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North Koreans stage mass rally after Trump threats

Tens of thousands of North Koreans have come out in a show of defiance following US President Donald Trump's threats of 'fire and fury'.  The North Koreans gathered for a massive rally at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang on Wednesday with photos showing citizens holding propaganda placards and waving their fists in the air. Footage shows thousands of North Korean workers dressed in white shirts as they angrily marched through the square brandishing flags. 

Ex-FBI agent guilty of murdering daughter's husband in NC

Former FBI agent Thomas Martens (bottom right) and his former model daughter Molly Corbett (top right) were found guilty Wednesday in the murder of Molly's husband in North Carolina.  A jury in Davidson County found 33-year-old Molly and her father, 67-year-old retired FBI agent Martens guilty of the charge of second degree murder. They both face a minimum of 20 years in prison.  Both Molly and her father, who served the FBI for over 30 years, claimed self defense when they killed her Irish businessman husband Jason Corbett (with Molly left) 39. The second degree murder charge means the jury concluded Jason was killed out of malice. 

The survey was the first to cover Americans' struggles with condoms during sex, from some saying that it 'completely fell off' to others who only uses it for part of the act.

Mark Almond outlines military options against North Korea

The war of threats between President Trump and the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, is setting global nerves on edge. We're used to blood curdling propaganda from Pyongyang, but an American president using the same kind of language - 'fire and fury' - is a new departure. The threat of nuclear war in East Asia is suddenly alarmingly close. But before this hysterical rhetoric reaches a climax, Western leaders must consider what history and strategic analysis teaches us about how to avoid calamity - or how best to contain it.

Two LGBT-rights organizations filed a lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday challenging President Donald Trump's tweets banning transgender persons from serving in the military.

President Donald Trump warned North Korea that it could be met with 'the fire and the fury like the world has never seen' without getting the Pentagon to sign off on his language.

 I slept uneasily last night. The North Korea crisis has reached an incredibly serious point. One that could very easily tip over into something genuinely catastrophic if President Trump is not careful.

Trump plays golf as nuclear crisis hots up

Donald Trump played golf at his vacation destination Wednesday - while his defense secretary told Kim Jong-Un he risked destroying his regime and his people if he continued his nuclear weapons threat. The president was revealed to be on the course when his golfing companion, a New Jersey businessman, posted an Instagram picture saying their match had gone 'down to the 18th hole'. Trump - who had tweeted that his 17-day stay at Bedminster, New Jersey, was not a vacation - did not have his game officially disclosed by the White House.

FBI agents swooped in on the Virginia home of former Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort last month as part of Robert Mueller's Russia probe, it was revealed Wednesday.

Research led by the University of Utah Health found that by manipulating a single gene in mice, the brain's ability to adapt was rejuvenated, specifically in the visual cortex.

Gray animal that looks like El Chupacabra sighted

Photos of a gray animal, taken on Saturday at Santee Cooper Country Club in South Carolina (left and right), have gone viral after reports that residents say it is the mythical creature El Chupacabra. 'Ok...playing Golf in Santee SC. Can somebody pleeeeease tell me what the flock this is!?!? #ThatAintNoDog,' Stewart wrote in a Facebook post that has now been shared 1,550 times. Experts, however, revealed the animal is actually a canine, either a coyote or a fox with mange. Chupacabra in Spanish translates to 'goat sucker,' in reference to the first reported sightings of the creature (inset, file image) following the vampire-esque slaughter of numerous goats in Puerto Rico in 1995.

A Russian spy plane got a low-altitude view of Monumental Washington, D.C. - followed by a trip up to the Bedminster, New Jersey golf course where President Trump is staying Wednesday.

The US has expelled two diplomats from the Cuban embassy in Washington, DC after American officials reported experiencing unexplained 'physical symptoms' while working in Cuba.

Couple crash a New Jersey wedding and leave behind a card

Karen Fox and Michael Tufo are trying to track down a couple who crashed their wedding in New Jersey on Saturday after they left them a card wishing them good luck in their marriage. The unidentified couple ate, drank and danced with wedding guests. They even posed for photos at the reception for the wedding photographer. While the bride did notice them, she just assumed they had been invited by her new husband. It wasn't until Fox found a strange wedding card the following morning that she was able to piece it all together.

