The MAXIMUM MURAL from Canadian Tire

Best Launch (BRONZE)

Client Credits: Canadian Tire
Jenny Thompson – AVP, Digital Engagement
Michael Demetriou – Team Lead, Digital Marketing & Merchandising
Adrian Fuoco – Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing
Whitney Cummings – Associate Marketing Manager

Agency Credits: Tribal Worldwide, a division of DDB
Executive Creative Director: Joshua Stein
Creative Director: Benjamin Playford
Copywriter: Simon Rogers
Art Director: Jake Bundock
Designer: Norma Penner, Nick Bujnak
Technology Lead: Paul Jara: Quality Assurance: Enzo Licata: Developers: Jake Edur
Information Architects: Daniel Wiseman, Jarrod Beaton
Production: Ella Gruber, Chris Webden, Pat Elia
Managing Director: Andrew McCartney: VP, Business Unit Director: Kaezad Nallaseth
Account Director: Nick Pigott: Account Supervisor: Seth Waterman
Account Executive: Monica Bialobrzeski
VP, Strategy and Innovation: Dino Demopoulos: Strategist: Gillian Lanyon
Director: TJ Derry: Line Producer: Kegan Sant:
Studio M (Production), HEAVY Industries (Fabrication), I Love Dust (Mural Illustration), Red Lab (Co

Total 830 Words


Business Results Period (Consecutive Months):2
Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: October 2014
Base Period as a Benchmark: Product did not exist before the campaign period

a) Overall Assessment

Canadian Tire has been part of Canada’s fabric for over 90 years. During this time, they have grown their footprint across Canada with over 500 stores by understanding the needs of each local community and providing the right products and services for life in Canada.[1]

Canadian Tire has recently lost market share as a destination for power tools & accessories. To regain its position in 2014, the retailer decided to launch a new power tool and accessory brand named MAXIMUM with improved quality & dependability. 


b) Resulting Business Objectives

Canadian Tire hoped the campaign would achieve the following business objectives: 

  • Increase revenue of the MAXIMUM drill bit by $800,000 during the advertising period
  • Increase Canadian Tire’s overall category sales, in tools, by 0.5%. Taking it from 7.7% to 8.2%.

c) Annual Media Budget
$200,000 - $500,000

d) Geographic Area

[1] "Welcome to Canadian Tire Corporation." Canadian Tire News. Web. 4 Aug. 2015.

a) Analysis and Insight

To ensure these products met a higher product standard, Canadian Tire went to Canadian trades professionals to test these products. If the new MAXIMUM products met the level of quality and dependability expected by trades professionals, then everyday Canadians would benefit from this too.

The aim was to introduce the MAXIMUM brand to Canadians in an entertaining way and re-gain credibility as a destination among our niche target.

b) Communication Strategy

In order to break through, the work needed to feel authentic and appeal to tradesmen in a way that they would respect. We knew that showing rather than telling was the key to capturing this audience’s attention because of the important role that tools play in their lives, and the need for them to be reliable and dependable.


Building off of the strength and precision attributes of MAXIMUM products, we decided to create a piece of industrial art that would be worthy of the tradesmens’ craft. Exclusively using MAXIMUM’s Precision Point™ drill bits, we drilled 10,795 holes into a sheet of ¼ inch cold rolled steel to create the “MAXIMUM MURAL”.  The mural and its fabrication acted as the focal point for the campaign.

a) Media Used

Digital Media

  • Rich Media banner ads
  • Video Pre-roll
  • Targeted Standard banner ads
  • Social messaging (Facebook & Twitter

Client Owned Channels

  • Banners on
  • Canadian Tire email
  • Landing Page on
  • Catalogue content shared via Facebook and Twitter
  • Various PR channels

b) Creative Discussion

Video and photography content was captured during the mural’s build and used to cut gritty online spots (:75 and :15) which told the story of the mural and the tools used. Social posts were used throughout social channels to tease ahead of the launch, and display media re-targeted video viewers with a MAXIMUM product message.










We also built a travel case, allowing for easy transportation. To date the mural has been exhibited at internal dealer conventions, niche consumer events (such as the Toronto Gentlemen’s Expo), and later this year will be taking up a permanent home in Canadian Tire’s new flagship store in Edmonton.


Summary Website:

c) Media Discussion


The campaign was supported with targeted media, including LinkedIn (targeting tradesmen) and mobile geo-targeting to areas near large construction sites.




All media during the campaign drove to a new MAXIMUM brand landing page on Canadian where visitors could browse the brands assortment and shop products.

a) Sales/Share Results

Over the course of the 4-week online campaign, the MAXIMUM Mural gained more than 18,600,000 digital impressions, including 944,153 video views and an engagement rate of 9.71%. [2]


And we did more than move the needle from a sales perspective. Drill bits were Canadian Tire’s top selling tools SKU for the fall, and saw a $1,500,000 in incremental MAXIMUM brand product sales during the campaigns 4 week period: taking MAXIMUM from 7.7% of Canadian Tire tool sales to 9% in a very short period of time. [3]

b) Consumption/ Usage Results

c) Other Pertinent Results

d) Return on Investment

[2]Media Results, Touche
[3]Business results provided by Canadian Tire, Corporation

a) General Discussion

Similar to Canadian Tire’s Tested campaign where everyday Canadians test, review and develop products for Canadian Tire, MAXIMUM leveraged the testing of professional tradesman to approve a drill bit before it got into the hands of Canadians.


The advertising for this campaign was a demonstration of pure durability and precision, executed by professional tradesman. The digital content developed for this campaign became the advertising, proof for all Canadians to trust MAXIMUM drill bits and Canadian Tire.

b) Excluding Other Factors
Spending Levels:

Media spend was skewed more digital compared to most other Canadian Tire campaigns.  


Canadian Tire Retail is yet to determine if it will support MAXIMUM in it’s advertising in 2015, as this drill bit continues to be top-of-mind for most Canadians.

Distribution Changes:

Canadian Tire Retail is yet to determine if it will support MAXIMUM in it’s advertising in 2015, as this drill bit continues to be top-of-mind for most Canadians.

Unusual Promotional Activity:

No unusual promotional activity.

Other Potential Causes:

There are no other potential sources of business change.