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First pics of Alex Nation after revealing new love Maegan

On Monday it was reported that The Bachelor's Richie Strahan and Alex Nation had officially ended their romance, and Alex had moved on with alleged 'new girlfriend' Maegan Luxa. And on Tuesday afternoon, the 25-year-old was spotted for the first time since the news broke. The blonde looked happy and relaxed, smiling widely as she picked up her son Elijah, six, from his Victorian State School. Dressed casually in blue ripped jeans and a black Adidas jumper, Alex was seen with a large smile on her face as she walked hand-in-hand with her little boy. 

Olympic champion cyclist Steve Wooldridge dies in suicide

Champion cyclist Steve Wooldridge has died in a suspected suicide a decade after he won gold for Australia at the 2004 Olympics, leaving behind two young children. His shock death rocked the Australian cycling community with friends and former teammates giving heartfelt tributes on social media. 'His infectious smile, gentleman attitude on and off the bike made him a very special person. We are better for knowing him and worse off for losing him,' his mentor Phillip Bates said. Others questioned why he took his own life, writing: 'You have left thousands of broken hearts with family and friends that will never recover, but this is about you. how did it come to this?'

They say you can tell a lot about someone from their coffee order and now an Australian barista has shared what they think your coffee says about you.

Paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale pleads guilty

Australia’s worst paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale (pictured with one of his victims, main, and inset) is facing more time behind bars after pleading guilty at a Melbourne court to even more vile sexual crimes against young children, including that a father undressed his daughter and laid her on a church altar before the priest indecently assaulted her.

Cricket star David Warner is dazed and injured after being hit by a bouncer to the NECK – the same delivery that took the life of his mate Phil Hughes

Australian cricket vice-captain David Warner is being treated after being struck in the neck by a ball. The opening batsman was hit by a Josh Hazlewood bouncer on Tuesday afternoon during an Australian test intra-squad match in Darwin. Warner, 30, immediately fell to the ground after the knock, before jumping up and walking straight off the ground as teammates rushed to check on his condition.

Renovation reality show The Block hammered its competition in the ratings on Monday night, raking in more than one million metro viewers with the ABCs 7.30 coming second in the timeslot

A former Auckland KFC manager has lifted the lid on life behind the scenes at the fast-food giant, with a string of shocking claims stretching from unruly customers and bone idle colleagues.

What happened to the cast of 1975's Picnic At Hanging Rock

Director Peter Weir's seminal 1975 psychological thriller Picnic At Hanging Rock remains one of the most well-regarded films in Australian history. Based on the 1967 novel by Joan Lindsay, the ethereal story follows a group of girls from private school Appleyard College who go on a picnic to Hanging Rock in Victoria in 1900.  Three of the girls - Miranda, Marion, and Irma - disappear during the excursion along with their teacher, Miss McCraw. Lauded for its cinematography and metered direction, the film still resonates with audiences today thanks to its otherworldly atmosphere and the way it poses more questions than it answers by the time the credits roll. The film was a critical and commercial success on its release, with critic Roger Ebert saying it was 'a film of haunting mystery and buried sexual hysteria'. Such is the film's continued appeal, more than 40 years after its release Foxtel announced it is producing a mini-series reboot of the film, to air this year.

Australian mummy blogger Mel Watts has hit back at vicious trolls for calling her a 'horrible mother' after she revealed she's giving her toddler daughter 'bleach baths' to treat her eczema.

Dr Natasha Cook on how your lifestyle impacts your skin

FEMAIL spoke to the leading Sydney dermatologist, Dr Natasha Cook (inset), to find out how your lifestyle habits - from that Saturday morning sunbathe (top right, stock image) to the Sunday night carb overload (top left) and too much alcohol (bottom left) - affect your skin.

Independent Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has defended her visit to a sex shop with her staff to buy 'Christmas trinkets', explaining she is a 'very open minded person' with 'nothing to hide'.

