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Residents in Cotswolds village have DNA from 18 places

Residents of Bledington, Gloucestershire, were shocked to find they had DNA from 18 different places in the world, after testing was done by AncestryDNA on 120 of the villagers. read

China will stop America if it attacks North Korea first

An editorial in the Global Times, warned that 'China should also make clear that if North Korea launches missiles that threaten US soil first and the US retaliates, China will stay neutral. read

700,000 contaminated eggs from Dutch farms are in the UK

Four big supermarkets are withdrawing salads and sandwiches on the orders of the Food Standards Agency, after around 700,000 tainted eggs were imported from Europe. read

Louanne Ward reveals the signs your partner is cheating

Here, relationship expert and Perth's Millionaire Matchmaker, Louanne Ward, has spoken to FEMAIL about the signs to look for and the different kinds of cheaters you may come across. read

Zoe Bingley-Pullin on how to spring clean your diet

With spring soon set to descend on the southern hemisphere, FEMAIL consulted Australian nutritionist and TV chef, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, for her tips to spring clean your diet. read

Working-class men 'poorer as they won't settle down'

The inquiry into the link between wealth and family life found that the income gap between rich and poor men had nearly doubled in just 12 years (file image). read

Olivia Fane: No child can love mother way she loves them

I'm preparing for my two youngest sons to leave home next month. Nineteen-year-old Oscar will be heading west, without a backwards glance, to Bristol University. read

Lancashire hit-and-run boy racer jailed for four years

Daniel Mills, 23, ploughed into Keith Robinson as he crossed the road after attending a beer festival with his daughter in Colne, Lancashire. read

Ryan Giggs' protracted £40 million divorce set to end

The former Manchester United and Wales midfielder, 43, has been locked in a lengthy court battle with Stacey, 39, over a fifty percent share of his fortune. read

Why Kavos is calling time on British louts

Kavos, on the southern tip of Corfu, is well known as a destination for young people wanting to get off their heads — and at rock-bottom prices. read

Putney Bridge jogger arrested for pushing woman

A 50-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm following police enquiries at an address in the Chelsea area this morning. read

Iraq hero Tim Collins' firm 'blew £40m of US army cash

Colonel Tim Collins, known for his rousing eve-of-battle speech to troops in the Gulf in 2003, set up New Century Consulting to offer specialist military and police training worldwide. read

Italian playboy mocked after yacht and houses seized

Italian playboy Gianluca Vacchi, 50, who has 11 million Instagram followers, had a yacht and properties seized by creditors - much to the amusement of the Internet. read

Ledbury Towers evacuated after gas safety tests in London

Hundreds of residents will be evacuated from 242 flats in four high-rise buildings in south London after an investigation found their homes may not be safe following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. read

Does new evidence reveal location of DB Cooper's fortune?

A parachute strap found in the woods bordering Oregon and Washington may reveal where plane hijacker DB Cooper buried the fortune that he stole in a daring hijacking in 1971. read

Taylor Swift: Drunk radio DJ grabbed my bare a***

Taylor Swift gave graphic testimony at a defamation trial in Denver CO, Thursday that she was groped on the 'bare a** cheek" by a drunken radio DJ who lifted her skirt during a meet and greet. read

Motorist launches racist rant at traffic warden in Chester

Mark Winstanley, 36, launched a tirade of racist slurs at a traffic warden in Chester, calling him a 'black t***' and a 'f****** n*****', after spotting him writing a parking ticket for his BMW. read

Lego axes 61-year old British boss - for being too old 

Bali Padda, 61, who took over as boss of the Danish firm in January, becoming the first non-Dane to lead the plastic giant, will be replaced by newcomer Niels Christiansen, 51, in October. read

Conjoined twin sisters subjected to medical 'experiments'

As children, Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyopova from Russia were burnt, starved and electrocuted. Yet despite sharing the same genetics, their personalities were very different. read

Tom Utley: Give me an English church for a wedding

You should try to make every night of your marriage like your wedding night. Or so the woman registrar counselled the couple at a wedding a fortnight ago in southern Spain. read

You're getting old when the stars of The Bill look young

They say you know you’re getting old when you notice that the policemen are getting younger, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN. read

Am I drinking too much alcohol? Take this quiz

How do you know if 'happy hour' has turned into a concerning issue? Take this 10-step test, made in association with the World Health Organization, to find out. read

