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Female bodyguard and mom-of-one on how to keep fit

Security operative Polly Wilton (pictured, left) has protected the likes of Sir Richard Dannatt, when he was head the British Army. The 35-year-old mother-of-one trained with the military before bodyguarding. Now, as Hitman's Bodyguard (inset) debuts in cinemas, she explains how security operatives stay in top shape - while living a normal life. She says she loves yoga, skipping and running - and indulges in chocolate.

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The 5:2 diet is the best known of the fasts and was made famous by Dr Michael Mosley. An increase in fat loss was demonstrated in a 2011 Manchester University study.

Experts say the test made by Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles is one of the biggest breakthroughs in Alzheimer's research to date, offering the first sign of a cost-effective and non-invasive test.

Standing on the scales produced 'unexpected' effects of encouraging people to cut back on junk food, scientists at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania said.

New Jersey family says 'marijuana killed' their son

Michael Ziobro, 22, died in his New Jersey home from a heart arrhythmia. His parents believe that marijuana is what caused the heart arrhythmia. They want people to be aware of the risks of smoking. A recent study by Georgia State University researchers revealed that marijuana use can lead to an increased risk on syndromes such as heart disease, stroke or diabetes. Pictured: Michael's mother Kristina (left), Michael (center), Michael's father Victor (right) and a grandmother.

The Florida Department of Health switched thousands of children out of healthcare plans to something that their doctors don't accept, putting their lives and well-being at risk.

Researchers from Stockholm University found that all of a study's participants stopped putting things off after having online or face-to-face group cognitive behavioural therapy sessions.

10 women a day seeking help from lawyers over vaginal mesh

EXCLUSIVE: Following cries for the scandal-hit procedure to be halted, backed by MailOnline, floods of affected women who have had their lives destroyed by vaginal mesh implants (inset) have sought help from Wedlake Bell. The leading London-based legal firm have been inundated with desperate requests from outraged women seeking answers and action since it launched an email inbox dedicated to dealing with those afflicted. The alarming figures follow our revelations that the NHS has chosen to ignore damning studies that showed the vaginal mesh complication rates to be significantly higher than officials are willing to admit. Thousands of British women have been affected, including Julie Gilsenan (main), 41, a mother-of-five, who went from running 5km the day before her mesh surgery - to now regularly wetting herself.

It showed those happy to work in lower-paid jobs spend less time revising for their upcoming exams - because they don't need A grades - and more time to spend with their friends, which can lead to the pub.

Researchers from the universities of Exeter and Queensland found disapproving of so-called 'bolting' makes people more inclined to gulp their drink in one go and warning them has no effect.

Researchers from the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz found parabens are significantly associated with an increased number of abnormally sized and shaped sperm.

Kyran Quinlan, associate professor of pediatrics at Rush University, said: 'Neck floats for babies scare me to death, and I hope they scare parents. These are potential death traps.'

Black cancer patient slowly turning white because of drug

Paula Edwards (pictured before treatment left), 54, from Loughborough, was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer in 2012 and was initially given 12 months to live. But more than five years later, the mother-of-two is still defying the odds and holding down her job as a community care officer. After undergoing her fourth surgery last year, she began taking Votrient (inset) tablets, which have side effects such as blisters on the tongue and hands. But the drug has also caused her skin to lighten dramatically (right) - leading her baffled consultants to contact experts in the US. Ms Edwards said doctors have told her there is a chance that her skin tone could continue to get lighter to the point where she appears Caucasian. She is now 'praying' she doesn't become fully-white and revealed that her daughter now tells her 'you don't look like my mummy'.

Georgina Russell, 31, from Preston, is desperate to help her brother Ashley - who has a brain tumour. She is set to harvest stem cells from her baby's umbilical cord in an attempt to save him.

Found in high levels in oranges, peppers and kale, scientists at the Perlmutter Cancer Centre in New York believe it encourages blood cancer stem cells, which fuel the growth of tumours, to die.

Shampooing hair and using soap removes nuclear dust but conditioner can 'bind radioactive material to your hair', according to warnings from by Guam's Office for Civil Defence (stock image).

Bikash Hazarika, 21, from a remote village in Assam, northeast India, who weighs just 134lbs (61kg), cannot walk, sit or sleep because his belly has swelled to an enormous 22lbs (10kg).