Adeline Yvette Wilson-Rigney, 28, (pictured) and her two children, aged five and six were found dead in a house north of Adelaide, were strangled with cable ties, a court has been told.

Bec and Lleyton Hewitt's Penthouse finally attracts buyer

Lleyton Hewitt's penchant for going the distance looks to have spilled into his post-tennis career as a property mogul. This week, the St Kilda Penthouse the 36-year-old first listed alongside his wife Bec six long years ago, finally attracted a committed buyer.  After once carrying a $15 million asking price, realestate.com.au announced on Tuesday that the two-story home is now 'under-contract,' for up to $10 million.

North Korea offers glimpse into Guam missile launch plans

North Korea today offered a glimpse into plans to fire missiles near Guam as its leader was seen with a baton pointing at a map saying 'Strategic Force's Firing Strike Plan'. Kim Jong-Un (centre), who was pictured next to satellite imagery of Guam's Andersen Air Force Base (circled, right), has backed down on his threat to launch four missiles at the US Pacific territory. Instead, he said that he would wait and watch the US's actions. 'He said that if the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions on the Korean peninsula and in its vicinity, testing the self-restraint of the DPRK, the latter will make an important decision as it already declared,' a KNCA report claimed. The report added that Kim would 'wring the windpipes of the Yankees and point daggers at their necks'. Also pictured (inset): A photo claiming to show the launch of a Hwasong-14 ballistic missile in North Korea's north-west last month.

Mom shares picture of Elaina Towery just before she died

The mother of a young girl who died after overdosing on drugs shared a heartbreaking photograph of her on Monday as she lay helpless on life support (center). Cheryl Towery, 49, shared the picture of her and her 22-year-old daughter, Elaina (left and right with her mother), on the same day that she removed her from life support at a Detroit hospital. Elaina fell into a coma on Thursday after she is believed to have ingested heroin laced with the prescription drug fentanyl. 'She's my only daughter, my best friend,' Towery said. 'She was supposed to start her new job today, now she's on life support.'

'I hope you're marrying a decent human being': Bride surprises her husband-to-be with a video message from former Prime Minister KEVIN RUDD on their big day

Koren Vella, 36, from Queensland, enlisted the help of former Labour PM, Kevin Rudd (inset), on her wedding day (pictured with her husband, Johnny, left and right). Mr Rudd delivered a voice message to Johnny and Koren. 'A little bird tells me you're getting married,' he began the 43-second clip, which was played at their reception.

Jessica Buck, now 24, from Oxfordshire, was just 18 when she was diagnosed with a pituitary gland tumour, which is causing an over-production of the hormone which stimulates milk production.

'You should be ashamed of yourself': The revolting moment a woman defecates on a bus in front of disgusted passengers

A bus full of commuters has been left horrified and disgusted after a woman pulled down her pants and defecated on a seat. In a video shot from the back of the Melbourne bus, the woman wearing a beanie was seen bending forward towards the aisle, apparently relieving herself on the seat. Horrified passengers immediately called out the woman, who protested that she 'couldn't help it'. 'So you s*** in public, this is the fourth time now, in front of everyone and now we have to suffer through it,' one angry mother with a three-year-old son shouted.

Rebecca Judd, 34, opened up her wardrobe of secrets yet again this week by revealing that she had once mistakenly diagnosed herself with motor neurone disease.

Councils threatening the integrity of Australia Day by changing citizenship ceremonies to 'acknowledge the pain of Aboriginal people' will be stripped of the right to perform the ceremonies.

Lara Bingle facialist shares her skin care tips 

An Australian skin care therapist who has worked with the likes of Jessica Mauboy, Lara Bingle and Rebecca Gibney has shared the secrets to flawless skin. Melanie Grant (pictured left, inset and right with Lara Bingle) has 20 years experience in the industry and shared her tips on how to achieve a celebrity glow. Her number one rule is to remember that good skin care doesn't only include your face.

Blake Henderson was filming another plane from the aircraft he was flying in when his Samsung Galaxy S5 appeared to be sucked out of his hand and started its dramatic freefall to earth below.

