Fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir and Surrounding Areas in Gunnison Colorado with a Blue Mesa Reservoir Fishing Guide

Fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir is the most exciting activity anyone can do when visiting the lake and Gunnison Colorado. Trophy lake trout live in the waters of Blue Mesa Reservoir and can grow to sizes as big as 53 pounds. The Colorado state record lake trout belongs to Blue Mesa Reservoir. Lake Trout get big, fight hard and offer an exciting challenge. It is hard work to try and catch one of these giants. Any fish over 20 lbs is considered a trophy and a big game accomplishment. The best time to fish Blue Mesa Reservoir for Lake Trout is in the spring. These trophy fish come to feed in the shallow waters where bait fish swim. After a long winter under the ice, the lake trout will risk everything for a hearty meal and offer die hard anglers a shot a new state or lake record!
The kokanee salmon population at Blue Mesa is the largest in the state and Blue Mesa produces big fish- up to 5 pounds! A great day of fishing can yield 30+ kokanee salmon a day. Kokanee salmon have rich red flesh- a result of living in deep, cold water and eating protein rich plankton. Kokanee salmon are good to eat and very fun to catch. Rainbow trout and brown trout comprise a strong population in the lake. They can be caught almost anywhere in the Blue Mesa Reservoir and are great for keeping anglers busy. You can always catch some species of fish year-round at Blue Mesa Reservoir.
If you are interested in a guided fishing trip, there are a few guide services on Blue Mesa that do a great job catching fish. The most popular guide service is Blue Mesa Fishing Network. BMFG Network has many years of experience catching fish on Blue Mesa Reservoir. This outfit has quality equipment and a safe boat fish in.
Most baits that catch fish on Blue Mesa are sold at one the two marinas and in town. Just ask the locals what's hot and get a few baits. - Or check out our current fishing report at Read through our network of sites to learn about trick, tips, techniques to catch more fish. You can even own fishing hot spots!

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