Sarah Lewis, 27, a former teacher at Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, Utah, has had her charges of a first-degree rape felony downgraded thanks to a loophole in Utah's state code.

Scientists discovered a non-intrusive way to study sleep. It lives in a device that analyzes the radio signals around a person, translating those to measurements to track the stages of sleep.

Male prostitute dies of meth overdose at Hollywood home

The family of Gemmel Moore believe that his death late last month was not the result of a accidental overdose of methamphetamine, but a more sinister cause involving a powerful donor to the Democratic party. Moore was last seen alive at Ed Buck's Hollywood, California home on July 27.

Amanda Downs, 25, of Baytown, has been charged with two separate road rage incidents after police were given a photo of her apparently brandishing a gun at another driver. 

The engravings are thought to date from the Iron Age and contain elements of Spanish, Greek, Iberian, Canaanite and South Arabian, according to research led by the University of Seville.

At New Mexico's Chaco Canyon, researchers from CU Boulder have discovered a petroglyph carved by the early Pueblo people that appears to illustrate a total solar eclipse.

Diana's sensational sapphires (that Kate adores)

Of all the beautiful jewels in her possession, sapphires are the ones which will always be associated with Diana not least because of her stunning engagement ring. But Diana's sapphire collection was far more eclectic and interesting than it is often thought. From a suite of sapphires from a wedding guest she had never met to the brooch she turned into a choker and the necklace she decided to wear on her head, each of her pieces bears a fascinating story that reveals so much about the Princess. Here we reveal the secrets behind the Princess's showstopping sapphires...

Dr Bennet Omalu thinks allowing children to play football should be considered child abuse, the expert said on Monday. He discovered the link between CTE and the NFL.

FILE - In this July 27, 2017 file photo, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. listens as Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington.  Johnson suggested that John McCain's brain tumor and the after-midnight timing of the vote were factors in the Arizona lawmaker's decisive vote against the GOP health care bill. In a radio interview, Johnson answered questions about the collapse of the years-long Republican effort to repeal and replace Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, his criticism of the process and McCain's dramatic vote.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Sen. Ron Johnson suggested that fellow GOP Sen. John McCain's brain tumor and the after-midnight timing of the vote were factors in the Arizona lawmaker's decisive vote against the health bill.

The jeans with a zip that means they come as a pair!

French fashion brand Vetements has worked with Levi's to create a high-end version that costs £1,295, and the idea has begun filtering down to the high street. A cheaper version of the jeans costs £113 from American brand Reformation.(left, middle, right) However even the most dedicated fashionistas are balking at the idea, with Elle magazine warning that they are 'not for the faint-hearted'.

Two three-month-old Norwegian pet goats were found dead, with their necks broken and their heads twisted around, on the back porch of a family's home in Massachusetts.

Amy and Barbara Witherite, in their 50s, were arrested on Saturday in Dallas. They are accused of punching and kicking several people after a valet parked their Mercedes out of view.

Sinead O'Connor is receiving hospital care after posting a disturbing video from a New Jersey motel room which led to widespread concern for her safety, DailyMail.com can disclose.

Harriette Hoyt, 17, has been charged with attempted murder after her 12- to 16-month-old daughter was found by Good Samaritans inside a plastic bag in an Elmira, New York, backyard.

Secret scandals of elite prep schools and college clubs

A new book reveals the shocking child porn raids, teen pregnancies and sexual abuse scandals that happened at private schools attended by some of the most important people in America.Secret student pregnancies, illicit affairs plagued the schools from where numerous politicians and CEOs graduated.

A new social media craze which sees women making heart shapes with their breasts is sweeping across China. The topic has gathered nearly two million clicks on Twitter-like Weibo.

Taylor Swift's mother Andrea testifies in court

Taylor Swift's mother Andrea took the stand on Wednesday, saying she felt like she 'wanted to vomit and cry at the same time' when she learned her daughter was 'groped'. David Mueller, the Denver DJ accused of groping the pop star, also took the stand after her lawyer questioned his conflicting accounts of the June 2013 incident. On Tuesday, he denied inappropriately touching the singer but her lawyer said he destroyed evidence and changed his account of the encounter seven times. Mueller is seeking $3 million from Taylor Swift, accusing her of being the reason he was 'wrongfully' fired from his $150,000-a-year job

Eduard Myra (pictured on-screen) was rejected for a position at LLC Hardcore, but when he asked for feedback he was told his 'feminine manner' had cost him the job.

