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Martin Place tent city dismantled as homeless move on

NEW Homeless residents who took over Martin Place in the centre of Sydney have finally been moved on six months after setting up a miniature 'tent city'. NSW police moved in on Friday morning and stood by as campers outside the Reserve Bank building (bottom right) were forced to fold up their tents and pack up their makeshift homes. The self-declared Mayor of Martin Place, convicted criminal and father of 12 Lanz Priestly, was seen accompanied by police (left) as they oversaw the dismantling of the unauthorised camp (centre and top right). Legislation was passed in theNew South Wales Parliament on Thursday which gave police the power to forcefully remove the residents by tearing down their tents, but they were leaving peacefully, according to reports. Priestley, dubbed 'King of the Homeless' said the dwellers would stay with friends.

Byron Bay driver fined for pouring coffee out of window

Matthew Banks (inset) was fined $450 (main) by Byron Bay parking rangers just for pouring a thermos of coffee from his camper van (inset) because the milk had gone off. The 4WD repairman's friends were using the camper van while Mr Banks recovered from knee surgery at home, but when they returned from a walk they found the ticket on the windscreen. 'I'm not paying them, they can send me to jail. Has the world gone mad?' Mr Banks said. The council said it was just enforcing rules and denied it was targeting him for his oversized van.

Here, relationship expert and Perth's Millionaire Matchmaker, Louanne Ward, has spoken to FEMAIL about the signs to look for and the different kinds of cheaters you may come across.

The conjoined twin sisters snatched at birth from their mother and subjected to cruel medical 'experiments': One turned into a psychopath, the other a gentle soul who longed for a normal life

They were the world's oldest living conjoined twins at the time of their death in 2003 aged 53. Snatched from their mother following their birth, Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyopova were subjected to a variety of cruel medical 'experiments' by Stalin's Soviet medical authorities. The Russian girls shared a blood system but had separate nervous systems - so were seen as ideal subjects for research. Treated as medical guinea pigs they were burnt, frozen, starved, electrocuted, kept forcibly awake and injected with radioactive and other toxic substances in the name of 'science'. The twins were institutionalised for much of their lives but their horrific story has now been revealed in full for the first time by journalist Juliet Butler who has also spoken to MailOnline. Masha was a cruel, domineering 'psychopath' who was 'emotionally abusive' to her caring, empath sister Dasha who remained gentle and kind and longed for a normal life. When Masha died in 2003, Dasha refused to have surgery to separate her from her sister and subsequently died from blood poisoning from the toxins of her sister's decomposing body

NEW Australian entrepreneur and Shark Tank judge Naomi Simon has shared her tips for getting the pay rise you deserve. According to the expert, making a case for why you are special is important

NEW With spring soon set to descend on the southern hemisphere, FEMAIL consulted Australian nutritionist and TV chef, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, for her tips to spring clean your diet.

Is this the craziest rose ceremony conspiracy ever? Bachelor fans claim cliffhanger episode was STAGED after suspicious footage is played backwards

NEW It was the cliffhanger Bachelor episode that saw Matty Johnson abruptly stop a rose ceremony half-way through. But eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the tense conclusion to Wednesday's episode may not have been all it seemed.  During the ill-fated rose ceremony, Matty shocked the nation by placing the rose in his hand back on the table, therefore ending the elimination ceremony. 

A heartbroken father has remembered his wife and daughter, 14, as 'perfect and special' after they died in a car crash outside Lighthouse Christian College in Melbourne's south-east on Wednesday.

NSW man opens unused tin of paint to find $45,000

NEW A New South Wales man had no idea how much his life was about to change when he lifted the lid off a tin of paint that had sat in a pile of rubbish for more than a decade - finding it filled with $45,000 in cash. Tony O'Brien, 80, (left) made the 'life-changing' discovery in a tin of paint he had bought for only $10. The cash was in paper notes as opposed to modern plastic and he had to lay it out around his house for it to dry.

NEW Does your partner mock you, ignore you or even control what you wear? Sally Brown, a British psychologist, reveals 14 signs of emotional abuse in a relationship that you can't ignore.