'Angelina’ BRCA gene carriers should cut back on broccoli

Mutated BRCA genes (bottom right) - famously carried by the Hollywood actress (left) - significantly raise the risk of ovarian and breast forms of the disease. And new research by the Medical Research Council suggests eating too many leafy green vegetables and avocado (top right), abundant in folate, could make cancer even more likely. Folate causes the body to release a cancer-causing compound that can 'lethally damage' the DNA of mutated cells, early trials show. This, deemed irreparable, may then trigger deadly tumours to crop up around the body in carriers, British scientists have implied. It is the first time researchers have revealed a build-up of formaldehyde is caused by a reaction within the body - not just by breathing it in.

Teenage boy looks like a toddler thanks to rare syndrome

Angus Palmes, 13, left and inset, weighs just 2st and 2lbs, the same size as an average toddler, and his condition is so rare it doesn't even have a name. His mother Tandy, 48, main with him, from Macclesfield, Cheshire, realised there was some different something different about her son while she was pregnant and Angus wasn't kicking. After struggling to get a diagnosis, doctors realised that he had a chromosome abnormality, with doctors calling his unique condition a 'personal syndrome' because he's the only person in the world battling it.

University of Buffalo researchers stimulated the brain's of mice using magnetic nanoparticles, and the achievement could lead to treatments for neurological diseases such as Parkinson's.

Teenagers who use electronic cigarettes are four times more likely to go on to smoke tobacco, research led by the University of Leeds has found. The study is the first UK evidence of the sort.

Researchers at Macquarie University in Australia strengthened the link between scent and attraction and showed that a man's diet can make him smell more or less desirable to women.

Retired NFL player to be in the first to try new ALS drug

Former NFL star William White (pictured left today and right in 1995 during a game for Kansas City) is getting ready to start taking edaravone, a potentially groundbreaking drug that could slow the progression of ALS in people with the disease. The former athlete was diagnosed at the end of 2016 with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, an incurable degenerative neuron disease that carries an average life expectancy of between three and 10 years from diagnosis. White isn't the only football player to be diagnosed with ALS or another neurological disorder, and there have been schools of research that link the high impact sport with the terminal disease.

Sir Leonard Fenwick, 70, the health service's longest-serving chief executive, claimed last night that he had been the victim of a witch-hunt at Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust.

Around 1 in 500 men have an extra X or Y chromosome, which disrupts their sperm production but scientists at the Francis Crick Institute in London (pictured) may cure male infertility.

Dr Andrew Thomson filled gaps in his diary with 'ghost' patients - including a 'M Mouse'. The cynical ploy was designed to lighten his workload at the Academy Health Centre in Forfar, Tayside.

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside developed the technique, which weakens connections between the nerve cells involved in forming certain memories (stock image).

Cecillia Gonzalez, 12, was playing in a friend's yard in Dawsonville, Georgia, when a timber rattlesnake bit her in the leg. She had to be rushed to an Atlanta hospital and treated with doses of anti-venom.

DNA testing analysis - which can go for up to $200 - does not make people healthier, a study has found. Those who know which diseases they are prone to do not act differently after finding out.

Tributes to father-son 9/11 officers who died a year apart

Former police officer Robert Alexander passed on Monday at 43 from a brain tumor. In November 2016, his firefighter father Raymond died at 76, having battled seven cancers in 13 years. More than 1,140 people have died from World Trade Center-related illnesses in the 16 years since. However, according to the FDNY, this is the first time that 9/11-related sickness has killed two generations of a single family. Speaking to Daily Mail Online, Raymond's wife and Robert's mother, Ginger, paid tribute to the 'wonderful men' she has had to part with in little more than nine months.

In July alone a total of 908 patients were put on mixed sex wards in England - 205 every week. This is the second highest rate since October – only January was worse at 1,036 patients.

Researchers from Drexel University in Philadelphia found that more than 10 studies have identified a link between cloudy water and acute gastrointestinal illness, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Girl diagnosed with brain tumor after 'period pains'

Haley Flatt, 14, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor when she was 11. The Oklahoma native had brain surgery at Children's Hospital but only 75 percent of the tumor could be removed. She now has to have chemotherapy treatments on and off for the rest of her life to keep the tumor from growing. Main picture is Haley during one of her weekly chemotherapy treatments. Top right is her brain scan before and after the surgery. Bottom right is the scar from her surgery.

Arizona baby Cole Hansberger could not sit up on the day of his first birthday last week. His mother rushed him to the emergency room and he was diagnosed with botulism.