Gucci is currently selling two pairs of socks for $520 each. 'Socks continue to be an important component of Alessandro Michele's collections,' Gucci's website reads

Jim Chambers, the owner of EAV Barbell Club in Atlanta, banned police officers and military members from working out at his gym because they make the minority members uncomfortable.

Top adviser Sebastian Gorka was asked why President Trump had not yet issued a statement on Saturday morning's attack on Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Tennessee professor who raised Chantek shares heartache

Dr Lyn Miles, who taught Chantek - 'the ape who went to college' - sign language, described her devastation after the 39-year-old male orangutan died on Monday from heart disease. Dr Miles (left with Chantek) taught him to sign more than 150 words, to be able to clean his room, to memorize the way to a fast-food restaurant, and to paint (right). However, after an incident in which he was accused of attacking a preschooler, he was transferred to the Yerkes Primate Center in Atlanta. He was trapped at the Center for the next 11 years where his weight doubled to more than 490 pounds and he slowly began forgetting sign language. Dr Miles says, though, he always remembered how to tell her: 'I love you.' He was transferred to Zoo Atlanta in 1997. In 2016, he was diagnosed with heart disease. He was put on a medical regimen but doctors could not save him.

University of Winchester found attractive hair and lips is also an important factor in the beauty stakes. The least important facial feature seems to be someone's nose, researchers said.

President Donald Trump's childhood home in Queens, New York, is a five-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom property in Jamaica Estates that is advertised as fitting 20 people.

An Oregon court was shocked last month when a thirtysomething man sparked up a joint in the middle of a homicide hearing. It's legal to smoke weed in the state, but not in public.

Mother of Florida girl found dead in freezer gets 65 years

The mother of a Florida girl found dead in a freezer has been sentenced to 65 years in prison. Keishanna Thomas (right) 33, was sentenced Wednesday after pleading no contest to charges of second-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and abuse of a dead body. Authorities say the body of 11-year-old Janiya Thomas (left) was found in October 2015 in a freezer that her mother had delivered to a relative's Bradenton-area house.

A new report by Us Weekly sees sources claiming the former power couple, who had a very public and very bitter split last year, have not moved forward in proceedings to end their marriage.

Even children as young as two are 50 percent more likely to have thickened arteries if they grew up in the poorest quarter of society, according to data from the American Heart Association.

Serena Williams, 35, explained in a recent interview that she believes giving birth will change her and will even give her Tennis game 'more strength'.

Jennifer Aniston's LA yoga teacher of 15 years and life long friend Mandy Ingber shares what she has learnt is the key to a healthy life and how she teaches her celebrity clientele.

Stephen Miller criticized after heaping praise on Trump

White House adviser Stephen Miller has been torn to shreds on Twitter after saying that Donald Trump is the most gifted politician of our time. Miller heaped praise on the President during a live television interview on Fox News on Tuesday night. He said Trump was the 'best orator' to hold that office in generations. The comments instantly made the policy adviser a target on Twitter.

Hundreds of refugees are crossing into Canada near Champlain, NY, every day, creating a crisis for liberal PM Justin Trudeau. Most are Haitians who fear their legal status in the U.,S. ending soon.

Trump will spend three nights at home as renovations to the White House continue. Trump will conduct 'important meetings' in New York on Monday and Tuesday, the White House said.

Married Trump aide Jason Miller fathered child on trail

Trump transition adviser A.J. Delgado, announced the birth of her baby boy William, after her two-month affair with ex-White House communications director Jason Miller. Miller's wife - who is still married to the former Trump aide - gave birth to their second child in January - just a month after her husband had got another woman pregnant. Delagdo insists that Miller told her he was separated at the time - and had been since June 2016 when they began their two month affair.

South Korean-born pastor Hyeon Soo Lim, 61, was arrested in 2015 for allegedly meddling in North Korean state affairs and sentenced to life in prison.

Thousands of people, including ageing survivors and relatives of victims, observed a minute's silence in Nagasaki at 11:02 am, the exact moment that the blast struck on August 9, 1945 in the closing days of World War II

Nagasaki mayor Tomihisa Taue said there is a 'strong sense of anxiety' in the world as the city - which lost 74,000 people to an atomic bomb in 1945 - marks 72 years since its greatest disaster.