Feared Peruvian gangland hitman gunned down at point-blank range by rival assassin while waiting for a trim at his local barber

Feared Peruvian hitman Oscar Martin Mendoza Barrero, pictured sitting on the bench, was awaiting a hair cut at a barber shop in Callao, Argentina when he was ambushed by an assassin. The gunman, who approached Barrero from behind, missed with his first shot. But the second round went into the back of the killer's skull. The gunman fired two more rounds into his victim before fleeing.

NEW Officer Secondary College in Melbourne's south-east came under fire this week for teaching its students to 'delay sexual activity' - a message one parent claims is 'damaging and archaic'.

Carol Sue Kirken, of the suburban Detroit town of Rochester Hills, Michigan, died on Saturday while on a family vacation in Tanzania. An obituary said she died quickly in the arms of her son.

Gangland hit in Melbourne's Roxburgh Park as two men shot

There are fears Melbourne is on the brink of a full-scale gangland war after the second shooting in Roxburgh Park this week. Two teenagers were rushed to hospital at around 2.30am on Friday after multiple shots were fired on Orion Way (police are pictured at the scene). The 16 and 18-year-old youths were shot in the leg and two others were was bashed in the same suburb where another man, Anwar Teriaki (inset), was shot dead on Wednesday. Police said the victims of the latest shooting were not cooperating. It's believed that the men were from rival Middle Eastern gangs.

NEW South Australian mother, Laura Searle, issued a warning to other parents, after an AUD $17 baby bouncer she bought from the popular discount store, Kmart, started to tear while her baby was sitting in it.

NEW A man has been arrested at Sydney Airport after flying in from Dubai as part of an ongoing widespread crackdown on alleged international organised crime.

Italian playboy mocked after yacht and houses seized

Italian playboy Gianluca Vacchi, 50, who has 11 million Instagram followers, had a yacht and properties seized by creditors - much to the amusement of the Internet. The tattooed, body-building heir to an industrial empire fills his social media(right, inset left) with a cash-rich, work-free existence dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure. But now his lavish lifestyle is being remorselessly parodied(main, left).

AFL Footy Show and Eddie McGuire's return divides fans

Eddie McGuire's much hyped return to the AFL Footy Show has divided fans, with the program's return to some of its classic material not pleasing everyone. Some 12 years after he last sat in the host chair, McGuire (centre left) returned on Thursday night to take control of the flagship Channel Nine show which he started in 1994. Following the departure of AFL journalist Craig Hutchison as host a fortnight ago, the return of McGuire was seen as a last ditch bid to save the show's dwindling ratings - but it seems social media wasn't convinced by his performance.

Huntsman spiders found underneath plank in Melbourne

NEW A horrified tourist has taken to social media to share a photograph of a nest of giant spiders lined up on a stake of wood at a vineyard. The image, taken at the Yarra Valley, 90 kilometres east of Melbourne, shows at least ten enormous huntsman spiders bunched up together on the wooden plank. Viewers were quick to add to the hysteria online, commenting that the venomous spiders are also able to jump, climb on ceilings and travel a metre a second.

Bored Panda users share ridiculous design fails

People have been sharing their best examples of design fails with Bored Panda, and you won't believe they saw the light of day. Clockwise from top left: A wheelchair ramp only suitable for leprechauns; a serving of painful memories with your pizza; a mirror guaranteed to result in shaving cuts; the worst place to hang a mannequin; a completely illogical bus seat and proof you should always hire an electrician.

NEW They announced their split on Sunday. But according to friend of the couple Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are 'still living' together and there is 'still hope' for their love.

San Diego woman with one arm goes viral on Tinder

NEW Lauren, 21, from San Diego, California, lost her right arm after being flung off a moped about a year ago. A few days ago, she became an online star when she got drunk and changed her Tinder bio to make it clear that she has one limb - and one amazing sense of humor. In addition to stating that she is an 'arms dealer', Lauren added that she is 'hands down the best catch on Tinder', rating her 'arms 1/2' and her 'personality 20/10'.