Eight-week-old baby dies of sepsis in Dudley

Emma George, 24, had taken Felicity to a hospital urgent care centre in Dudley after the baby, who had been born premature, had a temperature, was not feeding and was becoming difficult to rouse.

Recent research shows the Nordic diet is linked with a smaller decline in memory. MailOnline shares recipes from restaurateur and TV chef Claus Meyer's book The Nordic Kitchen.

Two-year-old Finley Amos, from Hereford, had four amputations after contracting meningitis and septicaemia. His parents say he has coped with the partial loss of his limbs better than they have.

French doctors discuss the awkwardness of asking middle-aged women about the impact of their mesh implants on their sex lives, including talking about 'fellatio' and 'the clitoris with or without g-spot'.

Former addict mom says ASMR YouTube videos saved her

Sarah Toth, 26, was addicted to OxyContin. She tried methadone to get clean. But it wasn't until the Pennsylvania mother found the YouTube trend of 'whispering therapy' videos that she kicked the habit. The videos, called ASMR, typically involve a softly spoken woman stroking hair, or flipping the pages of a book, to stimulate the viewer and trigger a tingly sensation. Sarah says they trained her to sleep instead of using. Now 26 and clean, she has her own whispering therapy YouTube channel, earning enough in advertising to support her husband and two children. Pictured: Sarah (left) aged 17 while on heroin; (right) with her children this year; (inset) on her YouTube channel.

Researchers from Harvard University found that the more light that shines through a woman's bedroom window, the greater her risk of developing the disease if she is pre-menopausal.

Women who eat junk food such as burgers or pizza are increasing their risk of cancer even if they’re not overweight, new research by the University of Arizona has warned.

Researchers from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston found that eating walnuts boosts brain activity in the region associated with control, suggesting people have more discipline with food.

Professor Onno van Schayck, of Maastricht University in the Netherlands, made the claim after reviewing alarming new global data published in a prestigious medical journal.

Sydney woman lost five kilos in six weeks at home

A Sydney woman has revealed hos she lost five kilos in six weeks from her own home - after working out in her lounge room. Marine Sudre, 27, (pictured before left, and after centre and right) is a professional kite boarder but wanted to get in shape for an upcoming competition.

Brain scans in a study by University College London shows people become desensitised to deceiving. Those who have been unfaithful in the past are far more likely to do it again.

The groundbreaking findings, out of McGill University, could lead to a smell test for early signs of dementia, an idea which has long been touted by researchers.

Elderly patients are being failed by hospitals as their relatives are too scared to complain, with a report revealing that more than two-thirds of those who complain claiming it made no difference to care.

Police forces from across England and Wales received almost 2,500 reports of assaults in care homes in the 12 months to April – up from the 1,100 reported three years previously.

Doctors discmissed fears of Cheltenham cancer sufferer

Vicky Veness, 30, from Cheltenham, shared a photograph of herself, left, that was taken just hours before the devastating diagnosis, explaining that 'when you have cancer you won't necessarily look ill on the outside'. The fitness fanatic - who describes herself as a non-smoker and healthy eater - said her symptoms had initially been 'brushed off' by doctors as asthma. She said the moral of the story was to 'question everything' if you're feeling unwell, no matter 'how silly you think it might be' and posted her story on Facebook, inset.

Dr Heather Morgan has completed the first major research into the impact of heels. She began working on the study after an agonising fall caused by her favourite high-heeled boots.

Children with peanut allergies could overcome the life-threatening reaction for up to four years, Australian researchers say following a breakthrough in a new treatment.

Indiana mom-of-four lost two sons to opioids in one night

Indiana parents Rebecca and Mike Savage (pictured top right with their sons Matthew and Justin), lost two of their four sons in one night in June 2015. Their deceased sons (pictured left) - Jack (left), 18, and Nick (right), 19 - went to a party and took oxycodone. Rebecca found Jack unresponsive in his bedroom the next morning. While she tried to save him, rescuers tried to revive Nick - whose friends had called 911 when they found him unresponsive - in her basement. Rebecca now spends her time educating teenagers and parents about the dangers of the opioid crisis crippling America.

Researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona analysed comments on social media, and found that women felt a sense of belonging when talking about a TV series.

Replacing soda with water will help you lose 14 pounds a year, a new study has found. The average American drinks 150 calories from soda each day.