Trump-like inflatable chicken stares down the White House

A giant inflatable chicken with Donald Trump-like golden hair is currently staring down the White House. The 23-foot-tall chicken was spotted looming on the Ellipse between the White House and Washington Monument in DC on Wednesday. The giant inflatable has a coif of golden hair and hand gestures similar to that of President Trump. Livestream images of the White House on Wednesday afternoon captured the chicken in the background, seemingly staring down the President's home.

Kentucky teens arrested for stealing ice cream cake

Two teens thought a ice cream cake heist 'prank' would be cool, but didn't foresee how the cookie would crumble when they were arrested on felony theft charges.  The teens, Seth Messer (left) 18 and Ajayci Cotton (right) 19 allegedly walked into a Dunkin Donuts in London, Kentucky and stole the ice cream cake while posting their theft to social media.  Police say the teens walked into the store on Tuesday at around 3:30pm, Messer stole the cake while Cotton uploaded the theft for a social media post.

Sophie Elise Isachsen, 22, was shocked and horrified when abusive comments began pouring in online in response to the video's love story between herself and her co-star, a black dancer and actor.

A 17-year-old boy took a selfie and posted it to social media before falling 100 feet down a Colorado cliff face to his death. Carter Christensen was climbing without ropes when he slipped and fell.

Florida police dispatcher and wife accused of child rape

Tyler Bush-Conn, 28, and his wife Talisha Bush-Conn, 27, were both arrested in South Daytona, Florida, on Tuesday after the girl reported the abuse to her grandmother. Police say the abuse took place both at the couple's home and at the girl's home where the pair looked after her while her mother was at work. It began in 2016 and was only revealed when the girl told her grandmother about it while visiting her in Alabama.

The car firm has announced it is recalling 52,016 Nissan Titan Crew Cab and Titan XD Crew Cab pickups, from 2016, because their rear seat belts might not adequately protect passengers.

FILE - In this June 16, 2017, file photo, children play in the fountains at Universal CityWalk, in Universal City, Calif. A draft federal science report on the effects of global warming breaks down how climate change has already hit different regions of the United States. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, File)

A draft federal science report on the effects of global warming breaks down how climate change has already hit different regions of the United States. It also projects expected changes.

An Englewood couple who had been bothered by noises in the attic for years were horrified to discover that they were sharing their home not with rats, but a gigantic snake.

Kansas gym, Element Fitness, has removed all cable news networks, such as CNN and Fox News, from its television monitors after members started quarreling with one another over US politics.

Paws-ing play! Frisky feline interrupts Cardinals-Royals game as it runs on to the field and then BITES groundskeeper

The Cardinals have a friendly streaking feline to thank for their rally against the Royals. With the bases loaded and two outs in the sixth on Wednesday night, the game was delayed for a couple minutes when a small, feisty cat sprinted onto the field at Busch Stadium. On the first pitch after play resumed, Yadier Molina hit a grand slam off Peter Moylan to give the Cardinals an 8-5 lead. The cat was instantly dubbed Rally Cat, and St. Louis went on to win.

New York City's rodent problem is so bad, residents are claiming the brazen rats are jumping in strollers in Manhattan parks to try and steal snacks from babies.

The parents of Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson, found dead in a rolled-up gym mat, and their attorney must pay more than $292,000 in legal fees people they accused of murdering their son.

Australian model sexually assaulted on New York train

An Australian model has spoken out about the shocking moment she was sexually assaulted on a train. New York-based Jessica Vander Leahy, 29, (pictured left and right) said a man 'forced his hand up my skirt' in broad daylight. 'Perhaps more shocking was the fact that I did nothing. I made no attempt to attract attention, I had no desire to make a fuss,' Ms Vander Leahy said. 'The train doors opened and I rushed out onto the platform without looking back.'

Lee Annette Williams, an ESL teacher from North Carolina, was charged with statutory rape and sex offense after a man, 22, came forward in July, accusing her of having sex with him as a teen.


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Couple caught having sex at Wisconsin State Fair

Robert Beasley, 28, and Desiree Anderson, also 28, were filmed engaging in the lewd act on the bleachers at the State Fair Park in Milwaukee on Saturday.A horrified bystander filmed them and shared the footage on social media. After realizing he was being filmed, Beasley continued thrusting and waved when the person behind the camera told him to 'say hi to mom'.

