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OSI List

The table below shows the list as at April 2017.

Where a distance is given in the table you can click on it to go to a map page showing how to get between the pairs of stations.  The distance is in miles and is approximate.

Exit stationtypeEntry stationtypetimedistnotes
AldgateLUFenchurch StreetNR400.2
AldgateLUTower GatewayDLR200.3
ArchwayLUUpper HollowayNR200.3
Baker StreetLUMaryleboneNR400.2
BankLUCannon StreetNR400.1
BankLUFenchurch StreetNR400.5
BankLULiverpool StreetNR400.4
Bounds GreenLUBowes ParkNR200.2
Bow ChurchDLRBow RoadLU150.2
Bow RoadLUBow ChurchDLR150.2
Bowes ParkNRBounds GreenLU200.2
Bromley NorthNRBromley SouthNR300.6
Bromley SouthNRBromley NorthNR300.6
Camden RoadNRCamden TownLU200.313
Camden TownLUCamden RoadNR200.3
Canary WharfDLRCanary WharfLU200.12
Canary WharfLUCanary WharfDLR200.12
Canary WharfLUCanary WharfLU102
Canary WharfLUHeron QuaysDLR150.12
Cannon StreetLUCannon StreetNR40
Cannon StreetNRBankLU200.1
Cannon StreetNRCannon StreetLU20
Cannon StreetNRMansion HouseLU200.2
CatfordNRCatford BridgeNR200.1
Catford BridgeNRCatfordNR200.1
Charing CrossLUCharing CrossNR40
Charing CrossNRCharing CrossLU20
Charing CrossNREmbankmentLU200.1
Clapham High StreetNRClapham NorthLU200.1
Clapham NorthLUClapham High StreetNR200.1
Clock HouseNRKent HouseNR200.4
Dalston JunctionNRDalston KingslandNR200.2
Dalston KingslandNRDalston JunctionNR200.2
East PutneyLUPutneyNR300.3
Edgware Road BakLUEdgware Road CDHLU200.2
Edgware Road CDHLUEdgware Road BakLU200.2
Edgware Road CDHLUMaryleboneNR400.4
Elephant & CastleLUElephant & CastleNR200.2
Elephant & CastleNRElephant & CastleLU200.2
EmbankmentLUCharing CrossNR400.1
EmbankmentLUWaterloo EastNR400.6
EustonLUEuston SquareLU200.2
EustonNREuston SquareLU200.2
EustonNRKing's CrossNR400.6
EustonNRSt. Pancras InternationalNR300.6
Euston SquareLUEustonLU200.2
Euston SquareLUEustonNR400.2
Euston SquareLUWarren StreetLU20
Fenchurch StreetNRAldgateLU200.2
Fenchurch StreetNRBankLU200.5
Fenchurch StreetNRLiverpool StreetNR400.5
Fenchurch StreetNRMonumentLU200.4
Fenchurch StreetNRTower GatewayDLR200.4
Fenchurch StreetNRTower HillLU200.1
Finchley RoadLUFinchley Road & FrognalNR200.5
Finchley Road & FrognalNRFinchley RoadLU200.5
Finsbury ParkLUFinsbury ParkNR10
Finsbury ParkNRFinsbury ParkLU10
Forest GateNRWanstead ParkNR200.2
Hackney CentralNRHackney DownsNR200.3
Hackney DownsNRHackney CentralNR200.3
Hammersmith Cir/H&C;LUHammersmith Dis/PicLU200.1
Hammersmith Dis/PicLUHammersmith Cir/H&C;LU200.1
Hanger LaneLUPark RoyalLU250.5
HarringayNRHarringay Green LanesNR200.3
Harringay Green LanesNRHarringayNR200.3
Heron QuaysDLRCanary WharfLU150.12
IckenhamLUWest RuislipALL300.7
Kent HouseNRClock HouseNR200.4
Kentish TownALLKentish Town WestNR200.5
Kentish Town WestNRKentish TownALL200.5
KentonALLNorthwick ParkLU200.3
King's CrossNREustonNR400.6
King's CrossNRKing's Cross St. PancrasLU204
King's CrossNRSt. Pancras InternationalNR200.1
King's Cross St. PancrasLUKing's CrossNR404
King's Cross St. PancrasLUKing's Cross St. PancrasLU154
King's Cross St. PancrasLUSt. Pancras InternationalNR304
Lancaster GateLUPaddingtonNR400.5
LeytonstoneLULeytonstone High RoadNR200.4
Leytonstone High RoadNRLeytonstoneLU200.4
Liverpool StreetLULiverpool StreetNR40
Liverpool StreetNRBankLU200.4
Liverpool StreetNRFenchurch StreetNR400.5
Liverpool StreetNRLiverpool StreetLU20
Liverpool StreetNRLiverpool StreetNR305
London BridgeLULondon BridgeNR40
London BridgeNRLondon BridgeLU20
London BridgeNRLondon BridgeNR306
Manor ParkNRWoodgrange ParkNR200.3
Mansion HouseLUCannon StreetNR400.2
MaryleboneNRBaker StreetLU200.2
MaryleboneNREdgware Road CDHLU200.4
MonumentLUFenchurch StreetNR400.4
New CrossNRNew Cross GateNR250.4
New Cross GateNRNew CrossNR250.4
Northwick ParkLUKentonALL200.3
Oxford CircusLUOxford CircusLU1012
PaddingtonNRLancaster GateLU200.5
Park RoyalLUHanger LaneLU250.5
Penge EastNRPenge WestNR250.4
Penge WestNRPenge EastNR250.4
PutneyNREast PutneyLU300.3
Seven SistersALLSeven SistersALL2010
Seven SistersALLSouth TottenhamNR200.2
Shepherd's BushLUShepherd's BushNR200.1
Shepherd's BushNRShepherd's BushLU200.1
South TottenhamNRSeven SistersALL200.2
SouthwarkLUWaterloo EastNR10
St. Pancras InternationalNREustonNR400.6
St. Pancras InternationalNRKing's CrossNR200.1
St. Pancras InternationalNRKing's Cross St. PancrasLU204
Sudbury HillLUSudbury Hill, HarrowNR200.1
Sudbury Hill, HarrowNRSudbury HillLU200.1
Tottenham HaleLUTottenham HaleNR20
Tottenham HaleNRTottenham HaleLU20
Tower GatewayDLRAldgateLU200.3
Tower GatewayDLRFenchurch StreetNR400.4
Tower GatewayDLRTower HillLU150.1
Tower HillLUFenchurch StreetNR400.1
Tower HillLUTower GatewayDLR150.1
Upper HollowayNRArchwayLU200.3
Upper WarlinghamNRWhyteleafeNR200.3
Walthamstow CentralLUWalthamstow CentralNR20
Walthamstow CentralLUWalthamstow Queen's RoadNR250.3
Walthamstow CentralNRWalthamstow CentralLU20
Walthamstow CentralNRWalthamstow Queen's RoadNR250.3
Walthamstow Queen's RoadNRWalthamstow CentralLU250.3
Walthamstow Queen's RoadNRWalthamstow CentralNR250.3
Wanstead ParkNRForest GateNR200.2
Warren StreetLUEuston SquareLU20
WaterlooLUWaterloo EastNR409
WaterlooNRWaterloo EastNR30
Waterloo EastNREmbankmentLU250.6
Waterloo EastNRSouthwarkLU10
Waterloo EastNRWaterlooLU209
Waterloo EastNRWaterlooNR30
West HampsteadLUWest Hampstead NLLNR200.2
West HampsteadLUWest Hampstead ThameslinkNR200.2
West Hampstead NLLNRWest HampsteadLU200.2
West Hampstead NLLNRWest Hampstead ThameslinkNR200.2
West Hampstead ThameslinkNRWest HampsteadLU200.2
West Hampstead ThameslinkNRWest Hampstead NLLNR200.2
West HarrowLUWest HarrowLU5
West RuislipALLIckenhamLU300.7
White CityLUWood LaneLU200.2
WhyteleafeNRUpper WarlinghamNR200.3
Wood LaneLUWhite CityLU200.2
Woodgrange ParkNRManor ParkNR200.3