The apps you should delete to boost your smartphone

In a new study of over three million Android devices, researchers at cyber security firm Avast, based in Prague have come up with a list of the 'greediest' apps on Android (stock image). read

MP Ann Cryer on being branded a racist

Former Labour MP Ann Cryer admits she felt huge frustration after reading of the convictions of 18 people for grooming and rape in Newcastle, because of the reluctance to accept their race. read

The white teenager who joined Newcastle Asian sex gang

Carolann Gallon joined the Newcastle gang aged 17 and was responsible for luring other girls into its clutches, and became central to the police investigation. read

Rapist paid by police to inform on Newcastle gang speaks

The informant, known as XY, was paid £10,000 by Northumbria Police (pictured, chief constable Steve Ashman) and has now said he was 'good' at what he did and insisted he is 'not the bad guy'. read

Cheryl pictured for the first time in public 5 months

The smiling Girls Aloud star, 34, looked incredible as she showed off her svelte post-baby figure in a chic waterfall jacket and heavy-duty cargo pants for the relaxed outing. read

CCTV to be installed at abattoirs to stop animal cruelty

Michael Gove has announced plans to install CCTV in all slaughterhouses in Britain, which can be viewed by official vets to ensure animals are treated with compassion. read

Haddington schoolgirl acid attacker's fake pen letter

Emily Bowen was jailed this week for an acid attack on love rival Molly Young in the music room at Knox Academy, in Haddington, East Lothian. read

Britney Spears stage crasher identified as Jesse Webb has obtained the mugshot of 37-year-old Jesse Webb from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, who arrested the man on Wednesday night. read

Britney Spears rushed onstage by man at Vegas show

Britney Spears was rushed by a man at her Piece Of Me show on Wednesday night at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. read

The Crown season two trailer released

In preview shots for the series, set for release on December 8, the Queen and her husband are seen cuddling up as they eagerly await the arrival of their fourth child Prince Edward. read

London and Manchester attacks increase hate crimes

Figures compiled from forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland showed daily totals were above typical levels two days after the Westminster, Manchester and London attacks. read

Briton and his son face fine 'for shining lasers at jets'

The British pair, aged 41 and 15, were identified as suspects when an off-duty officer staying at the same Costa del Sol hotel saw them using the devices from their room. read

Chemicals in cereal could make you fat

Butylhydroxytoluene, often added to cereals to protect nutrients, was one of three endocrine disruptors tested by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center researchers. read

The best type of protein to eat for a healthy diet

The NHS reports eating protein before a workout can help repair and build muscle. Now nutritionists have revealed the healthiest type of protein source to eat, such as the leanest type of fish. read

Norfolk police release video of murdered dog walker

Peter Wrighton died of stab wounds to the head and neck by woodland in East Harling, Norfolk. It is understood that a witness told police earlier in the week he saw two men arguing in the same area. read

Fructose-free diet can cut your risk of obesity in days

Professor Jean-Marc Schwartz at Touro University in California found that removing fructose can improve your health in only eight days. read

Female Aylesbury prison officer jailed for texts to inmate

Chelsea Blackwell, 27, made around 115 calls to Emmanuel Callender-Scott, an inmate at Aylesbury Young Offenders Institution, some of which lasted more than two hours. read

Why Diana was the Ultimate Girl in Pearls 

Pearls have a long association with the monarchy and they are still a firm favourite of the Queen today. But it was Diana who made them fashionable among the younger generation. read

Diana pushed her stepmother Raine Spencer down the stairs

Princess Diana had a fiery relationship with her stepmother Raine Spencer. In 1989 they came to blows at Althorpe when the Princess of Wales pushed the countess down the stairs. read

Diana's driver breaks his 20-year silence on Paris crash

Colin Tebbutt, one of Princess Diana's most trusted aides, went to her hospital room in Paris in 1997 and found himself taking care of practicalities such as keeping down the room temperature. read

Trump: Maybe 'fire and fury' was not tough enough

President Trump rebuked critics this afternoon who argued that his 'fire and fury' threat to North Korea was over the top. 'If anything, maybe that statement wasn’t tough enough,' Trump said. read

North Korea calls Trump senile and 'bereft of reason'

The US President has warned North Korea it faces 'fire and fury' over its nuclear program sparking claims from Pyongyang that it will create an 'enveloping fire' around Guamy. read

North Korean general WWIII Kim Jong Un Donald Trump

General Kim Rak-gyom (right) is often seen smiling and joking with his subordinates but, much like his despotic leader, he is far more dangerous than his jovial exterior suggests. read