Perth man almost loses foot after stingray attack

A Perth man has spoken out after nearly losing his foot during an incident involving a stingray barb over a month ago. Jaybin Henry, 42, stepped on a stingray barb while searching for mudcrabs on the beach in Western Australia's Pilbara region.After an ultrasound at Perth's Fiona Stanley Hospital, he was informed that there were multiple fragments of bared still in his foot a month later.

A Perth winery owner has been found guilty of raping a 24-year-old Japanese woman who worked for him in exchange for meals and lodging more than two years ago.

Two girls caught stealing charity tins from Red Rooster

NEW A pair of young thieves were caught stealing charity tins from a Red Rooster after one of their mothers spotted them on CCTV footage (left, right) that went viral on social media. The two girls stole money collected for The Cure Starts Now charity from the Townsville eatery on Tuesday evening, but were captured on film. Red Rooster franchisee Michael Jones posted the video on a local Facebook page and one of the culprits was soon identified - by her own mother.

In a major pregnancy breakthrough, New South Wales scientists have found Vitamin B3 - which is also known as Niacin - helps to correct a nutrient deficiency in babies.

Butylhydroxytoluene, often added to cereals to protect nutrients, was one of three endocrine disruptors tested by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center researchers.

Paulini faces seven years in prison for alleged bribery

Australian Idol sweetheart Paulini Curuenavuli (pictured on the show in 2003, left) could face up to seven years behind bars after she was allegedly busted buying a fake license from a woman who was also providing fraudulent ID's to bikies. Paulini is accused of paying a NSW Roads and Maritime Services employee $800 to provide her with an unrestricted NSW driver's licence, the Daily Telegraph reported. Police will allege the Fijian-Australian singer filled out a form at the Mt Druitt RMS in July last year claiming she held a US driver's licence, and then taking it to a corrupt employee, who provided her with an unrestricted licence. The woman who provided the licence, Faletausala Vaifale, sold fake licences to Rebels bikies, as well as family and friends, before her transaction with Paulini. She was being watched by Strike Force Tombolo as part of an investigation into a bikie shootout between the Rebels and the Finks in western Sydney. Paulini is currently playing the lead role in a Brisbane stage production of The Bodyguard (centre).

President Trump rebuked critics this afternoon who argued that his 'fire and fury' threat to North Korea was over the top. 'If anything, maybe that statement wasn't tough enough,' Trump said.

Victorian man who sexually abused a nine-year-old girl and told her father that she 'wanted it' has been jailed for at least 3 years on five counts of indecent assault and one charge of sexual penetration of a child.

'He's got a gun?' Terrified Britney Spears is rushed away by security guards as crazed man charges her on stage in front of screaming fans at Las Vegas show

Britney Spears was rushed by a man at her Piece Of Me show on Wednesday night at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The singer, caught in fan footage posted online, could be heard asking her security if the man had a gun. However, the crazed stage crasher was swiftly dealt with by her security team and male backup dancers, who escorted him offstage. 

Taylor Swift: Drunk radio DJ grabbed my bare a***

Taylor Swift was called to take the stand Thursday morning for the groping case against former Denver DJ David Mueller. She told the jury: 'He stayed latched on to my bare ass cheek as I lurched away from him. (His hand) didn´t let go.'Her brother Austin was spotted walking into Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse. The judge announced her mother Andrea was not feeling well today and has been excused.

NEW Villagers in Borgial, in Italy, have questioned why model Chloe Ayling didn't ask for help when she was taken there by her alleged kidnapper Lukasz Herba, in July after being ambushed.

Abramovich's ex Dasha Zhukova enjoys Hamptons vacation

The 36-year-old Russian businesswoman has been spending the week in the Hamptons following her and Roman's announcement on Monday that they are separating after 10 years of marriage, a move that could potentially spark the world's most expensive divorce. Just a few days after it was revealed that the 50-year-old Russian Oligarch, who is worth $9 billion, and his wife have 'amicably' agreed to part ways, Dasha was working up a sweat with fellow divorcees Gwyneth Paltrow, 44, and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, 40.

