Directorate of Technical Education, Assam (DTE) recommends all the Colleges to submit one year planning of Spoken Tutorial Software courses for the academic year 2016-2017. DTE Partnership with Spoken Tutorial (See Link)

About Spoken Tutorial

IIT Bombay, Spoken Tutorial (ST) program has partnered to work with Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Assam. towards empowering all students pursuing Higher Education – UG and above by providing a range of IT Skills training from General IT/ Computer Skills to Programming software to lucrative job oriented software training. With Certificates completely FREE of COST ! The courses are useful for the students of Engineering/ Humanities / Management and Sciences etc. Some Colleges have started, still all Colleges must take the steps to introduce this program in July/Aug 2016 itself. So that no one left out.

Next Steps To Be Done by College :The Principal to Identify 1 Faculty Coordinator to start the training in the Dept. Nominated Faculty Coordinator (FC) to complete the following activities before 20th August 2016.

·         Fill the “Monitoring and Tracking form” available on the website.

·         Complete the Registration. Click here for: Faculty Coordinator Registration

·         Download Course Material from our Website : Course Download Link

·         FCs to upload the Master Batches. Click here for: Master Batch Upload link

·         FC to fill the Semester Training Planner forms. Click here for Semester Training Planner (STP) link

IMPORTANT : It is necessary that all the Colleges should introduce the training so that the students can benefit by getting jobs, learning advanced IT skills and improving exam performance. College performance will be monitored by the DTE office, Chief Coordinator thoroughly. Colleges have been provided sufficient time to plan the activity.

Support from IIT Bombay team

1.       Help to select courses and complete filling the planner.

2.       Guidance from start and continuing for each and every college coordinator on Registration, getting the course materials, tests and certificates.

Contact for guidance – Mr. Partha Goswami;; 08486085798

                                         Mrs. Akanksha Saini ; ; 09757052310

                               (Spoken Tutorial - IIT Bombay, Coordinators for Assam State)

Training-cum-Placement Officer
Directorate of Technical Education, Assam
Kahilipara, Guwahati - 19


 Memo No. TE(D)1/2016/3904-17 dt. 19/7/16

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