WWII photos show brutal battle to liberate Guam

The stunning pictures show the American struggle to reclaim Guam after it was seized by Japan in 1941. The Americans lost over 1,700 men and the Japanese lost over 18,000. read

Japan moves missile defences into central Tokyo

A PAC-3 Patriot missile unit has been moved in to a compound at the Defence Ministry in Tokyo, Japan after officials said they could shoot down North Korean rockets if they pass overhead. read

Stephanie Davis emerges after revealing her miscarriage

The former Hollyoaks star looked downcast as she exited the property in a loose fitting grey T-shirt bearing the distinctive slogan ‘Sleep under the Stars.’ read

NYC woman is given suggestive zucchini by her boss

New York City screenwriter Zoë was given a zucchini by her boss at work with a wink so she tweeted about the odd exchange. But some people assumed it was a sexual advance. read

Insomniacs sent into meltdown by £8 'miracle' lotion

Shoppers and Reddit users have been raving about the power of an £8 'miracle' body lotion from Lush they claim has helped them combat insomnia. read

Italian residents ask why Chloe Ayling didn't ask for help

Villagers in Borgial, in Italy, have questioned why model Chloe Ayling didn't ask for help when she was taken there by her alleged kidnapper Lukasz Herba, in July after being ambushed. read

Italy's fourth-biggest crime syndicate raided after ambush

The president of the Foggia province of Puglia, where the shootings occurred near a railway station, called for more uniformed law enforcement after the ambush killed four people. read

Hundreds bare all for London Zoo's annual naked run

Hundreds of runners bared all for the Streak for Tigers event at London Zoo, with all funds raised by the fun run going towards ZSL's conservation work in Indonesia. read

Groundbreaking drug could treat childhood Alzheimer's

Results of a small clinical trial in Washington State have shown promise to treat the neurogenerative condition called Niemann-Pick type C (NPC) that typically kills those afflicted before they turn 20. read

BoomTown Fair festival blasted for having no water

Revellers trying to enter BoomTown Fair in Winchester complained of sun stroke, dehydration and fighting in the queues as tensions boiled over. read

Fridays are the most common day to have a car accident 

Analysis of more than 700,000 traffic accidents in Britain found that drivers have a 14% higher chance of being involved in a collision on Fridays than the average day (file image). read

Ex-Formula One boss Ron Dennis buys up 175 acres of land

Ron Dennis has bought a 175 acre plot of land in Henley on Thames, next to Park Place, once the most expensive home in the country, and is believed to be planning to build a mansion there. read

Peruvian gangland hitman gunned down

Feared Peruvian hitman Oscar Martin Mendoza Barrero, pictured sitting on the bench, was awaiting a hair cut at a barber shop in Callao, Argentina when he was ambushed by an assassin. read

British tourist held hostage by Al-Qaeda for six years

Stephen McGown, 42, was snatched from a hostel in the historic trading city of Timbuktu in northern Mali in 2011 alongside Swede Johan Gustafsson and Dutchman Sjaak Rijke. read

Intruder breaks into Virginia apartment only to clean it

An Arlington, Virginia, man returned home on Monday soon after midnight to find someone had tidied up his apartment when he returned home from a trip. read

Amir Khan takes time from divorce to visit boy with tumour

Amir Khan visited seven-year-old cancer sufferer Ali Hassan in Lahore, who received initial surgery to remove a tumour so big that it engulfed one side of his face. read

Woman glassed by air hostess after partying with Amir Khan

Bia Hannides, 22, from Southampton, Hampshire, was enjoying a night out with the former light-welterweight world champion in Dubai when she claims she was glassed by an air hostess. read

Parrot helps snare Kent burglar by his bite yielding DNA

Lithuanian Vitalij Kiseliov was not taken down by a furious Pit Bull nor mauled by a savage Alsatian - but nipped on the hand by an African parrot named Rocky when burgling a Kent home in June. read

Tony Blair claims acting skills helped him as a policeman

The ex-Labour PM also said he had toyed with student Marxism and briefly been a ‘Trot’ while at Oxford – until his future wife Cherie talked him out of it. read

Ryan Atkin speaks of his experiences after coming out

Ryan Atkin the first professional referee to come out in the United Kingdom and, in an interview with Sky Sports, has been speaking out his experiences of working in football. read