Khalil Eideh, who has dual Australian-Syrian citizenship, was on a trip on government business when he was barred from flying from Vancouver, Canada, to Denver.

NEW California is pioneering the $150,000 scheme to cool down the blisteringly hot streets in August by by turning some of its streets white which can reduce temperatures by up to 15 degrees.

Diana pushed her stepmother Raine Spencer down the stairs

Princess Diana's feud with her stepmother became so strained that she once pushed her down the stairs. Raine Spencer (pictured right) married Diana's father Johnnie, the 8th Earl Spencer (pictured inset) in July 1976 and was hated by his children, who nicknamed her 'Acid Raine'. The countess' personal assistant has revealed that Diana (pictured left) even pushed Raine down the stairs after she went into a furious rage over lunch, leaving Raine covered in bruises. A documentary about their fragile relationship, Diana's Wicked Stepmother, airs tonight and reveals the extent of their fighting. When Earl Spencer slipped into a coma after suffering a stroke Raine kept Diana and her siblings away from the hospital, insisting she should be the only one to take care of him. The two women eventually made amends after Earl Spencer died as Diana thanked Raine for all the 'love' she had Johnnie.

Colin Tebbutt, one of Princess Diana's most trusted aides, went to her hospital room in Paris in 1997 and found himself taking care of practicalities such as keeping down the room temperature.

Dramatic moment cyclist who leaves his bike unlocked for a second dashes over to RUGBY TACKLE an opportunist thief who fancied his chances

The man had left the bike outside a store for just 17 seconds when a youth decided to strike in Dublin. He propped the cycle against a wall while he went into a shop, but security footage shows the opportunist thief jump onboard and attempt to get away.

Mohammad Khan, 26, of Cricklewood, North West London, said he was escorted off a flight from Heathrow to Atlanta in Georgia by police after a 'massive overreaction' by cabin crew.

A man accused of murdering his wife asked two women if they wanted a threesome a few weeks after the teenage bride went missing, a Sydney jury has been told.

'Cocaine Cassie' Sainsbury gets special treatment in jail

'Cocaine Cassie' Sainsbury is getting better treatment in Colombian prison than all but 19 other inmates, with most having to sprint across the jail to line up for 'awful' food every meal, an inmate claims. The 22-year-old Australian lives in Patio Seven of Bogota's huge El Buen Pastor prison, reserved for foreigners on drugs charges and those needing special protection. They get better access to food, TVs, fridges, washing machines and single cells while the other 1,900 live in squalid conditions. Sainsbury was moved there weeks after she was arrested on April 12 following a blow up with a neighbour in Patio Five who sold a photo of her to the media.

NEW Professor Daniel Mittleman, from Brown University in the US, has led research on terahertz waves, which can stream 50gigabits a second, about 100 times faster than speeds today.

Veteran NBA star forward Zach Randolph was arrested on a marijuana charge causing a crowd uprising and the destruction of five cop cars at a Los Angeles housing project on Wednesday

Campbelltown couple travel Australia in a van

Haylie, 27, and Andrew Davies, 28, both from Campbelltown, NSW, have always had a passion for travelling and backpacked for a year on their honeymoon before settling on a van as their ideal way of life. The adventurous pair travelled in a van around Japan and America before deciding to tackle their home country.

Christopher Breaker, 25, allegedly flashed a knife and stole food from the store. Witnesses said he then jumped over a pharmacy counter and pounded the back door with a fire extinguisher.

Justin Theroux's elderly neighbor sues for harassment

Justin Theroux (left) is involved in a nasty lawsuit with his downstairs neighbor, Norman Resnicow in New York City. The elderly lawyer claims he is a victim of the actor's behavior, including harassment, bad construction and loud rescue dogs barking 'endlessly'. Resnicow also claims there was repeated thumping at early hours of the morning, coming from Theroux and Jennifer Aniston's (inset) apartment. Resnicow allegedly kicked up a fuss over Theroux's pricey $1m pad renovation at 71 Washington Place (right) when Theroux and Aniston combined two apartments.