A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center found a way to test for bits of DNA released by dying tumor cells into a sufferer's blood.

It’s complicated, we know. That’s why we have asked leading UK relationship therapist Andrew G Marshall for advice on how to break up when there are children involved.

Melanoma leaves women with huge open wound on her forehead

Bethany Gambardella-Greenway, 39, was diagnosed with stage III A melanoma 18 months after a misdiagnose from her dermatologist. The Texas mother-of-two is left with a scar on her forehead and $29,000 poorer due to medical expenses. She never tanned and always wore sun screen, but her mother had melanoma when she was her age, so genetics caught up to her. Now she is free of melanoma but constantly alert in case the harmful disease comes back.

Researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, found that patients who respond to ketamine have better overall activity levels and sleep.

A study by Sungkyunkwan University and City University of Hong Kong found smartphone separation anxiety is getting worse (stock image).

An American Medical Association said that few injuries resulting from pubic hair grooming require medical attention but those that do are 'severe' and can require surgical treatment.

Kentucky researchers studied gender-typical behavior of adopted children. 'A male and female role model is not necessary for typical gender development,' said the study author.

American offices are grueling, stressful and surprisingly hostile - and they could be driving more people to seek mental health treatment, a new study found.

Zoe Saldana's coach reveals her favorite workouts

The 39-year-old star is always in perfect shape for her roles, such as in Guardians Of The Galazy. We spoke to Steve Moyer, her personal trainer, about his seven rules on how to get fit. Moyer is also an A-list trainer for others including Marisa Tomei. The former basketball pro advises skipping too much cardio, and keeping it varied.

Charlotte Hannibal, business student at Nottingham Trent University, also lost most of her left hand and the finger tips on her right from the Men W strain.

Why Elvis Presley ate his emotions

Research shows some are more susceptible than others to overeating high-fat, high-sugar foods. Colorado State University food scientist Melissa Wdowik explores what drove Elvis's obsession.

A review by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University suggests teenage risk taking and the experience gained from it play a role in adolescent development.

Researchers at George Washington University found cosmetics marketed to ethnic minorities - such as skin lighteners and straighteners - contain more toxins than products marketed to white women.

Each extra hour of sleep kids get at night is linked to a lower body weight, more lean muscle mass and less accumulation of sugars, researchers at the University of London report in Pediatrics.

Christopher Fairhurst was killed from alcohol poisoning after battling depression. He was often 'twentieth in the queue' when he tried to book an appointment at Edenfield Road Surgery, Rochdale.

NI mum considered suicide due to the vaginal mesh implant

EXCLUSIVE Janette Nelson (right), 43, from Newtownards, Northern Ireland, battles guilt every day as she depends on her children (pictured left) to help her wash, dress and even catheterise after her vaginal mesh implant (inset) has left her in agonising pain with no control of her bladder. Ms Nelson also blames her implant for the breakdown of her relationship as her boyfriend left her when the pain was too severe for her to have sex.

The unidentified woman, believed to be from Leicester, was diagnosed with a valsalva retinopathy after striking the difficult downward pose. Doctors described the case as 'unusual'.

Researchers from the universities of Texas, Dallas, and California, Irvine, found that mice who eat at abnormal times produce less of a specific enzyme that repairs UV damage to the skin.

Layne Custer (pictured in hospital) from Texas developed painful sores on his back, stomach and legs that bled and turned black He was eventually diagnosed with a deadly staph infection.

Researchers from the universities of Harvard and California, Berkeley, found that among those who desire easier access to abortions, 91 percent believe this will inevitably occur in the future.

Burnley wife thought her husband's snoring woke her up

Stephen Spence (left), 52, from Burnley, suffered a cardiac arrest that caused him to make strange noises in the night because he struggled to breathe. His wife, Kate (pictured together right), assumed he had been snoring. After having her sleep disrupted by the noises, she attempted to wake him up so that she could go back to sleep - before realising the reality of the situation. Mrs Spence, said: 'I nudged him three or four times but he did not respond. I started shaking him hard to wake him and realised his body was limp. I switched the light on and realised Stephen was basically dead. It was terrifying. (pictured inset with their two children, Josh, 22, and Jack 12)

King's College Hospital in South London was responsible for 31 cases of Candida auris fungus infections during a year-long outbreak, figures show. Bosses at its trust blamed a lack of nurses.

Charlie Nagy, 19 months old, from Arizona, US, is one of youngest patients to have the condition so severe. People have accused parents Ashley and Andrew of allowing her to get sunburnt.