Wifi is set to go ultrafast and up to 100 times quicker

Professor Daniel Mittleman, from Brown University in the US, has led research on terahertz waves, which can stream 50gigabits a second, about 100 times faster than speeds today. read

Muslim man is suing Virgin Atlantic for 'racial profiling'

Mohammad Khan, 26, of Cricklewood, North West London, said he was escorted off a flight from Heathrow to Atlanta in Georgia by police after a 'massive overreaction' by cabin crew. read

Karren Brady's daughter Sophia models for Topshop

Today proud Baroness Brady took to Twitter to share an image of her daughter Sophia Peschisolido, 21, modelling for Topshop's Instagram, gushing that she looked 'amazing'. read

UK weather: Summer heat to return over weekend

There will be a respite from the rain and some 'quite pleasant' weather this weekend - but ahead of the dry conditions, yet more rain is due to cross Britain tomorrow, bringing mostly drizzle. read

High Wycombe pupil dies falling off water raft in Ecuador

Matthew Hitchman, 17, a pupil at The Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. was on a month-long school trek in across the Andes in Ecuador when he died. read

Lavender Hill bus crash sees passengers trapped in London

About 12 passengers were on the bus when it crashed in Battersea, South West London, and witnesses saw smoke coming from underneath - leading to fears that it might have set on fire. read

British golfer Lee Westwood is facing a £50m divorce

British Ryder Cup team member Lee Westwood faces a £50m divorce battle after wife Laurae (pictured together) accused him of infidelity in legal papers filed in Florida this week. read

Movie that made the world fall in love with Elvis

There had never been a star with a trajectory like Elvis Presley's before and Hollywood took note, eager to cash in on the boy wonder before his popularity waned. read

Chelsea Manning poses in a scarlet swimsuit for Vogue

Wearing just a scarlet swimsuit, the 29-year-old is seen in a Caitlyn Jenner-esque photoshoot in the pages of this month's Vogue. read

Why middle-aged men are cycling more - it's not to get fit

The number of middle-aged British men who are taking up cycling is growing. The men said that they enjoy it because it makes them feel connected to others and celebrate mastering tasks. read

London moped robbers used battering ram to smash into shop

CCTV images showing several moped-riding robbers using a battering ram to smash into a shop and steal nearly £1 million worth of goods from phone shops in London have been released. read

Cardiff male nurse groped bottoms and breasts of women

Andrew Lauder, 54, 'couldn't resist' slapping women's bottoms and groping their breasts while making 'lewd and crude comments' to them, Cardiff Crown Court heard. read

Moment Dublin cyclist rugby tackles opportunist thief

The man had left the bike outside a store for just 17 seconds when a youth decided to strike in Dublin. Unfortunately for the thief, the victim was in no mood to be messed with. read

Justin Theroux's elderly neighbor sues for harassment

Justin Theroux is involved in a nasty lawsuit with his downstairs neighbor, Norman Resnicow in New York City. The elderly lawyer claims he is a victim of the actor's rude behavior. read

Osborne and Gove see Wagner opera and Cameron in Cornwall

The three men were close friends, but their relationship with Mr Gove hit the rocks after he broke ranks to become the face of Leave campaign in the referendum. read

Walker is trapped in his tent by midge attack in Scotland

Kev Green had pitched his tent in the Lairig Ghru, which passes through the Cairngorm Mountains in west Scotland, when 68 billion insects struck the area. read

European heatwave causes severe thunderstorms

Spain, Germany and Poland have all suffered thunderstorms on Thursday, another extreme following temperatures of around 40 degrees at the weekend. read

Parents slam Toys R Us doll range for being 'racist'

Maisie Ferne-Evans took to Twitter to express her outrage at the 'Ethnic' doll by Zapf Creation on sale at a store in Portsmouth. She also criticised the toys for promoting gender stereotypes. read

Gove: Chopping down trees wrecking our children's futures

The Environment Secretary called on officials to 'listen to the people' and stop axing trees in Sheffield, which campaigners say are being needlessly destroyed. read

A low-calorie diet is the key to youth, scientists claim

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, analyzed how aging affects our circadian rhythm - the body's 'clock' - and slowly derails metabolism over time. read

Archaeologists discover lost native American civilisation

A team of researchers, including the University of Oklahoma, decided to compare DNA of domesticated animals like dogs and turkeys from two sites to discover the fate of the Anasazi. read