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Tiger Woods is seen for the first time with ex-girlfriend

These are the first pictures of fallen golf superstar Tiger Woods with his former top secret lover - a blonde lookalike of both his ex-wife Elin Nordegren AND long-time love Lindsey Vonn. The two photos - believed to have been taken on board Tiger's yacht in the Bahamas last summer - show mom-of-one Smith, 34, enjoying a relaxing day at sea with Woods, who hasn't played a competitive round of golf since January. The couple have since called it quits and separated some time last year. Woods, through his attorney, agreed to enter a drug diversion program in court on Wednesday following his May arrest for DUI.

Emus are no slouches - they have a top speed of 31mph, and reach full size at just six months old. They are the second tallest birds alive, only behind the ostrich, with a top height of 6ft 2ins.

Lithuanian Vitalij Kiseliov was not taken down by a furious Pit Bull nor mauled by a savage Alsatian - but nipped on the hand by an African parrot named Rocky when burgling a Kent home in June.

Hundreds bare all for London Zoo's annual naked run

NEW Hundreds of runners bared all for the Streak for Tigers event at London Zoo, with all funds raised by the fun run going towards ZSL's conservation work in Indonesia. Streakers were encouraged to cover themselves in stripes or don tiger outfits for the risque race, which took place after the zoo was closed to visitors.

Despite tying the knot in New York nearly 20 years ago, Australian same-sex couple Kerryn Phelps and Jackie Stricker-Phelps' marriage is still not recognised under the Australian law.

Rutene Lanceforde 'Lanz' Priestly, 59, who runs the homeless encampment in Martin Place, reportedly has connections to the Church of Ubunutu, an anti-medicine health cult in Newcastle.

Hilarious moment motorist attempts to initiate a street race - before he backs down and the other driver is caught by a SPEED CAMERA

A hilarious moment is caught on camera when a Perth motorist (pictured) attempts to initiate a street race before backing down while another driver is caught by a speeding camera (inset). The dash camera footage recorded on August 9 shows several men attempting to initiate a street race in Perth, Western Australia but do not go ahead with their plans for fear of being caught by a speeding camera. Moments after saying that, another driver in a maroon sedan starts speeding but slows down immediately as soon as the camera flashes.

Sonia Leslie, who has more than 55,000 YouTube subscribers, took to Instagram to call out fans who rudely assume something is 'wrong' with her because she has a birthmark on her eye.

A mother was disgusted to find her three-year-old's cheeseburger covered in wriggling maggots after she bought a McDonald's Happy Meal from a store in Maryborough, north of Brisbane.

The moment a PELICAN attacks a woman who tried to free it

NEW A pelican entangled in a barbed  wire fence has attacked a woman who bravely tried to rescue the large bird. Ann Killeen (pictured) saw the pelican hooked on the barbed wire fence in a flooded paddock at Cornishtwon, near Albury in New South Wales, and approached the bird to help. However, her virtuous attempt to rescue the pelican went haywire when it attacked Ms Killeen in a moment of panic. The local waded out in the water and when she untangled the pelican's beak, it turned on her.

According to NASA, asteroid 2012 TC4 will skim past Earth on October 12. It it did hit Earth, it could be more devastating than the 18-meter asteroid that hit Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013, injuring 1,500 people

NEW In new sequences captured by Curiosity, wispy, early-season clouds that resemble Earth's cirrus clouds can be seen. The footage was taken during an early morning last month.

Three research teams backed by NASA will investigate this layer of the atmosphere to find out more about the sun's role in its behaviour. The eclipse will block its source of radiation.

Henk van Rensbergen, a Belgian photographer and airline pilot, is debuting his latest photo book No Man's Land in September, featuring animals trudging through otherwise uninhabited buildings.

