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World's smallest hotels revealed

There's an intimate hotel - and then there's a hotel with only one room. Welcome to the world's least roomiest lodgings, where guests have a choice of a handful of rooms, or just one. The Eh' Hausl Hotel (main) and the Central Hotel & Cafe (bottom left and top left) are only fit for two people with their tight quarters. The Grand Hotel De Kromme Raake (bottom right) was transformed from a grocery store to a hotel and has just one bedroom, but the bed is king-sized. The isolated Hotel Punta Grande in the Canary Islands (top right) is positively gigantic in this company - it has four bedrooms.

Relax and recharge at luxury boutique hotel Thyme

Set on a 150-acre country manor estate in the picturesque village of Southrop - the location for Kate Moss' 2011 wedding to rocker Jamie Hince, no less - Thyme has a magical feel from the very first moment you pull up to its driveway. This 17th century luxury boutique hotel is comprised of a beautiful farmhouse - featuring elegantly designed bespoke bedrooms - a series of picture perfect cottages, a renowned cookery school, a delightful cocktail bar and an award-winning, traditional country pub mere metres down the road. After a 12-year restoration project overseen by owner Caryn Hibbert, it's clear from the moment you set foot in the door that no detail is too small, writes Louise Saunders.

With great precision, the brave divers worked their way around the massive net in Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia, slowly loosening the whale sharks free.

Thick black smoke could be seen billowing from an aircraft hangar at London Southend Airport in the Essex seaside town, with six fire engines called out at about 10.40am today.

Inside one of the world's most remote towns, Francois

With no cars, no hospital and no bars or restaurants, Francois in Newfoundland and Labrador has to be one of the world's most remote communities. The tiny town, tucked away in a bay on the most easterly point of Canada, is only accessible by boat and the locals scoot around on quad bikes to save their legs on the steep valley paths. During a recent trip to the settlement, MailOnline Travel learned that all of the 75 inhabitants know each other, darts is a popular form of entertainment and residents are free to build a property wherever they fancy. Pictured: (From top left, clockwise) Sailing into Francois, a view from the bay, a quiet playground and locals on a quad bike.

Nature can sometimes transform normal fruit and vegetables into very weird shapes. One was lucky enough to find two bananas in one, while another found a thumbs up-shaped strawberry.

Darci Miller was visiting Indianapolis zoo after traveling to the city's burn center when she met Rocky the orangutan, who was fascinated with the fresh bandages on her neck.

Peninsula Paris: Is this France's most perfect hotel?

The rooms, the chandeliers, the service, the croissants. Everything about the Peninsula Paris is incredibly impressive. To stay here is to be cocooned in a space akin to the Versailles Palace - but in the heart of the capital. Ted Thornhill is wowed and you will be, too.

The sign was labelled by an LGBT campaign group in Italy as ‘shocking’. It appeared in a hotel in Cavallino, near the southern Italian city of Lecce.

Researchers from the Joint Research Centre – the European Commission's science and knowledge service – have looked at the effect of rising temperatures on heatwaves.

Review of Dar Ahlam and La Sultana in Morocco

Dar Ahlam translates from Arabic to House of Dreams in English - and prides itself on the theatrical. There is neither a restaurant nor menus but instead guests are served alone in different areas around the hotel - no meal is in the same place twice (top right and inset). And there's the optional treat of staying in their luxury desert camp (bottom right). La Sultana in Marrakech is also magical thanks to its Intricate wooden carvings, decorative archways, alcoves with plump silky cushions… just wandering around the hotel is a voyage of discovery (bottom and top left), writes Harriet Mallinson.

Amazing behind-the-scenes time-lapse video shows a Rolls-Royce engine being replaced on a Virgin Atlantic A340 - a job so complicated it takes 24 hours

The feat takes place in a 65,000sq-ft hangar at London’s Heathrow Airport, which is home to hundreds of engineers. They carry out skilled maintenance work, checks and repairs on aircraft – including the highly specialised task of changing an engine. The sneak peek shows the A340, one of the biggest aircraft in the world, rolling into the hangar, then a team of six engineers getting to work and replacing its Rolls-Royce Trent 5000 engine.