Driver killed when concrete block hits van on M11

Crash investigators discovered that a heavy object has hit the van's windscreen in Essex before the accident and suspect it may have been dropped onto the busy six-lane motorway. read

Playboy TV model caused crash while looking for a sandwich

Magistrates in Brighton heard Dionne Stenner, 35, who fronted adult shows on Playboy TV but now works as a hairdresser was seen reaching across the dashboard of her VW Beetle before the crash. read

Instagram star with eyeball birthmark slams critics

Sonia Leslie, who has more than 55,000 YouTube subscribers, took to Instagram to call out fans who rudely assume something is 'wrong' with her because she has a birthmark on her eye. read

Israel says underground wall with Gaza will go into sea

Major General Eyal Zamir said the wall between Israel and the Gaza Strip should now be finished within two years. The 40-mile wall will be 20 feet high, 130 feet deep and cost about £640 million. read

Seeing without eyes: The world of nonvisual photoreception

A University of Maryland researcher says that light sensitive cells are also found outside the eyes, generally to regulate sleep and wake and other cycles synchronized to the changes of day and night. read

Barcelona staff to continue strike despite pay rise offer

British tourists faced continued disruption to their holidays last night after staff at Barcelona airport decided to continue their industrial action, declining an extra £226 a week pay rise. read

Shane Carter waits 26 hours with broken back in Cape Verde

As there was only one doctor on the tiny African island of Boa Vista, floorer Shane Carter was stuck in an ill-equipped hospital coughing up blood for three days. read

Bored Panda users share ridiculous design fails

People have been sharing their best examples of design fails with Bored Panda, including a dog lead with a replica gun as a handle that makes you look like you're trying to murder your furry friend. read

Saudi performer arrested for dabbing during a concert

Abdallah Al Shahani, pictured, performed the move during a concert in the city of Taif, in the south west of his country. Police arrested the singer and TV host who later apologised on Twitter. read

Indian show in which boy, 9, marries to be scrapped

A television soap opera that shows a 10-year-old boy married to a 19-year-old woman has outraged Indian viewers who want to ban the 'bizarre show' for glorifying child marriage. read

Garage boss to pay £200k compensation for botched jobs

Beiran Lloyd (pictured), 50, from Llanelli in Wales, charged thousands of pounds to redevelop several VW campervans from his VDub Passion garage. read

Anemone fish eggs look like Despicable Me's Minions

Unlike the much-loved minions from the family Summer hit movie Despicable Me 3 these anemone fish are aggressive until hatching from eggs. read

Devon son reveals torment at the hands of ‘monster’ mother

Andrew Copley, 38, of Exeter, Devon, was subjected to 10 years of shocking abuse at the hands of his mother, Christine Copley, 66, who was jailed for three years in April 2017. read

IKEA creates sensual 25-minute 'head orgasms' advert

ASMR is often referred to as 'head orgasms' and describes the tingly sensation some feel to triggers such as soft speaking, scratching or rubbing. read

Inside Ultimo founder Michelle Mone's new mansion

The 45-year-old entrepreneur gave MailOnline a glimpse inside the opulent Isle of Man mansion she shares with partner Doug Barrowman - and she kitted it all out herself. read

'Dangerous' lecturer killer has escaped from HMP Kirkham

Shaun Walmsley, 28, has been on the run since two men armed with a knife and a gun confronted prison guards outside Aintree University Hospital during a visit from HMP Walton on February 21. read

Tony Blair lifts the lid on leadership deal with Brown

Tony Blair said he told his friend Gordon Brown that he had the best chance of winning and should be given a clear run at the top job. read

Ex Davis aide says Johnson should be in jail over Brexit

James Chapman, the former chief of staff to the Brexit Secretary, said leaving the EU will be a 'catastrophe' that will harm Britain. read

Sally Brown reveals emotional abuse signs in relationships

Does your partner mock you, ignore you or even control what you wear? Sally Brown, a British psychologist, reveals 14 signs of emotional abuse in a relationship that you can't ignore. read

Jeremy Corbyn still refuses to condemn Venezuelan despot

Jeremy Corbyn did not condemn the regime despite Maduro's brutal crackdown of political opponents. read

Burglar picked wrong house when he broke into BOXER'S home

Craig Kennedy (pictured) was at home in Cardiff with his girlfriend and six-month-old son when they were woken by noise of David Large trying to break in downstairs. read