  1. Bank LU OSI between Central/Northern/DLR and Waterloo&City gatelines.
  2. Canary Wharf LU includes identical details for both the main entrance and the Upper Bank Street entrance. The internal OSI is between those entrances.
  3. Paddington LU OSI between platforms 15/16 and other LU gatelines.
  4. Kings Cross LU includes identical details for all three gatelines: Circle/Ham&City/Metropolitan, Northern, Picadilly/Victoria. The internal OSI is between any two of those gatelines.
  5. Liverpool Street NR OSI between platforms 1-10 and platforms 11-18.
  6. London Bridge NR OSI between platforms 1-6 and platforms 8-16.
  7. Not currently used.
  8. Victoria NR OSI between Southeastern platforms and Southern platforms.
  9. Waterloo LU includes identical details for all three gatelines: Bakerloo/Northern, Jubilee, Waterloo&City. The internal OSI is between any two of those gatelines.
  10. OSIs where accessible routes require leaving and re-entering the paid area.
  11. Farringdon OSI between new integrated ticket hall and traditional entrance.
  12. Oxford Circus OSI between Argyll Street exit and main entrance.
  13. Use this OSI with caution on Sunday afternoons as entry is prohibited at Camden Town.
  14. Blackfriars NR OSI between platforms 1 and 2-4 at the north end.