It has been filled with 1,143 cubic metres of air and can accommodate 100 people. The castle is open until Saturday August 26 and is bound to be a top attraction at this English seaside resort.

The Daily Mail's Michael Hodges took his daughter, 7, to the Netherlands, to the quaint and historic university city of Groningen, which boasts medieval turrets and museums galore.

Norwegian couple convert van into home to surf Europe

Birk Haaland, 27, and Sara Teigen, 26 - from Stavanger and Aros in Norway - are surfing their way around Europe in their house on wheels, finding 'adventure on their doorstep'. 'After Birk got sick three years ago from a parasite, our perspective of how to live now changed,' said Sara. 'This meant everything from food, mindfulness, travel, yoga, friends and family, living more sustainable and so on. Birk saw the amazing movement that started with tiny houses and van building - and after a while we got so stoked. Now we are currently saving money to travel through Europe in the van. Birk is going to hold seminars on how to build your very own van build and Sara is working in psychiatry.'

The Scottish island has become so popular with tourists the creaking rural road network is jammed and hotels and campsites are turning visitors away after its popularity soared this year as a destination.

This Morning presenter Alice Beer took her family sailing along France's scenic River Lot - and navigating their boat through 32 sets of tricky gates was challenging to say the least.

The carnivorous sea snail was filmed sneaking up on its unsuspecting prey in the sand on the Pacific coast of Central America. The slow moving sea creatures scour the wet sand for food.

Sarah Parish needed some recovery after attending both a Guns N’ Roses and a Stone Roses gig, so she wound down at the luxurious D-Resort and spa in Gocek, Turkey.

BBC Radio presenter Kirsty Lang stayed at the Original FX Mayr Health Centre, on Lake Worthersee in Austria, where the program was rigorous but the results worth it, she says.

The Mail on Sunday's Simon Heptinstall suggests some gentler cruising options. Baltic and Scandinavian tours, for example, tend to lean more towards sights and history.

The Mail on Sunday's Gareth Huw Davies headed to Abu Dhabi, one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, where he was certainly in for a ride.

Inside a secret abandoned Soviet holiday resort in Georgia

Tucked away in the Caucasus mountain range in the region of Racha, western Georgia, the holiday resort has been left neglected for decades. With its picturesque scenery it's easy to understand why this little known secret has been described by many as the 'Georgian Switzerland' and was a holiday getaway for many people in the Soviet Union at its height. Photographer Ioanna Sakellaraki, 27, documented the forgotten holiday resort.

The Mail on Sunday's David Whitley explored St Lucia, a town in South Africa and home to a 'hippo pathway' of free-roaming bests, which kill more humans in Africa than any other mammal.

The Daily Mail's Inspector called in at the Bristol Harbour Hotel, a Grade II*-listed Bristol building built in 1856 which used to be a Lloyds bank, and gave it a three out of five star rating.

Swimming with humpback whales at Australia's Ningaloo Reef

MailOnline Travel's Lisa Young stayed at the lesser known - but still incredible - Ningaloo Reef, where you can reach corals from the beach in minutes by kayak. And nearby lurk majestic humpbacks. Her accommodation was the simply stunning eco-luxe wilderness camp Sal Salis, said by Lonely Planet to be one of the best places on the planet to stay. Here Lisa recounts a trip that was exotic in every way, from the wildlife to the breakfasts.

The elegant vessel, built in 1930, has been lovingly restored after she was purchased for just over £20,000 by west London engineer and wooden boat enthusiast Wint Taylor.

Saudi Arabia Airlines - the country's national carrier - has triggered outrage for issuing a strict dress code that requires women not to expose their arms or legs and men not wear shorts.

Photography tips and tricks by Phillip Haumesser

Missouri-based photographer Phillip Haumesser has released a before (top) and after (bottom) gallery of family snaps to illustrate how even drab locations can be dressed up with a change in perspective. He suggests shooting from below rather than above, and getting a cheap lens with a wide aperture.

Campaign group Arran, which is making the demands, has been involved in slashing tourist bikes in Barcelona and putting super-glue in the locks of holiday companies.