UK slave trafficking gangs make millions every year

As part of a new campaign by the National Crime Agency, a Romanian migrant named Elena (pictured) has told how many women like her are brought to the UK with promises of a better life. read

Dutch royals gather for funeral of Queen Maxima's father

Former politician Jorge Horacio Zorreguieta, the elderly father of the Netherlands' Queen consort, had a form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and died on Tuesday at the age of 89. read

Yoga can help improve memory

Brazilian researchers found yoga-loving pensioners had a thicker prefrontal cortex - the region of the brain involved in complex cognition. read

Manchester pensioner died falling from his bicycle

Fit and active Roger Hamer, 83, of Bury, Greater Manchester, was left unconscious after 'flying over the handlebars as though he had hit something' in Ramsbottom. read

The remarkable similarities between Kate and Lottie Moss

From Vogue covers to black and white Calvin Klein adverts, the start of Lottie's career already has echoes of Kate's some two-and-a-half decades ago. read

UK NHS spending now matches that in other EU nations

Healthcare spending amounted to 9.8 per cent of Britain's GDP in 2014 - a similar figure to that in other EU nations, according to an in-depth analysis by two economists. read

Thug caught stabbing shopkeeper in the face in Brixton

Trevor Sinclair, 51, nearly killed Srikanth Mailvaganam when he refused to sell him rum on credit, wrestling him to the floor and bludgeoning him over the head five times in a Brixton corner shop. read

Boy dies after being hit by a car outside Manchester hotel

More than a dozen police cars gathered by the Ibis Budget Hotel in Salford Quays, Greater Manchester, after responding to reports of a collision between a boy and a car at 9pm. read

Attack fears amid anti-tourism protests in Spain

Activists - branded 'crazy extremists' by Spain's prime minister Mariano Rajoy - have targeted tourists in a series of demonstrations in recent weeks, including in Barcelona and Majorca. read

Goat paraded through town ahead of Ireland's Puck Fair 

Billed as one of Ireland's oldest festivals, the Puck Fair sees locals in the town of Killorglin pluck a wild mountain goat from its habitat and crown him 'King Puck' for the duration of the event. read

Peter Cundill's girlfriend loses High Court fortune bid

Tina Chantale Joseph was nearly 30 years younger than Canadian financier Peter Cundill (pictured) when he died in London aged 72 in 2011 after they became 'very close' in his final years. read

Michigan woman killed by a hippopotamus in Tanzania

Carol Sue Kirken, of the suburban Detroit town of Rochester Hills, Michigan, died on Saturday while on a family vacation in Tanzania. An obituary said she died quickly in the arms of her son. read

'Jihadis' arrested over 186mph train crash plot in Russia

Police say an alleged jihadist cell tried to target a high speed rail line used by Russia's Sapsan 'bullet' trains at Farforovskaya railway station close to St Petersburg, Vladimir Putin's home city. read

What would happen is asteroid TC4 did hit Earth

According to NASA, asteroid 2012 TC4 will skim past Earth on October 12. It it did hit Earth, it could be more devastating than the 18-meter asteroid that hit Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013, injuring 1,500 people read

Biker walks away uninjured after horror crash in Moscow

The biker's head was inches away from being crushed by one of the cars' wheels after the accident on the Yaroslavl highway near the village of Vozdvizhenskoe, Moscow. read

Man in court charged with the murder at Plymouth station

Jamie Skinner (pictured) appeared before magistrates in connection with the fatal stabbing of Wayne Fenton at 10am on Tuesday at the city centre station in Plymouth, Devon. read

PwC claim medically enhanced workers could become the norm

London-based firm PwC surveyed over 10,000 people globally to examines four potential worlds of work shaped by competing forces, people, business, innovation and the environment. read

Go Ahead loses contract to run services in West Midlands

Go Ahead has run the West Midlands franchise for ten years but has lost out for the next round to a Dutch and Japanese consortium due to invest £1bn. read

Tiger Woods is seen for the first time with ex-girlfriend

Photos have emerged of Tiger Woods, 41, and personal stylist Kristin Smith, 34, on board the pro golfer's yacht in the Bahamas last summer. read

Woman finds a 65m-year-old triceratops jaw bone in Wyoming

Alison Teal, a conservationist from Hawaii, discovered the triceratops jaw bone while exploring the Lance Formation in Wyoming. read

Mother praises Mothercare for sending shoes for son

The mother, based in the UK, explained how she bought her toddler a pair of the shoes six months ago. After contacting the Mothercare head office, bosses sent her a box of the shoes as a gift. read