Changes introduced in April 2017 List

  1. New OSI between gatelines at Seven Sisters.

Changes introduced in February 2017 List

  1. New OSI between Euston Square and Warren Street.
  2. New OSI between gatelines at West Harrow.

Change introduced in January 2016 List

  1. New OSI between NR gatelines at Lewisham.

Change introduced in April 2015 List

  1. New OSI between NR gatelines at north end of Blackfriars.

Change introduced in May 2013 List

  1. OSI between Kings Cross St Pancras and St Pancras Intl NR increased to 30 minutes.

Changes introduced in October 2012 List

  1. New OSI between Ickenham and West Ruislip.
  2. New OSIs between gatelines at Richmond and Woodford.
  3. Deleted OSI between seperate parts of Wembley Central.
  4. OSI between Kings Cross St Pancras and Kings Cross NR increased to 40 minutes.

Changes introduced in January 2012 List

  1. New OSI between Aldgate LU and Tower Gateway DLR.
  2. New OSI between Edgware Road LU stations.
  3. New OSIs between gatelines at Farringdon and Oxford Circus.

Changes introduced in May 2011 List

  1. New OSI between Cannon Street NR and Bank LU.
  2. New OSI between Finsbury Park LU and NR.
  3. New OSI between Putney NR and East Putney LU.
  4. Temporary OSI between Goodge Street, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road.

Change introduced in November 2010 List

  1. New OSI between Cannon Street NR and Mansion House LU.

Changes introduced in September 2010 List

  1. Addition of a new entrance to Canary Wharf Tube called E2.
  2. New OSI between different gatelines at Paddington LU.

48 Responses

  1. It’s strange that there are no OSIs between Bethnal Green NR and Bethnal Green LU. And also no OSIs between Whitechapel and Bethnal Green NR/LU, although they are quite close to each other (there are stations in the list that are futher away from each other but still have OSIs). These OSIs would provide a good alternative to avoid Shoreditch High Street’s zone 1 status when going in a Nort-South direction in the East.

    Is there actually a way to petition new OSIs?

  2. Well you can ask by emailing the helpdesk. Distance isn’t the only criteria used to decide whether an OSI is created, although as a rule of thumb they won’t consider more than half a mile without a very good case. Most OSIs are actually under a third of a mile.

  3. I am wondering if there has been a change of time allowed at Finsbury Park.
    I left the station and re entered via the Seven Sisters Road exit using the PVAL’s there, the time difference shown on my Oyster statement was 13 minutes but still the two journeys made were joined together.
    Fortunately this did not cause a problem with the maximum time allowed but it could of done.

  4. Can you copy your journey history or confirm what you touched out on. It sounds like the continuation exit might be at play here.

  5. Mike the details are

    10:27 Touch in St James Park
    10:48 Touch out Finsbury Park LU
    10:59 Touch in Finsbury Park LU
    11:42 Touch out Harrow on the Hill

    Total fare charged was £3, sorry for error it was 11 minutes not 12 between touch out and back in on the PVAL validators at the Seven Sisters Road exit.

  6. Hi Malcolm,

    Yes, that’s the continuation exit at work, not the OSI. See this page on this site for more details.

  7. Yes of course thanks for working it out Mike.
    I had not considered that because of the NR changes there but of course the LU side is ungated.