This photo taken on Sunday, April 3, 2011 and released by Panthera shows an adult male lion during a joint Panthera/DPN (Direction des Parcs Nationaux) lion survey in Niokolo-Koba National Park in south eastern Senegal. Senegal's Niokolo-Koba National Park is home to fewer than 50 lions after years of poaching decimated not only them but also their prey. Conservationists are launching a new fund they hope will save lions from going extinct, particularly in West Africa. Only about 400 lions remain in the region out of the total 20,000 worldwide. The Lion Recovery Fund is getting startup contributions from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. (Philipp Henschel/Panthera via AP)

Senegal's Niokolo-Koba National Park is home to fewer than 50 lions after years of poaching decimated them and their prey. Conservationists, however, believe the park could one day rebound.

Oldest photos of cities reveal how much they've changed

The advent of photography in the 19th century meant people were finally able to record their surroundings, and this collection includes some of the very first snaps of cities including Sydney, New York and London (pictured); as well as others including Tokyo, Rome, Berlin, Toronto and Copenhagen, compared with what they look like today.

The El Prat airport has been hit by a partial work stoppage at baggage control since Friday last week, as guards complain about their workload, staffing levels and salaries.

Chub Nokkaew, a 48-year-old photographer based in Bangkok, said he regretted never having taken his mother, Nang Lom, 85, on holiday with him, and wanted to include her somehow.

Travellers with easyJet are most likely to suffer long delays, according to a new study. And Gatwick, which specialises in charter flights, is the worst of the UK’s airports for hold-ups, it said.

Is this Britain’s quaintest holiday rental?

The Grade II listed barn conversion in the heart of the Malvern Hills – called Wishbone - is now available to rent from £745 for a long weekend. The self-catering property has been lovingly restored to retain original timbers, stone walls and vaulted truss ceilings. The owners said they were inspired to make ‘this humble countryside building’ an ‘interesting and beautiful place to stay’.

The shower happens every August as the Earth passes through debris from the Comet Swift Tuttle. The display will be clearest on Friday and Saturday night from the Northern Hemisphere.

As there was only one doctor on the tiny African island of Boa Vista, floorer Shane Carter was stuck in an ill-equipped hospital coughing up blood for three days.

It's hard to believe that these epic routes — spanning a distance of approximately 4,000km — are all yet to be discovered by tourists (hello open roads).

Around the world in 80 spins: Dizzyingly incredible video shows traveller whirling on the spot in 41 countries spanning six continents

Meet Chanel Cartell, 32, and Stevo Dirnberger, 31, two ex-advertising industry creatives from Johannesburg who quit their jobs in 2015 to go on a trip around the world – and produced an amazing video of their travels called Around The World In 80 Spins. Paris, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Sydney… all the big hitters are featured in the dizzying mash-up.

The Daily Mail's Andrew Harris toured the Spanish port city of Malaga, where cultural attractions include the Pompidou Centre, the Carmen Thyssen Museum and the Picasso Museum.

In Morocco, a public loo is known locally as an 'alhamam', it costs 2DH (£0.16) to use, they are commonly 'squat' facilities rather than sit-down ones, and you're required to bring your own loo roll.

Often overlooked by visitors to northern Italy, who are drawn to Bologna and Milan instead, little Ferrara is a jewel of a small city, alive with food, history and culture, says Lucy Hughes-Hallett.

Aerial photographs reveal the beauty of Singapore

It's a city known, in part, for its stunning architecture. But while most people view Singapore from the ground upwards, one photographer has offered a refreshing alternative - thanks to his collection of stunning aerial shots. Taken by local resident Willy Chandra, his exhibition shows residential hubs such as Sentosa Island in all its glory, plus some of the country's biggest skyscrapers, including Suntec City and Lion City.

The Mail on Sunday's Jeremy Head spent a night in Sweden's Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, 150 miles above the Arctic circle, where as of this year its frozen rooms are open during summer too.

The Mail on Sunday's Giles Milton toured the archaeological site of Jamestown in the state of Virginia, the setting for a new TV drama which tells the story of the women who first arrived in 1619.