What are you doing up one’s favourite tree?:

James Aldred's tree-climbing skills are widely sought after within wildlife TV. In his first book entitled The Man Who Climbs Trees, he shares his experience of working with David Attenborough. read

Baby is rescued after being buried alive in Indonesia

Locals heard the baby boy crying from under pieces of wood, rocks, leaves and mesh in an old septic tank near a village in West Java, Indonesia, on Sunday afternoon. read

Kyoto University taught chimps to play rock paper scissors

Researchers from Kyoto University and Peking University looked at the ability of chimpanzees and young children to learn the basic hand game. read

Bank of England sticks with animal-fat cash

BoE said today that there were environmental risks to using the alternative, derived from palm oil, and that the government had ruled it too expensive. read

Rich Kids of Tunisia flaunt their wealth on Instagram

The Rich Kids of Tunisia Instagram account is filled with pictures where the children of the super wealthy parade their inherited fortunes for all to see. read

Missing Margaret Fleming's home set to be demolished

Margaret Fleming (pictured), who suffers from learning difficulties, was reported missing in October, but the only people to have seen her this century are her carers in Inverkip, Inverclyde. read

Lorry trailer topples over on country lane in Marlborough

Dramatic video shows the trailer of the HGV leaning to one side at the end of Elcot Lane in Marlborough before slamming onto the ground at around 2.15pm. read

Smithsonian Zoo's baby orangutan bothers sleepy friend 

Redd is a 10-month-old orangutan living at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC. A video captures him playing with his friend Bonnie while his mom takes a nap. read

Plus-size women show off bodies in stunning metallic shoot

Photographer and plus-size model Silvana Denker, from Hovels, west Germany, decided to launch the project to show that all women are beautiful - and that there isn't 'one perfect body'. read

NHS psychologist sent a patient hundreds of racy emails

Markus Themessl-Huber, of Dundee, likened himself to the aloof Fitzwilliam Darcy from Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice as he seduced his troubled patient. read

Hilarious moment goat tries popsicle and gets brain freeze

It was the first time the three-month-old kid, named Edgar Winter, had tried an ice lolly, but he has now developed a taste for them. read

LA brother comforts little sister in California car wash

YouTuber Alyssa filmed her young children Declan, four and Raleigh, one, during an emotion fuelled outing to get their vehicle cleaned in Los Angeles. read

Man and chainsaw come crashing down as tree surgery fails

The footage, shot in a back garden in an unknown location, shows the man attempting to saw off a giant branch with a chainsaw. read

Tiny dachshund chases much bigger cows in north Victoria

What Billy, a tiny and adorable daschund from Yalca, in northern Victoria, lacks in size he definitely makes up for in spirit and determination when he chases much larger cattle on his regional farm. read

MAC on... Trump's tensions with North Korea 

Goddammit! Have any of you guys seen the nuclear button? It was here yesterday.' read

Cute video of puppy who's frightened of stairs

The clip was filmed by owner Amber Kennealy, from Michigan, of her pet Golden Labrador, Ace, overcoming his fear of stairs. read

Dog tears open beanbag and spills contents

Neil Kemp, 35, from Tredegar, woke one morning to find his dog Rocco had torn open a beanbag and strewn millions of the tiny balls all across the family living room. read

17th century rectory in Thomas Hardy novel goes on sale

The Old Rectory is in the picturesque village of Melbury Osmond, Dorset, which the Victorian writer called Little Hintock in his 1887 novel The Woodlanders. It is on the market for £1.5million. read

Lizzy sees her name in lights at last

Lizzy Barber, 30, won the 2017 Daily Mail First Crime Novel competition for her thriller entitled My Name Is Alice. She was awarded a £20,000 advance from Penguin Random House. read

Chelsea Pensioner's 100th skydive with veterans, 91

Mike Smith, 68, swapped his iconic scarlet uniform for a red jumpsuit to skydive alongside veterans Fred Glover and Ted Pieri, both 91, at Old Sarum Airfield, in Wiltshire. read

Boxer dogs 'help clean windows' by licking them

Monica Baker, 38, from Capel, Western Australia, claims her canine chums are trying to help her keep on top of her household chores. read

YouTube video shows little hedgehog get stuck in croissant

The supercute video of the animal, named Jelatony, has been view thousands of times on YouTube and won him a legion of fans across the world. read