On Monday, the stock closed at $51.11 a share and plummeted to $40.28 within minutes of trading on Tuesday – wiping nearly $1billion from the company's value.

Blacktown Local Court Magistrate Geoffrey Hiatt said he was satisfied the woman, who was 28 at the time, acted intentionally to illegally try to have a miscarriage by taking the abortion pills.

Family arrives home to find their walls splattered with BLOOD after their German Shepherd attacked an intruder while they were out 

Tristan Murrin and his mother returned to their bloodied home in Richmond on Thursday night. Nothing was stolen and the intruder was gone by the time they arrived. Murrin said he knew something was wrong when their dog Oden (inset) greeted them at the front door. That's when they saw spots of blood on the first floor, and trails of blood covering the stairs and the walls of the home's second floor.

Two men grapple and throw punches during shocking road rage attack in the heart of swanky shopping district

A truck driver and pedestrian have been filmed brawling on a busy Melbourne street in yet another violent road rage attack. Dash-cam footage, obtained by 9 News, shows the two men grappling and throwing punches on the intersection of Toorak Road and Chapel Street in South Yarra. The fight ends when one man is kicked in the head and knocked out cold, collapsing on the concrete.

The Philippines could become the 'new Syria' if Islamic State jihadis from the Middle East continue to flock to Southeast Asia, a counter-terror expert has revealed.

Airbnb properties for destination weddings revealed

While some couples spend a fortune on their dream destination wedding, accommodation and subsequent honeymoon, this doesn't have to be the case. Instead, many are choosing to get creative and combine all three into one by booking unique and beautiful spaces on Airbnb - from beautiful fairytale villas to charming countryside abodes. Here, FEMAIL looks at some of the most impressive properties in Australia, Asia and New Zealand for destination weddings as it's revealed that there has been a 108 per cent growth in Wish Lists titled 'Weddings' on the popular site.

Chloe Towney, 18, from Batemans Bay, New South Wales, was born with a large port wine birthmark across her face. But after getting it removed, she is the happiest she's ever been.

People who are overweight are at increased risk of having a heart attack, no matter how healthy they are a major study of more than half a million people across Europe has found.

Shani Grimmond compares high end and budget make up

Australian beauty YouTuber Shani Grimmond (pictured) has put together another video tutorial to prove that you don't need to spend a fortune to create a million dollar make up look. Taking to her channel, Shani created a make up look using high-end products worth $800 on one half of her face and drug store (pharmacy) items worth $300 on the other half. So can you spot the difference?

Lara Bingle and brood enjoy family outing in Los Angeles

She's the Australian-born model who has embraced motherhood, since welcoming sons Rocket Zot, two, and Racer, 10 months, into the world. And Lara Worthington (née Bingle) was very much a hands-on mother, during a family outing in Los Angeles on Sunday. The 30-year-old and her actor husband Sam Worthington, 41, coordinated with their offspring, all sporting black rock-style T-shirts. 

Three men have been arrested after a homeless woman was sexually assaulted in Melbourne's southwest on Monday night. Pictured is a stock image.

Three British men have pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a drunk Malaysian woman during a stag do in Singapore. They could face up ten years in jail as well as caning.

Lorna Jane Clarkson opens up about her secrets to success

Activewear queen Lorna Jane Clarkson has opened up about her secrets to success as she revealed how she juggles her career and marriage life. The founder of the global fitness empire Lorna Jane launched the Australian women's activewear brand with her husband Bill in 1990. And fast forward 27 years, the multi-million dollar company now sells a pair of workout tights every 30 seconds.

For Londoner Leyla Hutchings (pictured with surrogate mother Rachael Coleman and baby Zeki) doctors had told her she would risk her life by carrying a baby.