British tourist held hostage by Al-Qaeda for six years

A South African-British hostage who was held hostage by Al-Qaeda for six years has revealed he has converted to Islam and sees 'many good things' in the religion. Stephen McGown, 42, was snatched from a hostel in the historic trading city of Timbuktu in northern Mali in 2011 alongside Swede Johan Gustafsson and Dutchman Sjaak Rijke. Speaking today, just 10 days after his release, he said he had been well treated but was distraught to have not been freed before his mother died. He said he had been converted to Islam in the Sahara desert, and added he was determined to be positive after his ordeal.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A man pumelled his estranged wife with a plank of wood in New Zealand leaving splinters embedded in her skull, her face covered in blood and deep bruising.

Does new evidence reveal location of DB Cooper's fortune?

A team of volunteer investigators may have found the lost fortune stolen by one of the 20th century's most compelling criminal masterminds. In 1971 a man calling himself Dan Cooper (pictured in police sketch left) hijacked a Boeing 727 at Seattle-Tacoma airport and held its crew and passengers hostage with a bomb in exchange for $200,000 in cash - the equivalent of $1,213,226 today. Once the money was transferred onto the plane he had the crew take off - before parachuting out over the dense Pacific Northwest woods and disappearing. Just a few packs of money were found but nobody had any idea where the rest of his fortune went - until now, the investigators told Fox News. Thomas Colbert (seen in hat, right) claims that a parachute strap (seen in a bag in his hands) was found in an area in which 'credible sources' claim Cooper's money is buried.

The US warship on Thursday carried out a 'freedom of navigation operation' to counter what Washington sees as China's efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

Obese Melbourne couple Grant and Chantelle Fleming were once faced with the most difficult decision of all: lose weight or die. Chantelle weighed 174 kilos, with Grant coming in close at 172.

Dutch royals gather for funeral of Queen Maxima's father

Former politician Jorge Horacio Zorreguieta, the elderly father of the Netherlands' Queen consort (inset with Maxima), died on Tuesday at the age of 89. Today, his relatives including a tearful-looking Maria del Carmen Cerruti, Maxima's newly-widowed mother (right), could be seen arriving at the memorial park in Pilar, on the outskirts of the Argentine capital. Maxima's eldest daughters, Princesses Catharina-Amalia and Alexia, were also there (left).

In this image from a July 25, 2017 police body camera video released by District Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Aries Clark, 16, raises a black BB gun that looked like a handgun at officers before he was shot in Marion, Ark. Two eastern Arkansas police officers won't face charges in the fatal shooting of a black teenager outside an emergency youth shelter, a prosecutor said Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017. (District Prosecuting Attorney's Office via AP)

A prosecutor decided not to punish officers over the death of Aries Clark (pictured), 16, who was carrying a BB gun when he was fatally shot outside a youth centre in Marion, Arkansas.

Liu Qianqian, from China, outshone 11 other finalists to win the 'breast model competition' in Hefei. The winner, 23, improved her catwalk skills through knockoff Victoria's Secret shows.

The footage was captured by a person in another vehicle as they traveled down the road in Texas. The officer had driven away from a gas pump after filling his car up with the nozzle still attached.

Police officer's camera glasses capture the moment he was shot four times by man talking on a cell phone - and survived

NEW WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Police officer Quincy Smith's camera glasses captured the moment he was shot four times by Malcom Orr in January 2016 in Estill, South Carolina. Orr had fired eight times at the official, giving Smith a life-threatening neck wound and two broken arms in the shocking attack. Orr had continued to talk on the phone while unloading his gun into Smith and he was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Wednesday.

On the fortieth anniversary of his arrest, 'Son of Sam' David Berkowitz returns to reveal all about what led him to commit the serial killings and shootings that held New York City in captive terror for a year.

Mark Winstanley, 36, launched a tirade of racist slurs at a traffic warden in Chester, calling him a 'black t***' and a 'f****** n*****', after spotting him writing a parking ticket for his BMW.

The car firm has announced it is recalling 52,016 Nissan Titan Crew Cab and Titan XD Crew Cab pickups, from 2016, because their rear seat belts might not adequately protect passengers.