Michelle Hadley, 30, from Anaheim, California, was wrongly jailed after being set up by Angela Diaz who lied to police and told them Hadley set out to have her raped.

A Massachusetts man got into a six-minute long battle with his greatest fear: a spider. He attacked the spider with a spray bottle, book, and a poster, before killing it, but not without a nervous breakdown first.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of local militias supported by a US-led coalition, had given the 210 women a 15-day course in armed combat.

George Toubbeh said he found two dead geckos (pictured) in his Heineken beer in August 2015 in Fountain Valley, California. He filed suit against Heineken, and Kroger Co. on Friday.

Stars of 19th century Freak Shows in the US are revealed

Black-and-white photographs of the performers show 'Aztec' children, obese boxing sisters and dozens of others made famous in the 'freak show' circuit in the 19th Century. Exhibitions of unique siblings as live human curiosities can be traced back as far as the 17th Century when Italian conjoined twins, Lazarus and Joannes Colloredo toured Europe - even visiting the court of Charles I of England. Although little-known today, many of the performers went on to become famous stars of their generation and traveled the world meeting royalty. Victorians were fascinated by the unique families, who gained fame and wealth by traveling across the United States and Europe as part of circus sideshows.

The 1950 pictures were taken by 22-year-old photographer Elliott Erwitt at a time the city was trying to tackle its notorious pollution and become a cleaner place to live and work.

Footage of the woman, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows her standing in front of the vehicle, which has already had its windscreen smashed. It is not clear where it was filmed.

Videos and pictures show the abandoned village in Taiwan where people lived in buildings that look like UFOs. The buildings were popular until the 1970s as they were thought to be affordable.

Neither Vogue nor the Metropolitan Museum of Art has officially confirmed the news. The annual Met Gala introduces a new fashion exhibit put on by the Costume Institute.

A McDonald's customer was filmed jumping over a counter and hitting a store employee because he had waited 'two hours' for his fries on Sunday night in El Paso, Texas.

Son of Sam David Berkowitz speaks 40 years after arrest

On the fortieth anniversary of his arrest, the 'Son of Sam' is returning to reveal all about what led him to commit the serial killings and shootings that held New York City in captive terror for a year. In the CBS News special, 'Son of Sam: The Killer Speaks,' airing August 11 at 10pm, WCBS anchor Maurice DuBois sits down with convicted serial killer David Berkowitz to talk about the circumstances that led to his 1976 to 1977 murder spree and what life in prison is like as Berkowitz serves his six consecutive life sentences - one for each of the people he killed. Berkowitz, also known as the '.44 Caliber Killer,' so named for his choice of murder weapon, was arrested on August 10, 1977 at age 24, following one of the biggest manhunts the city had ever seen. DuBois' interview with Berkowitz, 64, was conducted at the Shawangunk Correctional Facility in Wallkill, New York. According to a CBS media announcement, it is Berkowitz's first major TV interview in 10 years.

Fritz the golden retriver is really bad at catching his food, but he's still learning. An adorable video shows the California dog's failed attempts to catch different food items such as a taco, a burger and fruit.

Mary Beth McDade screamed as a cockroach crawled up her body after landing on her left breast as she prepared to do a live broadcast for Los Angeles news channel KTLA.

Indiana resident shares photo of police officers sleeping

A pair of Indiana officers could be facing disciplinary action after they were caught sleeping on the job. Photos emerged on Facebook (pictured and inset) of members of the Richmond Police Department, in uniform, sleeping in their patrol car in a local cemetery on Saturday morning. The original post included a geotag indicating the images were taken at Saint Andrews Cemetery, 1701 Liberty Avenue, with the cruiser parked along one of the cemetery's roads around 8am. Richmond Police Chief Jim Branum said the RPD plans to launch an internal investigation on the matter. The original poster did not indicate whether she tried to wake up the officers - one male and one female - but stated in comments on the post that she saw the car parked with the engine running for more than two hours before she took the photos.

These images represent a planning concept designed by architects for a futuristic metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, to host more than 150,000 inhabitants covering an area of 372 square miles.

