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An adorable four-year-old couldn't hold back his tears of joy as his dad and new stepmom said 'I do'. US Marine Corps Sergeant Joshua Newville and Senior Airman Emily Leehan said their vows in an emotional New York wedding (left) on Saturday at Quincy Cellars in Ripley, New York. But it was Sgt Newville's son, Gage (right with his family), who became overwhelmed with emotion when his stepmom read vows that she had written especially for him. 'I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you,' Leehan said as she leaned down to kiss Gage, who then reached out for a big hug. Mr and Mrs Newville cried right along with Gage as they finished up their vows.

Man has keloids removed thanks to strangers' donations

Keith Crowell, of Milwaukee, developed keloids on his skin 12 years ago after being nicked during a shave at the barber shop. Keloids are when excess skin form over scars or wounds. Crowell had two surgeries to remove them, but they resulted in more keloids, and a third surgery was deemed cosmetic by his insurance provider. 'I feel it's not cosmetic,' he said. 'This is my livelihood. This is my life right here.'

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Australian cleaning guru, Shannon Lush, has shared her tricks for cutting laundry time in half. These include using vinegar and bicarb soda and adding a dry tea towel in with your wet clothes.

Wisconsin company, Three Market Square announced this week that it plans to install microchips (file) in employees to use in break room markets. Employees will be able to purchase items using the chip.

Aspiring singer, 25, dies in UTV accident near race track

Abby Uecker, known musically as Abby Nicole, performed over the weekend at the Thayer County Fair in Deshler, Nebraska (inset)but was found fatally injured from a UTV accident on Sunday morning. Listed as lead singer for Abby Nicole and County Road and had been performing at fairs across the country, sometimes opening for some bigger acts.

Jimmi Stead, of Ohio, had downloaded the Domino's app which allows people to customize their pizza order. But when her pie arrived, the results were less than appetizing.

Leonard Benitez (main) asked to borrow a cup of salt from Louis and Irene Rosen in their Tamarac, Florida, home (inset) before he pressed the 99-year-old and his wife for $50,000 on Friday.

'Michael Phelps not racing a real shark was a scam!' Clueless and confused viewers moan after Olympic legend fails to actually square off against a Great White in Discovery channel 'face-off'

Michael Phelps lost to a simulated Great White shark in a highly anticipated television program to kick off Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week. The 32-year-old American swimmer was beat by two seconds in the open-water 100-meter race, filmed off the tip of Cape Town in South Africa, and televised on Sunday night. The computer-simulated shark clocked in at 36.1 seconds and Phelps, wearing a special swimsuit and fin, swam the distance in 38.1 seconds. Though Phelps said he was let down by his loss, viewers posted their own disappointment and confusion at the hour-long television program. One Twitter user wrote: 'Should've called it Michael Phelps vs a Computer Generated Simulation. Huge letdown @Discovery'. Another said: 'I wasted an hour of my life to watch Michael Phelps race a hologram'. Someone else wrote: 'Call me crazy but I thought they were gonna put Phelps up against a real shark not a simulation. I feel robbed.'

Boomer Phelps stars in an adorable new Huggies ad where the 14-month-old plays in a pool with his parents and even faces a blow-up shark ahead of Michael Phelps' Great White race on Sunday.

Snooty enjoyed a lavish bash for his 69th birthday on Saturday, was found dead today in an accident at the South Florida Museum in Brandenton. Many took to Twitter to pay their respects.

Home Alone's John Heard died six months after his son

Max heard (top), the son of John Heard who is best remembered for his role as the dad in the Home Alone movies (pictured left recently and right in the famous movie), died six month before the actor whose body was found on Friday. Max heard died on December 6, 2016 at the age of 22. John Heard also starred in Big with Tom Hanks, Gladiator and The Pelican Brief, while TV work included roles in Battlestar Galactica and The Sopranos.

Followers of the 19-year-old reality star were surprised to find an interesting message from her social media account on Sunday.

Stubbs. the honorary cat mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, died on Friday at age 20. Stubbs was elected mayor in 1998 in a write-in campaign when he was just a kitten. There is no human mayor.

Princes Harry and William reveal all in new Diana show

Princes William and Harry had not seen their mother for almost a month before her death, they have revealed in a documentary about Diana’s life. Her divorce from Prince Charles meant the boys were ‘bounced’ between their parents, losing out on time with both of them, Harry said. Diana (pictured right with Dodi Al-Fayed), died the day before they were due to be reunited. In the film, which airs in the UK tonight, the princes lavished praise on their mother and her ability to ‘smother’ them with love.

One of the most powerful – and moving – things that comes across in tonight's documentary is a portrait of two young men, who although very different in outlook and character are remarkably close.