Rajib Gain, 19, from Sathkira, Bangladesh, developed a tumour in his hand. Without an early diagnosis, the tumour grew and spread to his back and leg, meaning he cannot walk or change his clothes.

Man accidentally pierces himself in the heart with a nail

A 52-year-old man said he 'hardly noticed it' when a construction accident resulted in a three-inch nail to his heart.  Doug Bergeson was building a frame for a fireplace at his home in Marinette, Wisconsin, on June 25 when the accident happened. 'I was standing in an awkward place and didn't have a great grip on the gun, so when I fired it one of the nails ricocheted and hit me,' Doug told Daily Mail Online.

More than 71,000 new care places for over-65s will be needed in England alone by 2025 – a third more than those available in 2015, says a study carried out by researchers at Newcastle University.

King's College London researchers discovered specific immune cells, called MDSCs, start to accumulate in high levels in the lungs before the cancer spreads.

Scientists have revealed what makes the perfect woman

British researchers recently revealed a formula for the most alluring angle for the curve of a woman’s spine where it meets her bottom — 45 degrees. As random as that might seem, this arithmetic can be blamed on our caveman ancestors, who interpreted a curvy back as a sign that a female could walk more easily while pregnant. Pictured: Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.

The drug, a horse tranquilizer, has become a popular street drug. The 10-month-old girl, her grandma and brother were found at home in Indiana unconscious after eating from the bowls.

New data from the CDC showed that the drug overdose death rate for teens increased in 2015 for the first time since 2007. The report highlights the growing opioid crisis in America.

Serena Williams is showing pregnant women how to exercise

Serena Williams has been open about her unexpected pregnancy and how she stays in shape. The 35-year-old posted videos on Instagram and Snapchat showing viewers her exercises. She does light jogging, tennis exercises and uses resistance bands in the video giving her a full-body work out. Experts say that keeping the muscles active during pregnancy is recommended as long as they are low-impact exercises.

The Martin Fisher Foundation, an organisation dedicated to reducing the deaths from the virus, was behind the installation of the machine at Brighton Sauna.

UK safety experts last night blamed a ‘cult-like fixation’ with so-called natural births with minimal medical intervention for the errors and record negligence bills.

Ely Bowman, from Irvine, California, was born with Batten's Disease, a rare nerve disorder that typically causes seizures, speech loss, paralysis and eventually an early death.

Lancashire mother shares picture of stillborn baby boy

EXCLUSIVE: WARNING CONTAINS IMAGE SOME MAY FIND UPSETTING: Mary Vince, 37, from Horwich, Lancashire, has shared a picture (left) of her and husband Dan with baby Johnny who died a week before her due date. The couple have gone on to have baby Sam (right).

The study at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health coincides with the release of new CDC data showing American women are taking antidepressants more than ever.

South Carolina is following in the footsteps of New Hampshire, which sued Purdue Pharma last week for deceptive marketing of the highly addictive opioid.

Experts say the data from the CDC show doctors have likely become better at recognizing and treating depression with medicine but stigma remains around male mental health.

EXCLUSIVE: Ian Hamilton, based at York University, made the warning. It follows Olivia Christopher's death at BoomTown Festival last year, who had fatal levels of MDMA in her system.

University of California, Los Angeles researchers discovered drugs that increase the production of lactate - the substance which makes muscles burn, activating stem cells in dormant hair follicles.

North Carolina experts argue 'brand compatibility' is more influential than sharing similar backgrounds, religion or education. The real issue may be about power imbalances, they say.

RideLondon and Rapha, Shimano, Giro helped me lose weight

Alexander Robertson (pictured), a journalist at MailOnline, signed up for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey, a 100-mile ride through the closed-off streets of the capital, with his friend James. Almost immediately they upped the regularity and intensity of their dies, going from the odd 30-mile cycle at weekends to almost daily routes that consisted of challenging climbs. After a couple of weeks, he noticed the health benefits. He felt lighter on his feet, looked more svelte, and was less stressed. The training paid off in terms of weight, too. He was almost half a stone light than when he started.

Adults who recently signed up for a new gym membership made just 0.14 more visits a week with the promise of financial rewards, Case Western Reserve University scientists found.

Here, Adam Frosh, a consultant ear, nose and throat specialist at the Lister Hospital in Hertfordshire, assesses a selection of products (such as Swim Seal, left) which we then rated.