  8. Which is why there shouldn’t be a continuation exit there as it’s impossible to properly end a journey.

  9. For passengers using the Charing + branch of the Northern Line, I wonder if an OSI between Warren Street and Euston Square would be just as useful for passengers, the stations are physically closer together, going north there would be a time saving as from Euston Stn. you are effectively walking most of the way back towards a station you only went through a few minutes earlier – as the journey time between Euston and Warren Street is around a minute – then it’s probably quicker to change at Warren Street southbound for Euston Square instead of Euston.

  10. Hi Mark,

    Yes, Warren Street to Euston Square is definitely on my list of suggestions.

  11. Another suggestion for a future OSI once the AGA metro services are replaced by LOROL is an OSI between Bethnal Green and Whitechapel which would allow a non Zone 1 journey between those lines to the ELL.

  12. Not sure that the change of operator should make any difference, but I have heard this suggested before.

  13. Another plump here for Whitechapel OG to Bethnal Green NR. Not only is it a matter of distance, but also time. It happens that, at times, it is certainly quicker to travel from Wapping and points south via this interchange than via Liverpool Street.

    e.g. from TfL Journey Planner

    Departs 14:05
    Arrives 14:39
    Total time: 34mins

    4 mins
    London Overground to Whitechapel

    6 mins
    Hammersmith & City line to Liverpool Street Underground Station

    9 mins
    Greater Anglia to Cambridge Heath (London) Rail Station

    Whereas, were one to walk from Whitechapel to Bethnal Green, the journey would be as folows:

    4 mins
    London Overground to Whitechapel

    7′ at fast / 9′ at average / 12′ at slow walking speed
    14hr16 ARRIVE BETHNAL GREEN NR (Fast Walking Speed)
    14hr18 ARRIVE BEHTNAL GREEN NR (Average Walking Speed)
    14hr21 ARRIVE BEHTNAL GREEN NR (Slow Walking Speed)

    6 mins
    Greater Anglia to Cambridge Heath (London) Rail Station


    4 mins
    Greater Anglia to Cambridge Heath (London) Rail Station

    This saves 15′ on a 34′ journey


    Walking directions and timings from TfL

  14. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll make sure it’s passed on.

  15. Many tube-NR OSIs like Paddington allot 40 minutes for tube to NR interchange, but only 20 minutes for the opposite direction. Any reason for this?

  16. Hi Thomas,

    Yes. With the tube you have very frequent services and you wait on the platform having been through the gateline in the ticket hall. Whereas with National Rail you often wait on the concourse for an infrequent service and only pass through the gateline once the platform is known.

  17. […] the map shows some permitted out-of-station interchnages not marked on the current Tube Map. E.g. Camden Town and Camden Road, Kentish Town and Kentish Town […]

  18. I don’t understand why the OSI’s aren’t included on the TFL map: would it be hard to do? Plus the interchange time should surely depend on distance and be the same each way surely.
    I was travelling today (Saturday) from Epping to central London but the service had broken down so travelled from Chingford. On the return I travelled from Highbury & Islington via Walthamstowe: Fare £2.40. I know that the usual fare if I was travelling from Highbury to Epping via Stratford off-peak is £1.50. Why the difference?
    Iwould be grateful for an explanation or is there none?

  19. Hi Peter,

    Generally the interchange time is the same. Where it isn’t is at London Terminals where people catching trains usually wait outside the paid area on the concourse.

    As to the difference in fares, Epping is on the Central line which uses the original TfL scale where off-peak fares in zones 2-6 are all the same, while Chingford is on the new Liverpool Street scale where the fares more closely resemble the National Rail fares that applied when Greater Anglia ran the trains. This was a DfT requirement so as not to abstract on revenue from other lines.

  20. Hello Mike

    I see there is no OSI between Waterloo East and Blackfriars. Am I right in thinking that if I travel from Chelsfield to Waterloo East, walk to Blackfriars and then continue to St Pancras I’ll therefore be charged for 2 journeys? Presumably the only way to avoid that would be to catch the tube from Waterloo to Southwark and then walk to Blackfriars from there?

  21. Hi Paul,

    If you exit Waterloo East at the country end of the platforms you end up walking through Southwark station without travelling. This is a special case where you are not charged extra. All the bits of the journey should then add together into one.

