelers while keeping the floors clean at Incheon International Airport.

Researchers from the University of Warsaw have studied over 1,000 inscriptions from people from Syria and Athens who made their way to the Valley of the Kings over the millennia.

Lucy Campbell is England's top female surfer

Lucy Campbell (pictured), from Woolacombe in North Devon, is now England's top female surfer and tours the world chasing waves in far-flung locations from Australia to Costa Rica and beyond. She's on a mission to get onto the prestigious World Tour, a feat no other British female has yet achieved.

The portraits were taken by Russian photographer Alexander Khimushin and offer a fascinating insight into the lives of people in Siberia - some of them in communities of only 100.

The tenth annual iPhone Photography Awards received thousands of entries - all submitted by amateur photographers from dozens of countries around the world, from China to America.

Stunning images show how much Jerusalem has changed

It is one of the world's most famous cities. But, while it's primarily known for its religious heritage, Jerusalem has also managed to move with the times - developing into a modern metropolis that's both past and present. Proof of this can be seen in the latest series of work by photographer Noam Chen, who's spent months travelling the region to capture its essence. However, its growth can be hard to quantify out of context, which is why we've compiled a before-and-after collection here.

If you think it’s not often that the laws of physics are defied – think again. These incredible photographs from around the world reveal sights that would leave Sir Isaac Newton gobsmacked.

Photographs captured at locations across America, show the vast retail playgrounds in a state of decay, waiting to be snapped up by new developers.

South American carrier VivaColombia has mooted the suggestion of standing-only flights, this week - in favour of much, much cheaper 'vertical seating'.

Numerous residents of the Californian city have taken to Twitter demanding that outsiders stay away - claiming it's borderline racist to follow the area's music trail.

Comically dry London Underground announcements

It may rain a lot in England, but humour there is dry as can be - and evidence of this can often be found on the London Underground's daily-changed noticeboards. Some announcements appear to be genuinely written by TFL staff, while others are the surely the work of a cheeky impostor. It's up to you to decide which is which.

In Australia and Germany, it's rude be late, while in Mexico and Greece for example, it's rude to be on time. Avoid discussing accidents or death in Taiwan and don't whistle in China.

The baron caterpillar, native to India and South East Asia, is almost perfectly camouflaged on green leaves to hide itself from predators. It looks like a bunch of pine needles on other surfaces.

Barber shops around the world presented in photos

The first barbers in history were doctors and dentists by trade, and the first shops served not only as salons, but as a social setting for men to meet and debate issues of the time. It's a tradition kept alive today all over the world, presented here in countries including (clockwise from top left) Nairobi in Kenya; Kilis in Turkey; Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Hanoi, Vietnam.

Grant Atkinson shot this video in Northern Botswana, moments after the determined little baby was born who refused to wait around before starting its four legged adventured in life.

Reddit user xxviiparadise found the strange-looking monster at Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu, California, and shared an image of it online to see if anyone could work out its identity.

The Kiss Me Motel in Cali, Colombia boasts themed suites

It might be one of the most peculiar retreats on earth. A Colombian 'love motel' with no less than 180 themed rooms for couples to get down to business in - everything from a shocking chamber full of Nazi decorations to an Arctic igloo-inspired grotto and one with a bright yellow submarine. Charging from £23 for a junior suite, the Motel Kiss Me in Cali boasts rooms with a wide range of props, statues, massage tables and hot tubs. It costs £50 for four hours in the presidential suite and £70 for its most elaborate domain, equipped with its own spacious bondage cage. Photographer Kurt Hollander, based in Mexico City, spent two weeks documenting a variety of local models posing inside the 17-year-old establishment.

Over the past decade, several significant land masses have been confirmed, most recently a sandbar off the coast of North Carolina nicknamed Shelly Island.

One image captures a boy saving a drowning fawn from floods in Bangladesh, while another photo sees firefighters in Wisconsin, USA, desperately giving a dog CPR.

Wood you believe it! Incredible footage shows athlete sprinting over water-soaked logs at breakneck speed 

Katie Rick is one of America’s best ‘log rollers’ – and an incredible video has emerged that shows just how amazing she is at sprinting over wet timber. Footage of her competing at the 2017 Midwest Log Rolling Championships at Lake Wingra in Madison, Wisconsin, has gone viral.

Mastering the art of the panoramic photo can be quite the challenge for some, and often, as we seen here with examples from around the world, even a slight error can result in mayhem.

Ritz-Carlton is launching a line of 623ft luxury cruise yachts, which will call at locations typically not accessible to large cruise ships, from Capri and Portofino to St Barths and Cartagena.

'YuriFineart' shows on YouTube how he uses Lightroom to transform images from his travels through Europe by raising shadows and tweaking contrasts.

Currently under development in the far reaches of Swedish Lapland, the Arctic Bath hotel and spa will float atop the Lule river during summer and freeze into place come winter.

Crafty Melbournites have begun decorating their newly installed security bollards with fabric, confetti and paint. But one resident, perhaps short of material, installed a cheeky plaque instead.

The bus carrying 46 passengers and two drivers rammed into a lorry in a traffic jam on the A9 motorway close to the Bavarian town of Stammbach, Germany this morning.

The most amusing Photoshop makeovers on the web revealed

Many of these examples - starring everything from ethereal nature shots (left), Donald Trump concentrating hard on a pen (centre) and a hamster nibbling on dried pasta - were already absurd or amusing before the Photoshop wand was waved by computer wizards around the world, but take on a whole new lease of life when altered.

Hundreds of food poisoning claims have already been dropped after Spanish officials launched a crackdown on fraudulent bids made by British all-inclusive holidaymakers.

Amelia-Grace Beard, from Watford, had her £1,680 holiday to Rhodes, in Greece, 'ruined' following the incident at London Stansted airport.

From Australia to Antarctica, more than 3 billion people across the globe make international travel a leisurely, often luxury pursuit, each year. But it wasn't always this way...

A visitor stands in the illuminated work 'The Parthenon of Books' by Argentinian artist Marta Minujin during the press preview of the documenta 14, the world's most significant exhibition of contemporary art, in Kassel, Germany, Thursday, June 8, 2017. For 100 days the curators of the exhibition have invited more than 160 international artists to create installations for the event. documenta 14, which is held once every five years, will be open to public from June 10, 2017 until Sept. 17, 2017. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

'The Parthenon of Books' is the centre piece of this year's Documenta 14 exhibition in German city Kassel. Created by artist Marta Minujín, its aim is to stir debate around censorship.

Images capture matters which escalated quickly

There are disasters you can see coming for miles, and then, as these images show, there are situations and sentiments which escalate with no warning. Pictured, (left) an American child's sweet note which swiftly turned into a soul-crushing dig, (top right) a news writer who was clearly so overwhelmed by the number of criminal charges listed, they had to radically simplify the headline; and (bottom right) according to this particular Whirlpool washing machine, there's either a small load or an extra large one, and nothing in between. 


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