An adorable ten-month-old toddler squeals, laughs and giggles as her dad, Justin Mischel uses her arms to perform a comical beat-box. The footage was shot at their home in Spokane, Washington.

Kelli Anderson, 17 months, died after she was run over by her father in Euless, Texas, on Tuesday. The toddler's mother performed CPR while the father rushed her to the hospital.

Virginia couple take baby on Appalachian Trail

Little Ellie Quirin is thought to be youngest person to have ever hike the trail which stretches 2,200 miles and spans 14 states. Her parents, Bekah and Derrick Quirin, both 25, set off on March 27 with their baby girl in their backpack. The couple, who take it in turns to carry Ellie, say they wanted to introduce their child to nature as soon as possible. 'Time flies so much faster after you have kids. People always say, 'I wish time could slow down.' This is the best way I can think of to do that.' Bekah told Outside.

Blood-flow restriction training (BFR) is an increasingly popular technique to build muscle. A University of Mississippi professor says its rehabilitation potential is 'exciting'.

Building an empire! Kylie Jenner's beauty company Kylie Cosmetics earned $420m in 18 months...and is set to hit billion dollars in 2022. The 19-year-old's brand will hit one billion dollars by 2022.

DC man scheduled six dates in one night defends himself

Justin Schweiger found himself in hot water after the six women he scheduled dates with in Washington DC on Sunday realized his plan and sought revenge. The saga quickly went viral when one of the women he had met started live tweeting the bizarre chain of events from inside the bar. In an interview with Inside Edition set to air Thursday, the busy lothario defended his actions. He claimed he was very 'time-oriented'.

Georgia woman disabled after putting feet on dashboard

Audra Tatum, her husband and her 10-year-old daughter were driving down a back road in Chickamauga, Georgia at 45 miles an hour in August 2015. The then-31-year-old was sitting in the passenger seat with her right leg crossed over her left, which she had a habit of doing despite her husband's protestations. Suddenly, a car pulled out in front of them. Audra's husband, Nick, smashed head-on into the driver's side of the other car. The impact of the crash was on Nick's side. But while he and their daughter survived with scratches and bruises, the air bag threw Audra's foot into her face, breaking her nose, ankle, and four parts of her femur. Today, she lives with two screws in her ankle, two in her hip, and two in her knee, and she cannot stand for more than four hours a day. Pictured: Audra in the car crash (left), in hospital (right), and more recently (inset).

Made from Google search data, the map reveals the most searched emoji in each state, revealing that the poo, eggplant, heart, crying and winking faces are all popular across the US.

Certain proteins in your muscle fibers help regulate sleep duration and quality, Texan researchers found. This challenges the widely accepted notion that the brain controls sleep.

Martijn van Oers thought the camera would make a perfect decoration for his home in Breda, in the Netherlands, but was surprised to find a film inside marked 'exposé'.

Truck spills load of frozen pizzas on Arkansas highway

A highway in Arkansas was forced to shut down for several hours after a truck crashed and dropped its load of frozen pizzas. An 18-wheeler containing thousands of DiGiorno and Tombstone frozen pizzas scraped a bridge and sliced open its trailer on Wednesday. It resulted in the pizzas being sprawled right across Interstate 30.

Alien enthusiasts Rob Freeman and Marcus McNabb captured an orb moving silently over Stawamus Chief in British Columbia, Canada, with a night vision camera before it disappeared from sight.

How sex toys have evolved over the past 100 years

A new video by Glamour looks at the last century of vibrators and dildos - from drill-like 'massagers' in the 1920s to barbershop tools in the 1940s and even the famous Rabbit in the 1980s. The list goes right up to today where teledildonics - toys that can be operated remotely via a data link - are all the rage.

This is the moment a Las Vegas cop is forced to shoot Jason Funke, 25, before he can reach the pistol he dropped. Funke was hit in the shoulder and is in stable condition in hospital.

Mandi Stilwell sued the Aesthetic Laser Center in Fresno, California, after a man she had met on a dating site found the pictures after typing her name into Google.

Richard Clothier, from Dunstable, says his 'world came crashing down' when he found out he can't have children. Research shows sperm counts are declining at a terrifying rate.

Former Barcelona defender Rafael Marquez is among 22 people sanctioned for alleged ties to a drug trafficking organization, the United States Treasury have confirmed.