  22. Walter Guy-Briscoe

    We have not spoken in ages.
    I don’t understand how touches on in-out validators work.
    If I have started a journey and touch an in-out validator, the journey is ended. I think that if I again touch within a short time, the touch is viewed as a duplicate. How long do I have to wait to start another journey? Does OSI affect the answer?

  23. Hi Walter,

    Good to hear from you again. A normal OSI doesn’t affect the answer, but an emergency one might. Normally it is 1 minute before a new touch can be made. If the station has continuation exit set then you need to allow 15 minutes. I’ve just noticed that I need to update the page on continuation exits. If an emergency OSI is set then 30 minutes will need to be allowed, but the helpdesk will refund any charges accrued by joining two journeys together in that instance.

  24. Walter Guy-Briscoe

    Thanks, Mike.
    Where do those times come from?

    I like your CAPTCHA substitute.
    Just one small grouse. The input field is wide enough to accept
    the name of a number, but only accepts a digitlist.
    For aesthetic reasons, I would prefer the name of a number (e.g. nine), rather than 9. I would have catered for both. 😉

  25. Hi Walter,

    I was given those times by TfL after querying why it had ignored a contactless touch. I have subsequently tested them but appear to have forgotten to update the page. It’s on the to do list 😉

    Re the captcha – so would I if I’d written it.

  26. I have Monthly TravelCard 1-3.
    Started journey from Bromley-By-Bow to Hammersmith by Hammersmith and city line. Touch out and touch in after 3 minutes (just crossed the road) at Hammersmith District. When train from Hammersmith to Kew Gardens.
    The jorney should not be charged (never exit zone 1-3).
    I was charged £1.70 on Friday, and £1.50 next Friday.
    Called Tfl center – got refund.
    The problem is why it is charging me? Nobody knows…
    It is very fast route, I want to use it but every time I will do it it will charge me. Any advice? Help…
    Thank you!!!

  27. Hi LK,

    It shouldn’t charge. Can you copy your journey history on a day that it charges, expanded out to show all touches?

  28. Hi Mike.

    The Citymapper app suggested that my quickest & cheapest (£1.50) route from Peckham Rye to Bruce Grove was Overground to Shoreditch, then walk to interchange at Bethnal Green and taking the overground to Bruce Grove. I ran between stations & took less than 6 mins, but got charged 2 x £1.50 fares. Surely this needs changing? Either on their app, or (ideally) given the close proximity, and to enhance the London public transport network then this should be an offical out-of-station-interchange?

  29. Hi Andrew,

    Are you sure you mean Shoreditch High Street? That’s in zone 1 and there are no £1.50 fares to it from Peckham Rye. Perhaps you meant Whitechapel?

    Anyway, I agree that some more OSIs in that part of London would be good. You’ll need to email Oyster customer services and suggest it. You won’t be the first, but they might now listen given that TfL now run Bethnal Green Overground station.

  30. Is there any reason why Shepherd’s Bush NR to Shepherd’s Bush Market is not an OSI?

  31. Because they think Wood Lane to White City is a better interchange. I think both should be valid. You can always email them and ask them to consider adding it.

  32. Can we chain or combine OSIs?

    I’m travelling Kingston to St Pancras. I intend to tap in at Kingston, tap out at Waterloo, walk up the escalators, tap in at Waterloo East, tap through to Southwark, tap out of Southwark at the Blackfriars Road exit, walk up the road, tap in to Blackfriars NR, and finally tap out at St Pancras. Your list above shows that each step is a valid OSI.

    The single fare finder reports that an off-peak journey from Kingston to St Pancras should cost just £3.80. I presume that’s if I don’t use the underground. Perhaps that fare is only available if I change at Wimbledon for the infrequent Thameslink service? Or would my suggested walking route above work too? Or is there a dispensation because of the Thameslink disruptions (there are no direct trains between Waterloo East and London Bridge until August 2016)?

  33. Hi Andrew,

    Sorry for the delay replying. I’m not entirely sure whether this will work or not. I think it might work on contactless; I think it probably won’t work on Oyster because there is no NR only fare defined for Kingston to Southwark. If you do try it I’d be interested to know the results.