Oregon mom sues hospital after smothering baby son

Monica Thompson, 42, gave birth to her son Jacob on August 2, 2012, at Portland Adventist Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. Three days later, while she was still recovering from the procedure and being treated with strong pain medication, nurses brought the boy in to her bed in the middle of the night to be breastfed. They left the pair alone with Jacob in the bed and she fell asleep. An hour later, she awoke to find him unresponsive in her arms.

New Zealand-born star Sam Stewart and mistress Erin Connor (pictured), a model who was in several television shows and movies, agreed to end their relationship at a meeting in a 2016.

An Australian dietitian has shared the best ways to keep your stomach happy on holidays. Rebecca Gawthorne has said that simply eating a specific fruit could keep your belly at ease.

Chloe Cooper, 23, from Undy in South Wales, told how her former boyfriend, who was five years older than her, told her 'you can wear it when you lose weight' during a failed proposal attempt.

Today proud Baroness Brady took to Twitter to share an image of her daughter Sophia Peschisolido, 21, modelling for Topshop's Instagram, gushing that she looked 'amazing'.

Chelsea Manning poses in a scarlet swimsuit for Vogue

Wearing just a scarlet swimsuit, the 29-year-old is seen in a Caitlyn Jenner-esque photoshoot in the pages of this month's Vogue. With her blonde hair cut in to a pixie crop and sporting minimal make-up, she beamed for photographer Annie Lebowitz's camera on a deserted East Coast beach. She raised her arms to her salty wet hair for the photograph, revealing her $350 Norma Kamali swimsuit in all its glory. In an accompanying interview, Manning told how she read Vogue and other fashion bibles during her time in prison.


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Movie that made the world fall in love with Elvis

NEW There had never been a star with a trajectory like Elvis Presley's before and Hollywood took note, eager to cash in on the boy wonder before his popularity waned. Had Elvis never existed, the film Love Me Tender(pictured) would still have been made. But it wouldn't have been called Love Me Tender, and it wouldn't have had that song in it - or, for that matter, any other songs. That being so, in all probability, neither you nor I would ever have heard of it.

Dramatic before and after pictures capture the sheer devastation caused by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake to a Chinese scenic spot. The quake rocked Sichuan province on August 8.

Australian tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios has been caught throwing a towel at a line judge at the Montreal Masters - but his behaviour can be excused after he hilariously thought the official was a ball boy.

A group of German backpackers were in the vehicle when it flipped and rolled at Noosa's North Shore beach, but all occupants reportedly walked away without injury.

Plus-size women show off bodies in stunning metallic shoot

Photographer and plus-size model Silvana Denker, from Hovels, west Germany, decided to launch the Metallic Curves project to show that all women are beautiful - and that there isn't 'one perfect body'. In the artistic shoot, 16 women are seen proudly posing in front of the camera with their bodies on full display. Silvana says she wanted to change expectations about what curvier women can and cannot do.



US pupils wore dog tags to ID their bodies during Cold War

School districts across the United States during the Cold War outfitted students with military-style dog tags - with the unspoken purpose of helping to identify their bodies in the event of a nuclear attack. Dog tags given to children such as Florida student Dorothy Fletcher (main, left) were most commonly stamped with the child's name, address, date of birth, phone number and religion for final rites. Educators also contemplated tattooing children, but decided against it because the markings wouldn't be legible once their skin peeled off after the blast.

A 'gutless' thief deceived an elderly man in New Zealand by pretending to help him put his walker into his car before reaching into the boot, grabbing two packs of cigarettes and running off.

Researchers at Rockefeller University discovered two previously unknown areas of the brain involved in face recognition by studying rhesus monkeys - primates whose face-processing systems are similar to ours.

Rich Kids of Tunisia flaunt their wealth on Instagram

The Rich Kids of Tunisia Instagram account is filled with pictures where the children of the super wealthy parade their inherited fortunes for all to see. Pictured clockwise from top left, soaking up the sun on a five-star holiday; counting designer watches in a Mercedes; packing for a weekend away; a romantic gesture with a Range Rover; a VIP night out in Christian Louboutin heels; filling Louis Vuitton luggage with wads of Euros.