Jet Sounds, by UK carrier Easyjet, aims to help people sleep better and was inspired by research that confirms that white noise has sleep-inducing effects. It will be a charity single.

Jordan is a fabulous country - a nugget of calm at the heart of the Middle East. And it was once home to the abstract painter Fahrelnissa Zeid. Michael Hodges traces her in Petra and Amman.

Air India's Anny Divya is youngest female Boeing 777 pilot

Air India pilot Anny Divya (pictured), 30, is the youngest female commander of a Boeing 777 (top left) - the world’s largest twin jet - but before she left her humble home in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, to train, she couldn't speak English and she'd never even boarded a plane. The glamorous pilot has now made enough money to buy her parents a home and financed her siblings' studies abroad.

Inspired by The Open? Head to Northern Ireland for a golf holiday, where a host of top golf-courses have coastal views to match. The Daily Mail's Chris Cutmore tees off at Portrush and Portstewart.

It is the sort of holiday which might strike fear into some people, and inspire joy in others. Jane Slade heads to Salzburg on a singing holiday, and prepares to perform in one of the city's iconic venues.

Long lost WW2 plane is discovered on Pacific island

Holidaymakers can expect to witness numerous unexpected wonders when they explore the wider world. But tourists visiting the Micronesian archipelago of Palau discovered an unusually rare sight, recently - after stumbling across a doomed WW2 plane. The long lost aeroplane was found in a shallow river on the archipelago of Palau, which boasts 500 picturesque islands.

The guidance was issued as the Highland Games, a local festival of traditional sports and cultural events, took place in the town of Portree on Wednesday, marking the peak of the tourist season.

Photographer Tim Driman took the series of shots at Jeffrey's Bay, but did not spot the predator until he was uploading pictures.

President Donald Trump's childhood home in Queens, New York, is a five-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom property in Jamaica Estates that is advertised as fitting 20 people.

Luca Curci Architects' futuristic city concept in UAE

These images represent a planning concept designed by architects for a futuristic metropolis in the United Arab Emirates (bottom right); comprising of five buildings on land (top right), and five crescent-shaped 'moons' on the sea (left). Luca Curci Architects, based in Italy, says its aim is to create 'a common place where people can live, meet, learn, work, socialise and create new mixing cultures'. All aspects of the beehive-shaped land-based structures are connected through various streets and parks at different levels, while further 'moon' buildings rise out of the adjacent ocean. Designed to host more than 150,000 inhabitants covering an area of 372 square miles, the layout would provide residencies, hotels, offices, shops and wellness centres - the tallest building looming 1,500-ft high.

It is but a short ferry ride from Portsmouth - and yet the Isle of Wight can feel like another world entirely. Mark Palmer returns to childhood by strolling on the beach at Seaview and Priory Bay.

Robert Gore-Langton is blown away by Puy du Fou, the theme park that's second only to Disneyland for crowd numbers in France. Its spectacular shows feature live animals and casts of thousands.

The world's largest ships, from CSCL Globe to Blue Marlin

Humans have been crossing the oceans in sea vessels since 3000 BC. And my, how they've grown. These ships make the Titanic look like a toy. Pictured is the Blue Marlin (inset left), which can carry 75,000 tonnes-worth of other ships (and oil rigs), the Hoegh Target, the world's largest car transporter (inset right) and The Harmony of the Seas, the world's largest cruise ship (main).

The rarely-seen invertebrate is closely related to the Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish, was spotted more than 8,000 feet deep during a recent dive from the NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer .

The apartment, in one of the UK's most iconic train stations, has an en suite bathroom and views of St Paul's Cathedral to boot. The property can be booked for £110 per night.

Mount Elbrus climbed by Sadie Whitlocks

MailOnline Travel's Sadie Whitelocks embarked on an 11-day expedition to Europe's highest mountain in south Russia with Cumbria-based company Adventure Peaks. The trip saw her join eight men and one girl in the snowy foothills. Mount Elbrus is the tenth most prominent peak in the world and it has two summits, with the western point being the biggest at 5,642m. It claims around 15 to 30 lives a year on average. Getting to the top involved a 15-hour round trip up some very steep slopes but Sadie said the views were well worth the long slog. Pictured: (From top left, clockwise to centre) Accommodation at Mount Elbrus, the Caucasus mountain range at sunset, the same landscape by day, the mountain's twin peaks and Sadie at the summit.