Ray Connolly pays tribute to Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell, with his corn-fed looks, and lilting voice, was the perfect interpreter of the ordinary life put to music. Perhaps that was why one of his hits was Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife. His fans were everyday people who bought more than 45 million records over the singer's six-decade career - he had 12 gold albums and 75 chart hits. He sang of a working man stretching cables across the sky in Wichita Lineman, and a man's broken-hearted journey from city to city as he leaves the women he loves in By The Time I Get To Phoenix. The pictures he painted may have been of the American West, but emotions are the same the world over, and Glen Campbell could convey feelings like few others.

Emily Brace, 33, from Cardiff, turned herself into a champion rower after shipping the pounds. Emily piled on the weight after getting bullied in high school.

Thousands were standing to attention before the demolition derby event in Coalville (pictured), Utah, when a woman began a somewhat off-key version of the Star Spangled Banner.

Jasmine Colgan, 27, first noticed her vitiligo aged 21. The photographer, from Denver, Colorado, realized her skin tone could be a work of art and turned the lens on others (pictured).

The world's largest container ship, China's CSCL Globe, can carry 19,100 containers, each measuring 22-ft; while Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas is the biggest cruise ship.

'Don't shoot Bigfoot!': Police in South Carolina issue warning NOT to tackle sasquatch after a spate of 'sightings' of the beast

Police in South Carolina are warning cryptozoology enthusiasts who think they've spotted Bigfoot, not to take potshots at the creature. The Greenville Police Department, in Greenville, South Carolina, posted the warning on its Facebook page on Tuesday morning, the day after a report surfaced about an alleged Bigfoot close encounter in neighboring North Carolina. The police Facebook post was equal parts poking fun and straight up 'don't shoot!' safety advice for its community. The Greenville police's Bigfoot warning went up the day after reports revealed that a member of a Bigfoot-watching group claimed to have had an encounter with a 'large bipedal animal covered in hair,' on Friday night at about 11pm, in a wooded area in North Carolina's McDowell County.

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Don't be too ruff with them, my deer! Giant elk makes friends with a pair of small yapping dogs after visiting their back yard

This is the charming moment a pair of small dogs yap playfully at a large elk sporting massive antlers who has wandered into their back yard somewhere in North America. During the minute-long video, the elk can be seen leaping while the dogs make sure they stay clear of their friend's antlers.

It's hard to believe that these epic routes - spanning a distance of approximately 4,000km - are all yet to be discovered by tourists (hello open roads).

Dramatic moment a Good Samaritan saves a terrified dog stuck in three feet of mud

Jeremy Romero was going fishing when he saw the dog struggling along the banks of the Rock River, Illinois. 'I didn't think anything of it until I got closer and heard him whining,' he said. In Romero's cell phone video, the black dog can be seen with all four legs stuck below the surfaced of the mud.

Hypnotic supercomputer simulations reveal how ocean currents move around the world

Researchers based at NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, California, have used the hyperwall - a 10 by 23-foot, 128-screen display - to discover new ocean features and their effect on the larger ocean system. By switching the hyperwall view from one image of the globe to displays of specific regions, properties such as temperature, surface wind stress, density and surface water speeds are revealed through high-contrast color changes. The hyerpwall is paired up with the Pleiades supercomputer, which provides the simulations that are visualized on the wall. Pictured is part of a visualization, showing the Loop Current: The origin of the Gulf Stream. Surface water speeds are shown ranging from 0 meters per second (dark blue) to 1.25 meters per second (cyan).

While most people view Singapore from the ground upwards, one photographer has offered a refreshing alternative - thanks to his collection of stunning aerial shots.

Footage has emerged of a young boy being rescued from an escalator after getting his buttocks trapped in the machine. The incident occurred today in Xianyang, China.

Khafre Quintall, 37, sprung four surprises on Erica Valentin, 23, as his proposal on her birthday was followed by him presenting her with a puppy in the garden of their San Diego home.

Now that's a doggy paddle! Adorable black Labrador splashes around having the time of her life in a backyard pool

Teal the black Labrador is really good at swimming, and even better at splashing. An adorable video posted online shows the dog making a wet mess in a plastic pool in Lake Moses, Washington. Teal splashes around the pool, swims in circles, and even sticks her tongue out. At one point she even stands up on her hind legs to show how much fun she's having.