Male models say it's time for men to feel body confident

EXCLUSIVE: British 'brawn' models Ben Whit (left), Brett Morse (centre) and Raul Samuel (right), all from London, opened up about the struggles they faced in finding their place in an industry fixated with six packs. From staying in shape to the pressure of social media, they weighed in on a broad range of issues, including why it is still not considered 'manly' to admit a struggle with self-confidence.

Artists capture 1,0001 bare bottoms for body positivity

Montreal-based artists Emilie Mercier and Frédérique Marseille created the '1,001 Fesses' or '1,001 Bums' project with the aim of easing other women's insecurities about their bottoms. For nearly three years, Mercier and Marseille have been collecting images of anonymous women of various ages and shapes as a way to 'address a widespread obsession' of women 'hating [their] backsides'.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs analyzed data into the treatment of chronic pain and PTSD in 47,000 patients from 1992 to 2011. They found no clear evidence the drug was helpful.

Gabriella Engels is set to take legal action against Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe claiming the 52-year-old attacked her with an extension cord and left her with a head wound.

How Diana’s shoes traced the ups and downs of her marriage

Court shoes, cone heels, evening pumps, slip-ons, loafers: the sheer number of shoes Diana wore as Princess of Wales could almost have rivalled Imelda Marcos. And when we look at it today, we can see exactly how Diana’s choices traced all the ups and downs of the story of her life — especially when it came to her romance with Charles. Here we outline those choices.

The house is powered by 100 percent renewable energy via Tesla solar panels and Powerwall. Inside, a deisgn studio will help customers configure solar power purchases for their homes.

Allain Homeshaw, who was born in the UK but now lives in Perth, had arrived in the country from Thailand on August 6. On Monday, he was found dead in a guesthouse.

'This is the happiest I've been'! Karl Stefanovic reduced to tears by incredible transformation of woman with a giant birthmark who refused to leave her home on This Time Next Year

It's the Channel Nine program that sees everyday Australians commit to life-changing experiences over a course of a year. And on Monday night's This Time Next Year episode, host Karl Stefanovic was left speechless after an incredible transformation. Interviewing New South Wales South Coast resident Chloe Towney, Karl was initially seen somber after learning the young woman didn't like the way she looked in the mirror.

'Endless growth is like cancer': Businessman Dick Smith spends $1million on confronting Grim Reaper TV ad warning high immigration will lead to war, famine and poverty in Australia

Australian businessman Dick Smith (pictured) has launched a $1 million 'disturbing' ad campaign (bottom left) blaming economic and population growth for famine, disaster and war. The television advertisement is based on the 1980s Grim Reaper AIDS campaign and features original actor John Stanton. Paired with flashing images of poverty stricken children, war town countries and crowded cities, Mr Stanton's familiar voice warns 'endless growth' will destroy the world. At the Dick Smith Fair Go campaign's launch in Sydney on Tuesday, Mr Smith held a red pitchfork (centre) as an ominous symbol for an 'impending violent revolution.' 'Endless growth is the way of a cancer cells, growing forever until it kills the host that sustains it - that's the path were on today,' the confronting advertisement warns (top right). The millionaire entrepreneur's campaign aims at putting pressure on politicians (top left) to slash the number of immigrants accepted into Australia and to increase taxes for the wealthy.

Philip Arthur Dalton was sentenced to 15 years in jail on Monday for breaking into a rural Western Australian trailer and sexually abusing a three-year-old girl in front of her brother.

Tiger Woods ingested a cocktail of painkillers, anti-anxiety medication, sleeping pills, and marijuana just before he was arrested by Florida authorities in the early morning hours of May 29.

Cinderella quote in Richie's home after Alex Nation split

The Bachelor's Richie Strahan has refused to address rumours that 'ex' Alex Nation has 'dumped him for a woman.' But a cryptic quote hanging in the bathroom of his on-the-market Perth home this week may have raised more questions than it's answered. 'Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life,' The Daily Telegraph said the hand-drawn cardboard sign reads.

New York's Transport Workers Union is claiming that the MTA stores dead bodies cleaned up off of subway tracks in worker break rooms meaning anyone can stumble across them.