Estonia has introduced two driverless buses in the capital Tallinn capable of maximum speeds of around 30 to 40 mph (50 to 60 kmph) in a trial scheduled to finish at the end of this month.

US woman left with huge forehead after passport photo fail

They are hardly known for being flattering. But one woman's passport photo went beyond unkind, this week - when it warped during processing, leaving her resembling a sci-fi character. Chelsey Ramos, 27, from Austin, Texas, was left with the unappealing image following a glitch during printing by US officials. 

Flooding in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire included scenes of 3ft (1m) deep standing water - and residents fled a block of flats in Ashford, Kent, after it was set on fire after being struck by lightning.

Researchers at Louisiana State University used the technique to uncover exactly where more than 100 of the birds swim, even though only half that number were fitted with tracking devices.

The world's most public toilet in Russia with great views

Perching very precariously 3,700m high on the side of a mountain in south Russia is what's deemed to be the world's worst public toilet by locals. Indeed, after visiting the rickety WC, MailOnline Travel can confirm that the facility presents more of a hazard than the mountainous area itself. While it is located in the popular ski resort of Mount Elbrus it appears little investment has gone into sprucing up the washroom and it remains a basic pit-style loo with no flush or basin.

Fly to Zurich, then catch a train onwards, all with a small child in tow? That doesn't sound much of a holiday. Au contraire, says Alice von Simson, as she takes toddler Violet into the high country.

It is one of the world's great destinations for a glass of something special - and, thanks to a new high-speed rail link from Paris, Bordeaux is more accessible than ever. Tom Moon raises a glass.

Hilarious pictures of drunk camping fails

Camping is perilous enough without large quantities of alcohol being involved. A warning that these campers, from around the world, appear not to have heeded. One shows a camper lying down asleep on a collapsed tent, with a bottle of something by his side. Another reveals a young man who appears to have been taped to a tree trunk. Here MailOnline Travel takes a trip to the crate outdoors.

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner embarked on a 4,000-mile winding route which took 17 hours to complete, kicking off from its Seattle headquarters in Washington.

Sunnynook is a four-bedroom 1950s modernised abode in the village of Bigbury-on-Sea, overlooking Burgh Island, where Agatha Christie set some of her most popular novels.

A poll by UBS found 53 per cent of UK consumers said they are unlikely to travel on such an aircraft. In the U.S, passengers could benefit by air fares being cut by as much as 11 per cent, UBS said.

Bulgarian road signs get a witty makeover

They are the stern street markings which regulate Bulgaria's roads. But, although they aren't supposed to be entertaining, the signs have been given a witty make-over by a cheeky street artist. The unknown creative, who goes by the name of idavidci on Tumblr, has enhanced the roadside icons with his own creative touch. 

Archaeologists say they have uncovered the lost city of Julias, believed to have been built on the ruins of Bethsaida, the birthplace of St Peter, at a dig site near the Sea of Galilee.

The test flight saw VSS Unity sent up from California's Mojave Air and Space Port attached to a twin-fuselage White Knight carrier airplane which released the craft at 50,000ft.

How many of the world's geographical markers are wrong

They've long been considered accurate land markers which map-out the world's most seminal sites. But, despite their claims of precision, it seems that many of the globe's most lauded locations are actually way off-the-mark. Ecuador's 'Middle of the World', the Geographical Center of North America, the Centre of Europe in Lithuania and the Real Greenwich Prime Meridian are among the markers that are thought to be misplaced.

The innovative concept, which can fold up for transport, was commissioned by the Ordos City government in Inner Mongolia to cross the Wulan Mulun River in the Kangbashi district.

About 16 million visitors and migrants fill in landing cards when they arrive at ports and airports across the UK. But the cards are due to be scrapped later this year to save millions of pounds.