Prince William spoke with warmth about his mother Princess Diana ahead of a screening in Kensington Palace for an advanced screening of the documentary, writes SARAH VINE.

Prince William has revealed his mother taught himself and his brother that there was a real life outside o Palace walls and admits his mother's spirit is constantly by his side.

Shocking cell phone footage shows a driver viciously beating a 74-year-old cyclist with a club for 'hitting his truck' in road rage attack that left the man bleeding from his head

A 74-year-old bicyclist was viciously beaten with a small club by a man in a shocking road rage attack in Ontario, Canada. Cellphone footage recorded by witnesses at the scene shows a man in a red shirt sitting on top of the victim and repeatedly hitting him with the club. The attacker (bottom right) was identified as David Fox, of Peterborough, after he was arrested by police. Fox, 65, was charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. In the video, taken around 11am on Tuesday, the victim is heard asking: 'Where am I bleeding?' Blood was seen gushing from the back of the man's head as he gets on his feet. He was later transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Trump threatens over failure to repeal Obamacare 

President Trump (pictured) has threatened Republicans over their failure to repeal and replace Obamacare. The president tweeted on Sunday that if Senators failed to replace and repeal Obamacare, there would be 'repercussions' (inset). The tweet was one of several the commander-in-chief sent out on Sunday ahead of the Senate vote this week on revised healthcare reform legislation. The majority vote needed for the repeal has proved difficult to come by, with at least three Republican senators announcing their intention to vote against a bill that full repeals the Affordable Care Act.

National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers (pictured) rebuffed the prospect for a US-Russia cyber unit at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, saying 'now is not the best time'.

A Kansas makeup artist says she won a national contest sponsored by Kat Von D Beauty but was later disqualified because of an Instagram post supporting Trump's presidential candidacy.

Jovanni Valle a right-wing activist, had his nose broken and his face sliced open during a brawl at Mehanata bar on the Lower East Side in the early hours of July 7.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said that the Congressional Democrats plan to roll out a much bolder agenda, which will be 'quite different than the Democratic Party you heard in the past.'

Newly-christened White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Sunday that President Trump would support a Russian sanctions bill making its way through Congress.

Paige Spiranac hits back at new LGPA dress guidelines

Professional golfer Paige Spiranac (left), from San Diego, California, hit back after the LGPA released new dress guidelines eliminating leggings, unless worn under a skort or shorts; joggers; short skirts and plunging necklines. The Association claims the policy change (inset) is to institute professionalism, but 24-year-old Spiranac, who does not have a spot on the LPGA Tour, says it takes aim at just a few distinct players. Spiranac, who often post photos of herself on social media (right), says the rules attack certain body types and 'serves as yet another reason for women to feel ashamed of their bodies.'

Maria Guerrero, 7, was attacked by a squirrel in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. She and her family say they were just walking when the incident occurred. Maria is the fifth victim in the last five days.

FILE - In this May 25, 2017 file photo, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks during Caron Treatment Center's Executive Luncheon on the Opioid Crisis at the headquarters of Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia. Christie has come out against a new Republican proposal that would allow police to gain access to the state's prescription drug database without a warrant, but the bill's sponsor says he will still push the bill this year, and even in 2018, if he's re-elected. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

A bill is being considered in New Jersey that would allow police and law enforcement to access the state's prescription drug monitoring database without a court order to combat the opioid crisis.

John McCain wades through creek after diagnosis 

John McCain enjoyed a relaxing weekend with his daughter and most recently a friend, just five days after he was diagnosed with brain cancer. 'Enjoying Zebra Falls in beautiful Oak Creek, #Arizona today with my friend Joe Harper,' McCain tweeted in the caption of the photo (main) Sunday afternoon. McCain and his friend were perched on a rock with their legs in the water in the middle of Oak Creek when the photo was snapped. On Saturday, the senator went for a hike with his daughter Meghan, who shared a picture of the two sitting on a bench (right inset) with their dog after they'd finished hiking. 'Amazing hike with Dad @SenJohnMcCain this morning. Thank you all for your best wishes!' the 32-year-old Fox News host tweeted. On Wednesday, the office of the 80-year-old senator announced that he'd been diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare type of brain cancer.

Charges against Guthrie McLean, 25, a senior at the University of Montana, have been dropped after he was arrested for allegedly beating up a cabbie in China who was 'roughing up his mother'.

Many divorced parents are in a tug of war over who gets to take the children away over the summer. But exes are now doing it together in order to spend quality time with their children.

Pals toast Rupert Murdoch's daughter's wedding day

Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth is known for throwing legendary parties with A-list guests including David and Samantha Cameron, so it was no surprise that her wedding to Turner prize-winning artist Keith Tyson on Saturday was just as lavish. It was held in a purpose-built party barn in Westwell, Oxfordshire, and all eyes were on TV executive Lis, 48, who beamed with joy in a low-cut, sleeveless white lace dress. Pictured: Keith Tyson and Elisabeth Murdoch at their wedding.