Australian personal trainer, and David Beckham's yoga teacher, hits out at trendy exercise workout HIIT, saying it's bad for your body and could make you store more fat.

Sydney beachside home worth $3.7m selling for just $5

Don't give up on that smashed avocado on toast just yet – a spectacular $3.7 million home in Sydney with incredible ocean views could be yours for just $5. The six-bedroom house in North Curl Curl on Sydney’s northern beaches is being offered as a lottery prize - and the lucky winner gets to move straight in.


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Olli Ella on how she grew a multi-million-dollar business

Chloe Brookman (pictured left with her children), 35, from Byron Bay, came up with the idea for an interiors range when she needed a nursing chair for her son and didn't want anything that looked like a nursing chair. She and her sister, Olivia, then launched Olli Ella (designs pictured right) - which within six months was picked up by the iconic British department store, Harrods. These days, the business turns over AUD $4 million annually. Ms Brookman spoke to FEMAIL about how she did it, and also shared her secrets to success.

Researchers from West Virginia University found that after just five minutes of vape exposure, mice's arteries narrow by 30 percent within an hour. Narrow arteries can result in heart attacks or stroke.

Harvard experts say the average American is twice as likely to get knee osteoarthritis. This is because of inactivity, obesity and longer life expectancy in Americans.

Researchers at the University of Michigan and the Leuven School for Mass Communication Research found higher binge-viewing frequency leads to poorer sleep quality and fatigue.

Lonely heart! Woman is left all alone after her public proposal to her boyfriend goes horribly wrong and he walks away

A loved-up girlfriend's public proposal to her partner went horribly wrong after she was left heartbroken sitting in the street alone, in Santiago, Chile. He boyfriend accepts the proposal, but walks away as he becomes visibly embarrassed.

Tributes have been paid to 'beautiful' Murron McDermid (pictured), after she fell from the car park in Gloucester in the early hours of Saturday.

Vloggers Candace Lowry and Michelle Khare test today's latest reproductive health trend: vagina jade eggs. The Gwyneth Paltrow-backed trend uses a jade egg daily, while burning a candle and sage.

Cindy Crawford answers 73 questions for Vogue

The 51-year-old model welcomed interviewer Joe Sabia into her California home (top left and top right) to record the latest installment of Vogue's 73 Questions series, released on Monday. At one point, Cindy led Sabia into her office, which is adorned with several memorable shots taken throughout her supermodel career. In one especially arresting shot captured by Annie Leibovitz, Cindy poses naked with a snake as Eve in the Garden Of Eden (inset). The mother of two also got a little help from her 15-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber during the interview (bottom left). Kaia, who is a model herself, stepped into the kitchen, seemingly to grab a snack, but ended up answering several questions on behalf of her mother. Cindy's 18-year-old son, Presley Walker Gerber, joined via video call (bottom right).

A thick haze is hanging over Sydney for a second day (pictured), with those with respiratory conditions being warned to remain safe.

Farmer Gao Baiqi (pictured with the piglet), who lives in Shandong Province, said he had 'never ever seen anything like it' and was shocked by the 'mutant' which appeared to have a parasitic twin.

Stefanie Strathdee (left) feared the worst when husband Tom Patterson (right) was comatose. But his apparently miraculous recovery was a result of a natural phenomenon that could also treat acne.

Getty Images reveals most expensive dresses of all time

Getty images has revealed the most expensive celebrity dresses in the world, based on the cost of the actual garment or the value its accrued over time. Left to right: The Duchess of Cambridge's McQueen wedding gown; the Victor Edelstein dress Princess Diana wore to dance with John Travolta; Marilyn Monroe's famous Seven Year Itch frock; Nicole Kidman's 1997 Oscars ensemble; and Lupita Nyong'o at the 2015 Oscars in a dress made from 6,000 pearls. Inset: Audrey Hepburns Givenchy dress from Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (pictured) and several family members, friends and guards were spotted riding bicycles in the Aegean resort of Bodrum today.