  34. In response to my own question:
    The fastest, most obvious route from Kingston to St Pancras is changing at Vauxhall for the Victoria line. This cost £5.10, as per the online single fare finder.
    On my return journey I took the Thameslink service from St Pancras to Blackfriars, then walked to Southwark, through the station to Waterloo East and Waterloo, then onto the first train to Kingston. The cost was just £3.80!

    I’m not sure whether this means we can chain OSIs, or whether this is a special dispensation because trains from Waterloo East aren’t stopping at London Bridge. Next time I’ll try walking direct from Waterloo to Blackfriars, skipping the intermediate stations.

  35. Hi Andrew,

    You can chain OSIs together. What matters is whether there is a fare between the start point and each intermediate exit point via the route you are taking. If you start at St Pancras then all the OSIs happen before you leave zone 1 and the system can still charge the correct fare when you get to Kingston in zone 6. The other way round you might hit a problem when you exit at Southwark.

    If you walk between Waterloo NR and Blackfriars NR then it will be treated as two journeys because there is no active OSI between those stations.

  36. Hi Mike, I finally had the opportunity to do the return journey: travelling from Kingston to Waterloo, exit Waterloo, through Waterloo East, through Southwark, then walking down Blackfriars Road to catch a train to St Pancras. I was only charged £3.80.

    As you point out this only works if the fare exists, which in this case it does. Oddly enough, the equivalent fare from Feltham / Whitton / Twickenham doesn’t exist.

  37. Thanks for the info, Andrew.

  38. It appears Sutton has an OSI with itself if that makes sense. I made a journey from St Pancras to Sutton on Thameslink yesterday and was outside the station for only a few moments before the-entering and catching a southern service to Victoria. Sadly it appears to have continued the 1 journey causing me to exceed the maximum journey time charging me 2 single fares @£5.40 each. Is this common at BR stations. I was outside the barriers for only a couple of minutes.

  39. Hi Rob,

    Did you touch out and back in again at gates, or valiadtors? If it was gates then I’m surprised. If it was a validator then you need to wait 2 minutes before starting a new journey.

  40. It was at the gates, i went outside the station, it did register a tap out and in at the right place. i contacted tfl and they have happily removed the additional charges without question as it was obvious on the statement what i had done. I did find it quite odd, given Sutton isn’t on the list, something i shall look out for in future.

  41. Hi Rob,

    It’s possible that an emergency OSI had been set there for some reason. Normal OSIs don’t allow re-entry via the same gateline.

  42. Thanks for this, I wanted to see if I could walk from Acton town to South Acton, but seeing as I’ll be charged twice I’ll go for a direct interchange but longer journey.

  43. Hi Ethan,

    Acton Town to South Acton is an annoying edge case. It’s too far for a normal OSI, certainly within zones 1-4, but the convoluted changing required otherwise means that it can be worthwhile. I did ask TfL for details of people actually doing it and there are a few, but probably not enough to warrant adding the interchange to the database.

  44. I would welcome the option to do an OSI for Liverpool Street NR – Moorgate LU/NR — absurd to have to negotiate all the stairs at Liverpool Street to get the Circle/H&C/Met line for just one stop, when it can be walked in under ten minutes. At times when trains are not regular, walking would, in fact, be faster.

  45. You can always suggest it to TfL. Moorgate and Liverpool Street are about to be joined as part of the Elizabeth line so it may soon be a moot point.

  46. Interesting(ish) observation – on PAYG the following is charged:

    16:27 London Bridge – Liverpool Street 16:40
    16:42 Liverpool Street –

    £2.40 and £7.80 [Maximum Fare] (total £10.20).

    It seems the OSI isn’t preserved if a touch out doesn’t happen on the second journey – I would have expected to be charged £7.80 (since the OSI is complied with at the point of touching in at the next barrier).

    This isn’t the case with Travelcards if you don’t touch out (as I used to have one), it’s unique to PAYG.

  47. Hi Chris,

    This is the result of the way the system works. Whenever you touch in the system deducts the maximum fare. When you touch out the adjustment takes into account the actual fare and any amount previously deducted. It is also the case with travelcards, except that a maximum fare is only deducted on touch in outside of the zones covered by the travelcard.

  48. Thanks. That makes a lot more sense, explained that way!

    I filled in the online refund page with the actual last stop, and it has recalculated the whole thing including the OSI, which is quite impressive.

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