Walmart: 8 people found dead in San Antonio branch

Nine people have died after almost 40 were found inside a tractor-truck (left and right) in San Antonio, Texas. The people inside the tractor-trailer were found in the early hours of Sunday morning after one of them approached a Walmart worker in the store parking lot and asked for some water. The employee gave the person the water and then called police. When officers arrived they found the eight people - all men - dead in the back of the trailer. The truck didn't have a working air conditioning system despite blistering temperatures topping 100 degrees in San Antonio. All were rushed to nearby hospitals, with 20 in an 'extremely critical or very serious condition'. One of the nine died upon arrival. Police Chief William McManus said it is being investigated as a 'human trafficking' incident.

This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Fionn Whitehead in a scene from "Dunkirk." (Melissa Sue Gordon/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

Director Christopher Nolan's World War II epic, starring Fionn Whitehead as one of the thousands of Allied soldiers trapped on the beach in Ftance in 1940, smashed all expectations.

OJ Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden was on Reddit AMA

One of the prosecutors who tried OJ Simpson (left) for double murder in the 1990s has revealed what he really thinks of the former athlete and what he would say to him if they crossed paths in the future. Christopher Darden (right) gave honest answers about the 70-year-old former NFL star who was granted parole last week during a Q&A; on Reddit. The 61-year-old was part of the prosecution team (center inset) that tried the San Francisco native for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, who were found stabbed to death in 1994 at her home in Los Angeles.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio allegedly had police officers remove homeless people from two subway stations ahead of his four-stop press tour on Sunday so the subways 'looked nice'.


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Jordan Spieth is youngest American to win British Open

Jordan Spieth, 23, from Texas, became the youngest American to win the British Open at Royal Birkdale in Southport, England, on Sunday. He beat fellow American Matt Kucher by three shots. He is the youngest American to win the tournament just before he turns 24 on Thursday and the youngest winner since Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros won in 1979. Spieth is also the second player after Jack Nicklaus to win three different majors at the age of 23. He captured the third leg of the career Grand Slam and will head to the PGA Championship next month with a chance to be the youngest to win them all. 'This is a dream come true for me,' Spieth said Sunday. 'Absolutely a dream come true.'

Gavin Strickland, 19, of New York, was only reunited with his Nissan Verda sedan after his parents launched an online appeal to help their 'doofy son' track down his car.

The playful print was given a high-fashion makeover on the Paris catwalks and has now filtered down to the High Street to become one of summer’s most popular trends.

'They are SO cute!': Fans go into meltdown after Madonna posts video of her twin girls Stella and Esther performing a sweet dance routine to Shakira's Waka Waka 

She adopted her adorable little twin girls, Stella and Esther Mwale, in February this year. And Madonna, 58, has sent her fans into meltdown - by posting an endearing video of her daughters performing a dance routine to Shakira's 'Waka Waka' on Saturday. Dressed in identical yellow T-shirts, the girls look cute as buttons as they show off their impressive moves, and bring plenty of sass to the routine. 

Chester Bennington's death was ruled a suicide on Friday by the LA coroner's office, but that didn't stop a conspiracy theorist from claiming that his death was actually a murder.

Tom, 44, from Somerset, had to spend time away from his family after his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He became one of Britain’s 2.4 million ‘sandwich carers’.

Brush fires in California scorches 100 acres of land 

Two fast-moving fires in southern California triggered evacuations and threatened homes as they burned more than 100 acres of land on Sunday. The wildfire in Lucerne Valley was reported just before 4pm. Within two hours the fire moved quickly from five acres to about 100 acres of brush, prompting mandatory evacuations. About 200 firefighters responded to the Lucerne Valley fire, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. About an hour before the Lucerne Valley fire was reported, a blaze broke out in La Verne. That fire scorched about 40 acres of medium to heavy brush. The La Verne fire (right) was burning uphill toward residential neighborhoods, but around 6.30pm it was no longer moving toward the homes. Fire officials are still investigating the cause of the fires.

Steinberg died on Sunday morning following complications from a brain aneurism and metastatic lung cancer, her friend and fellow Marvel veteran Larry Hama confirmed on Facebook.

Kam Sivilai, 60, and the boy died on Saturday around 6.40pm in Oklahoma's Fort Cobb Lake at Avery Landing, a popular campground on the lake about 55 miles west from Oklahoma City.

Cops and paramedics responded to a call about an unresponsive person in the Hell's Kitchen building around 7.15am on Sunday, and discovered the 53-year-old worker dead.