The most jaw-dropping storm photographs ever

Weather - when it's calm and bright it can make your day, but when it's angry, it's a terrifying sight to behold, as these incredible photographs show. They reveal the full drama of storm systems lashing the planet. From supercells to tornadoes, they're events capable of wreaking havoc all around them. Some of the pictures were taken by dedicated 'storm chasers', brave photographers willing to put themselves in the path of danger for a mesmerising shot. Their pictures also aid the scientific community in its understanding of how storms develop. Here MailOnline Travel presents some of the most jaw-dropping storm images around. See 300mph twisters in Texas, dramatically darkening skies in South Dakota and mayhem in the skies above Melbourne - and more besides. Pictured clockwise from top left: Australian snapper James Smart captures a huge storm above a small house, a huge wave in Cornwall, a powerful tornado and a supercell in Texas.

Labour councillor Mary Clarkson claims the 'city of dreaming spires' is regularly plunged into gridlock by pesky globetrotters.

Iceland has the most expensive Airbnb abodes, with an average nightly rate of £112, but on-the-rise hot spots including Croatia, with rates of only £43 a night, are still budget-friendly.

Astronaut-inspired bag for pets by U-Pet blasts off

Animal lovers rarely get to enjoy holidays with their pets. But an ingenious new invention may have changed all that - after taking inspiration from the space programme, the Bubble Pet Carrier, by U-Pet, has become an essential travel accessory for animal lovers who can't stand to be separated from their pets.

Claire Long, of Orrell, Lancashire, has been handed an £85 fine for having an incorrect train ticket despite the one she paid for costing the exact same amount as the one she needed.

Victor Island in the Whitsundays is currently for sale at $3.5 million, complete with a recently-renovated four-bedroom house sitting a stone's throw from the private beach.

How you could fly on a Gulfstream G5 for free

Businessman Sam Huang reveals how he flew in a G5 from South Beach, Miami, to Chicago, on a $50million G5 for the grand total of $0 – instead of $2,863 - using an air miles perk. On his blog he describes stepping on board a plane that was ‘covered in bling’. It even had gold-plated seatbelt buckles and air vents. He wrote: ‘Upon entering the cabin, my mouth dropped as I saw the gorgeous cabin for the first time, with its beautiful leather stitching, wooden panels, and plenty of gold trimmings.'

Sook Station in Bangkok is themed around a prison

Bangkok's Sook Station opened earlier this summer and offers adventurous guests a night in a cell behind bars for £30 per night. The eight-square-foot rooms (left and bottom right), have bunks and are designed like real prison cells, and guests are provided with striped pyjamas and an inmate number instead of a room key. Bathroom facilitates (top right) are shared.

The Mail on Sunday's Max Wooldridge hadn't stayed in a hostel since his teens. Nevertheless, he booked into Oban’s Youth Hostel by the sea in Scotland and spent a weekend learning how to kayak.

The Mail on Sunday's Helen Atkinson Wood enjoyed an escape to the Greek island of Corfu, where she stayed at the Rou Estate, a hilltop oasis perched above Kassiopi.

CHRISTA D’SOUZA reviews the Soneva Jani eco-resort

Christa D'Souza (top right) enjoyed a blissful Maldives escape at the Soneva Jani,a new luxury eco-resort on Medhufaru in Noonu Atoll (pictured). It has only 25 villas on 150 acres of land, with former visitors including Will Smith and Kate Winslet; and guests can dine on tables in shallow waters (bottom right) and watch movies on a giant outdoor screen (bottom left).

People whose expressions were simply priceless

Jalen Brooks (top centre), a 17-year-old student from Riverside, Illinois, was photographed in utter shock upon being treated to a visit from a snake during an educational presentation - and his priceless expression swiftly went viral. Other comical situations include (top left) a pigeon attack; (top right) a father with his equally bemused newborn; (bottom right) a deeply unimpressed boy whose mother mixed up 'pyjama day' with 'school photo day'; (bottom centre) a woman who just couldn't conceal her lust; and (bottom left) someone who's just realised she's standing under a wasp's nest.


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