Last weeks raids on a worldwide drug syndicate are just the first step in stopping the influence major international criminals such as 'El Chapo' (pictured) are having in Australia.

The August 21 solar eclipse will be seen first in Oregon and cut diagonally across 14 states to South Carolina. It could cause animals to react strangely, so researchers plan to conduct studies on the day.

Moment paranoid boyfriend who asks a TV show to test if his girlfriend will swap numbers with a mystery man learns exactly why ignorance is bliss

The boyfriend watched his girlfriend flirt with another man in Mexico City.He is visibly shocked and panicked as his sees his girlfriend Anna claim to be single and agree to meet with the man later on the day. The scenes were set up byYouTube channel To Catch a Cheater.

Veteran taxi driver Mehari Bokrezion, 59, parked his yellow cab in Soho on Tuesday afternoon to take a nap, but suffered a heart attack in his sleep and passed away without anyone noticing.

The latest kitchen must-have is a handheld blender for whipping up smoothies. But using one could leave you with a nasty injury, as one woman (whose x-ray is pictured) soon discovered.

Family barred from airport lounge for Minnie Mouse tops

The Aspire Lounge at Manchester Airport rigorously enforces a 'no tour shirts' policy as part of its strict dress code. But Emma Raikes and her two-year-old niece became victims of the rules when they were stopped from entering after staff spotted their names on the Disney character T-shirts. Swissport, who run the lounge, have apologised and said staff would be 're-educated' on dress code rules.

Rich Piana, a former Mr California, is fighting for his life - but his girlfriend has slammed reports that he has died. The 46-year-old, who lives in Florida, was unresponsive when paramedics were called.

This May 3, 2017, photo shows the logo on a Target store in Upper Saint Clair, Pa. Target says it is buying delivery logistics company Grand Junction to help it offer same-day delivery service to its in-store shoppers. Grand Junction's software connects retailers with about 700 delivery companies around the country that pick up items from distribution centers and take them to customers. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Target is buying delivery logistics company Grand Junction to help with same-day deliveries for in-store customers. The tech company connects retailers with delivery companies for customers.

The Colorado-based footwear maker lost the design patent to its distinctive plastic clogs on Friday, following over a decade of legal acrimony with rival shoe company USA Dawgs.

Yanet García shares revealing snaps from Colombian holiday

Yanet García, 26, inset. from Monterrey, Nuevo León, in Mexico, has become an internet celebrity because of her good looks and curvy figure, which has been likened to Kim Kardashian. And the social media sensation, who has five million Instagram followers, has captivated her army of online followers by sharing some saucy snaps from her holiday, left and right.

Low libido bringing you down? A study found that 26 to 43 percent of women experience this. Reasons for this include not having enough testosterone or having bad self esteem.

Fitness trainer Jessi Kneeland, 30, had a brilliant response to an Instagram troll who said she was 'unhealthy' after she shared a picture of her cellulite to promote confidence in women,

North, South Korea ready wartime infrastructure along DMZ

The prospect of full-scale war between North and South Korea for now appears to be distant, but both sides have long made preparations across the tense demilitarized zone (a map of which is seen center inset), a report found on Monday. One of the most highly volatile armistice lines in the world is lined on both sides by an infrastructure of 'tank traps' (top left and right), underground tunnels (bottom right), and ghost towns erected for propaganda purposes. The bottom left photo shows the Joint Security Area in the 'truce village' of Panmunjon.

Deadpool female stunt person killed on set in Vancouver

Joi 'SJ' Harris reportedly lost control of the Ducati she was riding on the fifth take of a driving sequence for the film shortly before 8am on Monday, causing her to ram the bike into the glass-enclosed lobby of the Shaw Tower in Vancouver. The Brooklyn native was the first African-American woman to be licensed in the sport of professional road racing. Ryan Reynolds paid tribute to Harris, writing that he was 'heartbroken, shocked, and devastated'.