Newly restored USS Constitution is returning to the water

The USS Constitution, the world's oldest commissioned warship still afloat, will return Sunday to Boston's waters - just one day after the Navy's newest vessel was rolled out. The undocking of the 'Old Ironsides' will mark the end of restoration work that started two years ago, officials said. A celebration will be held at the USS Constitution Museum. The wooden ship was launched in 1797 and earned its famous nickname notching victories in the War of 1812. The most recent work included replacing 100 hull planks and installing 2,200 new copper sheets, 500 of which were signed by nearly 100,000 museum visitors, according to USS Constitution Museum President Anne Grimes Rand, who called the ship 'a wonderful symbol for our democracy.' The Constitution entered the dock at the historic Charlestown Navy Yard on the night of May 18, 2015, and on Sunday - a day expected to have the highest tide of the summer - the dry dock at the navy yard will be flooded, and the ship will be lifted off the keel block that night. The end of the restoration work comes just one day after the newest Navy vessel, the USS Gerald Ford (inset) was officially put into commission following a ceremony on Saturday.

Dr W. Chris Winter says we are facing an epidemic of ‘paradoxical insomnia’, where you believe you're not sleeping, but your sleep is in fact fairly normal. He gives his top tips for a restful night.

Jane Fryer, 48, met Dr Pinto Coelho at a one-week long menopause spa break in Portugal. She underwent high-tech medical diagnostic tests to find out what’s going on with her hormones.

William Guinn Jr. had always dreamed of enlisting in the armed forces, but weighing in at 456lbs last year, he was well over the Army's weight limit.

Colby Glen Wilde, 29, and Lacey Dawn Christenson, 26, face a slew of drug and child endangerment charges after a weeks-long investigation into the couple by police in Elk Ridge, Utah.

Ice queens' bitter feud: Nancy Kerrigan, 47, says she'll never forgive rival Tonya Harding for kneecapping her at the 1994 Olympics

Memorialised as one of the most bitter fueds in sporting history Nancy Kerrigan says she is unable to forgive Tonya Harding for her involvement in the kneecapping scandal that cost the now 47-year-old her chance at Olympic gold. On January 4 1994 images of Kerrigan in immense pain sent shock waves through the world as she tightly held her knee while fighting against the agony she was in. The ice-skating champion had been crippled by a baton, hit by an unknown attacker at the end of practice ahead of the American Figure Skating championships.

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Teens make prom dresses and suits out of DUCT TAPE

Duck Tape have revealed the winners of their annual Duck brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest, which offered tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships. Emily O’Gara and Ethan Weber of Lincoln, Nebraska, (left) took the top prize of $10,000 each going towards college tuition in the couples' category, while Allison Poolman of Elgin, Oklahoma, (right) snagged the singles prize.

Not Wed or Dead blogger shows off her new daughter

Katy Colins, 32, from Formby, Merseyside, was dumped by fiance Thom Soutter, a London City legal worker, just weeks before the $26,000 planned ceremony. After quitting her job and selling her house and car she went travelling around the world. While on her travels she wrote a blog which secured her a five-book deal. Now the bestselling author has revealed she's finally found her own happily-ever-after after falling in love with a journalist and giving birth to her first child, Everleigh Gray Siddle, on May 31. Pictured left and inset: Katy with Everleigh and right: Katy in Thailand.


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Two young elephants are saved from drowning after being washed out to sea while crossing shallow lagoons for the second time in two weeks 

The Sri Lankan Navy said the pair of wild elephants were brought ashore after a 'mammoth effort' involving navy divers, ropes and a flotilla of boats to tow them back to shallow waters. Photos showed the elephants in distress, barely keeping their trunks above water in the deep seas about 0.6 miles (one kilometre) off the coast of Sri Lanka. Two weeks ago, the navy mounted a similar operation in the same region to save a lone elephant washed five miles (eight kilometres) off the Sri Lankan coast into the deep waters of the Indian Ocean. The rescue, which took 12 hours was hailed as a 'miraculous escape' for the giant mammal.

From urinating on laptops to smashing through doors, the world's most badly behaved pooches have been revealed. These dogs have been so naughty that their offenses have gone viral.

Images of the accident were captured on security cameras at a petrol station in Diamante, north east Brazil last Thursday. The seven-year-old child had a miraculous escape,

San Diego Comic Con attracts dressed up fans

Dressed in their finest costumes the fans wander the halls and congregate outside sometimes looking the spitting image of their favourite characters. Heaps of praise are piled upon those dedicated enough to craft their outfits from scratch and make the convention what it is. Pictured, l-r: A trio of women recreate a fantasy scene, a man dons a tribal warrior costume and a duo of cosplayers dress as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Inset: A fan dresses as The Night King from Game of Thrones.