Brigham and Women's Hospital and LSE experts ask the FDA to improve its 'accelerated approval' method. Less than half of the drugs were completed tests for effectiveness or dangerous side effects.

Switzerland's first insect-based food aimed at humans will go on sale on August 21, following a revision of the country's food safety laws, supermarket chain Coop said Monday.

Teen whose breasts were leaking milk had a brain tumour

Jessica Buck was just 18 when she was diagnosed with a pituitary gland tumour, which is causing an over-production of the hormone which stimulates milk production. The 24-year-old, of Carterton, Oxfordshire, refused brain surgery and instead has her symptoms under control with medication - but she fears for her fertility. The growth promoted her to quit her job, go travelling and live life to the full.

Researchers from Yale School of Medicine found that breast cancer sufferers who rely on herbs, homeopathy or energy crystals to heal are 5.68 times more at risk of death in five years.

Researchers from the University of Queensland discovered new brain cells (pictured) in the amygdala, and hope the findings could lead to treatments for conditions, including PTSD.

Regular orgasms - even if alone - help to keep vaginal tissue healthy, meaning it is less likely to become inflammed, thin or dry, according to London-based sex therapist Louise Mazanti.

Doctors get benefits for pushing vaginal mesh implants

EXCLUSIVE: Kath Sansom (pictured), from Cambridgeshire, argues surgeons are often given education grants and travel scholarships in exchange for carrying out mesh implant (inset) studies. Lead Urogynaecologist at the University of Glasgow Dr Wael Agur told MailOnline: 'Evidence has shown the studies sponsored by industry are more likely to show favourable results towards mesh procedures.'

For Londoner Leyla Hutchings (pictured with surrogate mother Rachael Coleman and baby Zeki) doctors had told her she would risk her life by carrying a baby.

Australian mummy blogger Mel Watts has hit back at vicious trolls for calling her a 'horrible mother' after she revealed she's giving her toddler daughter 'bleach baths' to treat her eczema.

The mothers who tell their children don't call me mum

MAUREEN BROOKBANKS talks to two mothers who are part of the growing brood of who encourage their children to call them by their first name and not 'mum.' BROOKBANKS writes for the Daily Mail: 'For in an age where many women are keen to be seen as more than just mothers, and others admit to preferring their children to see them as a friend rather than as a parent, it seems that just uttering the word itself is becoming increasingly verboten. Some women even admit to flinching when their children call them ‘Mum’ — confessing that they hate the moniker because it makes them feel old. Irene Bard, 70, admits vanity played a significant part in her banning her three young children — Brigette, now 45, Claudia, 42, and Tobias, 40 — from calling her mum.

Unlike a traditional sauna, which uses a stove to heat up humid air, infrared saunas (file pic) work like a microwave, heating the body by shaking water molecules in the skin and fat with light beams.

In an effort to reduce cases of hospital-acquired infections, researchers at Stanford University developed an AI camera-tracking system that identifies when staff use hand sanitizer dispensers.

Chad Bettis returns to baseball following cancer battle

Colorado Rockie's pitcher Chad Bettis (pictured left in his last game before diagnosis) is ready to return to the major leagues after being diagnosed with testicular cancer just nine months ago. Bettis will make an inspiring comeback on Monday night when he starts at Coors Field against the Atlanta Braves. The 28-year-old finished chemotherapy in May and has been working ever since to get himself back in shape for an appearance during this season. And it was hard. Chemotherapy left Bettis's stamina and endurance low, causing him to get tired just minutes into exercising. But he wanted to push himself to rejoin his teammates before the season was through, as the team has a real shot of making the playoff's for the first time since 2009. Monday will be his first game since September 30, and he is expecting it to be emotional. He is pictured right with his wife and daughter during one of 21 chemotherapy infusions.

Every week, DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions. This week a patient asks what might have caused their heavy ten-day nosebleed (file pic) which led to surgery.

A study by Scientists from the University of Texas and Shandong University in China tracked 333,247 Americans for an average of 8.2 years. It found the drinking wine has health benefits.

Deaths from the disease have fallen from 17,600 in 1995 to 15,800 in 2015. Better treatment and screening methods and improved public awareness have played a role say Cancer Research UK.

Researchers at the University of Michigan and the Leuven School for Mass Communication Research found higher binge-viewing frequency leads to poorer sleep quality and fatigue.


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