Murderer Shaun Walmsley lost four stone so doctors would think he was ill and send him to hospital in Liverpool, where armed thugs forced prison guards to free him.

Ankan Dey, 14, from the town of Anandpur, West Bengal State, India, was found suffocated by a plastic bag in his bathroom after playing the online Blue Whale game.

Missouri couple married 77 years buried in a single casket

Velva Breuer passed away 30 hours after husband Raymond died on August 4. Raymond had told a nurse before he died that if the couple went close together, they should be buried in the same casket. His family heard and made the idea a reality, burying them together in Missouri. The couple met in primary school, wed in 1940, and raised six children together.

Four people have been arrested on suspicion of planning several attacks in Moscow, Russia, allegedly masterminded by two Russian-born Islamic State fighters.

The viral animal known as the 'lonely beaver' has finally found a mate. The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation rescued the male beaver in June 2017, and the pair quickly became fast friends.

Horrifying footage shows the moment a driver is sideswiped causing the car to dive under a semi-truck. It was then dragged for a quarter mile in California.

Inside Chris Hemsworth's $3000 per night Orpheus Island

He recently celebrated his 34th birthday in style, while embarking on a luxury getaway at Queensland’s Orpheus Island Lodge with wife Elsa Pataky, 41. And Tourism Australia ambassador Chris Hemsworth shared envy-inducing snaps of their romantic trip to social media this week. The smitten couple showed off their ripped physiques while posing for snaps at the Great Barrier Reef resort, where rooms can cost upwards of $3,000 per night.


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Lioness gives birth after being saved from Syrian zoo

Lioness Dana (pictured with her healthy new cub Hajar) was one of 13 animals rescued from the 'Magic World' Aleppo zoo by the Austria-based Four Paws charity. She gave birth hours after arriving. Other animals saved by the charity include two tigers, two hyenas, two dogs and two Asian black bears. Dana is also pregnant with another cub - but vets said the chances it will be born alive are 'little',

The team behind the Russian 'artificial star' satellite, dubbed Mayak, has revealed its solar reflector failed to unfold in orbit. They say any sightings were likely mistaken observations.

Claire Tucker, 36, remains in a critical condition in hospital after apparently falling around 2m into a concrete drain on Saturday evening.

A Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket launches from pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. The mission of the spacecraft is a cargo and supply delivery to the International Space Station. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

As has become customary on these cargo flights, SpaceX landed its leftover booster back at Cape Canaveral shortly after liftoff, a key to its long-term effort to recycle rockets and reduce costs.

'The teachers are shady; the kids are insane!' Sassy two-year-old goes on hilariously scathing rant about her first day at preschool - while bashing mum for not sending her to 'law school'

Mila just started preschool and she's already over it. The adorable two-year-old is making waves on the internet for her hilarious and dramatic tirade about her first days at preschool. She dishes all about her 'insane' classmates and 'shady' teachers and how she's over her mom for not sending her to law school.



'Is that a UFO?' Beachgoers are puzzled by a mysterious object hovering above them which 'changed its shape before disappearing'

Bizarre footage shows a black ring object floating in mid air above a beach in northeastern China. The UFO-like object flew slowly across the beach on August 12. However, web users from the local area suggested that it could be a smoke ring caused by a performance at a nearby playground.

Eric Martinez, 40, decided to surprise his now fiancee twice over. First, with a proposal and then with a The Little Mermaid inspired underwater photo shoot.

The Falcon 9 rocket liftoff is planned for 12:31pm ET (5:31pm BST) from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The goal is to test the computer for one year to see if it can operate in the harsh conditions of space

Taken by photographer Paul Talling for his Derelict London series, pictures show what remains of two London pubs, as well as shots of the abandoned Holloway Women's Prison.

Pocket-sized pets! Tiny chameleons reach out to touch each other while they cling to their owner's fingertips

Video footage has emerged five cute chameleons reaching out to touch each other in captivating scenes. The one-month-old tiny animals cling onto their owners fingertips as they move up and down.